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elping to Move into the 21st Century 

Changing the World with Bunks. Page 

Explorers Join the Atlantic 10, Page 11 

Robert S. Lyons. Jr.. '61. Editor 

James J. McDonald. '58, Alumni Director 


Maria Tucker Cusick, '83, President 

Joseph H. Cloran, '61, Executive Vice President 

Nicholas J. Lisi, Esq.. '62. Vice President 

James M. Boligitz. '83. Treasurer 

Elizabeth R. Lochner, '87, Secretary 

LA SALLE (USPS 299-940) is published quarterly by 
La Salle Universit) 1900 'S Olnev Avenue, 
Philadelphia. PA 19141-1199. for the alumni, 
students, faculty, and friends of the University. 
Editorial and business offices are located at the 
News Bureau, La Salle University, Philadelphia. PA 

Changes i >t address should be sent at least 30 days 
prior to publication of issue with which it is to take 
i to the Alumni Office, La Salle University, 1900 
\\ olnev Avenue. Philadelphia. PA 19141-1199. 
I'< )s I \l \STER: send c hange i if address t< i i iffice 
listed abl ive. 

Member ol the Council Un the Advancement and 
Support i if Edui ati in 1 1 \M I 

DESIGN WDILIl STRATION Blake+Barancik Design 
iT( K3RAPHY: Kclh & Mass., 

front COVER: MBA students Cresenda Jones and Joe 

Destasio work on a computer project as part ol their 
graduate school education 

BACK COVER: The i, ling La Salle's quest 

foi VACSB accreditation included (seated from left I: 
l)rs Joseph 1 and Lester 

Barenbaum, interim dean of the School ol Business 
Administration Sta ding (from left] Gregorj O Bruce, 
directoi of the MBA I tm; Susan l Mudrick, assis 
tant dean of the SUA. and l ir Joseph Seltzer, professor 
c il management. 



Even though it has added ten master's degree 
programs, the university has maintained its 
La Sallian values. 


Peter Dougherty has established himself as 
one of America's leading publishers of books 
in economics and politics. 


La Salle's School of Business has been 
awarded prestigious AACSB accreditation. 
Meanwhile, Explorer athletes have been 
admitted to the Atlantic 10. The university, 
also, is mourning the deaths of a former 
dean and the patriarch of the Christian 


Gerald Davis, '63. was honored at the 
African American Alumni Reception. 
Also, the quarterly chronicle of some 
significant events in the lives of La Salle's 

Volume 39/ Number 2 LA SALLE SPRING 1995 

2 7 1997 

Wlfhere Would 
We Be Without 


La Salle offers all ten of its 
graduate programs on its 
main campus in northwest 
Philadelphia. Education, 
Human Services Psychol- 
ogy, and Nursing are also 
available at Bucks County 
Community College. The 
university sponsors the 
only MBA program in Bucks 
County at Delaware Valley 
College in Doylestown. 


Graduate Programs have 
not only changed the 
culture and enriched 
the academic quality at 
La Salle, they've enabled 
the university to be more 
competitive nationally 

by Robert S. Lyons. Jr.. '61 

most a quarter-of-a-century ago, Raymond A. Ricci. then a 
young assistant to the dean of La Salle's Evening Division, 
was in charge of conducting "exit interviews" of graduating 

seniors. "What should La Salle be doing in the future?'' he would ask. 

"It would come up over and over and over again." recalls Ricci, now 
the university's vice president for enrollment services. '"MBA, MBA, 
MBA.' This was hack in 1971." 

Two years later, the economy turned sour. Then La Salle's enrollment, 
which had been bolstered for a while by the arrival of full-time coeds. 
hit a plateau and began to fall. College officials started looking for 
new ventures. Dr. Joseph Kane, then the dean of the School of 
Business Administration, chaired the feasibility committee that eventu- 
ally paved the way for the establishment of the MBA program in l l ) - (> 

Today the university has ten separate graduate programs. 

"I don't know where we'd be without them." said Ricci. "They roughly 
approach 25% of our total enrollment. They've enriched the quality of 
our undergraduate academic departments, particularly in business. 
There's more faculty research productivity because of it. The amount 
of research productivity is astonishing when you compare it to ten 
years ago. And the programs are all very entrepreneurial in a sense 
that each program was developed by a faculty member who antici- 
pated an emerging public need." 

SPRING 1995 

page 1 

Tlie- MBA enabled lis to be much 
more competitive in the national 
market," said Kane. "I think it 
changed the culture here for better or 
for worse. It opened the door ulti- 
mately for a lot of other graduate 
programs to start. It helped us to 
become a university in 1984. It's 
made us much more of a cosmopoli- 
tan, up-to-date university." 

University officials agree that even 
with the addition of the graduate 
programs, the La Sallian values-the 
personal commitment to students and 
the respect for the individual-have 
stayed the same. "As long as we have 
those values in place and keep them 
stable,'' said Kane, "all the programs 
and curriculum can change because 
we've got to keep up with what's 
going on in the world." 

The M.A. in Theological. Pastoral, 
and Liturgical Studies started in 1950 
as a graduate program in Theology 
for the Christian Brothers. In 1964, it 
was reorganized and opened to the 
general public as the Graduate 
Division in Religious Education. Ten 
years later, it incorporated Pastoral 
and Liturgical Studies with Pastoral 
Counseling becoming a separate 
program in 1979. 

< rraduate programs in Business 
Administration began in 1976 fol- 
lowed by Bilingual Bicultural Studies 
I 1982), Education (1984), Human 
Services Psychology and Nursing 

< L987), Central and Eastern European 
Studies ( 1993), Computer Information 
sc ience and Professional Communica- 
tion < 1994). 

Dr. Geffrey B. Kelly, who was ap- 
pointed directoi ■ luate Religion 
in January, has watched the program 
gradual!) change ovei the years from 
one primarily serving members of the 
religious- priests, nuns, and brothers- 
to people from the laity. Many of the 
students now include teachers ol 

Dr. Geffrey B. Kelly 

religious education and those 
dedicated to pastoral ministry as well 
as people making career changes 
who want to get more involved in 
their parish life. The summer pro- 
gram, which now offers shorter 
sessions ranging from one to three 
weeks, is highly popular with CCD 
people and directors of religious 
education who want to update their 
fields of expertise. 

"The quality of our program is 
outstanding," said Kelly. "I would 
argue that our teachers are among 
the very best in the country. We 
draw on people who are not only 
scholars but also reputable teachers. 
That includes stars from our own 
faculty and such neighboring institu- 
tions as Manhattan College and the 
Lutheran Theological Seminary who 
have also distinguished themselves 
in field research." 

In addition to offering renewal 
programs for teachers in the Camden 
and Trenton (NJ) and Wilmington 
dioceses. Graduate Religion at La 
Salle also has a strong international 
flavor. Students include a number of 
Christian Brothers from such coun- 
tries as Australia and Ireland, nuns 
from Mexico and Cuba, and a 
missionary priest from South Africa. 

Kelly hopes to draw from La Salle's 
faculty to establish a Summer Liturgi- 
cal Institute in the near future. 
"There is no reason why we can't be 
a center of liturgical studies or a 

Dr. John A. Smith 

valuable source tor updating and 

renewal for the priests, religious, and 
lay leaders of the Philadelphia 
Archdiocese. ' he explained. 

Some 170 men and women-including 
medical doctors and other profession- 
als-have graduated from the 
university's Pastoral Counseling 
program. They are now working in a 
variety of settings-heading up com- 
munity mental health centers, serving 
in hospices, practicing as marriage 
and family therapists, working as 
psychologists in school systems, or 
engaged in private practice and 
counseling activities at locations 
extending from Florida to Newfound- 

Dr. John A. Smith, who was named 

director of the program in January, 
said that the term Pastoral has 
created some confusion with the term 
being perceived as counseling in a 
pastoral setting. "That may have been 
true 10 or IS years ago, but it's no 
longer the case," he explained. 
"People don't realize that La Salle 
offers a substantial training program 
in three specialties-marriage and 
family therapy, psychological coun- 
seling, and our family therapy of 
addictions concentration that was 
introduced five years ago." 

La Salle's Pastoral Counseling gradu- 
ate students are all required to fulfill 
a year's internship, with about half of 
them working in the university's well- 
equipped neighborhood clinic. 



Hundreds of area residents-including 
single parents and homeless people- 
have been helped getting themselves 
re-established or have had family 
issues, situations with children in 
school, or mental health, addiction. 
or educational problems resolved. 

"1 think that we have a training 
program that's second to none," said 
Smith. "We have as solid a technical 
program as you can find. What also 
makes us unique is the spiritual 
component that is woven through 
the program. We respect the faith 
dimension in people's lives as well 
as their dignity. Our training reflects 
this all the way through. It's been 
well-established that the spiritual 
dimension has become an important 
part of psychotherapy." 

In addition to enhancing the 
university's outstanding national 
reputation, La Salle's MBA program 
has made a significant impact on the 
corporate community in the Dela- 
ware Valley since graduating its first 
of 2,200 students in 19~9. Standard 
and Poors ranks La Salle 10th among 
the nation's liberal arts colleges in 
the number of graduates who are 
top corporate leaders, MBA students 
at La Salle can specialize in account- 
ing, finance, health care administra- 
tion, management, management 
information systems, and marketing. 

Although its enrollment has been 
impacted by the economic recession 
and "restructuring" at some compa- 
nies, MBA director Gregory O. Bruce 
foresees some creative expansion in 
the near future. Discussions have 
been held with some companies 
who want La Salle to offer MBA 
courses on site. The university is also 
exploring more specialized graduate 
programs such as masters of science 
in accounting and finance. 

Gregory O. Bruce 

"That's what the market place seems 
to be telling us," explained Bruce. 
'"We want some professionally- 
oriented education, not necessarily 
the MBA.' 

"Everything that I read about compa- 
nies and their needs, education is at 
the top of the list. It's the only way 
for organizations to remain globally 
competitive. The corporate leaders 
are the ones with the most educated 
workforce. La Salle's graduate educa- 
tion must move and shift with that. 
We're not offering all of the products 
now but I think that MBA expansion 
should be a major strategy." 

Bilingual, Bicultural Studies, under 
the direction of Dr. Leonard A. 
Brownstein, consists of interdiscipli- 
nary courses in Spanish and Vietnam- 
ese languages, cross-cultural commu- 
nication, and literary studies in the 
Caribbean area and Southeast Asia. 
In addition to graduating some 170 
students, the program has generated 
more than $700,000 in grants from 
federal, state, city, and private 
funding sources in its 13-year history. 

In addition to requiring 30 hours of 
supervised service in the community 
from its graduate students, La Salle's 
program meets a great many needs 
of people in the area because it is 
vocationally-oriented. Teachers, 
social workers, law enforcement 
officers-people who are involved in 
various kinds of urban sen ices in the 
Hispanic or Asian community-have 
sharpened their language skills and 

Dr. Leonard A. Brownstein 

have learned more about cross- 
cultural communication. Students are 
also required to do a research project, 
or translate a training or instructional 
manual for use in their own agency 
or classroom. 

"It's not an Ivory Tower research- 
oriented program," said Brownstein. 
"This is not a literature-based pro- 
gram. It's very much related to 
contemporary problems in American 
life. There isn't another program like 
it in the Philadelphia area. We're 
unique. I've delivered presentations 
in places like Washington and Los 
Angeles and people don't understand 
why other schools haven't copied us." 

Brownstein said that one of the more 
interesting aspects of the program is 
its interdisciplinary nature. One of his 
specialties is "English as a Second 
Language." Other language professors 
teach courses in "Caribbean Litera- 
ture" while some combine for a team- 
taught course in "Urban Spanish," the 
Caribbean Spanish which is the 
language of choice to people in 
Philadelphia's Hispanic community. 
Professors from the university's 
Economics. History, and Education 
Departments also offer specialized 
courses focusing on bilingual commu- 
nity topics. 

In addition to the masters degree. 
La Salle's nationally-recognized 
Graduate Education program also 
offers tracks leading to certification in 
elementary special education or 

SPRING 1995 

pasje 5 

"People from throughout the 

Dr. (iciry A'. Clabaugh 

certification in secondary education. 

More than 85% of its 2$() graduates 
have been placed in the highly- 
competitive teaching profession. This 
success rate is attributable to a 
number of factors including the 
availability of dual certification in 
elementary special education. 

"La Salle's reputation for good 
quality control combines to help us a 
lot," says Dr. Gary Clabaugh, director 
of graduate education. "So does the 
innovative nature of our program. It's 
evaluated and revised every year and 
in ten years it's become significantly 
different. People seek our graduates 
out because of how they're trained. 
Graduate education tends to lend 
itself to innovation." 

One of the more distinctive elements 
of La Salle's program is its duration: 
because its graduate students live in 
the Delaware Valley, the university 
can otter essentially an 1 1 -month 
pr< igram and. therefore, practicums 
or teaching experiences over three 
summers instead of one. The Com- 
monwealth of Pennsylvania recently 
completed a major review i >l 
I.. i Salle's teacher certification pro- 
grams and found that the university 
met or exceeded all of the standards 
established by the Department of 
Education. Among its 'remarkable 
total ol 19 i ommendations," said 
Clabaugh. the Con in wealth's 
evaluating team commended l.a Salle 
for "...being at the ; nl in the 

nation in its emphasis in human 
development and learning theory." 

Dr. John J. Rooney 

Clabaugh sees the job market for 
teachers improving considerably, 
especially in the Philadelphia area 
where there is "an enormous in- 
crease" in the number of elementary- 
age children. "The market's also 
getting better because of the aging 
population and early retirement of 
many public school teachers," added 
Clabaugh. "For the first time in many 
years, new schools are being built 
because of the baby boom." 

Shortly after Dr. John J. Rooney 
established Pennsylvania's first Master 
of Arts program in Human Sen ices 
Psychology, he was pleasantly 
surprised to find that a number of 
graduate students were relocating to 
Philadelphia to attend La Salle from 
as far away as California and even 
places like Nassau, the Philippines, 
and Ireland. "We certainly are a 
diversified group in terms of age and 
background." said Rooney. "People 
from throughout the country have 
heard aboul l.a Salle." 

The university's t ISP program is 
unique because it combines the 
clinical and counseling specialties 
with organizational psychology, 
which. Rooney explains, has been 

recommended on the national level. 
Most people working in the field of 
psychology, whether they're working 
in a clinical setting, a counseling 
setting, or an organizational setting, 
are using the same background and 
the same skills," added Rooney. "We 
developed a program with that in 

Human Services Psychology students 
are also eligible to take electives in 
La Salle's other graduate programs. A 
course in Health Psychology-"per- 
haps the fastest growing field of 
psychology," according to Rooney- 
w as introduced last Fall in conjunc- 
tion with the Graduate Nursing 
Department. "So many of the health 
needs and problems of this country 
like over-eating, smoking, alcohol 
and drug-abuse-and many of the 
causes of most of the diseases-are 
really problems in behavior and 
lifestyle." added Rooney. "People in 
psychology specialize in solving 
these problems and coping with 

Enrollment in Human Services 
Psychology has grown from 1 1 
students in 1987 to 117 today. 
basically it's a three-year program, 
but about a dozen men and women 
are attending classes full-time and 
will probably finish a year early. 
"Students say that the program is 
demanding but they get something 
worthwhile out of it," said Rooney. 
All students are required to spend a 
year in field-placement where they 
gain supervised experience in a 
social service or mental health 

Master of Science in Nursing students 
may chose one of three track op- 
tions—Community Health Nursing, 

page i 


country have heard about La Salle. 


Clinical Administration, or Adult 
Health Nursing with a functional 
role either as a primary care nurse 
practitioner or clinical specialist. 
According to projections, says Dr. 
Marylou K. McHugh, R.N., the 
director of graduate nursing, "By 
the year 2000 the person in the 
health care system who will be the 
most in demand will be the nurse 
with the master's degree." 

Although the health care system is 
changing every day in a profession 
filled with uncertainty, McHugh's 
research indicates that advanced 
practice nurses will be playing a 
major role in health care reform. 
Not only are these nurses more cost 
effective, adds McHugh, "There's 
better access to health care, there's 
better quality, and the cost is less 
because they can provide about 
80% of the services of a general 

La Salle's Graduate Nursing pro- 
gram, which is fujly accredited by 
the National League for Nursing, 
has grown from 40 students in 
1987 to some 207 men and women 
today. It the projections stay con- 
stant. Dr. McHugh sees the program 
becoming even larger as the need 
for advanced practice nurses 
increases. Not only that, explains 
McHugh, but nurses have tradition- 
ally been out in the community 
with patients. "With our Nursing 
Center, we're in a wonderful 
location for giving our students 
good experience to be ready for 
health care reform." 

La Salle's School of Nursing oper- 
ates the only university-based 
nurse-managed center in the 
Philadelphia area that provides 

Dr. Marylou K. McHugh 

primary care services to a specified 
community. Graduate students 
specializing in community health 
nursing practice in that clinic. Operat- 
ing out of two locations, one on 
campus and the other at the 
Germantown YWCA, they offer 
primary care, health promotion, 
disease prevention services, home 
visiting, case management and 
outreach to its neighbors. 

Although Central and Eastern Euro- 
pean Studies is less than two years 
old, the innovative, interdisciplinary 
program has already "made a sub- 
stantial contribution to the intellec- 
tual, cosmopolitan atmosphere at 
La Salle," according to its director. Dr. 
Leo D. Ruclnytzky. "The program is 
geared pretty much to contemporary 
events. It's been designed to reflect 
new realities that have emerged in 
that part of the world as a result of 
recent historic upheavals, particularly 
the disintegration of the Soviet Union 
and the reunification of Germany." 

Rudnytzky said that there is a tremen- 
dous need for scholars, entrepre- 
neurs, and other professional people 
to appreciate the disparate cultures of 





S'F« / 




Dr. Leo D. Ruclnytzky 

this area of the world and to under- 
stand the significance of its economic 
and political infrastructure. "Too 
many Americans today still think in 
terms of Moscow being the center 
and everything else is part of the 
empire which was the Soviet 
Union, "he explained. "This just isn't 
so anymore." Among the first courses 
offered at La Salle were "Democratic 
Development of Eastern Europe" and 
"Great German Thinkers." The pro- 
gram is also designed to offer a 
"practical, even pragmatic track" in 
such areas as economics and busi- 

"Only an informed American intelli- 
gentsia can participate meaningfully 
in the democratic development of this 
area," Rudnytzky added. "This is also 
an opportunity to assist European 
Europe in its reconstruction through 
the re-education of its university 
population in the methods and 
techniques of Western literary, 
political, economic, and historical 

As the only program of its kind in the 
Philadelphia area, Rudnytzky says 
that La Salle has attracted a number of 
"very competent, high caliber stu- 
dents." One was asked to take some 
time off from his studies to return to 
Ukraine last year and help supervise 
that nation's elections. Another 
student, a successful businessman, 
walked into class on the first day with 
an entire research paper already 
completed on "German and L T krainian 
Philosophical Relatii ins. 

SPRING 1995 

page 5 

Dr. Margaret McManus 

Computer Information Science, 
which began in the spring of 1994, 
is the first graduate program in the 
Philadelphia area to focus on use 
of the personal computer (PC), 
according to Dr. Margaret 
McManus. who was named its 
director in January. 

"Our program is very unique 
because other programs emphasize 
concepts whereas we concentrate 
on applications and the PC envi- 
ronment," she explained. "We offer 
courses which are very practical 
where students can work in 
groups in collaborative learning 
settings. It's a combination of 
improving PC skills in both a 
hands-on and conceptual manner." 

This semester, for example, 
courses are available in Advanced 
Data base Management, which 
incorporates newer technology 
such as distributive data bases and 
client ser\ice technology, and 
focal Area Networks, where the 
students have hands-on opportu- 
nity to build these network V 
Special Topics course in 
Media Networking" is current! 
the drawing board. 

"It's kind of an 
extension of 
our tradition. 
But it brings us 
into the 21st 
century. " 

McManus said that the CIS program 
has doubled its enrollment since 
admitting its first 20 students last 
year. Most of them have some 
computer experience and have 
been working with data base 
systems in small companies or in 
such areas as banking or retailing 
for a few years. "Many of our 
students are working with main- 
frame c ( >mputers. They can foresee 
their company going to PCs and 
they need some help making the 

The 36-credit Master of Arts in 
Professional Communication pro- 
gram "had a good recruiting sea- 
son" in its first year, according to its 
director, Dr. Richard Goedkoop. 
S( ime 35 students enrolled when 
classes were first offered in the new 
South Campus Communication 
Center last September. Another '16 
began courses in January. 

"La Salle's program is quite different 
than any other graduate program 
offered in this area." explained 
Goedkoop. "Advanced courses, for 
example, represent the four areas in 
which the professional communica- 
tor is most likely to need expertise— 

Dr. Richard Goedkoop 

interpersonal, mass, and organizational 
communication, and public relations. 

"It is designed from a practical stand- 
point to enhance the skills of people 
heavily involved with writing, audiovi- 
sual services, or any of the information 
technologies used in the corporate 
world in such a way that it will make 
these professionals more competitive 
in the market place." 

Goedkoop said that the program is 
most attractive to three categories of 
professionals-people working in the 
field without any formal academic or 
professional communications training, 
men and women interested in a career 
change, and people "well-entrenched" 
professionally who are looking for 
something more substantive to give 
themselves a competitive edge. 

As Dr. Kane recalls, La Salle's Graduate 
Programs are very much like the 
Evening Division was in 1946— profes- 
sional courses designed for working 
people who needed creclentialling. 

"It's kind of an extension of our 
tradition." l..i Salle's interim provost 
added. "Hut it brings us into the 21st 

page (1 




in the BOOK TRADE 

Peter Dougherty 
has established 
himself as one 

of America's 


publishers of 
books in 


and politics 

By John Rod do i. 


hen Peter Dougherty, 71, was sitting in his 
College Hall classes a quarter-century ago. little 
did he realize that one day he would be publish 
ing books by distinguished writers-and even 
Nobel Prize winners-which scholars would be 
citing and discussing, indeed even assigning, in 
university courses throughout the country. 

Dougherty, 46, is today an executive editor at 
Princeton University Press, where he commis- 
sions and publishes books on social science and 
public affairs as well as 
scholarly books for the 
general reader. His 
fields of specialization 
are economics and 
politics, areas in which 
he has established 
himself as one of 
America's leading 
publishers and has 
wc >rked with many of the 
pre-eminent American 
intellectuals and opinion 
makers. His publishing 
history of significant 
books ranges from 
college textbook classics 
to cutting-edge scholar- 
ship and important 
w< irks of public policy: 

from the twelfth edition of Nobel Laureate Paul 
Samuelson's Economics, the standard introductory 
text for two generations of college students, to 
The Catholic Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism 
(1993) by Michael Novak, winner of the 1994 
Templeton Prize for the advancement of religious 
culture, to Underwriting Democracy ( 1992), by 
the investor and philanthropist George Soros. 

It all began at La Salle, says Dougherty, a reflec- 
tive man of wide-ranging interests, who chooses 
his words carefully and says he first learned to 
cherish the written and spoken word at 20th and 

After graduating from West Catholic in 1967, 
Dougherty majored in history at La Salle. He 
remembers fondly Minna Weinstein's course in 
modern European history and John Cziraky's 
course in nineteenth-century American history, 
which featured readings of outstanding works < >l 

scholarship. "The most wonderful part 
of the La Salle education was that we 
actually read the great books.'' says 

Perhaps the best example of that tradi- 
tional, book-centered approach to higher 
learning, Dougherty says, was the 
colonial history course of Brother ( n< >w 
Father) Thomas Donaghy, the author of 
the history of La Salle College, Conceived 
in Crisis, who assigned 
large parts of Charles 
McLean Andrews four- 
volume Colonial 
Period in American 
History, originally 
published in the early 
1930s. "That assign- 
ment was a good bit 
more than any of us 
had bargained for." 
Dougherty recalls with 
a laugh. 

"A few years after 
graduation, I realized 
that I'd really received 
an excellent education," 
Dougherty says. He 
recalls that La Salle was 
swimming against the 
dominant experimental currents of 
higher education of that time, and so it 
took him awhile to appreciate fully that 
being "out of step" with educational 
trends would prove beneficial in the 
long run. 

"The La Salle education wasn't "relevant' 
or "multicultural'— to use the catchwords 
of the 1960s and the 1990s-but it was 
solid." Dougherty says. "In the funda- 
mental of humanistic studies— history, 
literature, and philosophy—] soon recog- 
nized that I was jusl as well prepared as 
any of my Ivy League colleagues. For 
me. as a publisher and disseminator of 
ideas. K has proven invaluable. 

"We were offered a well-balanced 
educational meal, not a smorgasbord: 
We were required to read significant 

SPRING 1995 


"La Salle's 




books at a time when students at some other 
universities were designing their own courses ol 
study that rejected a tradition of time-honored 

works. La Salle's curriculum was almost antique 
by present-day standards. For example. 1 took a 
lull \ear of metaphysics and a full year of 
medieval history— in some universities nowadays, 
you would be hard-pressed to find such relics in 
the catalog! But many institutions of higher 
learning are now moving hack to a core curricu- 
lum—and that's precisely what La Salle had 
during my student days. La Salle's faculty 
communicated the basics successfully-and the 
return to those basics today shows that time has 
justified La Salle's faith in the fundamentals. 
And what made it work were the people: 
La Salle's faculty were excellent teachers- 
inspired, fundamentally decent, and dedicated 
human beings." 

Dougherty's interest in connecting the world of 
ideas to public affairs also began in La Salle 
classrooms. He cites especially the American 
diplomatic history lectures of the late C. Richard 
Clean', "a wonderful teacher" whose course 
helped Dougherty "better grasp the ethical 
complexities of the Vietnam War anci the cam- 
pus debates all around me." 

Indeed, the Vietnam War marked Dougherty's 
generation. He stresses that much of his student 
life was spent outside the classroom, trying to 
understand "the wider historical and political 
context of the difficult moment in which I was 

"We were working-class guys from Philadelphia, 
and we were torn by the war." Dougherty 
recalls. He notes that he does mean "guys," 
since La Salle did not begin admitting under- 
graduate women until 1969. "We questioned 
the elites, who had reacted so sharply against 
the war from the start-but conveniently so, since 
it was not they who had to fight in it. 

"People forget that the majority of La Salle 
students and faculty supported the war," 
Dougherty notes. "During my first year ( 1967), 
many students expressed hostility toward anti- 
war activity. When I was a freshman, demon- 
strations were held against the anti-war acth ists! 
Not until 1969— by which time the gross immoral- 
ity ot the war became undeniable-did the 
majority of La Salle families stand opposed to 
the war. By spring of my junior year ( 1970), we 
were all marching against it. 

'The shift at La Salle came because the govern- 
ment had clearly bungled the war— and it now 

il the nightmare might drag on 
forever. \\ vere Inst generation college kids, 
from Catholii imilies loyal to America and 
bluntly anti-Communist. The irresponsibility of 
the government's conduct of the war cost them 

that loyalty and turned the l.a Salle campus against 
the war." 

Vietnam wasn't the only issue that gripped the 
La Salle campus— and the nation. Race relations 
was another burning topic of controversy. 
Dougherty recalls the fateful day of April -t. 1968, 
when he heard that Martin Luther King. Jr. had 
been shot. He was attending a dance in the 
La Salle ballroom; suddenly the music went dead, 
the lights came up, and the party was cut short: a 
thunderbolt of shock and anguish was ricocheting 
through the room. Dougherty was with two black 
La Salle classmates, both of them friends and 
alumni from West Catholic. One was the late Jack 
Jones. '71, who was already appearing as a 
newsman on local Philadelphia television; the 
other was track star Paul Brown, class of 71. 
Dougherty drove them home as the entire city 
erupted in a storm of wrath and remorse. 

"The announcement left us paralyzed," Dougherty 
recalls. "I remember that April night vividly— it 
was a warm, almost sweet night until the news 
struck. Then everything changed. Race remained 
a heated issue throughout this period. But 
La Salle did its best to engage its black neighbor- 
hoods through initiatives such as the Urban 
Studies Center and related programs. For all the 
trouble of those times, there remained some faith 
that blacks and whites could work through their 
differences and their tortuous history. It was the 
waning of the Great Society: We still maintained 
hope in government and in social solutions. And 
Martin Luther King's integrationist vision still 
prevailed; race had not yet become so politicized 
an issue as it is today, nor had separatism become 
a preferred solution to racial hostilities." 

Upon graduation in 1971, Vietnam didn't figure 
in Dougherty's future. The war was winding 
down, and his number in the selective service 
lottery, which had been introduced during his 
senior year, was high ("around 260"). Neverthe- 
less, his future was uncertain. He and two friends 
drove across the U.S. and "explored for a year." 
He applied to graduate programs in politics. But 
the uncertainties persisted. 

A "providential" event then occurred— via another 
"La Salle connection," says Dougherty— that set 
him. quite unexpectedly, on track toward a career 
in publishing. In July 19~2. just before his first fall 
semester in graduate school was to begin. 
I )< nigherty received a job lead from a La Salle 
friend, Chris Koch, son of English professor 
emeritus Claude Koch. It was an opportunity that 
Dougherty couldn't pass up: to take a position .it 
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich in college book sales. 
working out of Baltimore. 

"M\ entry into publishing was a complete acci- 
dent." Dougherty says "My job was to sell books, 
and I fell in love with the business on the spot. 

page X 


And it led me into editorial work, 
which I've never regretted for a mo- 

Dougherty moved to New York and 
advanced rapidly at Harcourt, becom- 
ing an editor in the .social sciences by 
the late 1970s. His first significant 
intellectual mentor was the great 
Philadelphia-born sociologist Robert K. 
Merton, who served as Dougherty's 
advisory editor and taught him "how an 
editor can shape a book.'' In the early 
1980s, Dougherty moved to McGraw- 
Hill, where in 1982 he initiated the 
eleventh edition of Paul Samuelson's 
Keynesian-oriented Economics with a 
new co-author, William Nordhaus of 
Yale. Dougherty, who cherishes his 
work with Samuelson-and still main- 
tains contact with the elderly Nobel 
laureate and MIT professor emeritus- 
calls him "the greatest economist of the 
twentieth century." 

In 1985. after thirteen years in college 
publishing, Dougherty made a major 
break: He took his first position in 
scholarly publishing, as the New York- 
based editorial director of the British 
firm Basil Blackwell. Here he began 
his career as an editor of major schol- 
arly works, again in economics. He 
published such distinguished econo- 
mists as Merton Miller of the University 
of Chicago and Harry Markowitz of the 
City University of New York, whose 
theories wielded great influence on 
Wall Street and earned them a share of 
the 1990 Nobel Prize. He also had the 
pleasure of publishing Harvard's Robert 
C. Merton, another leading economist 
and son of Dougherty's mentor. 

His move to the Free Press in 1988 
gave Dougherty the chance to make his 
deepest mark as an editor: He began to 
publish books for the general reader 
under the tutelage of its president, the 
late Erwin Glickes, whom Dougherty 
acknowledges as his second great 
mentor and "perhaps the master trade 
publisher of books by intellectuals." At 
the Free Press, Dougherty established 
his reputation as an editor of books in 
politics and public affairs. Among the 
books that he signed were Peter 
Bernstein's best-selling Capital Ideas: 
The Improbable Origins of Modern Wall 
Street. Larry Sabato's Feeding Frenzy: 
How Attack Journalism Has Trans- 

formed American Politics. Anatoly 
Sobchak's For a New Russia, and 
Chester E. Finn, Jr. s We Must Take 
Charge: Our Schools and Our Future. 

Dougherty's voice brightens as he 
relates his stories of working with 
these authors to shape and reshape 
public opinion. He recalls fondly 
how he rushed to publish Anatoly 
Sobchak, then mayor of Leningrad 
and a democratic leader in the USSR, 
as the Soviet LInion verged on col- 
lapse in August 1991; how he helped 
media critic Larry Sabato-during that 
same month-launch his work that 
would influence press coverage of the 
1992 presidential campaign; and how 
he brainstormed over education 
policy with Chester E. Finn, former 
L'nder-Secretary of the LIS Department 
of Education, whose We Must Take 
Charge advances proposals to reform 
local school districts that make it "the 
best book on elementary and second- 
ary education in a generation." The 
book has figured decisively in Presi- 
dent Clinton's policies to promote 
performance assessment programs, a 
nationwide system of in-depth student 
testing, and tuition vouchers. 


"Again and again, we were changing 
attitudes about how people thought 
and felt about public issues," 
Doughertv recalls. It was heady 

Since taking a position at Princeton 
University Press in 1992, Dougherty 
has continued to publish major books 
in the social sciences and public 
affairs, along with assuming new 
responsibilities in the management of 
the editorial department. 

"Here at Princeton, I have the opportu- 
nity to use all my experience," 
Dougherty says. "I'm now drawing 
fully on my two decades of work with 
a broad range of authors and with 
various audiences throughout academic 
and commercial publishing." He adds 
that the Princeton campus is a "treasure 
trove" for a publisher. Two of his 
authors, Princeton economists David 
Card and Alan B. Krueger, chief 
economist of the Labor Department, 
have recently published a book. Myth 
and Measurement: Tioe New Economics 
of the Minimum Wage, that influenced 
President Clinton's recent decision to 
push for an increase in the minimum 

Dougherty speaks with passion about 
his vocation as a publisher. Ideas do 
have consequences, he insists; the 
word can affect the world. Indeed the 
world of thought can not only affect, 
but even shape, the world of action. 

And more than anything else, 
Dougherty is proud that several of the 
books that he has published "have 
transformed the national dialogue 
about public issues." A publisher can 
have no higher aspiration, he believes, 
than to convey public ideas effectively 
and to produce books that move hearts 
and minds beyond reflection to action. 
Dougherty dreams of one day running 
a major scholarly press himself, 
whereby he might, through careful 
selection and guidance of authors, play 
an even larger role in academic and 
public affairs. 

"To influence the public mind is a rare 
opportunity," Dougherty says. "It is 
seldom granted to a person." 
Dougherty pauses. "But books can do 

Peter Dougherty should know. Two 
decades after leaving La Salle, his 
career and convictions testify that 
books can indeed change individual 
lives—and thereby change the world. 

John Rodden is the author of the 
highly-acclaimed The POLITICS of 
and Claiming of 'St. George' Orwell, 
and has just completed Opposing 
Selves: Lionel Trilling and the Critics. 

SPRING 1995 

page 9 

La Salle's School of Business Awarded 
Prestigious AACSB Accreditation 


s Dr. Joseph A. Kane. '56, says, "It's been a 
ong quest." 

La Salle's School of Business Administration 
was officially notified on March 1^ that it is 
now fully accredited by the American Assembly 
of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). The 
university thus takes its place among fewer 
than 300 elite institutions from among more 
than 1.200 Business Programs in the United 
States who have received this prestigious 

l.a Salle also becomes the only Catholic college 
or university in the city of Philadelphia with 
AACSB accreditation 

II us confirms what we have known all along.'' 
said Kane, who was appointed interim provost 
last October after having served as dean of the 
School of Business Administration since L984. 

"It's .i national validation of what we have been 
demonstrating for years in terms of teaching 
excellence, small classes, and a genuine. 
personal n for our undergraduate and 

graduate Stu< ts Moreover, we are one of a 
small number institutions with a high pro- 
I HMi K.n of faculty who teach full-time and still 
find the hours to conduct scholarly research." 

Dr. Joseph A Kane 
guided the AACSB 

process to a success- 
ful completion. 

What makes the AACSB accreditation even more 
gratifying, explained Kane, is the fact that its three- 
person peer-review team gave La Salle its highest 
recommendation. "We weren't sure that they would 
realize that we had such an quality program." he 
added. "That was really kind of the icing on the cake." 

In its overall assessment recommending accreditation, 
the AACSB team said that in addition to offering 
"quality education that provides a valuable service to 
the community." La Salle's School of Business Admin- 
istration 'is fulfilling its mission, has achieved high 
quality, and has processes in place for continuous 

"SBA's mission, which in the context of valued- 
centered educational milieu that emphasizes teaching 
and social development, commits the school to seek- 
ing balance between contemporary business theory 
and practice while placing paramount importance on 
teaching learning enriched by scholarly research and 
professional activity." 

The AACSB report added that La Salle's commitment is 
framed in the context of an emphasis on excellence in 
teaching and student development "Clearly, faculty 
attracted to SBA are interested in a balance among 
teaching, research, and sen ice and are committed to 
the notion of the centralitv of students." 

page in 


Dr. Lester Barenbaum, interim dean of the School of 
Business Administration, said that AACSB's recogni- 
tion makes La Salle much more attractive to both 
students and prospective business employers, not 
only regionally, but nationally and internationally. 

"We've long been recognized as a practitioner- 
oriented school with a timely, academically-rich 
business curriculum," explained Barenbaum. "There's 
always been a strong emphasis on interpersonal 
communication and business writing skills. Our Co- 
op and internship programs reflect well La Salle's 
solid network with the business community." 

"Good jobs flow from a good curriculum," added 
Gregory O. Bruce, director of La Salle's MBA Pro- 
gram. "AACSB accreditation confirms that La Salle 
has a superior educational process offering a value- 
centered education that emphasizes excellent job 

Dr. Kane said that La Salle's quest for AACSB ac- 
creditation really goes back to 1969 when Dr. Bruce 
MacLeod became dean of the School of Business 
Administration and started attending AACSB confer- 
ences. "When Bruce came back from his first meet- 
ing, he was c< >n\ inced that this was something that 
La Salle should do," recalled Kane. 

The Business School curriculum went through what 
Kane calls "a major re-definition" in the early 70s and 
within a few years its essential structure was similar 
to the curriculum offered now. In 1986, alter a year 
of campus-wide discussions. La Salle's trustees gave 
their approval not only to seek AACSB accreditation 
but to commit the resources necessary. 

"We laid out an eight-year time line to do that," 
explained Kane, adding that the two major things 
that had to be done were hiring faculty with doctor- 
ates and encouraging all of the faculty to increase its 
volume and quality of scholarly and professional 
activity. "Hiring faculty and changing what people do 
on their job is something that comes slowly. So that, 
basically, took us a long period of time." 

The effort paid off. When the AACSB team came in, 
they rated La Salle's scholarship and professional 
activity as "very strong" and its faculty credentials 
"very, very high" compared to AACSB's minimum 

The quest was over! 

Explorer Athletes Join Atlantic 
10 Conference in 1995-96 

Athletic Director Bui) Mullen discusses Explorers' 
new league affiliation at the teleconference 

La Salle's athletic program received a tremendous 
shot of adrenalin on Feb. 9 when the university 
accepted an invitation to join the Atlantic 10 Confer- 
ence with competition beginning in the 1995-96 season. 

The Explorers, who announced their withdrawal from 
the Midwestern Collegiate Conference on Jan. 23 after 
three years of competition, will participate in 17 of the 
Atlantic 10's sponsored men's and women's sports. 

"This is an exciting moment," said La Salle's Brother 
President Joseph F. Burke. F.S.C., Ph.D.. at the campus 
teleconference announcing the newest additions to the 
Atlantic 10. "In many respects, this is really coming 
home to a group of institutions that we both know and 
respect and will enjoy competing against. 

"Not only are we returning home geographically which 
is in the northeast where we do most of our recruiting, 
but it's also coming home to join 3 5ths of the Big Five 
who will be in the All). It's good to be back with 
Temple and St. Joe's because they've been friends with 
us for years." 

"This is where we wanted to be all along. We've 
worked long and hard to get here," said La Salle's 
athletic director Robert Mullen, who expressed appre- 
ciation to officials from the other A10 schools, espe- 
cially Temple basketball coach John Chaney. "He's 
been the one outspoken person in Philadelphia for 
years trying to get us into the Atlantic 10. We appreci- 
ate that." 

(continual on page 12 > 

SPRING 1995 

page 1 1 



(ATLANTIC 10 -continued) 

"I'm ecstatic," said men's basketball coach Speed} 
Morris. "Unequivocally it's a prestigious conference. I 
think the league will be better than it's ever been. From 
a recruiting standpoint, it's going to be a gigantic shot in 
the arm. I guarantee yon that." 

Asked how difficult it was for him to recruit as a mem- 
ber of the Midwestern Collegiate Conference, Morris 
said: "I think we were involved with some very talented 
voting people. We got to be finalists with these athletes 
and we didn't get them. I mean they'll be no excuses 

Morris added that not only will be additional television 
exposure in the Atlantic 10 help, but the players he 
recruits now will be aware of the quality teams that 
La Salle will be playing in a "terrific conference" that will 
be an easier "sell" to the young people and their par- 

"The Atlantic 10 certainly presents a brand new chal- 
lenge for our ladies." said La Salle's women's coach John 
Miller. "The A10 is one of the top ten women's confer- 
ences in the nation. I know that my players are very 
excited. Over the years our ladies have met the chal- 
lenges and faced the challenges and, most of the time, 
conquered the challenges." 

At the same time it was announced that LTniversity of 
Dayton and Virginia Tech also accepted invitations to 
join the league bringing its total membership to 12 

Atlantic 10 Commissioner Linda Bruno said that the 
league officials are "extremely pleased" about the new- 

'When we identified that we wanted to expand by three 
teams," added Bruno, "these were the three schools that 
we focused on from the start because of their excellent 
traditions of academic and athletic excellence and 
commitment to broad-based athletic programs." 

Fordham and Xavier will also be making their league 
debuts next year when the conference is split into a pair 
of si\ team divisions. La Salle will compete in the West 
Division with Dayton. Duquesne, George Washington. 
Virginia Tech. and Xavier. The East will he comprised of 
Fordham, Massa< husetts, Rhode Island, St. Bonaventure, 
St. Joseph's, and Temple. 

Atlantic 10 members will play each divisional opponent 
twice a year on a hoi nd home basis and will face 

teams in the other divisii i once each season. Thus, 
each school will have 10 I igue games, allowing for 10 
non-conference contests. 

Brother President Joseph F. Burke. F.S.C.. Ph.D., 
presents President's Medals to Francis J. (Tim) 
Dunleavy (right) and his wife, Albina. during the 
Board of Trustees meeting on Oct. 30. Mr. 
Dunleavy, who has been named an Emeritus 
Member of the Board, served as a trustee from 
1969 to 1994. 

La Salle Perspective Makes 
Debut on WSSJ Radio 

La Salle University's Perspective, a monthly 30 
minute interview show exploring significant 
issues of higher education, made its debut on WSSJ 
Radio (1310 AM), the super-station serving the 
Delaware Valley, in January. 

Wendy McLaughlin, the university's director of 
financial aid; Christopher Lydon, director of under- 
graduate admissions, and Louis A. Lamorte, Jr., 
director of career planning, were the guests on the 
first three programs. 

Although La Salle administrators and faculty mem- 
bers are featured as the experts on Perspective, the 
program content is of a generic nature, applying to 
topics that concern all colleges and universities. 

Robert S. Lyons. Jr.. director of the university's News 
Bureau, is host of the shows. Future programs will 
be aired at 7:00 P.M. on April 18 and May 2$. 

page 12 





Honors Students Participate in Simulated Face-to-Face 
Encounter Between U.S. and Russian Arms Control Experts 







LA i M 

L 1 


/^r. William /•'. Bums (standing, center) 
presides over simulated signing cer- 
emony following negotiations between 
American and Russian delegations 
during senior honors seminar. 



Students of public affairs in the 
university's Honors Program 
enjoyed a unique opportunity to 
participate in some delicate interna- 
tional relations under the direction 
of the former director of the U.S. 
Arms Control and Disarmament 
Agency during the '199-4 Fall semes- 

Some 15 students comprising a 
senior seminar in international 
negotiation participated in a simu- 
lated face-to-face encounter be- 
tween American and Russian 
experts. The issue explored by the 
seminar was the problem of the 
proliferation of weapons of mass 
destruction, principally nuclear 
weapons which were once the 
arsenal of the Soviet Union. 

The students, led by Dr. William F. 
Burns, '54, former director of the 
United States Arms Control and 
Disarmament Agency and special 
envoy to Russia on nuclear dis- 
mantlement in the Bush Administra- 
tion, first investigated the theory 
and practice of arms control in the 
post Cold War world. 

Two delegations were established, 
each representing the United States 
and the Russian governments. Mem- 
bers role-played representatives of the 
various agencies of government on 
each side. For the United States, the 
State Department, Defense Depart- 
ment, JCS, Department of Energy, the 
Arms Control and Disarmament 
Agency, the intelligence community. 
Department of Commerce, and the U.S. 
Trade Representative were repre- 
sented. On the Russian side, the 
Presidential Office, the Foreign Minis- 
try, the Defense Ministry, the Ministry 
of Atomic Energy, the intelligence 
community, and an environmental 
group were portrayed. Colleen Casey 
and Bill Zapf, both seniors, headed the 
United States and Russian delegations, 

After several weeks of theoretical 
discussion and individual and group 
preparation, the teams were ready. Six 
weeks of intensive negotiation fol- 
lowed with a plenary session followed 
by sometimes lengthy post-plenary 
discussions followed. Each member 
portrayed the biases, views, and needs 
of their agencies. 

The two delegations explored the 
possibilities of a bilateral agreement 
in which the Russian side would 
increase its ability to secure its 
borders and prevent proliferation of 
nuclear weapons and the LIS. side 
would provide support. Finally, the 
two sides agreed to a statement of 
commitment which was signed at the 
final seminar session on December S. 

Dr. Burns, a retired general officer of 
the U.S. Army, said that he was 
highly satisfied with the performance 
of the group and expressed confi- 
dence that this type of educatk >n 
experience is extremely valuable for 
those who are contemplating a career 
in public service. 

"La Salle graduates need take second 
place to no one when it comes to 
native ability and undergraduate 
preparation for a public service 
career," Burns said. "These students 
have proven themselves in a fairly 
realistic environment. Several are 
ready now for internships in Wash- 
ington or graduate educational 
opportunities in schools of public 
affair." ■ 

SPRING 1995 

page 13 

University Mourns Deaths of Former Dean 

Brother Francis J. McCormick, 
F.S.C., who served for more 
than 50 years as an administrator and 
teacher at La Salle University and La 
Salle College High School, died on 
Nov. 17 at De La Salle Hall, the 
Christian Brothers' Nursing Home in 
Lincroft. N.J. He was 92. 

Brother McCormick celebrated his 
'th anniversary as a Christian 

Brother last February and was the 
oldest living member of some 300 Christian Brothers comprising the 
Baltimore Province (Middle Atlantic area). 

Brother McCormick retired from La Salle in 1984 after having served the 
university in a number of capacities including director of the annual 
fund, director of financial aid. an economics and theology professor, and 
religious superior of the Christian Brothers Community at La Salle. 

In addition to serving as principal of La Salle College High School from 
1932-36 and again from 1939-40, he taught and moderated a number of 
activities there when the high school was located on the same campus as 
the university. 

brother McCormick also was principal at St. John's High School, in 
Washington, D.C.; St. John's Elementary School, in Orange, N.J., and 
Hudson Catholic High School, in Jersey City, NJ. He was superintendent 
of the Philadelphia Catholic Protectory, and vice-principal at 
Philadelphia's West Catholic High School. He also taught at the Univer- 
sity of Scranton and various elementary schools in Orange, N.J., and 

A native of Philadelphia. Brother McCormick earned a bachelor's degree 
in economics ( 1<;2,S) and master's degree in theology ( 1953) horn La Salle 
I fniversitj . I ie also did graduate work in economics at the University of 
Pennsylvania and The Catholic University of America, in Washington. 

A Mass oi Resurrection was celebrated on Nov. 22 at the Christian 
Brothers' Chapel in Ammendale, Md. Burial was at the Christian 
Brothers' Cemetery, in Ammendale. 

Brother James J. Muldoon, 
F.S.C., Ph.D.. who served as 
dean of La Salle's School of Arts 
and Sciences for l - years, died on 
New Years Day at De La Salle 
Hall, the Christian Brothers' 
Nursing Home in Lincroft. N.J. He 
was 6 1 . 

A Mass of Resurrection was 
celebrated at the La Salle Univer- 
sity Chapel on Jan. 5- Burial was 
the following day at the Christian 
Brothers Cemetery, in Ammen- 
dale, Md. 

At the Mass, Brother Jim, as he 

was known to his countless 
friends, was eulogized by Brother 
Emery Mollenhauer, the 
university's provost emeritus, as 
an "exceptionally able, indefati- 
gable, and dedicated" dean. 

"Not an ostentatiously religious 
person. Jim exemplified the belief 
that religion is not a matter of 
obeying rules but of influencing 
people." said Brother Emery. "He 

page la 


and Christian Brothers Patriarch 

Brother James Muldoon (left ) 
is shown in 1984 after present- 
ing annual Holroyd Award to 
Brother Christopher, the 
university's long-time admis- 
sions director. C. Everett Koop 
(right), Surgeon General of the 
1 uited States, delivered the 
Holroyd Lecture later that 

had great faith in the Province of God, 
and that faith was happily wedded to 
an abiding zeal for the work of the 
Lord. Moreover, as an administrator he 
gave reality to the concept of Lasallian 
values. He worked to give a kind of 
brotherly or family character to his 
school, a character that was sustained 
by an administrative style especially 
sensitive to the dignity of the indi- 
vidual person." 

A native of Philadelphia and a mem- 
ber of the Christian Brothers for il 
years. Brother Muldoon joined 
La Salle's faculty in 1969. He was 
chairman of La Salle's Biology De- 
partment from 1972 until his appoint- 
ment as dean in 1976. He retired in 
1993. He received a Lindback Award 
tor distinguished teaching in 1974. 

As department chairman and an 
associate professor of biology, Brother 
Muldoon headed the university's 

Committee on Applications to the 
Health Professions, guiding hundreds 
ol young men and women on the path 
to medical and dental schools and 

other careers in the health profes- 

Brother Muldoon. who also held an 
R.N. in nursing from Philadelphia's 
St. Joseph's Hospital, was one of 
the moving forces behind the 
establishment of undergraduate and 
graduate nursing programs at 
La Salle. They have been so 
successful that a separate School of 
Nursing was established at the 
university in 1992. 

In 1980, Brother Muldoon began 
the annual Holroyd Lecture and 
award ceremony honoring a 
distinguished alumnus in the health 
professions. The event is held to 
commemorate the memory of the 
late Dr. Roland Holroyd. professor 
emeritus and founder of the Biol- 
ogy Department at La Salle where 
he taught for 53 years. 

Holroyd Lecturers at La Salle have 
included C. Everett Koop. former 
Surgeon General of the United 
States; Thomas E. Starzl, chief of 

surgery at the University of Pitts- 
burgh Medical Center and a well- 
known pioneer in liver transplanta- 
tion; Michael E. DeBakey. chancellor 
of Baylor College of Medicine who is 
noted for his treatment of cardiovas- 
cular diseases, and Otis Bowen. 
M.D., former U.S. Secretary of Health 
and Human Services, among others. 

A 19S 7 magna-cum-laude graduate of 
La Salle University, Brother Muldoon 
earned a Ph.D. in molecular biology 
from Case Western-Reserve University 
in 1969. He taught science and math- 
ematics at Philadelphia's 
La Salle High School ( 1959-6 i >. 
Pittsburgh's Central Catholic High 
School (1966-67), and Cleveland's 
Cathedral Latin High School ( 1968-69). 

Brother Muldoon was a member of 
the Philadelphia Archdiocesan Board 
of Education. Alpha Epsilon Alumni 
Honor Society, and Alpha Epsilon 
Delta undergraduate biology medi- 
cal honor s< iciety. 

SPRING 1995 

pa»e 15 

alumni notes 



Joseph M. Connell, retired 
from Betz Laboratories, in 
Trevose. Pa., and is now 
director of development with the 
Eastern Montgomery County 
(Pa.) Chamber of Commerce. 


John G. Callan has retired from 
General Motors Chevrolet 
Division, in Wayne, Pa., after 42 
years of service in sales and 
management. John H. 
Kennedy, founder and presi- 
dent of the Kenwal Company, 
an investment and venture 
capital company, recently 
received the first ever "Promi- 
nent CPA in Business Award" 
presented by the Committee on 
Members in Business, Govern- 
ment and Education of the 
Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs, 
in Harrisburg. 


Robert H. Vasoli, Ph.D., retired 
from teaching criminology at 
Notre Dame University. 



W. David Engle was appointed 
vice president of sales-market- 
ing and was elected to the 
Board of Directors of lnfern-0- 
Therm Corporation, in Keyport, 


Milton A. Washington has 

been elected to PNC Bank 
Corporation's Board of Direc- 



Charles J. Reilly, president of 

the Reilly Foam Corporation, in 
Conshohocken, Pa., and a 
member of La Salle's Board of 
Trustees, has been appointed 
to the Board of Directors of 

United Valley Bank, in 


Leonard C. Bordzol is 

project engineer for testing 
one of MIT's experiments for 
launch of the 1997 AXAF 


Lee Bentzley, senior 
reliability engineer at Martin 
Marietta Aerospace, in King of 
Prussia, Pa., received the 
President's Award for 
distinctive and extraordinary 
accomplishment in support of 
Martin Marietta management 
and data systems. 


William J. McLaughlin's full 
service advertising and public 
relations firm, McLaughlin & 
Morgan, Inc., now is located 
in its' own building in Philadel- 
phia. The firm also has an of- 
fice in Brussels, Belgium. 
Ronald Wargo has been 
appointed president of BRE 
Springhill, Inc., a real estate 
investment company, in San 

MARRIAGE: Edward W. 
Lewandowski to Sandra 


Joseph T. Maurer was 

named recipient of the 1994 
Central Pennsylvania 
Entrepreneur of the Year" 
award. Joseph W. Rovelli 
was appointed mathematics 
supervisor for grades 9 to 12 
at North Bergen (N.J.) High 


Albert J. McCune. Jr. is 
president and general 
manager of Quality Automo- 
tive Transport, Inc.. a 
subsidiary of Ryder Systems, 
Inc., in Pontiac, Michigan. 


Joseph J. Strub, co-owner of 
the AlphaGraphics print shop 
in West Chester, Pa., is co- 
conducting a 1995 monthly 
free series of workshops on 
business communication 
topics at the shop. 


Charles E. Danihel recently 
became controller at Steven 
F. Sonstein, Inc., in Willow 
Grove, Pa. George Hugh 
Holder, Jr., is president and 
CEO of The Hershey Cream- 
ery Company, in Harrisburg, 


Alan M. Koper is a commander 

selectee in the U.S. Navy 



Joseph M. Rapczynski is in his 

second year as women's 
assistant basketball coach at the 
University of Delaware. 


Thomas Hills has joined Fox & 
Lazo Inc., Realtors as a broker/ 
associate in their Cherry Hill 
(N.J.) East office. 
Mark Hugo McLaughlin 
received his master's degree in 
education from Wilmington 
College, in Delaware. Karen 
Fraunfelter Rheams has been 
appointed environmental 
supervisor of the water quality 
section for the Pollution Control 
Division of Sarasota County, Fla. 


James Firmani was honored as 
one of the first 12 "Wall of Fame" 
inductees by McKean High 
School in Mill Creek, Delaware. 
Those honored were McKean 
athletes who achieved excel- 
lence in their fields since 
graduating from the school. 
Dian T. Pringle has joined 
Philadelphia's Hahnemann 
University in the employment 
and labor relations department 
as a human resource represen- 

BIRTH: to Joseph Lukas and 
his wife, Penny Klosz-Lukas, 

their fourth child, a daughter, 
Victoria Patricia. 


BIRTH: to Michael P. 
Lonergan and his wife, 
Deborah, their third son, 
Christian Patrick. 


BIRTHS: to Mary Mullin 
McNamara and her husband, 
Robert M. McNamara, M.D., 
their fourth child, a son, William 
Martin; to Samuel W. Plummer 
and his wife, Regina Moore 
Plummer, '83, their third child, a 
daughter, Carla Anne. 


Frank Agrusa merged his 
C.P.A. practice with the consult- 
ing firm of Davis, Pinel & 
Associates, Inc. He is principal 
in charge of financial services 
and taxation at the Pennsauken, 
N.J. firm, which specializes in 
healthcare consulting. 


John R. Fenton was promoted 
to director of public relations and 






B ^B -'-"' 

|:>t '■ 


Iti Salle University alumni working at The Whitman 
Group, a Huntingdon Valley (Pa.)-based firm, include 
(seated from left): Theresa O'Neill, '84; Mary Finn, 90 
.1/7). I . ami Christine Static, 92. Standing: James McCabe, 
'92 (left); Dave Madonna, '74 (second from right), and 
Jane McDonnell, 90M.B.A. (right). John Whitman (stand- 
ing, second from left), is a former instructor in the 
university's Health Care Administration Program. 

page i'i 


alumni notes 

Sigma Phi Lambda Celebrates 60th Anniversary 

Sigma Phi Lambda, the first social fraternity at La Salle, 
will celebrate its 60th anniversary with a Mass and 
formal reception and dinner on campus on Saturday, 
April 29. 

Mass will be celebrated in the university's chapel at 
5:30 P.M., followed by a reception at 6:30 and dinner 
at 7:30 in the College Union Ballroom. 

Tickets are $75 per person. For information call Bob 
Kane, '66, at the office (215) 679-4439 or at home 

marketing communications at 
the recently opened Philadel- 
phia Marriott Hotel. Barbara 
Kelly Greco has been ap- 
pointed district guidance 
supervisor for the elementary, 
middle, and high schools in the 
Pemberton (N.J.) Township 
School District. George Pinel, 
C.P.A. is a firm principal for 
Davis, Pinel & Associates, Inc., 
in Pennsauken, N.J. 
BIRTHS: to Frank Agrusa and 
his wife, Carolyn, a daughter, 
Regina Rose; to Barbara 
Chimel Cohen and her 
husband, Glenn, their second 
child, a daughter, Blake Elise; 
to John R. Fenton and his wife, 
Julie, a daughter, Taylor 
Elizebeth Fenton. 


Lisa Adkins Valosky is a part- 
time benefits consultant/central 
treasurer for Haverford- Town- 
ship (Pa.) School District. 


Stephen Fitzsimmons was 

named General Business 
Marketing Representative of the 
Year for Penn Millers Insurance 
Company, in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
John Gregorio is now part 
owner of Realty Executives, a 
Colmar (Pa.) firm that services 
the Roxborough, Manayunk, 
and Montgomery County areas 
of Philadelphia. 
BIRTH: to Paul Ferrante and 
his wife, Teri McCormick 
Ferrante, '81, their third son, 
Jonathan Paul. 


BIRTH: to Carolyn Leonard 
Paulosky and her husband, 
Michael Paulosky, ('92 
M.B.A.), a daughter, Michele. 


Marygrace Chizek Pesce, 
C.P.A., is a lecturer in account- 
ing at Penn State University. 
She is also a senior auditor at 

Capital Blue Cross, in Allen- 
town, Pa., and runs Pesce & 
Pesce, C.P.A.'s in Allentown 
with her husband. 
Draganosky to Anna M. Leo; 
Kathryn Haig to Thomas D. 

BIRTH: to Maureen Gavaghan 
Arnold and her husband, Scott 
Arnold, '85, their first child, a 
son, S. Benjamin. 


Michael A. Gillen was ap- 
pointed co-chairman of the 
Pennsylvania Institute of 
Certified Public Accountants, 
Greater Philadelphia Chapter 
Committee on Cooperation with 
the Bar. Robert W. Liptak has 
joined Global Asset Manage- 
ment, in New York City, as the 
chief financial officer. Marianne 
V. McErlane was appointed 
head coach of the women's 
volleyball team at Philadelphia 
College of Pharmacy and 
Science. She is also a senior 
accountant for Wagner Sharer 
& Company, in Marlton, N.J. 


Kim Motz was promoted to vice 
president, consumer banking, 
northern territory, of First 
Fidelity Bank, in Morristown, 

MARRIAGE: Michael A. Gillen 
to Lisa Pividori. 

BIRTHS: to Michael Aiello and 
his wife, Kathleen, their second 
son, Tyler James; to Mark S. 
Zembruski and his wife, 
Barbara, a son, Bradley Mark. 


Kimberly Ann Rober Burrows, 
C.P.A. is a manager at 
K.P.M.G. Peat Marwick ac- 
counting firm, in Philadelphia. 
Jeanine O'Neill received her 
M.B.A. in management from St. 
Joseph's University. She is 
employed by Simon & Schuster 
Publishing Company, in Bristol, 

BIRTH: to Kimberly Ann 
Rober Burrows, C.P.A. and her 
husband, Mark, a son, Zachary. 


Jon E. Buschke is an account- 
ing supervisor for Ameri Flight, 
in Burbank, Cal. Patricia 
Sutton has been promoted to 
art director at Merion Publica- 
tions, in King of Prussia, Pa. 
Hudak, III, to Kristine Elizabeth 
Moconyi; John Neumann 
McBryan to Lisa Jennifer 
Pappano; Mark Andrew 
Samson to Maria Ann 


John J. Bagnell started a new 
business, Windsor Business 
Products, which distributes 
custom business forms, 
computer paper, labels and 
other printed products. It is 
located in Collegeville, Pa. 
Marine Captain Robert S. 
Franks was recently promoted 
to his present rank while serving 

at the Marine Corps Air Station 
New River, in Jacksonville, N.C. 
Susan Kazmierczak was 
promoted to director of human 
resources at Cabrini College, 
Pa. Coast Guard Lt. Arthur R. 
Shuman recently reported for 
duty aboard the Coast Guard 
Cutter Vigorous, homeported in 
Cape May, N.J. 

Patrick Joseph Vaughan, who 
received an M.B.A. in finance 
from New York University, is 
now working in institutional 
equity sales at Donaldson, 
Lufkin & Jenrette, an investment 
banking firm in Philadelphia. 
MARRIAGES: Christopher T. 
Hagen to Jane A. Rupp; 
Albert J. Meale to Sherrie Ann 

BIRTH: to Leslie Strobaugh 
Rudisill and her husband, 
Craig, their second child, a son, 


Courtney Altemus Hamilton is 

a private banking officer for 
Meridian Bank, in Philadelphia. 
Anneliese Vishio McMenamin 
is the human resources man- 
ager at Doylestown (Pa.) 
Hospital. Mary Ellen Banford 
O'Malley is a cost accountant at 
Crown Cork & Seal Co., Inc., in 
Philadelphia. Thomas Joseph 
O' Malley is an associate at 
Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, 
Coleman & Goggin law firm in 

La Salic marked Veteran s Day. 799-/ by honoring its 
alumni who served and died in the Korean and Vietnam 
wars. A flagpole and memorial were dedicated on the Hank 
DeVincent baseball field in ceremonies sponsored by La 
Salle's Army ROTC and Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity 
Among the participants were Brig, (ien Thomas Matthews, 
'68 (left); ROTC Captain Lisa Monfre (second from left), 
and Stephen Clarke. '94 (second from right), of the Phila- 
delphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial Society 

SPRING 1995 

page 1" 

alumni notes 

MARRIAGES: Courtney 
Altemus to Robert B. 
Hamilton: Mary Ellen 
Banford O'Malley to Thomas 
Joseph O'Malley, '90. 
BIRTH: to Timothy 
McMenamin and Anneliese 
Vishio McMenamin, '90, a 
daughter, Lauren Ann. 


Mary Ann Gilmore has been 
appointed marketing accoun- 
tant at Janssen Pharmaceuti- 
cals, in Titusville. N.J. 
Patricia A. McGowan is 
currently employed by the 
New Jersey Department of 

Booker to Sharon Sowell; 
Jennifer Kane to Frank 
Genovese, '92; Priscilla 
Peloubet to Wade Cohen; 
Jennifer Kathryn Scott to 
William John Vinci. 
BIRTH: to John-Henry Every 
and his wife, Charlene, their 
first child, a son, Michael-John 
Christopher Every. 


Robert L. Hunsinger is an 

internal auditor for Commerce 
Bank, in Marlton, N.J. Ellen T. 
Ryan was recently named 
banking officer at PNC Bank, 
in Philadelphia. 
MARRIAGE: Thomas Arthur 
Lutter to Janet Mildred Harm. 


Timothy E. Mansfield is 

working for GMH Associates, 
a commercial real estate firm 
in Wayne, Pa. Brunella L. 
Mirarchi was promoted to 
assistant manager of Enter- 
prise Rent-A-Car, in Philadel- 

MARRIAGE: Kelli Lee 
McGahey to Christopher 
Francis Forgione. 


Pfc. Douglas C. Anderson 

recently completed recruit 
training at the Marine Corps 
Recruit Depot, Parris Island, 



William A. Sheridan, a 

retired Philadelphia public 
administrator, returned to 
voluntary work for 6 months 
as principal at Nativity BVM 
School, in Media, Pa. 


William J. Brown was elected 
president of the United 
Cerebral Palsy Association of 
East Central Ohio. 


David S. Adams has retired 
after thirty-four years as 
senior sales consultant with 
Lufthansa German Airlines in 
the Philadelphia area. Dr. 
Geffrey B. Kelly, chairperson 
of La Salle's Department of 
Religion, has been appointed 
director of the university's 
Graduate Religion Program. 


Thomas J. Kardish, M.D.. 

was recently named vice 
president of medical affairs for 
Nazareth Hospital in Philadel- 


Donald M. Peterson, 

Trustmark Insurance Com- 
pany president and CEO, in 
Lake Forest, Illinois, has been 
elected to the Board of 
Directors of Barat College, in 
Lake Forest, and of Lake 
Forest Graduate School of 


Edward M. Markowski, Ph.D. 

was reappointed to a three 
year term as chair of the North 
Carolina Marriage and Family 
Therapy Licensing Board. 


Al Bruhin has been appointed 
general manager-technology 
for General Electric 
Company's Asia/Pacific 
Operation. He is located in 
Hong Kong at the Asia/Pacific 

Robert R. Davis is employed 
by the National Association of 
Manufacturers as an associa- 
tion executive responsible for 
membership, in Greenbelt, Md. 


Hugh A. Strehle was 

appointed to the Berkeley 
County (West Virginia) 
Community Relations Advi- 
sory Committee, an advisory 
body to the county commis- 


George J. Walters has retired 
from previous careers in the 
tobacco industry and as a 
psychotherapist, and is now a 
counselor/therapist intern in 
private group practice with 
"The Center for Positive 
Growth" with offices in Coral 

Blcikc Hciynum in 1964 

Trustee Emeritus 
H. Blake Hayman, M.D., Dies 

H. Blake Hayman. MI)., '41, a prominent Bucks County 
physician who is credited with delivering more than SO, 000 
babies, died of congestive heart failure on Nov. 21 at St. 
Joseph's Home, in Holland, Pa. He had lived in New Hope 
since 1069. 

For many years Dr. Hayman conducted a private practice in 

obstetrics and gynecology in Levittown, Pa., building it into 
one of the largest such practices in the nation. He was one ot 
the founding physicians of St. Mary Hospital, in Langhorne, 
Fa., where he also served as president of its medical staff, and 
Lower Bucks County Hospital, in Bristol. Fa. 

Dr. Hayman was a major benefactor at La Salle University. He 
served as a member of its Board of Trustees from 1966 to 1974 
and was awarded the President's Medal in 1964. Hayman Hall, 
the athletic facilities building, was dedicated in memory of his 
beloved parents. Ralph W. and Florence A. Hayman. in 19~2. 

Dr. Hayman earned his M.I), at Jefferson Medical College in 
1945. He served his internship at Fitzgerald Mercy Hospital, 
trained at Jefferson Medical College Hospital, and won a 
teaching fellowship at McGill University, Royal Victoria Hospi- 
tal, Montreal He also served as a captain and flight surgeon in 
the U.S. Air Force. 

Dr. Hayman was a fellow of the American College of ( )b- 
stetricians and Gynecologists, International College ot Sur- 
geons, and American Society of Abdominal Surgeons, and a 
diplomate of the American Hoard of Obstetrics and Gynecol- 
ogy. I le was awarded an honorary doctor of laws degree from 
La Salle in 1964. 

Dr. Hayman is survived by his wife. Emelia Catherine, three 
daughters. Mrs. Emelia Catherine Lahoda. of Langhorne. Pa.; 
Mrs' Denise Michelle Hilts, of Dublin. Fa., and Mrs Mary 
Yvonne Kraeher, of Newtown, Pa., and a son, H. Blake. II. of 

Memorial contributions may be made to the Dr. H. Blake 
Hayman Memorial Scholarship Fund, c o La Salle University, 
L900W. olne\ Ave., Philadelphia, FA 19141. 

page L8 


alumni notes 

Springs and Deerfield Beach, 


Michael L. Kubiak is presi- 
dent of The LaFayette Group, 
Inc., in Philadelphia. Matthew 
L. Mullin, along with James F. 
Savage, celebrated their 25th 
anniversaries as special 
agents with the Federal 
Bureau of Investigation in 
1994. Savage is assigned to 
the Syracuse, N.Y., agency, 
while Mullin works in 
Lansdale, Pa. 


John J. Burfete, Jr., chief 
deputy attorney general of 
Pennsylvania, recently spoke 
at the Montgomery County- 
Norristown (Pa.) Public Library 
on the topic of the work of the 
State Attorney General's 
Office. Michael P. Hegarty 
was ordained a deacon at the 
Cathedral of the Immaculate 
Conception, in Camden, N.J. 
Walter J. Plagens, Jr., is a 
"past faithful navigator" (PFN) 
of Fr. Farrell Council 6476, 
Knights of Columbus, in 
Holiday, Fla., as well as a 
volunteer tutor at Sunset Hills 
Elementary School for the 2nd 
grade, in Tarpon Springs, Fla. 
He is also a member of the 
Cursillo Movement in the 
Diocese of St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Jon P. Walheim, M.D., is 
serving as president of the 
Doylestown (Pa.) Independent 
Practitioners Association and 
Board member of the Bucks 

County (Pa.) Physician Hospital 


Augustin J. Schwartz was 

recently appointed consultant in 
the Department of Medical 
Oncology of Duke University 
Medical Center. He continues to 
practice medical oncology/ 
hematology with Palm Beach 
Oncology Hematology, in West 
Palm Beach, Fla. Schwartz and 
his wife also raise quarter 
horses on "Dancing Sun Farm," 
their farm in Palm Beach 
Gardens, Fla. 


Stephen Gary is the principal at 
Lansdale (Pa.) Catholic High 
School Warren W. Klenk 

received his doctorate in 
education from Temple Univer- 
sity where he serves as 
Temple's director of major gifts. 


Robert A. Angelo was ap- 
pointed president and chief 
operation officer of York (Pa.) 
Federal Savings and Loan 
Association. Thomas P. Rossi 
was elected to the Board of the 
American Society of Healthcare 
Human Resource Administra- 
tion. He recently presented his 
joint business/education 
program, called "Allied Health," 
at a regional Human Resources 
conference. Louis Volpe is 
theater director and Fine Arts 
Department chairman at Harry 
S. Truman High School, in 
Bristol Township, Pa. 

Molly Scanlon Kelly (right), a prominent pro-life activist 
and advocate of teenage chastity, was awarded the 53rd 
Signum Fidei Medal at the Alumni Association s annual 
awards dinner on Nov. 18 in the I 'nion Ballroom. Brother 
President Joseph /■'. Burke and Maria Tucker Cusick (left), 
//resident of the Alumni Association, made the presentation. 
Some 27 men and women from La Salle's senior class and 
Dr. Barbara Millard the university's dean of arts and 
sciences, were inducted into the Alpha Epsilon Honor 
Society at the same event. 

MARRIAGE: John Patrick 
McLaughlin, D.O., to Karen 
Louise Lenz. 


Daniel J. D'Alesio is assigned 
as the circuit military judge of 
the Southeast Judicial Circuit of 
the Navy-Marine Corps Trial 
Judiciary, in Mayport, Fla. 
George Hegarty is serving as 
president and professor of En- 
glish at Teikyo Westmar 
University, in Le Mars, Iowa. 
Charles F. Kolmann, promo- 
tion manager at WCIX-TV 
(CBS), Miami, has been 
promoted to director of 
communications for WWJ-TV, 
the CBS owned and operated 
station in Detroit, Michigan. 
William J. Krumenacker has 
joined Fort Lauderdale-based 
Vacation Break USA as 
manager of its V.I. P. Services 
Division in charge of 40 
customer service representa- 
tives. Frank Selinger has been 
appointed northeast marketing 
director for Kable News 
Company, Inc., out of Mas- 
sachusetts. Richard G. 
Tucker, D.O., FACOOG, 
represented the American 
College of Osteopathic 
Obstetricians and Gynecolo- 
gists at the Agency for Health 
Care Policy and Research 
Meeting on "Medical Treatment 
Effectiveness Research: 
Hysterectomy and Other 
Therapies Used In The 
Management of Common, 
Noncancerous Uterine Condi- 
tions." Dr. Tucker, who lives in 
Mt. Laurel, N.J., also recently 
qualified as a contestant on the 
TV program Jeopardy. 


Rick Bohs was promoted to 
national accounts manager for 
Kable News Company, Inc., in 
Manhattan, N.Y. Richard E. 
Kreipe, M.D., was named 
Andrew W. Mellon Dean's 
Teaching Scholar at the 
University of Rochester, 1994- 
97, and appointed chief, 
Division of Adolescent Medi- 
cine, at the University of 


John Angermeier has been 
promoted to sergeant at the 
detective division of the 
Burlington County (N.J.) 
Prosecutor's Office. Michael S. 
Hatfield recently joined the 
First National Bank of Boston/ 
First Community Bank Division, 
as vice president for invest- 
ment real estate lending, 
responsible for the targeting of 

real estate loans specifically to 
inner city neighborhoods in four 
New England cities. Carl 
Maulbeck was named a 
national director of education 
for Lincoln Technical Institute, 
in West Orange, N.J. John A. 
Pron, D.P.M., was appointed 
director of podiatric residency 
education at Graduate Hospi- 
tals, in Philadelphia. 


James F. Anthony was 

reappointed as Independent 
Insurance Agents of N.J. 
representative to the N.J. 
Commercial Auto Insurance 
Plan Governing Committee. Dr. 
Joseph F. Canataro was 
named principal at Deptford 
Township (N.J.) High School. 
Patricia Sowerbutts 
Wawzyniecki is working as an 
occupational safety and health 
engineer for KAMAN Aero- 
space, in Bloomfield. Ct. She is 
responsible for ensuring safe 
and healthy working conditions 
in all of the company's facilities 
throughout Connecticut. 


Mary Anne Lutz has been 
named an associate professor 
of English at Frostburg (Md.) 
State University. Kathryne 
McGrath Speaker was 
awarded her doctorate in 
education by Temple University. 


J. Mark McLoone, associate 
administrator of the Alfred I. 
duPont Institute, in Wilmington, 
Del., was advanced to"'Fellow" 
status in the American College 
of Healthcare Executives. He is 
among 2,500 healthcare 
executives in the nation who 
have earned this status, the 
college's highest level of 
professional achievement. 


Maria Chindamo Bradley was 

named to the 1994 edition of 
Who's Who Among American 
Teachers. Rev. Jeffrey 
Cesarone, O. Praem, was 
ordained priest in the Norbertine 
Order. He has been assigned to 
teaching at Archmere Academy, 
Claymont, Del. James G. 
McGann, a lecturer in political 
science at Temple University, 
has had his book The Competi- 
tion for Dollars, Scholars and 
Influence in the Public Policy 
Research Industry published by 
University Press of America, 
Inc. Maureen L. Pezzementi is 
in her senior year at the 
University of Alabama School of 

SPRING 1995 

page l l » 

alumni notes 

Good Things Don't 
Always Come in Pairs 



r e hope that you and your 
family are enjoying each issue 
ot LA SALLE Magazine. But if 
you receive two or more copies 
of the magazine in your 
household and really don't 
need that many copies, please 
let us know so that we can 
eliminate duplicate issues and 
put our resources to better use. 

lA/Ve would like to continue 

to receive LA SALLE Magazine 

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Return to: 

Alumni Office 

La Salle University 

Philadelphia, PA 19141 



BIRTHS: to Joseph V. 
DiCecco and his wife, Sara, 
twins, Nicholas John and 
Marissa Clare: to Francis X. 
McKeffery and his wife, 
Donna, their first child, a son, 
Christopher Francis. 


Donald L. Levick, M.D.. 

managing partner of ABC 
Pediatrics, has been named 
medical director of the 
Pediatric Section of Lehigh 
Valley (Pa.) Physician Group, 
as his practice was integrated 
into the Lehigh Valley Health 
Network. Susan Sajeski 
Pitts, M.D., is working with 
Hispanic children and 
children with attention deficits 
at Haywood-Moncure 
Community Health Center, in 
Moncure, N.C. 
BIRTH: to Robert M. 
McNamara and his wife, 
Mary Mullin McNamara, '80, 
their fourth child, a son, 
William Martin. 


Michael Hasson. a retired 
lieutenant in the Philadelphia 
Police Department, ic now 
director of services and 
security at the CoreStates 
Spectrum, in Philadelphia. 
Philip James Keohane, 
chairperson of the History 
Department at Seisen 
International School, in 
Tokyo, Japan, is a member of 
Amnesty International and 
Refugees International. Ned 
O. Kraft works for the 
Smithsonian Institution 
Libraries and is on the Board 
of Directors of Eric Hampton 
Dance, both in Washington, 
DC. Elizabeth Juliano 
Olivieri, who received the 
Chartered Property Casualty 
Underwriter (CPCU) designa- 
tion, is employed by Aetna 
Casualty & Surety as a team 
leader, in Philadelphia. 
Thelma J. Tutt is a habilita- 
tion plan coordinator at the 
New Lisbon (N.J.) Develop- 
mental Center. She is also a 
committee person for the 
Borough of Lawnside, N.J., 
and corresponding secretary 
for "The First Regular 
Democrat Club" of Lawnside. 
BIRTH: to Teresa Zembower 
Coraggio and her husband, 
Tom, a second daughter, 
Paloma Olivia. 


BIRTH: to James T. Basara, 

D.M.D., and his wife, 

Adrienne, a son, Matthew 



Alan S. Baseman, M.D., a 

family practitioner at Grand View 
(Pa.) Hospital, was recently 
awarded his certificate of added 
qualifications in geriatric 
medicine from the American 
Board of Family Practice. 
Joseph K. Izes, M.D., practicing 
urological oncology at 
Pennsylvania's Abington 
Memorial Hospital, Holy 
Redeemer Hospital, and 
Doylestown Hospital, is assis- 
tant clinical professor at Temple 
University. Rosaleen Gembala 
Parsons is practicing radiology 
at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, in 
Manhattan. N.Y. She recently 
published a chapter on "Radiol- 
ogy of the Liver" for a book by A. 

BIRTH: to Teri McCormick 
Ferrante and her husband, Paul 
Ferrante, '83, their third son, 
Jonathan Paul. 


John J. Bergin, III, was named 
regional manager for the 
Midwest Division of Sprung 
Instant Structures, Inc., in 
Indianapolis, Ind. Scott F. 
Garberman, M.D., has joined 
the associate staff, Department 
of Surgery, Section of General 
(hand) Surgery, for West Jersey 
Health System, in New Jersey. 
MARRIAGE: Joanne Swift 
Hummel, M.D., and her 
husband, Mark, their second 
daughter, Madeline Marie. 
BIRTH: to Mary Fanelli Ayala, 
Ph.D., and her husband, Pastor 
Ayala, their second child, a 
daughter, Veronica Natalia 
Ayala: to John J. Bergin, III, 
and his wife, Julie, a daughter, 
Margaret Kathrine. 


Betsy A. Izes, M.D., musculosk- 
eletal radiologist at Medical 
College Hospitals, main clinical 
campus in Philadelphia, is also 
an assistant professor of 
radiology. Patricia A. Serratore 
received the Automotive Hall of 
Fame's 1994 Young Leadership 
and Excellence Award at a 
banquet in Detroit. She will also 
attend the Emerging Leaders 
Program of the University of 
Denver's Graduate Division. 
BIRTH: to Regina Moore 
Plummer and her husband, 
Samuel W. Plummer, '80. their 
third child, a daughter, Carla 


Douglas J. Berne, M.D., 

recently joined the medical staff 
of Wernersville (Pa.) State 
Hospital as a staff psychiatrist. 

Dawn Cariello has been 
promoted to vice president of 
marketing for Princeton 
Partners, Inc., an advertising 
agency located in Princeton, 

Fulginiti to Randy L. Reimold; 
Thomas K. Tansey to Diane 
E. Fisher. 

BIRTHS: to Gregory P. Smith 
and his wife, Patricia, their 
second child, a son, Conner 
Gregory: to Barbara King 
Spence and her husband, 
Dave, their first child, a son, 
David John. 


Timothy P. Cogan is a 

technical specialist with 
FISERV Fusion, a subsidiary of 
FISERV, Inc., in Philadelphia. 
FISERV Fusion was formerly 
the datacenter operations area 
of Mellon PSFS. Joseph M. 
Mazurek is a director of dietary 
services for Hamilton (N.J.) 
Continuing Care Center. 


Michael P. Bradley is an 

associate with the Greeley- 
Polhemus Group, Inc., in West 
Chester, Pa. He was also a 
delegate representing the City 
of Philadelphia in the 1994 All- 
America City Competition, 
sponsored by the National 
Civic League. Philadelphia was 
selected as one of the top ten 
cities in America at this 
meeting. Laura Peszka Gibble 
is executive director of Child 
Care Consultants, Inc., a child 
care resource and referral 
agency in York, Pa. Robert E. 
Hayes, Jr.. has accepted the 
position of clinical director of 
Frankford Hospital's Physical 
Therapy Department, in 
Philadelphia. Gary D. Vogin, 
M.D., completed his residency 
in internal medicine at Temple 

MARRIAGE: James A. Mullen 
to Kristin M. Berard. 


Joseph Forte, Jr., has won 

The Institute of Pennsylvania 
Hospital's 1995 Emil and Lynn 
Hubschman Award. The award 
recognizes individuals who 
exemplify the hospital's long 
tradition of combining compas- 
sion and care with outstanding 
professional performance. 
Patricia Gibbons has earned 
a D.M.D. from the University of 
Pennsylvania and is in the 
private practice of general 
dentistry in Cape May, N.J. 
Mary Timmins Schluth has 
been named assistant registrar 


of Bucks County Community 
College, in Newtown, Pa., 
where she also teaches in the 
Language and Literature 
Department. Carolyn A. 
Sheenan, D.M.D. has opened 
a general dentistry office in 
Dunellen, N.J. 

MARRIAGES: Susan Hutt to 
Charles Raffin; Mark E. 
Swierczewski to Sharon A. 


Gil Buch has legally changed 
his name to Gilaad Matar and 
is director of projects for a firm 
in Chicago that consults on 
political and environmental 
affairs. Maria A. Esposito was 
promoted to executive vice 
president of Midstate Financial 
Services, Inc., a mortgage 
banking firm in North Carolina. 
Stephen A. Fredericks is a 
MMS Quality Assurance 
Engineer at American Mobile 
Satellite Corporation, in 
Reston, Va. Ellen A. Wilsbach 
was recently promoted to 
manager of human resources 
at the Medical Inter-Insurance 
Exchange, Inc., in 
Lawrenceville, N.J. 
BIRTH: to John D. Kiggins 
and his wife, Barbara, a son, 
John Patrick. 


Donna Mattis Ambolino is a 

manager for an eye surgeon in 
Doylestown, Pa. Kenneth R. 
Bradley is a commissioner of 
the Township of Springfield, in 
Montgomery County, Pa. 
Clifton John Cortez graduated 
with a juris doctor degree from 
Georgetown University Law 
Center, in Washington, D.C., 
and is now a legal consultant 
with the United Nations High 
Commissioner for Refugees, 
also in Washington. Valerie K. 
Hertzog is working at Mercy 
Hospital's Child Development 
Center Teacher's Aide Training 
Program, in Pittsburgh, Pa. 
She is a vocational specialist 
where she trains adults with 
developmental disabilities to 
work as teacher's aides in day 
care centers. John L. Holup, 
D.O., an emergency room 
surgeon and chief of the 
trauma service at the New 
Jersey Medical School Univer- 
sity Hospital, in Newark, was 
featured on the CBS-TV 
newsmagazine 48 Hours on 
Jan. 5. Mark Megee was 
promoted to credit administra- 
tor/loan review officer at First 
Washington State Bank, in 
Windsor, N.J. Carol Timson- 
Schwarz is network coordina- 

tor at Independence Blue 
Cross, in Philadelphia. 
Joseph Augello to Stephanie 
Sheryl Smith; Donna Mattis to 
Dante M. Ambolino, Jr. 


Kelly Beckner is the events 
coordinator for "Connect," a 
program of high technology 
and entrepreneurship, at the 
University of California, San 
Diego. Peter J. Frisko is 
assistant director of institutional 
advancement at Drexel 
University. Karol Silverstein is 
working on a feature film called 
The Set Up for Showtime as an 
assistant production coordina- 
tor, in California. She also 
completed her first feature 
length screenplay and several 
other shorter writing projects. 
MARRIAGES: Kelly Beckner 
to Lt. James Hruska, U.S.N.; 
Susan L. Donofrio to William 
Charlton; Pauline Laura Felter 
to Sean Richard Devlin; Laura 
M. Franchek to Kevin J. 
Harner; Karen McKinney to 
Mark Bernhardt. 


Jeffrey Brown, new head 
coach of Camden Catholic 
(N.J.) High School boys' soccer 
program, won his first varsity 
coaching victory over 
Pennsauken High School, as 
well as the annual Jack 
Rudderow Trophy, awarded in 
honor of the founder of youth 
soccer in Pennsauken. 
Michael Fanelli is teaching 
history at Overbrook High 
School, in Pine Hill, N.J. He is 
also serving as a member of 
the Board of Education in 
Gloucester Township, N.J. 
Catherine Frisko is working as 
a social worker at Prairie Lakes 
Hospital, in Watertown, South 
Dakota, where she provides 
services to dialysis, hospice 
and HIV/AIDS patients. 
Edward W. Harkins recently 
graduated from Beaver College 
with a master's degree in 
mathematics education and is 
a mathematics teacher for the 
Abington (Pa.) School District. 
Francis J. McLaughlin is 
teaching English full-time for 
the Philadelphia School District 
at William Penn High School. 
Shannon O'Shea was ap- 
pointed to the new full-time 
position of academic/compli- 
ance director at Pittsburg 
(Kansas) State University. 
Jose L. Mallabo earned a 
master of science degree in 
mass communication from San 
Diego State University. 

alumni notes 

MARRIAGES: Anne Bridget 
Koch to Jerome E. Inderwies, 
Jr.; Kimberly O'Keefe to 
James Stabilito; Shannon 
Elizabeth O'Shea to James 
Schmieg; Kimberly S. Toomey 
to Mark Spenser Rhodes. 


Allison Auld is in her third 
year of teaching fourth grade at 
Saint Mary Interparochial 
School, in center city Philadel- 
phia. Navy Lt. (j g.) Carl M. 
Bradley recently received a 
Letter of Commendation for 
superior performance of duty 
while assigned to the Naval Air 
Station in Lemoore, Calif. 
Andrew T. Dolan is a member 
of the Catholic Biblical Associa- 
tion, Society of Biblical Litera- 
ture, and the North American 
Patristics Society. Joel T. 
Lomurno is an account 
executive and emergency 
player for the Wichita Thunder 
professional ice hockey team, 
the 1994 champions of the 
Central Hockey League, in 
Kansas. Kathleen M. 
Loughman is an educational/ 
vocational specialist with Arbor, 
Inc., of Media, Pa. 
MARRIAGES: Tina DiCerbo to 
Kevin C. Tofel; Frank 
Genovese to Jennifer Kane, 

'91; Bron F. Holland to Kerry 
K. Kittle. 


Kelly Anne B. Burke is 

serving her second year as a 
LaSallian volunteer at the High 
Bridge Community, in the 
Bronx, NY. Michele A. Frisko 
is a sixth grade teacher on Pine 
Ridge Reservation in South 
Dakota. Christopher A. Idler 
is employed by Henderson 
Brothers, a specialist firm in 
New York City. Courtney 
Bowman Reddington is the 
media buyer for Robertsons, 
Bergmann Advertising in 
Savannah, Ga. She graduated 
from the National Media and 
Marketing School for Pro 
fessionals in Atlanta and is 
professionally trained in media 
planning and concept applica- 
tion. Debra A. Stevenson is 
working as a mental health 
coordinator for Personal Touch 
Homecare of PA, Inc., in Bala 


Marykristin DiJulia is teaching 
at Simmons Elementary School 
in the Hatboro-Horsham (Pa.) 
School District and coaching 
basketball at Cardinal O'Hara 
High School. 



If your mailing address will change in the next 2 - 3 months, 
or if the issue is addressed to your son or daughter who no 
longer maintains a permanent address at your home, please 
help us keep our mailing addresses up-to-date by: 

1 PRINT your full name, class year and new address on the 
form opposite, and 

2 Attach the label from the back cover of this issue and mail 
to the Alumni Office, La Salle University, Philadelphia, 
PA 19141. 



Class Year 




Zip Code 

( ) 

L h 

Phone Number (include area code) 


SPRING 1995 

page 21 

alumni notes 

Gerald T. Davis Honored at 
African American Alumni Reception 

Gerald T. Davis (right) receives Warren E. Smith, M.D. Awardfrom 

Brother President Joseph /■'. Burke (left). Alumni Association presi- 
dent Maria Cusick, and John Thomas, president of the university's 
African American Students League. 

The 1995 Warren E. Smith, M.I). 
Award was presented to Gerald T. 
Davis, '63. public relations manager for 
ARCO Chemical Company, at the 
university's sixth annual African Ameri- 
can Alumni Reception, on January 27 
in the Union Ballroom, on campus. 

The event kicked off La Salle's Black 
History Month celebration which also 
included a day-long festival on Feb. 5 
featuring an appearance by author and 
poet Sonia Sanchez, a performance by 
"Spirit of Sankofa," an African dance 
and drum ensemble, and a Soul Food 

A native of Philadelphia, Davis was 
chosen for this honor because he is "an 
African American La Salle University 
graduate who has achieved sir (.ess in 
his profession, demonstrated a commit- 
ment to traditional La Sallian values, 
made significant contributions to the 
community, ami serves as an outstand- 
ing example to all La Salle students." 

Davis has been employed In ARCO 
since 1973, advancing in various 
positions in public affairs and human 
resources in AR< ' ' fiemical and other 
ARCO companies. lie was named 
manager ol public relations for ARCO 
Chemical Company in 198S. 

Davis is active in many community 
and civic organizations including the 
Boys & Girls Clubs of Metropolitan 
Philadelphia, Baker Industries, a 
nonprofit corporation which hires the 
disabled and the homeless; the 
Committee for the Friends of the 
Library for the Blind and Physically 
Handicapped, and the West Catholic 
High School Development Commit- 

In 1992 Davis was honored with the 
FBI Annual Leadership Award for the 
Philadelphia region and in 1993 he 
received the Community Service 
Award from ARCO Chemical Co. 

La Salle's African American Alumni 
Reception is an annual event spon- 
sored by the university's Alumni 
Association and African-American 
Students League. The event brings 
together current African American 
students with alumni and faculty to 
network, renew friendships and share 

The award is named for the late 
Warren F. Smith. M.D., a 1954 
La Salle graduate who had served tor 
many years as a psychiatrist in the 
university's Counseling Center. 

MARRIAGES: Janice Ciarelli to Keith 
Vogt; Marc Thomas Kaelin to Anette 
Veronica Skuder. 



Patricia Wilson is a critical care R.N. at 
The Hospital of the University of 
Pennsylvania and is a part-time nurse 
at Chestnut Hill Hospital, in Philadel- 


Joanie D. Alston was appointed to a 
three year term to serve on the Drug 
and Alcohol Executive Commission for 
Delaware County (Pa.) She is also 
establishing a consulting firm that will 
focus on motivational speaking, human 
resources and interactive solutions. 



Nancy J. Scheutz ('85 B.S.N.) is vice 
president and chair of the Resource 
Development Committee of La Salle 
University Nursing Alumni, which plans 
the annual Art Show and Auction held 
at the university. She was also inducted 
as president of La Salle's Kappa Delta 
Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau, Honor 
Society of Nursing. 


MARRIAGE: Lisa Ann Zacchei to 

Kirby Allen Hill. 



Pat Dwyer is the newly elected 
president of the Pennsylvania Associa- 
tion for Marriage and Family Therapists. 


Ann Borden ('76 B.A.) has passed the 
psychologist licensing examination in 
Pennsylvania. Helen W. Geist was 

recently installed as pastoral counselor 
at the First Presbyterian Church, in 
Clayton. N. J. She staffs the New 
Beginnings Counseling Center, a 
mission of the First Presbyterian 


Barbara Taylor Snipes has been 
appointed to the Board of Managers of 
Friends Hospital, a private not-for-profit 
psychiatric hospital in Philadelphia. 


Frank Sodano ('89 B.A.) is director of 
Day Hospital and Residential Rehabili- 
tation at COPE, in Fort Washington, Pa. 

page i 




Karen Sharkey is now working 
for CORA Services in Philadel- 
phia as a family therapist. 
Donna A. Tonrey has joined 
Penn Foundation's Children and 
Adolescent Unit, in Sellersville, 
Pa., as a family therapist and 
behavior specialist and will 
counsel children and their 
families on life's daily difficulties. 





Roxanne M. Kringle was 

installed as pastor of St. John's 
Lutheran Church, in Easton, Pa. 






Dr. Albert Monillas ('70 B.A.) 

has been appointed superin- 
tendent of schools in Cape May 
County, N.J. 





Kenneth H. Ryesky, Esq., 

has co-authored the 1994- 
95 edition of the Licensing 
Law Handbook: Federal 
Government Property 
Guide, published by Clark 
Boardman Callaghan. 


Ingo S. Kraus ('80 B.S.) 

was appointed assistant 
vice president and asset 
workout/review director for 
Main Line Federal Savings 
Bank, in Philadelphia. 
Robert J. Pesce, C.P.A., is 
an instructor of accounting 
at Penn State University. 
He also runs Pesce & 
Pesce, C.P.A.'s in Allen- 
town, Pa., with his wife. 


Francis J. Horn ('82 B.S.) 

has joined Matrix Develop- 
ment Group, in Cranbury, 
N.J., as an assistant 
controller with financial 
responsibility for the 
residential and hospitality 
real estate partnerships. 
Joanne Mach Ward ('77 
B.S.) is working in human 
resources on a consultant 
basis in Richmond. Va. 


Thomas L. Heron has 

been named vice president 

/■'oniicr Alumni Association presidents Marianne S. (muss. 
75, and Stephen L. McGonigle, 72 B.S., 83 MBA (left), 
were surprise recipients of the John J. Finley Memorial 
. [ward for outstanding sen-ice to the alumni at the 
association s annual awards dinner on Nov. 18. Dr. Peter 
J. Finley. 53, witnessed the presentations of the award 
named for bis father. 

alumni notes 

for finance/chief financial 
officer at the Graduate Health 
System- Parkview Hospital, in 
Philadelphia. Heron will also 
serve as vice president for 
finance/CFO for GHS City 
Avenue Hospital. Dennis E. 
Ward ("78 B.S.) is the property 
accounting manager for 
WESTVACO, in Richmond, Va. 


George A. Vamos recently 
passed the Professional Engineer 
Exam given by the Pennsylvania 
State Registration Board for 
Professional Engineers, Land 
Surveyors, and Geologists. 

Position Available: DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI 

(Effective August 1, 1995) 

La Salic University seeks an innovative and energetic individual to 
serve as Director of Alumni. He/she will be responsible for 
stimulating the participation, support, and influence of a geo- 
graphically and demographically diverse alumni body in all facets 
of university life. 

The Director of Alumni is the chief liaison officer between the 
University and the Alumni Association. He/she works closely with 
the Alumni Board and its various committees, prepares and 
administers the annual budget for the Alumni Office, supervises the 
Alumni Office staff, oversees the alumni data base, promotes class 
reunions, organizes and services geographic chapters and clubs, 
and works with professional associations and other interest groups. 

Candidates should possess, at minimum, a bachelor's degree, 
excellent organizational, database management, and oral and 
written communication skills. A minimum of five years adminis- 
trative experience in alumni relations or a related field is required. 

Salary negotiable depending upon qualifications and experience. 

Interested parties may submit a letter of application, resume, three 
employment references, and a salary history to Fred J. Foley, Jr.. 
Ph.D., Vice President for Development. La Salle University, 1900 
West Olney Avenue. Philadelphia, PA L9141. 

The deadline for submitting applications is May 15, 1995. 

La Salle University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. 


Msgr. Hugh J. Nolan 
Lecturer, Religion, 1949-54 


Joseph L. Pressens 


George Julius Resnick. M.D. 


Herman D. Staples, M.D. 


Dr. Abraham Ginsburg 


Joseph A. Dolan 


Bart H. Brooks 


Dr. William Francis Joseph Gordon 


Albert F. Terry 


William M. Donohoe, Jr. 

Joseph T. Sanquilli 


Frank J. Lion 


George E. Rincavage 


James Francis Magrann 


George M. Harbison 


Michael C. Kreuter 


Thomas J. Kiniry 


Thomas I. McGinn, Sr. 

SPRING 1995 

page 23 

chapter/club notes 

Join Us For Baseball 
The Way It Used To Be 

I ree parking and autographs, inexpensive tickets and 

food, and Cant Gowdy seats (close enough to reach out 
and touch the players). That's what you can enjoy at 
our La Salle Alumni Outings at the READING PHILLIES. 
Reading Municipal Stadium is approximately 90 min- 
utes drive from Philadelphia, and our seats are in the 
third base picnic patio. The cost of the game ticket, 
including the two-hour buffet (beginning one hour 
before game time) and free parking, is $12 per person 
(children under five are free). Here are our dates and 

Sunday, June 11th, 1:05 P.M. vs. Canton Indians - 

Get there early for Giveaway Day - Reading Phillies 
Bats to kids 12 and under - quantities limited 

Saturday, July 29th, 7:05 P.M. vs. Portland Marlins 

- Hat Exchange Night for adults 

Sun., August 20th, 1:05 P.M. vs. New Haven Rockies 

- Giveaway Day - Youth t-shirt for kids 12 and under 

And if the majors decide to play again, we also have 
prime seating ( 200 and 300 level) for the following 
PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES games at Veterans' Stadium: 

Sun., May 21, 1:05 P.M. vs. New York Mets Phillie 
Phanatic Birthday Party- 
Sat., June 17, 7:05 P.M. vs. Florida Marlins - Free 
Phillies card sets to kids 14 and under 

Thurs., June 29, 1:05 P.M. vs. Cincinnati Reds- 

Businessperson's Special 

Mon., July 3, 6:05 P.M. vs. Atlanta Braves - Fire- 
works Night 

Sat., August 21, 8:05 P.M. vs. San Diego Padres - 

Mike Schmidt Night 

If you are interested in attending or have any ques- 
tions, please call Tim McNamara. at the Alumni Office 
< 21 S-9S 1-1 S3S ) or Ed Turzanski, at the Government 
Affairs Office (215-951-1391). Call today. Seats are 


LA SALLE IN FLORIDA President Bernie McCormick, 

'58, welcomed Brother President Joseph F. Burke, 
yours truly, and 45 other alumni and guests to a dinner 
at Pete's in Boca Raton on January 19. Nick 
Rongione, '76, chaired the dinner committee which 
included Tom Flood, '66, Bob Hone, '6l, and George 
Kientzy, '71. 

Attention Alumni 
from the classes of 

'40, '45, '50, '55, '60, '65, 
'70, '75, '80, '85, '90 

Your reunion will be held on 
May 19-20, 1995 

Mark your calendars now! 

The "Reunion Weekend '95" 
brochure has been mailed to all 
Alumni who are members of reunion 
classes. Should you have any 
further questions, please contact 
the Alumni Office at (215) 951-1535. 

The following week a cocktail reception in honor of 
Brother President was held on the Gulf Coast of Florida 
at the "Rusty Pelican" in Tampa on January 25. Chuck 
Kilbride, '57, chaired the event which attracted some 30 
alumni. Snow bird Frank Blatcher, '56, vacationing in 
Sarasota, dropped in. Frank was a member of the 195-4 
NCAA basketball championship team and is a former 
president of the Alumni Association. 

The HOUSTON. Texas Club held a "Night at Sam Hous- 
ton Race Park" on March 17. Dr. Lee Willames, '64, 
organized the event with the help of Marie Romanick 
Kucznski, '76, and Judy Valecce Waters, '82. 

REUNION CLASSES of '50 through 70 are reminded to 
sign up for the two mile STICK VlTH AL AND LA SALLE 
hiking tour of the campus on May 20. Participants will 
receive a 42" walking stick from Al Cantello, '55. 

The expanded Alumni Association Cruise out of Miami 
on the S.S. Norway, from July 15-22, is sold-out. 

—Jim McDonald 

page 1 1 



Terence J. Connors. '76 (left), partner at Arthur Andersen & Co., SC, presents 
his firm 's matching gift check to Fred J. Foley. Jr., Ph.D. (right), vice president 
for development, and John J. director of the annual fund. 

"At Arthur Andersen, we appreciate the value of a La Salle 
University education. We hire La Salle graduates and we 
promote annual giving to La Salle through our matching gift 
program. It's our way of ensuring the continued excellence 
of La Salle's fine programs." 

Terence J. Connors, 76 

Partner, Arthur Andersen & Co., SC 




La Salle University 
Annual Fund Office 
Philadelphia, PA 19141-1199 
Phone: (215) 951-1539 
FAX: (215)951-1542 

To find out if your company 
will match your gift, contact 
your Human Resource Department 

AACSB Accreditation for the Business School 

LA SALLE Magazine 
La Salle University 
Philadelphia, PA 19141 

Second class postage paid at Philadelphia, PA 



SUMMER 1995 


lM 3 9 -#3 


Q&& Year of Challenges and Accomplishments 

Farewell to the M(<. Page 7 


■&- if 

Honors for the 
Admiral. Page 14 


w Mi * 

Alumni Homecoming. Page 19 

Robert S. Lyons, Jr., '61, Editor 

James J. McDonald. '58. Alumni Director 


Joseph H. Cloran. '61. President 

Nicholas J. Lisi, Esq., '62, Executive Vice President 

J. Patrick O'Grady, '82, Vice President 

Robert L. Buck, '90, Treasurer 

Charles J. Quattrone, 72, Secretary 

LA sALI.K (USPS 299-940) is published quarterly by 

La Salle University, 1900 Vi OIney Avenue, 

Philadelphia, PA 19141-1199, for the alumni, students, 

faculty, and friends of the University. 

Editorial and business offices are located at La Salle 

University, Philadelphia. PA 19141-1199. 

Changes of address should be sent at least 30 days prior 

to publication of issue with which it is to take effec I to 

the Alumni Office, La Salle University, 1900 W. Olncv 

Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19141-1199. 

Pi is ["MASTER send change of address to office 

listed atx ive 

Member of the Council for the Advancement and 

support hi Edui n ii AS! i 

Dl 1GN VND ILLUSTRATION Blake+Barancik Design 
PHOTOGRAPHY Kelly & Massa 

FRONT COVER Brothei President Joseph F. Burke 
(seated) with Dr Joseph A. Kane, the new provosl and 
Nancy brewer, who has been named dean ol students 
as pan ol the restructuring ol the university 

BACK COVER] Willi (center), chairman 

CEO, and president ol I row rk & Seal Company, 

receives university's annual Leadership \«ard from 
Brother President [oseph F. Burke al La Salle's Charier 

Dinner on March 18 al The i n League Michael J. 

McKenna, '62 < right i, executive vice president and pres- 
ident of the firm's North American Division, was master 
of ceremonies at the event. 



1994-95 was a memorable year for many 
reasons, according to Brother Joseph BLirke 
who is beginning his fourth year as La Salle's 


From the Mississippi Delta to the Pine Ridge 
Reservation in South Dakota, many La Salle 
alumni are living examples of social JListice. 


Outstanding performances in swimming and 
track, a strong finish in women's basketball, 
and a dramatic comeback in men's soccer 
highlighted the year for the Explorers. 

FROM "A" TO "2" 

Exciting things are happening at La Salle. So 
exhilarating, in fact, that we have a "DoLible 
A" to cheer about. 


The university held its 132nd commence- 
ment, hosted a special celebration commem- 
orating the Vatican-Israeli Accord, and said 
good-bye to its popular literary magazine. 


More than 700 members of the alumni, their 
spouses, and guests celebrated a memorable 
return to campus in May. 


A report on the annual Holroyd Lecture as 
well as the quarterly chronicle of some 
significant events in the lives of La Salle's 

Volume 39/ Number 3 LA SALLE SUMMER 1995 

The State of the University 

Year of Challenges 
and Accomplishments 

By Brother President Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D., '68 

Brother Burke leads a 
Banner Parade through 
the campus during 
Charter \\ eekfestii ities 
celebrating the 
university's 132nd 
anniversary on March 2-i. 

Both good and bad events can make a 
particular year memorable. To say that all 
of us at La Salle will remember 1994-1995 
is an understatement. On the one hand, we 
faced a serious financial problem resulting from 
lower than expected enrollment. On the other 
hand, the institution advanced on a number of 
important fronts. What follows is a synopsis of 
a year of momentous challenges and significant 

The Challenges: For the past several 
years, the combined forces of demographics, 
the economy, and a decline in government 
support have resulted in serious enrollment 
difficulties for many private colleges and univer- 
sities, particularly on the East Coast. At La Salle 
we saw gradual enrollment declines over the 
past few years, and as the 1994-1995 school 
year began we were beginning to initiate a 
number of critical changes that were the result 
of an intense study of our marketing, recruiting, 
and financial aid strategies. Unfortunately, the changes were too late to affect 
the incoming class of freshman and returning students, and as the school year 
began, we realized that we faced an unprecedented and unexpected enroll- 
ment shortfall. 

In close cooperation with our Board of Trustees, we developed a plan 
to reduce expenditures in the current year, and to streamline the institution as 
we moved into fiscal 1995-1996. Since 60% of our expenses are in wages and 
benefits, it was apparent that we needed to reduce the size of our work force. 
By carefully restructuring the administration and implementing a voluntary 
buyout program for faculty, staff, and administration, we have been able to 
create a leaner and more efficient I. a Salle L'niversity. Through this process, 
which also included not filling a number of vacancies, 63 full-and-part-time 
administrative and staff positions were eliminated. Also, 11 faculty members 

SUMMER 1995 

page I 

Dr. Joseph Kane, the 

university's new provost, 
shares a light moment 
with Dr. Lester 
Barenbaum, who has 
been serving as interim 
dean of the School of 
Business Administration. 

Dr. Joseph A. Kane 
Appointed Provost 

Dr. Joseph A. Kane, '56, former dean of the School of Business 
Administration who has been serving as interim provost for the 
past six months, has been appointed provost of the university, it 
was announced by La Salle's Brother President Joseph F. Burke, 
F.S.C., Ph.D. 

Kane, who has been with La Salle for 33 years, joined 
the faculty in 1961 as an economics instructor and presently 
holds the academic title of full professor. He founded the MBA 
program, served as Dean of the School of Business Administra- 
tion for 10 years, and successfully led the university through the 
AACSB accreditation process. 

In naming Dr. Kane to his new position, Brother Burke 
said, "His six months as interim provost have been marked by 
collaborative leadership and the emergence of a new vision of 
how we can maintain, enrich, and integrate the educational and 
social experiences of our students." 

According to Dr. Kane it's time for La Salle to get "back 
to basics" in order to move ahead. 

"I think we should recognize what our strengths are," he 
explained. "Where we have strong departments, strong areas 
and strong programs, we should try to support and build those. 
We need not make ourselves all things to all people, but to 
recognize our own strengths and weaknesses and try to focus on 
these strengths. We need to keep improving the quality of what 
we're doing. We will always have one constant, our La Sallian 
values, they are our foundation. They make us what we are." 

Dr. Kane, a native of Philadelphia, received a master's 
degree in accounting and economics from St. Louis University 
and a Ph.D. in economics from Temple University. Prior to 
coming to La Salle, he served as an instructor on the faculty of 
economics and commerce, University of Lesotho, in South 

He has published a book, Development Banking, and 
written several articles for publication in economic journals 
including Atlantic Economic journal and Social and Economic 
Studies. In addition, Dr. Kane has served as a consultant to 
several social services agencies, the Pennsylvania Departments 
of Education and Transportation, as well as the Philadelphia 
Urban Coalition. 

By Rosalie Lombardo 

accepted voluntary buyouts and an additional 
nine faculty positions were eliminated through 
retirements and non-renewals. The restructuring 
and pending reduction caused considerable 
uncertainty and distress, but it is worth noting 
that La Salle faculty, staff, and administration 
pulled together and kept top notch teaching and 
other services going throughout the troubling 
months of transition. 

Accomplishments: Of course, you have 
already heard about some of our other major 
achievements this year. The new multi-million 
dollar, state-of-the-art Communication Center 
opened on South Campus, our U.S. News and 
World Report ranking as a top regional university 
improved even further, we received the coveted 
AACSB accreditation for the School of Business, 
we joined the Atlantic 10 Athletic Conference, and 
we are beginning to benefit from a $2.5 million 
federal grant for our Institute for the Advance- 
ment of Mathematics and Science Teaching and 
for the Devitalization of science and math educa- 
tion on our campus. 

I was once told that crisis creates oppor- 
tunity, and the restructuring and streamlining of 
the university that took place this year was itself 
an accomplishment that will pay dividends in the 
future. In responding to our problems, we kept 
in mind that reducing the size of the operation 
was but one aspect of what needed to happen. 
Simultaneously, we needed to improve service to 
the La Salle Community. Although a number of 
important consolidations took place, perhaps the 
most noteworthy was the integration of "Student 
Affairs" with "Academic Affairs." In most colleges 
and universities, there are two vice presidential 
areas that are directly involved with students- 
academic Affairs which is focused on what takes 
place in the classroom, and Student Affairs which 
is focused on the social/developmental lives of 
our students. While both of these areas of the 
university have functioned well historically, I 
believed it was time to integrate our academic 
personnel (faculty, deans, and staff) witli the 
professionals who serve our students outside the 
classroom (Resident Life, Student Life, Campus 
Ministry, Counseling Center, and Student Health 
Services). In March, all of what was called 
"Student Affairs" was moved directly under the 
Provost, and an exciting new model for the total 
education of our students is being developed. 




* 1997 

'it now appears 
certain that next 
year's freshman 
class will be our 
largest in six years. 

As alluded to earlier, for the 
past year or so we have been 
engaged in strategic planning. This 
has resulted in new approaches to 
marketing, recruiting students, and 
applying financial aid. At the time 
of this writing, it is evident that the 
changes we have made will have a 
very positive effect on next Fall's 
enrollment. While shifts in the 
expected number of freshmen and 
transfers can occur over the summer, 
it now appears certain that next 
year's freshman class will be our 
largest in six years. 

But our planning efforts 
have been much more extensive 
than solely enrollment management. 
Three areas of our planning that I 
would like to highlight are our 
Catholic identity, our location, and 
the role of alumni. 

The strategic planning 
process, as well as ongoing discus- 
sions among faculty and administra- 
tors, have helped us to bring our 
Catholic identity into greater focus. 
Although our campus enjoys a 
diversity of people of different 
religious backgrounds, the university 
seeks to foster in all of the members 
of our community an appreciation of 
the wealth of Catholic spirituality, 
worship, values, intellectual life, and 
social teachings. To be a "Catholic 
university" at the end of the 20th 
Century in the United States does 
not mean the same thing to every- 
one, but through dialogue and 
mutual respect we hope to foster a 
better understanding of our Catholic 
identity, as well as our identity as a 
Christian Brothers' university loyal 
to the charism of John Baptist De 
La Salle. 

In terms of our location, we 
are an urban University with a 
decidedly un-urban campus. We 
remain committed to our Philadel- 
phia location, in part because we 
continue to follow our mission to 
provide a superior education for 
students reflecting a broad socioeco- 
nomic background who best come 
together in an urban context. And, 
in part because Philadelphia is "our 
largest classroom." Philadelphia is an 
exciting business, cultural, and 
educational arena, and we increas- 
ingly provide our students with city- 
based internship and co-op experi- 
ences that broaden their education. 
Another aspect of this commitment is 
the opportunities that the city pro- 
vides for community service. Last 

"We are a strong 
resourceful institution, 
a community with a 
passion for continually 
transforming ourselves 
and our students 
through education." 

year more than 900 La Salle students 
were involved in community service, 
and the university continues to work 
closely with our immediate neighbors 
for the betterment of our larger 

In terms of our alumni— now 
approaching 40,000 men and 
women— our new strategic plan puts 
our alumni and alumnae at the center 
of what we do. By next year, 100 of 
our graduates will be involved in 
working with our admissions staff in 
the recruiting of students, and alumni 
w ill be involved in a number of other 
new initiatives. Alumni chapters are 
sprouting up across the country in 
places like Washington. D.C.. South 
Florida. Los Angeles. Northern 
Illinois, and New York. Special 

interest groups now flourishing 
include such graduates as Nursing, 
MBA, and African American alumni, 
among others. As a new Alumni 
Director comes onboard in the Fall, 
we will be forging a new relation- 
ship between our alumni and the 
university. Of course, we will 
continue to depend upon the 
financial help of our graduates, and 
this past year our alumni broke all 
previous records. The Fall edition of 
this magazine will provide details. 

What's Next? There is 
always much more to be done. We 
have several important capital 
projects that need to be accom- 
plished in the next several years 
including the closing of 20th street 
as well as the expansion and reno- 
vation of the Holroyd Science Center 
and Hayman Hall Athletic facility. Of 
course, the financial challenges 
associated with the cost of a college 
education are not going to disap- 
pear. We will need innovation, 
careful management of our re- 
sources, and the continuing support 
of our alumni and friends. Still, we 
have good reason for optimism. 
however cautious. We are a strong 
and resourceful institution, a com- 
munity with a passion for continu- 
ally transforming ourselves and our 
students through education. 

Brother Burke has been serving 
as La Salle's 21th president since 
1992. Previously he was the 
university's provost and vice 
president of the corporation and, 
before that, dean of the College 
of Basic Studies and special 
assistant to the president of 
the University of Hartford. 

SUMMER 1995 

page 3 

From the Mississippi Delta to the Pine 

Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. 

La Salle Alumni Volunteers are Living 

Examples of Social Justice 

By Michelle Patterson 

Kelly Burke's work as a 
Lasallian \ 'olunteer has 

taken her from the 
Mississippi Delta to New 
York City. 

Dan DeLuca, '94. teaches 
English at De La Salle Educa- 
tion Center. i>i Missouri. "The 
Kansas City School District deems our 
students to he beyond traditional 
instruction, " he says, "in a word: 
uneducable. They come to DLS 
representing the spectrum of society's 
ills— highly volatile family and social 
problems, juvenile court referrals, teen 
pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse. 
DLS is truly the last exit on a road 
leading to disaster. " 

Dan De Luca is a typical "real 
world example" that La Salle 
University's spirit of volunteerism 
extends far beyond the intersection of 
20th Street and Olney Avenue. Each 
year the university graduates students 
from every academic major who 
choose to work in the volunteer 
sector, enhancing La Salle University's 
heritage throughout the nation and 
the world. Working as individuals for 
organizations with different missions, 
visions and values, these alumni are 
bound by a common desire to lay 

foundations for world peace and 
social justice. 

Volunteerism is, in fact, 
central to the university's mission 
statement, which reads in part: "to 
prepare students for informed 
service and progressive leadership in 
their communities." To promote this 
mission, the Center for Community 
Learning was founded on campus 
last fall.' 

According to Rosemary 
Barbera, the center's director, its 
goals are to provide service opportu- 
nities to the La Salle community 
through projects geared toward 
social change; to challenge La Salle 
community members to overcome 
prejudices and stereotypical patterns 
of thought and behavior; and, to 
empower members of the La Salle 
community to think beyond the 
immediate environment and social 
climate in order to face tough issues 
of larger importance. Education and 
specific community-enhancement 

projects are the vehicles used to 
convey these messages. 

Approximately 1,000 La Salle 
students participate in volunteer 
programs through the center each 
semester. After graduation, many of 
them find opportunities in the volun- 
teer sector in places like Alaska, South 
Dakota, Mississippi, West Virginia and 
New York City. Their work touches 
every part of the globe including the 
Czech Republic. Japan, Nicaragua and 

In addition to Dan DeLuca, 
Vincent Guy, '94; Mike Kelly, '94, and 
Kelly Burke, '93, are just a few of the 
university's recent graduates who have 
dedicated their early career years to 
the volunteer movement. DeLuca and 
Burke are Lasallian Volunteers. Guy 
works for AmeriCorps. the national 
service movement described by some 
as the new domestic Peace Corps, and 
Kelly is a Red Cloud Volunteer, 
dedicated to the education of Sioux 
children in South Dakota. 

page 4 


Here are their stories. 
.Between October and November, 
1994, Vincent Guy's mental video 
camera nearly overloaded. After 
recording endless footage of the 
aftermath of one of Mother Nature's 
latest temper tantrums-the floods of 
East Texas-Vincent realized he had 
previously been desensitized to the 
meaning of the word disaster. The 
sharpest image, he says, was a 
woman standing in her mined home, 
freshly gutted by seven feet of water, 
watching her children, feet bare and 
noses running, play in piles of 
unsanitary debris. 

"Disasters affect people's lives 
totally and completely," he says. "The 
devastation was overwhelming. The 
floods destroyed 10,000 homes and 
shattered hundreds of thousands of 

Guy's job as a specially 
trained Red Cross volunteer was to 
bring hot meals and cleaning supplies 
to flood ravished victims. The Red 
Cross selected him from a group of 
candidates already enrolled in 
AmeriCorps, a national service 
organization, developed under the 
Clinton administration, dedicated to 
community enhancement projects. 
AmeriCorps' unofficial motto-to get 
things done-is what initially drew 
Vincent to this particular organization. 

Working with AmeriCorps for 
just under a year, Guy has already 
built a Therapeutic Riding and 
Recreation Center (TRRC), a horse- 
back-riding facility for mentally and 
physically challenged children, and 
launched a drug and alcohol preven- 
tion program, custom designed for 
children of low socioeconomic status. 

Guy was involved with all 
aspects of the TRRC project, located 
in Western Maryland, from blazing 
horse trails to building, razing and 
painting the barn. Then he stuck 
around for a few weeks to give riding 
lessons to the center's first visitors. 

Ironically, Guy never even 
thought about riding horses prior to 

his involvement with AmeriCorps and 
TRRC. "Before this I had never even 
been around horses," he explained. 

Guy is now working with a 
team of AmeriCorps volunteers to 
conceptualize, develop, plan and 
implement substance-abuse, commu- 
nity-awareness campaigns in Bel Air, 

"Fart of our job is to take the 
initiative to define our role," he 
explains. Especially exciting to Guy is 
the group's plan to incorporate a trust- 
building activity, similar to one he 
learned through the Boy Scouts, into 
an interactive, parent-child retreat. If 
their idea flies, a ropes course will be 
set up in a wooded area. Parent/child 
teams will navigate the obstacle 
course, which is constructed of rope 
and laced through the trees. 

This activity is intended to 
build trust between teammates. The 
retreat will make it easier for parents 
and children to frankly discuss drug 
and alcohol issues. 

JVelly Burke works through the 
Lasallian Volunteers in a program 
that unites college graduates with De 
La Salle Christian brothers who pro- 
vide educational and human develop- 
ment services to the poor throughout 
the United States and in many parts of 
the world. 

"Volunteering is not only 
about what you give, it's really about 
what you get," explains Burke. "You 
learn a lot that a nine-to-five job 
would never teach." 

Burke is gaining an education 
about how people from different 
cultures with diverse backgrounds live, 
love and work. Plus, for the first time 
she is seeing herself through the eyes 
of other people. "It's definitely giving 
me a better understanding of myself," 
she says. 

Now in her second year as a 
Lasallian Volunteer, Burke is stationed 
at Highbridge Community Life Center 
in the South Bronx section of New 
York City across the street from 

Yankee Stadium. The center makes 
HIV education, English-as-a-second- 
language classes, GED courses, and 
other adult education programming 
available to its immediate community. 
Burke's role, as public relations 
practitioner, centers on the fundraising 
campaigns that finance these programs 
as well as the production of publica- 
tions that spread Highbridge's mes- 
sages. She recently completed the 
community's first newsletter, an 
accomplishment she and her associates 
consider "groundbreaking." 

"This newsletter is exciting 
because it is a means through which 
news about Highbridge can be shared 
with the foundations and donors who 
fund us," she explains. 
Through her work, Kelly contributes to 
the solution of a community problem: 
the number of welfare recipients and 
recent immigrants living below poverty 
level in the South Bronx. Highbridge, 
dedicated to the solution, uses educa- 
tion to empower community members 
to work collectively to make their 
community safe, while encouraging 
individuals to strive toward self actual- 

At the same time, she is 
progressing in her own professional 
development. The capital campaign 
management and public relations skills 
she develops will serve her well when 
she leaves the volunteer sector to 
work in a non-profit setting. 

"When I was in college and 
decided to work for the poor, my 
friends, who were sending resumes to 
accounting firms, didn't understand 
why I would want to do this type of 
work." explains Burke. "Living among 
the religious is supportive. These 
people understand why I want to do 

Burke's first year as a Lasallian 
Volunteer found her teaching at St. 
Joseph High School, the only inte- 
grated non-public school in Greenville. 
Mississippi, a town with one of the 
highest per-capita crime rates in the 

SUMMER 1995 

page > 

"As a volunteer, it was tough 
to know if you were making a 
difference," Burke recalls. "Lesson 
plans fail, kids often don't take you 
seriously as a teacher and disciplinar- 
ian, and the average test scores lie 
somewhere in the 60s." 

Yet. there were also the 
good days-like Homecoming when 
IS seniors in her speech class 
collected their lunch money to 
present her with a corsage. Or the 
day when Burke's worst discipline 
problem handed her a ceramic 
yellow star, a Christmas tree orna- 
ment he made in art class "for his 
favorite teacher.' Or the day when 
Lori Gregory 7 stopped her in the 
hallway and said, "Miss Burke, I 
didn't realize how much speech class 
helped me until I tried out for the 
senior play." Lori won the part as the 
female lead in Jesits Christ Superstar. 

Or the time when one of 
Burke's eighth-graders told her, "We 
need more volunteers because y'all 
understand us better." 

All of the La Salle alumni inter- 
viewed for this article have had 
experiences similar to Kelly Burke 
and agree that the nature of volun- 
teer work mandates the establish- 
ment of trusting, nurturing relation- 
ships. They've all felt the pain of 
being viewed as "outsiders" and have 
often been misunderstood. 

Such was the experience of 
Mike Kelly, whose volunteer w< >rk 
took him to South Dakota as a 
member of Red Cloud Volunteers, an 
organization that places teachers in 
one of three schools dedicated to 
educating the Lakota ( Sioux ) children 
on the Pine Ridge Reservation, 
teaching geography, American 
government, European history, and 
psychology. Then, after his teaching 
day is over, he drives students home 
in the school bus. 

"I had to get a special license 
to drive it." he laughs, admitting that 
it is actually one of the most enjoy- 

Mike Kelly is a Red 
(.'loud Volunteer on the 
Pine Ridge Reservation 

iu South Dakota 

able parts of the day because it gives 
him an opportunity to get to know 
the students on a different level. 

Before departing for South 
Dakota, Mike's anxiety was high. 
Questions ran through his mind: 
Would he see himself as a profes- 
sional teacher? Would the students 
respect him as an educator? 

"I was worried about that, 
because I'm fresh out of college." he 

Months into his assignment. 
Mike's answer to both questions, 
thankfully, is yes. Unfortunately, the 
answer came after a sucker-punch to 
the mouth. 

Not long after arriving in 
South Dakota, Mike, demonstrated 
his newly acquired bus-driving skills 
by driving a group of student basket- 
ball fans to a nearby game. All was 
well until half time. As the buzzer 
sounded, a fight broke out between 
some high school girls from the other 
school. Taking charge, Mike stopped 
the fight. 

"Unfortunately. I got clocked 
in the face in the process," he says. 
"Every kid there was saying I had 
been beat up by a girl." The high 
school students spread the story 
throughout the school the next day: 
"Mr. Kelly was decked by a girl." 
The ability to endure the teasing with 
a sense of humor proved to the 
students that he was "OK." 

Mike has also been a regular 
guest at traditional Native American 
ceremonies. In fact, during a "sweat." a 
religious ceremony the Sioux Indians 
use as an arena in w^hich to express 
their deep sense of community, Mike 
was even offered the peace pipe. 

"Sweats are sacred," he says. "I 
was very honored to be included." 

Respected and valued for his 
contributions to the educational devel- 
opment of the Sioux children. Mike 
knows that he has benefitted consider- 
ably through personal fulfillment as a 
Red Cloud Volunteer. 

"I wanted to do something not 
just good, but meaningful and worth- 
while before I went out and got a real 
job," he explains. "I knew I wanted to 
teach and I've always been interested in 
the American Indian culture." 

As Da u DeLuca says from his 
classroom for 'some of the neediest 
children iu our society" iu Kansas City: 
"We reason volunteering was and 
remains so en I icing to me is that it's the 
strongest dose of reality possible. I'm not 
helping someone get into a better college. 
Cm helping their survival/" 

Michelle Patterson was a job devel- 
oper/employer relations specialist 
in La Salle Unitersity's Office of 
Career Planning when this article 
was written. 

page 6 


Farewell to the MCC 

Outstanding Performances in Swimming and Track, a Strong 
Finish in Women's Basketball, and a Dramatic Comeback in Men's 
Soccer Highlighted 1994-95 for Explorer Athletes 

By Bob Vetrone 

Assistant Sports Information Director 

As the sun began to set in the Cleve- 
land twilight, so did La Salle's short 
visit to the Midwestern Collegiate 

On May 12, when the Explorers' 
softball team fell to the University of Detroit 
Titans, 2-0, for their second loss in the Mid- 
western Collegiate Conference double- 
elimination tournament, La Salle said farewell 
to a relationship that began with much hope 
on December 19, 1992, but finally evaporated, 
just several weeks before, with La Salle's 
long hoped-for entrance into the Atlantic 10 
on Feb. 9, 1995. 

The exit from the softball tournament, 
in which La Salle senior hurler Heather Sudul 
defeated the host Cleveland State Vikings, 2- 
1, in the Explorers' opener, marked the final 
athletic competition in what had become, for 
the Explorers, a sprawling and cumbersome 

But before that farewell, La Salle 
went through its third MCC season with just 
about the same results as previously. 

The men's swim team won its third 
straight MCC championship and the women 
came in fourth in the 10-team field. Coach 
John Lyons also made off with his third 
consecutive Coach of the Year award. 

In the meet at Notre Dame, La Salle 
men piled up 642.5 points to Wright State's 
596 and Notre Dame's 506. 

The men also took first in the Phila- 
delphia Open Invitational, and second in the 
ECAC's. The women were second in the 
Philadelphia meet. 

Freshman track standout Rachel Ritz 
and coach Charles Torpey also came in for 
MCC honors. Ritz was voted the Outstanding 
Women's Performer and Outstanding 
Women's Newcomer. She captured the 55- 
meter dash (7.28), the 200 meters (25.94) and 
anchored the mile relay team to a second- 
place finish, as the women's team finished 

runner-up to Notre Dame. The honors were 
topped off with the naming of Torpey as the 
MCC Coach of the Year. 

Gregg Mclntyre shattered a long-stand- 
ing La Salle pole vault record on April 8 at the 
Penn Invitational when he leaped 16 feet, 4 
inches. The jump was significant since the 
record he erased belonged to La Salle Hall of 
Athletes honoree John Uelses. Uelses' record of 
16' 3" had held up since then but Mclntyre's 
effort was another sign of the improving field 
strength under the tutelage of assistant coach 
"Moon" Mondschein, himself an 1948 Olympic 
high jumper. 

In cross-country, Pete Dougherty's 
seventh-place finish helped the Explorers to take 
third place in the MCC championships. 

The women's basketball team, which 
handed powerful Notre Dame its only conference 
loss, made it all the way to the MCC tournament 
championship game, and lost an overtime 
heartbreaker to Northern Illinois, the host team. 

To get that far in the MCC tourney, 
La Salle had to defeat Cleveland State in a 
tournament play-in game, then knock out Illinois- 
Chicago and Detroit before its tense, losing 
struggle with Northern Illinois. 

"The tournament capped off a very 
exciting season for us," said coach John Miller. 
"We were playing very well toward the end of 
the season and it carried over into the tourna- 

That the title game went into overtime 
was one of those quirks of fortune that usually is 
associated with teams destined for good things. 

Trailing by three as the clock was run- 
ning down toward zero, Miller called a timeout, 
and only then, made up a play that would give 
sophomore Marnie McBreen a three-point shot. 

With about 2.5 seconds showing on the 
clock, McBreen hit a three-pointer and that 

SUMMER 1995 

page 7 

meant overtime. Again, the Explor- 
ers played tough but the Huskies 
pulled out the 80-77 victory and 
earned the NCAA berth. 

Ironically, Northern Illinois 
drew as its first-round NCAA oppo- 
nent, the region's number one seed, 
Vanderbilt, coached by former St. 
Joseph's coach and longtime Miller 
buddy, Jim Foster. 

Now, coming off the 20-10 
season, Miller can look forward to a 
team loaded with experience (there 
were no seniors on the 1994-95 
squad) and two key newcomers — 
Carrie Jewett (Circle Pines, MN) and 
Jacki Wlodarczyk (St. Hubert's, 

Could there possibly be too 
many good players vying for playing 

"I'm a firm believer that 
chemistry on a team is a very under- 
rated factor and it will be up to our 
players to make sure it doesn't 
become a problem," Miller said. 
"Knowing the tremendous character 
of the players, I'm confident we can 
attain this chemistry because of the 
high quality of our people." 

Like 16 other La Salle 
squads, Miller's team heads into the 
Atlantic 10, the ninth highest-rated 
women's basketball conference in 
the nation. 

"It presents a brand new 
challenge but our players have 
always risen to those kinds of 
challenge. Our players are really 
looking forward to it." 

And leaving the Midwestern 
Collegiate Conference? 

"People on the East Coast do 
not realize how great the competi- 
tion was in the MCC," Miller said, 
"just as I didn't realize it until we 
got into it. I was surprised how 
difficult the conference was." 

Individually, honors went 
mainly to Chrissie Donahue, the 
sophomore from Cardinal O'Hara in 
suburban Philadelphia. She was 
chosen the Philadelphia Big 5 Player 

of the Year, becoming only the 
second Explorer woman to achieve 
that honor. Jenn Cole, La Salle's 
Academic All-American from the 
Class of '93, did it as a junior. 

Donahue, who averaged 18.8 
points, 8.3 rebounds, 2.8 assists and 
2.5 steals per game in 30 games, also 
made the All-MCC Tournament team, 
along with junior Lori Sparling. 
Donahue also was honored as the Big 
5 Player of the Week four times, and 
the MCC "Player" twice. 

There were other highlights, 
team-wise and individually. 

Start with men's soccer and 
let's talk low to high. Pat Farrell's 
booters had a 1-16-2 record in 1993, 
then, behind a remarkable first year 
for Cesidio Colasante and the experi- 
enced play of veterans Kevin Gerry, 
Dave Steinbach and Joe Veneziale, 
the Explorers vaulted to an 11-7 
record before bowing out in the first 
round of the MCC Tournament. 

Colasante's 47 points on 18 
goals and 11 assists helped him reap 
in numerous honors, including a 
berth on the All-Freshman All- 
America Team, the All-Philadelphia . 

Soccer 7 squad, and recognition as 
the Soccer 7 Newcomer of the Year, 
while leading the group in scoring. 

Farrell joined the list of 
La Salle coaches who earned recogni- 
tion throughout the midwest when 
he was voted the MCC and Soccer 7 
Coach of the Year. 

The women's soccer season 
had some high points and would 
have had many more, had the team 
performed all season as it did in the 
early going of the season opener and 
the final 10 minutes of its closing 

Opening at Notre Dame, the 
Explorers held the nationally-ranked 
Irish to a 1-0 halftime lead before 
sheer numbers overcame them. Then, 
Craig Dorman's team bounced back 
the next day to defeat Loyola Chi- 
cago, 2-1. 

That first half at Notre Dame 
was a "high" and probably the "next 
highest" came on a rainy, windswept 
Wright State field in the play-in game 
of the MCC Tournament. 

The home team Raiders built 
a 2-0 lead, which proved to be 
insurmountable, but in the final 10 
minutes, La Salle scored on Ashley 
Golden's goal and threatened several 

page 8 


^ ^Vk pr ^k "• Chrissie Donahue 
^k Wpj II P\* was only the second 
^L K 1 ^H «wUl Explorer woman in 
W r «*%^^P^^^B ^— |f^^ history to be chosen 

■t 44' # /*>nw L^X iH philaclel P hia Bl 9 Flve 

^l] W.4P Player of the Year. 

more times only to fall short in a 
gallant effort. 

Unfortunately, nagging 
injuries to key players kept the team 
from performing up to that level 
much of the season. 

Co-captain Erin Able led the 
scoring with four goals, and Gabriella 
Parrino had three goals and two 
assists. Senior goalkeeper Chris Raub 
had 162 saves for an 81% save 

Men's basketball experienced 
a dose of deja vu, which means it 
started strongly, as in 1993-94, then 
weakened in the face of strong 
opposition in the form of top- 10 
teams such as Arizona, Maryland and 

The lack of depth and inside 
strength told in each of those three 
games, with the Explorers more than 
keeping pace in the first half, only to 
wilt after intermission. 

Victories in early-season 
tournaments at Waco, Texas and San 
Francisco, carried "Speedy" Morris' 
hopefuls to a 5-0 start. And when 
mid-January rolled around, their 
record still was an admirable 8-3, 
with the losses coming to the afore- 
mentioned Top 10 trio. 

Then, as in the previous 
season, hard-luck losses struck and, 

before long, it was a battle to stay at 
.500. A first-round loss to Wisconsin- 
Green Bay in the MCC Tournament 
pushed the Explorers to 13-14 and a 
below .500 mark for the second 
consecutive season. 

The season did produce 
some lofty achievements, notably a 
52-point performance by tri-captain 
Kareem Townes. On Feb. 4, in a 
Civic Center victory over Loyola 
Chicago, the senior guard from 
South Philadelphia High poured in 
52 points, the most ever for a La 
Salle player and the highest by any 
Big 5 player since that group was 
formed in 1955-56 

Townes and fellow 
backcourt mate Paul Burke sparkled 
throughout the season. Townes 
finished his career with 1,925 points, 
the fifth highest in school history 
and the highest for a three-year 
player. Burke, who took to the 
baseball diamond soon after basket- 
ball ended, proved a steadying 
influence throughout and wound up 
with 1,015 career points. 

Townes, who finished sixth 
in the country in scoring with his 
25.9 per-game average, earned MCC 
Player of the Week honors three 
times, was voted to the All-MCC 
Team, and the Philadelphia Big 5 
first team. Burke was second team 
both in the MCC and the Big 5. 

Talk about topsy-turvy 
seasons, check out baseball. Gene 
McDonnell's team lost 17 of its first 
19 games, then rallied to a 21-29 
record. Its MCC mark of 7-7 appeared 
good enough to make the conference 
tournament at Notre Dame. 

But just days before the 
clinching of that spot, it was revealed 
that an Explorer pitcher was in his 
fifth season (one at another school 
and four at La Salle), making him 
ineligible and forcing La Salle to 
forfeit two conference games. 

When Xavier split a four- 
game weekend series with Wright 
State, it vaulted the Musketeers past 
the Explorers and into the tourna- 

"Devastating to our players 
and to me," is how McDonnell de- 
scribed the feelings of his team that 
had improved immensely as the 
season wore on. 

For its future in the Atlantic 
10, there is high hope if McDonnell 
can replenish the pitching staff that 
lost several of its key starters by 
graduation. No position players were 
lost and several of the underclassmen 
reached or approached stardom. 

Junior Chris Seiler proved to 
be the most versatile. Playing the 
infield, pitching and occasionally 
used as the Designated Hitter, Seiler 
posted a 4-0 record and had seven 

SUMMER 1995 

page ,J 

saves as a pitcher, with an Earned 
Run Average of 2.82. 

As a hitter, he hit six homers, 
including two grand slams. In fact, he 
and Burke each hit grand slams in the 
first inning of a game against the 
University of Detroit, sparking a 10- 
run outburst. But, alas, the pitching 
couldn't hold that lead and the Titans, 
coached by 1950 Phillies' Whiz Kid 
righthander Bob Miller, pulled out a 
17-11 victory. 

Other statistical leaders 
included sophomore first baseman- 
designated hitter Bob Carr with a .361 
batting average, sophomore outfielder 
Brett Lovelidge with 38 runs batted 
in, and sophomore Brian Schaller with 
seven homers, 73 hits, 51 runs scored 
and 24 stolen bases (in 30 attempts). 

Although missing 13 games, 
shortstop Burke hit .300, drove in 32 
runs, smacked six homers and led in 
slugging percentage (.547). Other .300 
hitters among the regulars included 
sophomore infielder Bob Ball (.313), 
freshman outfielder Barry Lopoten 
(.312), Schaller (.351). 

Other solid contributors were 
junior catcher-DH Mike Hartman, with 
a .298 average, 34 RBIs, three homers 
and 10 doubles, and sophomore 
catcher Steve Tomasco at .287, 24 
runs driven across and three homers. 

Softball posted a 26-35 record, 
several times showing the wear and 
tear of traveling through the MCC and 
a tough schedule against local and 
Eastern opponents. 

Sudul was the lone senior on 
the roster, giving coach Ray Perri 
considerable hope that the returning 
players will be ready for the Atlantic 

Sudul' s 3.17 Earned Run 
Average led the team's pitchers, 
while posting 11 victories. Sophomore 
Lori Congdon showed vast improve- 

Another Outstanding 
Year in the Classroom 
For Student- Athletes 

As usual, the academic 
performances of La Salle's 
student-athletes were as 
admirable as their achieve- 
ments on the playing field 
in 1994-95. 

When the spring semester 
returns were in, some 
33.5% of the approxi- 
mately 400 student- 
athletes had achieved 
career cumulative aver- 
ages of 3.00 or better (on 
a scale of 4.0). Close to 
15% of La Salle's athletes 
made the Dean's List with 
marks of 3.4 or higher. 

For the spring semester 
alone, almost 40% were 
above 3.00, and about 20% 
made the Dean's List. 

As Joseph Gillespie, direc- 
tor of academic support 
services for student- 
athletes, put it: "This is 
still another year that 
demonstrates that the 
La Salle student-athletes 
can combine the two 
phases of their intercolle- 
giate life on high levels. It 
also demonstrates the 
commitment made by the 
entire university commu- 
nity. The outstanding 
academic achievements of 
the La Salle University 
student-athletes shouldn't 
be a surprise anymore to 

ment and finished with a team-leading 
12 wins. 

Three softballers hit over .300 
and, with all coming back, the team's 
offense should pick up. Freshman first 
baseman Chris Wilderman's .309 
average and 30 runs batted in were 
leaders. Sophomores Kristen Biddle 
(.304) and Margaret Hammond (.302) 
followed right behind. 

Sudul showed her versatility by 
driving in 24 runs, giving her the 
runner-up position behind Wilderman. 

A big moment for the team and 
Biddle came on April 11, in the Explor- 
ers' 8-7 come-from-behind victory over 
Monmouth. La Salle had fallen behind, 
7-0, after two innings. Biddle hit a grand 
slam in the sixth to help cut the deficit 
to 7-6. With one out in the seventh, she 
ended the game with a two-run homer. 
Those two homers, coming in her 73rd 
game for the Explorers, remain the only 
two she has hit in her 94-game career. 

On the water, the La Salle 
Invitational Regatta continued to grow 
in this, its seventh year. A total of 40 
crews competed on April 8 on the 
Cooper River in Camden County Park 
(NJ), and through the stellar promo- 
tional work of the staff, it is expected to 
grow each year. 

The men's and women's varsity 
light eights came through with victories 
to help capture the Charleston Invita- 
tional title. The women's varsity light 
also took a first at the Virginia Crew 
Classic and the men's novice four 
scored a first in the La Salle Invitational. 

The men's varsity light eight 
sped across the finish line in first place 
in the Kerr Cup, a race on the Schuylkill 
for Philadelphia colleges, then capped 
its season with a fifth place in the 
prestigious Dad Vail. 

In wrestling, coach Ed Lawless' 
grapplers, with only one senior on the 
ten man roster, were 6-6 in dual 

page in 


matches, with Rod Jefferson, Rich 
Nepomuceno and Tim Steinmetz 
helping forge that .500 mark. 

The field hockey team under 
coach Kathy De Angelis took on all 
comers, with six of their first 10 
opponents nationally ranked. 
Sweeper Renae Rutigliano, one of 
four seniors, brought honor to the 
team by being named a Robbins/ 
ECAC Scholar Athlete and making 
the National Academic Squad. Junior 
Amy Aontelli led in scoring for the 
second year in a row with six goals 
and three assists. Sophomore goalie 
Dori Shumadine recorded 265 saves 
for a percentage of 85.8. 

The golfers of Joe Boyle, 
behind Paul Rambo's 77, took 10th 
place in the ECAC. . .George 
Mecherly's men's tennis team 
continued an upward surge with a 
12-7 mark, and Marc Mejia was 
voted the squad's MVP. Freshman 
Ed Colfer had a 13-4 mark, while 
Anthony Russo and Richard Wilhelm 
were 12-7. . .Women's tennis 
chalked up a 5-8 record, led by # 2 
singles performer Jeanne Montana, 
who had an 8-5 record. . 

The volleyball team suffered 
through a 15-match losing streak 
after an opening 3-0 win over 
Wagner in the Seton Hall Tourna- 
ment. Freshman Megan McCulty 
was a shining light, leading in digs 
(347), kills (203) and aces (43). 

In addition to coaches 
earning individual honors, three 
reached milestones in their careers. 

Kareem Townes 
broke the La Salle 
and Big Five single- 
game scoring record 
with 52 points 
against Loyola 

When La Salle defeated 
Baylor in the Dr Pepper Classic on 
Dec. 4, it marked the 600th win for 
men's basketball coach "Speedy" 
Morris in his high school and college 

Baseball coach Gene 
McDonnell made it 500 victories at 
La Salle when the Explorers downed 
West Chester on April 12. On April 
9, the softball team defeated West 
Chester and gave coach Ray Perri 
his 100th triumph in less than four 

In one of the most successful 
promotions in its history, the Phila- 
delphia Big 5, through the efforts of 
executive secretary Dan Baker and 
the Philadelphia Daily News, con- 
ducted a poll to determine the all- 
time Big 5 team, covering the time 
from its inception in 1955-56. 

Of the 10 players selected, 
four were from La Salle, and 1990 
Player of the Year Lionel Simmons 
was voted the Outstanding Player. 

On the night the team was honored 
at the Palestra, Simmons was unable 
to attend since he was on the road 
with the Sacramento Kings. His 
award was accepted by another 
former La Salle Player of the Year, 
Tom Gola, '55. In fact, had he been 
eligible (TG played prior to the Big 
5), Gola certainly would have been a 
candidate for the top player award. 

Other Explorers to make that 
"Big 5 Dream Team" were Ken 
Durrett, Larry Cannon and Michael 
Brooks. Durrett and Cannon made it 
to the heart-warming homecoming 
ceremony. Brooks is playing profes- 
sionally in France. 

Prior to the game, the 1995 
Big 5 Hall of Fame inductions were 
made and among the new members 
was La Salle's Tim Legler, '88, who 
soon after joined the NBA Golden 
State Warriors. 

Colleen Corace, La Salle's assistant 
sports information director, con- 
tributed to this article. 

SUMMER 1995 

page 1 1 

From A to Z, exciting things are 
happening at La Salle 




LCSB- La Salle is among only 31 1 
elite institutions out of more than 1 ,200 
Business Programs in the nation fully 
accredited by the American Assembly of 
Collegiate Schools of Business. 

L1 0- The Explorers will begin competi- 
tion in the prestigious Atlantic 10 Confer- 
ence in 1 7 men's and women's sports in 


'UCKS- The university's campus site 
at Bucks County Community College, in 
Newtown, Pa., enrolled almost 200 
students for graduate and undergradu- 
ate courses in 1994-95. 

VOMMUNICATION Center, which 
opened this year on the South Campus, 
houses the undergraduate and graduate 
Communication Departments and con- 
tains some of the most sophisticated, 
high-tech equipment in the nation. 

'ORAN- The university has been 
named beneficiary of a $399,480 endow- 
ment for scholarship aid, named the Dr. 
Paul and Catherine E. Doran Memorial 
Fund, for students majoring in English. 

EdASTERN European Studies Program 
graduated its first three master's degree 
candidates at the university's recent 

r ULBRIGHT Scholars- La Salle gradu- 
ates have won 47 Fulbright Scholarships, 
one of the highest number of such 
awards generated by an institution on 
the East Coast. 

GRADUATION Rate- According to the 
latest NCAA figures, La Salle ranks fifth 
nationally among Division I schools with a 

94% rate of student-athletes who 
entered in 1987-88. 


lONORS Program- The Newsletter of 
the National Collegiate Honors Council 
describes La Salle's program as "a very 
special sort not available to larger, 
general universities." 


NSTITUTE for the Advancement of 
Mathematics and Science Teaching is 
beginning to receive the benefits of the 
$2.5 million federal grant that will 
revitalize science and math education on 

^JOSEPH G. Markmann Alumni Profes- 
sor of Accounting Scott E. Stickel has 
become a highly sought-after regular on 
the Wall Street money manager/financial 
executive lecture circuit. He recently 
made presentations at the University of 
Chicago and to the American Finance 


!LLY, Geffrey B., director of the 
university's Graduate Religion programs, 
received an honorary doctorate from 
Chicago's North Park College, in recogni- 
tion of his outstanding research on the 
theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the 
martyr of the German Resistance move- 
ment against Adolf Hitler and Nazism. 

MYDON. Christopher, our new under- 
graduate admissions director, predicts a 
class of between 720 and 730 freshmen 
in September, which will exceed even the 
most optimistic projections. 


IC PHILLIPS. Thomas H., F.S.C 
returning to our Biology Department 
after spending a year teaching at 
Bethlehem University in the Holy Land 


page 12 


So exhilarating, in fact, that we 
have a "Double A" to cheer about. 


leighborhood Nursing Center - 
Funded by grants from the Independence 
Foundation, U.S. Department of Health 
and Human Services, and City of Philadel- 
phia, La Salle operates one of the few 
university-based neighborhood nursing 
centers in the nation. 

'LNEY Hall will be celebrating its silver 
anniversary in 1995-96 as the first 
campus building to be utilized completely 
for classrooms and faculty offices. 

M EALE House- the site of the 
President's Office on the Belfield Estate is 
believed to be the nation's second-oldest 
surviving campus building. 

J^UALITY education is a matter of 
people at La Salle which maintains the 
tradition of teaching excellence fostered 
by the Christian Brothers who founded 
the institution in 1863. 


ICHARD. James T., professor of 
psychology at Bucks County Community 
College and president of the Newtown 
Psychological Centre, received the first 
annual John P. Dondero Award as the 
alumnus who exemplifies the devotion of 
the university's late psychology professor 
in making the science and practice 
accessible to others in their search for 
humanistically and spiritually-directed 

hjHALHOUB. George M., chairman of 
the Chemistry/ Biochemistry Department, 
is this year's recipient of the Christian R. 
and Mary F. Lindback Award for distin- 
guished teaching. 

1 RANSFER student enrollment is 
expected to increase from 10 to 15 per 
cent over a year ago. 


NIVERSITY Status was granted 
to La Salle in 1984. 

v c 

OLUNTEER Service is becoming 
a major component of the educa- 
tional experience at La Salle with the 
recent establishment of the Center 
for Community Learning. 


ISTER- The university's Fine 
Arts Studio on the Belfield Estate 
has been renamed in honor of Mary 
and Frances Wister, a pair of distin- 
guished Philadelphians who were 
born in the building which was built 
in 1868. 


E# mPLORERS — La Salle's nickname 
was erroneously bestowed by a 
sportswriter covering a football 
game (yes, we did play on the 
gridiron from 1931-41) on campus 
during the 1930s. He thought that 
the institution was named after the 
famous French explorer instead of 
St. John Baptist de La Salle, the 
founder of the Brothers of the 
Christian Schools, a lay religious 
order dedicated to teaching. 

OUNG Alumni-will be holding 
their seventh annual "Beach Party" 
on August 26 at the Princeton Inn. in 
Avalon, N.J., with full expectations of 
exceeding last year's record-breaking 
turnout of 686 fun-loving people. 

A^OOLOGY A course in Inverte- 
brate Zoology is offered as part of 
La Salle's highly-respected Biology 
Program. More than 90% of all 
students recommended by the 
university have been admitted into 
medical schools. 




SUMMER 1995 

page 13 



Former Commander of Philadelphia 
Naval Base Honored at La Salle's 
132nd Commencement 


Rear Admiral Louise Wilmot 
admires honorary doctorate 
during a pre-commence- 
ment photo session as 
Brother President Joseph F. 
Burke (left) and General 
William Burns watch. 

Rear Admiral Louise C. Wilmot. USN 
(Ret.), deputy executive director of 
Catholic Relief Services and former 
commander of the U.S. Naval Base in Phila- 
delphia, was praised for "her dedication, deep 
faith, and devotion to duty" as she received 
an honorary doctor of humane letters degree 
at the university's 132nd commencement on 
May 14 at Philadelphia's Civic Center Conven- 
tion Hall. 

La Salle's Brother President Joseph F. 
Burke. F.S.C., Ph.D., conferred a total of 1,057 
undergraduate and graduate degrees. 
Bachelor's degrees were conferred on _l )o 
men and women including 154 part-time 
students from the School of Continuing 

Another 267 graduates received 
master's degrees. They include 137 in busi- 
ness administration, 26 in education. 2-1 in 
nursing. 21 in psychology. 21 in pastoral 
counseling, l - in bilingual bicultural studies. 
17 in religion, and the university's first three 
graduates in Eastern European studies. 

Mrs. Wilmot was sponsored for her 
honorary degree by Major General William P. 
Burns, ISA (Ret.), former director of the I S 
Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and a 
member of the university's Board of Trustees. 

"Admiral Wilmot continues her career 
of service to the church, the American 
people, and the deprived of the world," said 
General Burns in presenting her for the 
honorary degree. "Her dedication, her deep 
faith, and her devotion to duty are pro- 
nounced. She has truly signed up to serve." 

Mrs. Wilmot was serving as the 
highest ranking woman in the U.S. Navy 
when she retired from the sen ice to join 
Catholic Relief Sen ices last September. 
Appointed deputy executive director for 
domestic outreach, she oversees all domestic 
programming for CRS which is one of the 
largest international relief and development 
agencies in the world. With an annual 
budget of $300 million, CRS operates in more 
than ^5 countries. 

General Burns recalled how he was 
"personally heartened in Moscow three years 
ago when a Russian official gratefully 
pointed out to me an old Soviet Army truck 
with the Papal Arms on the door, saying that 
American Catholic Relief is truly unselfish — it 
is simply to help the Russian people." 

Mrs. Wilmot served in the Navy for 
30 years, most recently as commander of the 
I ,S Naval Base in Philadelphia. 

the Philadelphia Inquirer character- 

page u 


Brian Farrell (right) checks 
commencement program 
with Brother President 
Joseph F. Burke. 

ized her final assignment as "the tough- 
est job the Navy has ever given a 
woman — the closing of a major facility." 

While on active duty, Admiral 
Wilmot was the highest decorated 
woman in the Navy. She received the 
Navy Distinguished Service Medal, the 
Defense Superior Service Medal, the 
Legion of Merit (with three gold stars), 
the Meritorious Service Medal, and the 
Joint Service Commendations Medal. 

Mrs. Wilmot is a 1964 graduate 
of the College of Saint Elizabeth (N.J.). 
She graduated from the Naval War 
College, in Newport, R.I., in 1977 and 
earned a master's degree from George 
Washington University. She lives in 
Baltimore, Md., with her husband, 

General Burns recalled that Mrs. 
Wilmot "entered the Navy when it was a 
struggle for any woman to achieve high 
rank in the American military service. 
She succeeded in her chosen career 
through hard work, application to duty, 
and strength of character." 

La Salle's annual Baccalaureate 
Liturgy was celebrated on May 13 at the 
Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul, 
on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in 

A Never-Ending Process of 
Self- Discovery and Advancement" 

The student speaker at La Salle's 132nd commencement told his 
1,056 fellow graduates that he never expected the"magnitude of 
personal growth and depth of relationships" that he was able to 
experience and establish during his days at the university. 

"Life is a never-ending process of self-discovery and ad- 
vancement, questioning and re-questioning, finding the answers and 
finding the arguments that will refute the answers," said Brian W. 
Farrell, a Dean's List dual major in communications/English. 

Farrell, an Honors Program member from Morrisville, Pa., 
added that life also is "recognizing its dynamic nature and identify- 
ing those elements that will forever be constant — namely family and 
friends who support individual development." 

La Salle's collegiate setting, Farrell explained, provides one 
of the most conducive atmospheres to achieve these ends. La Salle's 
students also enjoy a taste of what the world should really be like. 

"As educated people, it is now our responsibility, our charge 
to work toward making the necessary changes that will expand and 
eventually eliminate the boundaries that restrict humanity. We have 
been raised in or lived with the problems that plague society. The 
tools to overcome these have been given to us. How we respond to 
them is entirely our own choice." 

Graduation Day, Farrell added, "is a time of celebration, 
commemoration, and anticipation. It is a day filled with the joy of 
accomplishment and the sadness of departure as we complete a part 
of our lives that has. for so many years, been a driving force and 

"Let us be thankful for the opportunities we have been 
given, the relationships we have developed, and most importantly 
the support that has been shown us." 

Former Philadelphia Police 
Inspector Robert P. Levins has 
been named director of 
security and safety at the 
university. A member of the 
Philadelphia Police Depart- 
ment for 31 years. Levins was 
commanding officer of the 
Internal Affairs Division when 
he retired earlier this year. A 
U.S. Marine veteran, he is a 
graduate of Community 
College of Philadelphia and 
the FBI National Academy. 

SUMMER 1995 

page 15 



La Salle Among Consortium Awarded 
$999,271 Federal Grant to Support Education 
and Business Development in Ukraine 


Andrew Lamas is 
the new director 
of the university's 

small Business 
Dei elopmeni 


A 7^ 

La Salle University and a consortium of educa- 
tional institutions have been awarded 
$999,271 to establish long-term, educational 
training partnerships with Ukrainian institutions in 
the regions of Lviv and Donetsk. 

The grant is funded by the United States 
Agency for International Development (USAID) 
through the Institutional Partnership Program for 
the Newly Independent States administered by the 
International Research unci Exchange Board 
(IREX). The local consortium includes Drexel and 
Temple Universities and University of Pennsylva- 
nia. Also participating are Bryn Maw r College, 
Delaware State University, and Lincoln University. 

As part of a variety of educational initia- 
tives during the next two years, La Salle will 
i i M irdinate a cultural immersion project for all 
Ukrainian faculty, administrators, and students 
visiting the consortium's participating Philadelphia 
institutions Assisting in this project will be 
La Salle's School of Business Administration and 
the university's Central & Eastern European Studies 

In addition. La Salle's School of Business 
will manage international exchange, mentoring. 
and consulting programs focused on curriculum 
development, faculty training, and small business 
development. Opportunities for faculty and 
student travel will be offered. 

The grant will also fund the establishment 
of videoconferencing centers in Philadelphia and 
Ukraine to provide live, interactive business and 

other consulting services among American and 
Ukrainian technology firms, universit) faculty, 
venture capitalists, corporate managers, and 

La Salle's provost. Dr. Joseph Kane, said 
that the grant is much more significant than 
typical international educational exchange pro- 

"Not only will our faculty be assisting in 
the development of bkraine's first business 
schools.'' explained Dr. Kane. "By developing 
curriculums, training faculty, and promoting 
privatization, we will be Living Inundation stones 
of a new. dynamic economic system and edu- 
cating the first wave of Ukrainian entrepreneurs 
and managers in their post-communist society." 

"Ukrainian business leaders and profes- 
sors have sought our assistance in supporting 
their country's political and economic reforms.'' 
explained Dr. James Kelly, associate professor of 
finance and co-director of the La Salle-Ukraine 
Program. "We are committed to providing training 
in finance, international marketing, and other 
areas to strengthen businesses and private institu- 
tions in this emerging market economy.'' 

"But. most importantly, we w ill be con- 
tributing to the evolution of democracy in Ukraine 
and Eastern Europe." said Dr. Leo Rudnytzky. 
professor of foreign languages at La Salle who will 
serve as a primary consultant to the cultural 
immersion project for visiting Ukrainians. 

In addition to teaching Ukrainian lan- 
guage and cultural studies, translating important 
Ukrainian poets and authors, producing a docu- 
mentary film on the Ukrainian-American com- 
munity, and engaging in a variety, of other related 
pursuits, Dr. Rudnytzky arranged for bkraine's 
first President Leonid M. Kravchuk to receive an 
honorarv degree at La Salle's 1992 commence- 

For further information about the La Salle- 
Ukraine Project, please contact Dr. Kelly at 
(il^) 951-1044 or Andrew Lamas, who was 
recent]} appointed director of the university's 
Small Business Development ("enter, at 951-1416. 

page Id 


Another Literary 
Magazine Passes 
as Four Quarters 
Stops Publishing 

La Salle University's 44-year old interna- 
tionally circulated literary magazine, 
four Quarters, suspended publication 
with the Spring. 1995 issue which was 
distributed in April. 

Citing "budgetary limitations" in his 
letter to the editor, John Keenan. editor of 
Four Quarters, Provost Joseph Kane 
expressed hope "that publication may be 
reinstituted at some time in the future." 

Founded in 1951 by a small group 
of La Salle faculty. Four Quarters is one of 
the nation's oldest literary magazines. 
Although sponsored by the faculty, the 
magazine has always published outside 
contributors from all over the world, 
including John F. Kennedy. William 
Stafford, Joyce Carol < )ates, Alan Paton, 
and Seamus Heaney, to name a few. 

"I appreciate the University's long- 
standing commitment over nearly half a 
century," Keenan said. "I'm sorry to see it 
end. 1 like to think we have contributed to 
the Great Conversation that consists of 
writers re-creating their world in art. 1 
hope some bright new editor will revive 
the magazine in the future." 

Keenan. '52, a prominent author 
and frequent contributor to LA SALLE 
magazine, retired in May to pursue his own 
\\ riting. 

Diplomat-ln-Residence Program 

Commemorates 50th Anniversary 

of the United Nations 

Diplomats from seven nations including China and Russia 
participated in the university's Diplomat-ln-Residence 
program marking "50 Years of the UN" last March on 

Pictured with Cornelia Tsakiridou (right), assistant professor 
of philosophy and coordinator of the DIR program, were (sitting, 
from left): Ambassador Yuri Fedotov of Russia, and Colonel Mark 
Walsh, U.S. Army Peacekeeping Institute. Standing (from left): 
Ambassadors Xue Xian Wang, of China, and Karl Inderfurth, of the 
U.S. Mission. 

The diplomats discussed "The UN in the Twenty-First 
Century: Whither the UN?" during the third day of La Salle's week 
long Diplomat-ln-Residence Program. They offered their views on 
the UN's accomplishments, challenges and future. They also dis- 
cussed the questions: Can the Organization withstand peacekeeping 
and conflict resolution changes and challenges resulting from the 
end of the cold war era? Can it respond effectively as an indepen- 
dent entity without major power leadership? Is the internationalist 
spirit that founded the Organization relevant in an age of national- 
ism? Can UN resolutions override national sovereignty? Is world 
go\ eminent a feasible idea in the 2 1st century? 

Throughout the week La Salle was also visited by diplomats 
from Tanzania. Chile. Japan. Ukraine and Israel. These officials 
examined such topics as "Religion in Global Society." "Inside the UN 
.u 50," and "The UN and Problems of Regional Economic Develop- 

La Salle's Diplomat-in-Residence Program aims to strengthen 
international sttidies at the university. La Salle sponsors two or three 
day visits by foreign and American diplomats and officers of interna- 
tional organizations that include lectures, classroom visits, meetings 
with select groups on and off campus and conferences and sympo- 
sia with journalists and academics. 

SUMMER 1995 1" 

University Hosts Special Celebration 
Commemorating the Vatican-Israeli 
Accord and Catholic-Jewish Relations 

-u( \ C\ 

J i 

After the celebration in 

mkJ ^ J 

the De La Salle Chapel, 

± a^L K\ 'AW^ A 

Bn i/ber Presu lent Joseph 

F. Burke (left), Gratz 

^1 V fl Hifl 1 

College Preside)!! Gary S 

Schiff (center) and 

Israel's Consul General 

Eviatar Manor joined 

other guests in signing i 

^^^^f t 

replied of the Vatican- 

Israeli Accord. 

^k 1 

La Salle hosted a special program of spiritual 
and historic dialogue, readings, and music 
to celebrate Catholic-Jewish relations and 
commemorate the first anniversary of the estab- 
lishment of full diplomatic relations between the 
Vatican and the State of Israel, in the De La Salle 
Chapel on March 30. 

The event also celebrated the unique 
relationship between La Salle and Gratz College, 
the nation's oldest independent college of Jewish 
studies located in nearby Melrose Park, Pa. The 
two institutions cooperate in the training of 
teachers and administrators in the field of special 
needs education in what is believed to be the first 
cooperative higher educational agreement be- 
tween a Catholic and Jewish institution. 

Brother President Joseph Burke said that 
the special program was arranged to celebrate 
something "that has been going on between 
Catholics and Jews for many, many years in many, 
many cities and that is cooperation, and consoli- 
dation, and common purpose. 

"We are tonight sharing common heri- 
tages, common experiences, and common under- 
standing," he explained, adding that La Salle has a 
long history both in terms of our faculty and our 
students and a strong connection with the Jewish 
d immunity. 

"Our connection with Gratz College is 
really nothing new lor us. It's very much a part of 
our fabric and part of what we are all about." 

Eviatar Manor, the Consul-General of 
Israel, said that the Holy Land is not just com- 
prised of stoic stones and places which we have 

to memorize. "It is something that is alive," he 
added. The agreement between Israel and the 
Vatican "should not be just letters written on a 
parchment, but it should be a vibrant, vital and 
constant element in our relationship that we 
should develop." 

Msgr. Joseph W. Devlin, assistant profes- 
sor of religion at La Salle, said that the Vatican- 
Israeli accord goes well beyond the formalization 
of diplomatic relationships between the Holy See 
and the Israeli state. 

The signing of the Vatican-Israeli Accord 
has been widely acclaimed as a long-overdue, 
milestone event in the relations between the Holy 
See and Israel as well as between Catholic and 
Jewish people. 

"It points out the unique nature of the 
relationship between the Catholic church and the 
Jewish people and the historic process of recon- 
ciliation and growth and mutual understanding 
and friendship between Catholics and Jews," 
explained Dr. Devlin. "It reflects the decision to 
urge new relations between equals and to con- 
sider their problems in the spirit of cordiality 
rather than rivalry. 

"Article II commits the two groups of 
believers to a comprehensive endeavor: they are 
committed to appropriate cooperation in combat- 
ting all forms of anti-semitism, and all kinds of 
racism and religious intolerance and in promoting 
mutual understanding among nations, tolerance 
among communities, and respect for human life 
and dignity. The teaching of the Vatican Council 
is here, translated into an agenda for action." 

page is 




More than 700 members of the Alumni, their 
spouses, and guests from the classes of '40, 
'45, '50, '55, '60, '65, 70, 75, '80, '85, and '90 
returned to campus for a memorable weekend 
of activities and reminiscing on May 19 and 20. 

SUMMER 1995 

page 1" 

Golden and Silver Anniversary graduates from 
'45 and 70 received commemorative medallions 
at the Alumni Convocation in the Dan Rodden 
Theatre from Brother President Joseph F. Burke 
who later greeted members of the classes of '80 
and '85 at their dinner in the North Dining 
complex. Rev. Perry A. Cherubini, '80 (second 
from left), was principle celebrant and homilist at 
the liturgy in the De La Salle Chapel. He was 
joined by the Revs. James Harvey, '50 (left); 
Leonard Zeller, 70 (right), and Roy Hardin, '60. 

page 20 



SUMMER 1995 

page 21 


Other highlights of Reunion Weekend: Former 
Olympic javelin great Al Cantello, '55, led a spirited, 
two mile "Stick With Al and La Salle" campus hike 
and members of the class of '50 enjoyed their dinner 
in the lobby of Olney Hall. Brother President Emeri- 
tus Daniel Burke (above, left) hosted a visit to the 
Art Museum and Eleanor Mulligan (above, right), of 
the Alumni Office, conducted a campus tour. 


alumni notes 



John J. Jordan has retired as an 
industrial salesman at Anchor 
Fence Company of South Jersey, 
in Cinnaminson. 


William C. Deibert is in his 39th 
year as a teacher in the Business 
Department at Holy Spirit High 
School, in Absecon, N.J. Jim 
Eberwine has returned as head 
softball coach at Harford Techni- 
cal School, in Maryland. John J. 
Elliott is the 1994-95 Camden 
County Commander of the 
American Legion Post 250, in 
Runnemede, N.J. 


Dr. John E. Murray, Jr., the first 
lay president in the history of 
Duquesne University, was 
recently inducted into 
Philadelphia's Northeast Catholic 
High School Hall of Fame. 


James P. McWilliams, Ph.D. has 

just completed an in-depth study 
on the South African National 
Defense Force for the Pentagon. 
He has published numerous 
articles, pamphlets, and books on 
the politico-military situation in 
Southern Africa. He is currently 
the American Scholar at Rands 
Afrikaan University in 
Johannesburg, South Africa. 


Louis J. Aiello retired from 
Bristol Myers Squibb, in 
Princeton, N.J., and is now a 
regional sales director with 
Syncom Pharmaceuticals in 
Florham Park, N.J. Eugene L. 
Kelly has retired from the Boeing 
Corporation, in Ridley Park, Pa. 



James P. Hughes has been 
appointed project manager with 
the Metropolitan Transportation 
Authority Bridges & Tunnels, in 
New York City. He resigned after 
18 years from Burns and Roe 

Enterprises, Inc., an international 
engineering firm in Paramus, N.J. 


John J. Shortall has been promoted 

to vice president and chief financial 

officer for Jeanes Health System, in 



Francis X. Dougherty, athletic 
director at Philadelphia's Northeast 
Catholic High School and former 
president of the Catholic League's 
Athletic Directors, was recently 
inducted into Northeast Catholic's 
Hall of Fame. 


Gerald J. Hurlbrink is celebrating 
25 years in business at Blue Bell 
Chemical Corporation, in Norristown, 
Pa. Michael J. Pasquarello, a sales 
associate with Weichert Realtors' 
Spring House (Pa.) office, has been 
recognized as the office's top 
producer for listing the most homes 
in December, 1994. 


Louis Colantuono has been 
appointed president of The Original 
Mattress Factory in Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Joseph P. Brisley was named 
manager of the Foster Forbes Glass- 
Tropicana joint venture, in 
Bradenton, Fla., where he is 
responsible for the glass container 
operation. Foster Forbes Glass 
Company is a division of American 
National Can Co., of Chicago. Albert 
S. Camardella has earned an 
"Associate in Risk Management" 
diploma and certification from the 
Insurance Institute of America, in 
Malvern, Pa. He is also retiring from 
Cigna International, in Philadelphia, 
to set up a consulting service 
specializing in international risk 
management and insurance. 


James M. Knepp, Sr. was ap- 
pointed chairman of the Ethics and 
Eligibility Committee of the Financial 
Executives Institute, in Morristown, 
N.J. Lawrence G. Lupus has retired 
from the U.S. Army as a Colonel with 
over 26 years of service and moved 
to Emerald Isle, N.C. He is currently 
employed as a realtor with Bluewater 
Associates, Better Homes and 
Gardens, in Emerald Isle. Thomas 
Strickland received his master's 
degree in liberal studies from 
Villanova University. 


Frank E. Hughes is chair of the 
Merck Retiree Volunteers, an 
organization comprised of former 

Crown Cork & Seal CEO 

William J. Avery 

Receives Leadership Award 

at Charter Dinner 

William J. Avery, chairman, chief executive 
officer, and president of Crown Cork & 
Seal Company, received La Salle's third annual 
Leadership Award at the Charter Dinner celebrat- 
ing the 132nd anniversary of the university on 
March 18 in Lincoln Hall of The Union League of 

Avery was honored for his "outstanding 
leadership in the corporate, civic and govern- 
mental communities that shape the quality of life 
in this region," according to Brother President 
Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C.. Ph.D., who presented 
the award. 

"By joining the celebration of our Charter 
Dinner with the presentation of this award, we 
have a unique opportunity to celebrate La Salle's 
history and to honor one of those individuals 
whose contributions have made a critical differ- 
ence in our community." added Brother Burke. 

Under Avery's outstanding leadership. 
Crown Cork & Seal Company has continued its 
growth as one of the largest packaging compa- 
nies in the world. Since his election as CEO in 
1990. Crown's profits have tripled. Annual sales 
have gone from $1.5 billion to $4 billion. Avery 
has improved Crown's solid fiscal foundation 
through a series of strategic national and inter- 
national acquisitions. The company has also 
diversified into the plastic packaging industry. 

Michael J. McKenna, '62, executive vice 
president and president of the North American 
Division of Crown Cork & Seal Company, served 
as master of ceremonies. 

Charles J. Reilly, '62. a La Salle trustee 
and president and CEO of Reilly Foam Corpo- 
ration, and Thomas N. Pappas, ' 7 0. managing 
principal and senior vice president of Johnson 6t 
Higgins, were co-chairs of the dinner. 

The Charter Dinner celebrates the 
founding of La Salle College on March 20, 1863. 
and pays tribute to generations < >f Christian 
Brothers, laypersons, and clergy whose dedica- 
tion has made La Salle the prominent institution 
that it is today. More than $85,000 was raised for 
the university's scholarship fund at the black-tie 

SUMMER 1995 

page 23 

alumni notes 

Good Things Don't 
Always Come in Pairs 



e hope that you and your 
family are enjoying each issue 
of LA SALLE Magazine. But if 
you receive two or more copies 
of the magazine in your 
household and really don't 
need that many copies, please 
let us know so that we can 
eliminate duplicate issues and 
put our resources to better use. 

I/We would like to continue 

to receive LA SALLE Magazine 

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Cover Here) 







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name(s) from your subscription 

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cover here) 


Return to: 

Alumni Office 

La Salle University 

Philadelphia. PA 19141 



Merck & Co. Montgomery 
County (Pa.) employees who 
now participate in various 
volunteer community service 
projects. Dale F. Joy has 
joined RE/MAX Services-Blue 
Bell (Pa.). Inc.. real estate 
company as a full-time sales 
associate. Leonard J. 
Keating, Jr., senior vice 
president and chief lending 
officer of Eagle National 
Bank, in Upper Darby, Pa., 
has been appointed chairman 
of the Finance Committee for 
Life Guidance Services of 
Delaware County, a commu- 
nity organization providing 
mental health, mental 
retardation and drug and 
alcohol counseling services to 
county residents. Michael J. 
Lubas was appointed 
manager, production technol- 
ogy, at Carpenter Technology 
Corporation, a specialty 
materials producer in Read- 
ing, Pa. He also received a 
U.S. Patent for a wire 
finishing process. 


Thomas J. Frangicetto was 

promoted to professor of 
psychology at Northampton 
(Pa.) Community College. 
Russell Frith is treasurer of 
the 1995 International 
Franchise Association (IFA). 
Norman M. Weiss, president 
of Swiftprint, Inc., in Horsham. 
Pa., was named recipient of 
the Walter Aiken Award - 
Media Person of the Year 
(1994), for his work as editor 
of Touchline. The award is 
given by the Southeastern 
Pennsylvania Soccer 
Coaches Association for 
outstanding contribution in 
journalism on behalf of soccer 
in the Delaware Valley. 


Michael Longshore and 
Robert Michini, '85, have 
formed FAXERTISE, inc., an 
international Fax-on-demand 
network devoted to providing 
consumer goods, electronics, 
travel and appliances via a 
subscription based Fax 
service, in Norristown. Pa. 
Leonard S. Richter was 
awarded the certified govern- 
ment financial manager 
(CGFM) certification by the 
Association of Government 


Eugene G. Cattie was 

appointed regional vice 


president of Nellie Mae's 
Southeast office in Richmond, 
Va., a national non-profit 
corporation providing educa- 
tional funding for students and 
parents for higher education. 


Thomas P. Ballezzi, former 
director of the Casino Associa- 
tion of New Jersey, has joined 
the Bally Entertainment Cor- 
poration as vice president. 


Charles Knappenberger has 

been elected regional pastor of 
the Eastern Great Lakes Region 
(7 states) of the American 
Association of Lutheran 
Churches. He continues to serve 
as pastor of Holy Word Lutheran 
Church, in Prospectville, Pa. 
Last year he observed the tenth 
anniversary of his ordination as 


Walter Baker, Jr. was recently 
named assistant vice president 
of Chubb & Son Inc., in Warren, 
N.J. Kurt Kanaskie was named 
Division II Coach of the Year by 
Basketball Times magazine after 
leading Indiana University of 
Pennsylvania to a 29-2 record. 
His team reached the semifinals 
of the NCAA Championships 
before losing to California- 

BIRTHS: to Walter Baker, Jr. 
and his wife, Amy, a daughter, 
Mikaela Amy: to Susan Chubik 
Wing and her husband, 
Geoffrey, a daughter, Megan. 


Rita A. Morrin Birnhak and her 
husband. John S. Birnhak, ('85 
M.B.A.), are owners of All 
American Image, Inc., a short- 
run specialty printer, in 
Glenside, Pa. Timothy Corry is 
director of human resources - 
East for Acme Markets, Inc., in 
Robbinsville, N.J. 
BIRTHS: to Rita A. Morrin 
Birnhak and her husband, John 
S. Birnhak, ('85 M.B.A.), their 
third child, a son, Alexander 
Conrad; to Michael Sibilia and 
his wife, Laurie, their fourth 

child, a son, Collin Andrew. 


Jeffrey F. O'Donnell was 

promoted to president and chief 
executive officer of Kensey 
Nash Corporation, in Exton, Pa. 
BIRTHS: to Michael P. 
McDugall and his wife, Lisa, a 
daughter, Claire; to J. Patrick 
O'Grady and his wife, Alicia 
Koszarek O'Grady, '82, their 
third child, a son, Joseph 
Patrick O'Grady. III. 


Irene Masino Porch is working 

at Bally's Park Place Casino in 

Atlantic City. 

MARRIAGE: Irene Masino to 

Joseph Porch. 


Christopher Drumm recently 
joined the president's staff at 
Saint Joseph's University as an 
assistant vice president for 
government relations. Eileen M. 
Gildea earned a master of 
social services degree at Bryn 
Mawr College. James R. Potts 
is director of information 
resources & technology at the 
Western Area Power Adminis- 
tration, in Phoenix, Az. 
BIRTHS: to David A. Boligitz 
and his wife, Peggy McBryan- 
Boligitz, '85, their third child, a 
daughter, Erin Elizabeth; to 
Michael J. Spadaro and his 
wife. Ruth M. (Williams) 
Spadaro, '84, a son, Christo- 
pher Francis. 


Robert J. Michini completed 
the Pennsylvania Realtors 
Institute course and received 
the designation graduate, 
realtors institute or GRI. 
Michini, along with Michael 
Longshore, 73, have formed 
FAXERTISE, inc.. an interna- 
tional Fax-on-demand network 
devoted to providing consumer 
goods, electronics, travel and 
appliances via a subscription 
based Fax service, in 
Norristown, Pa. 
BIRTHS: to Peggy McBryan- 
Boligitz and her husband, 
David A. Boligitz, '84, their 
third child, a daughter, Erin 
Elizabeth; to Terrence J. Jacob 
and his wife, Marion, a son 
Terrence J., Jr. 


BIRTHS: to Janine Rocco 
Greenwood and her husband. 
John, a son, Daniel A. Green- 
wood; to Michael C. 



alumni notes 

and his wife, Nancy, their first 
child, a daughter, Victoria Anne; 
to Eileen Jonas Ryan and her 
husband, Gerald P. Ryan, '86, 

a daughter, Caitlin Marie. 


MARRIAGE: Kevin J. Kennedy 

to Patricia J. Almony. 

BIRTH: Patrick M. Pendergast 

and his wife, Marie, a daughter, 
Alison Anne. 


David Casale is now assisting 
at the Medical Recompression 
Treatment Center in Galveston, 
Texas after finishing service with 
the U.S. Navy SEALS. Tim 
Legler was signed by the NBA 
Golden State Warriors to play 
for the remainder of the 1994-95 
season. Karen Rio-Russomano 
is director of human resources 
for Vanguard Healthcare Group, 
Inc., in Blue Bell, Pa. 
BIRTH: to Karen Rio- 
Russomano and her husband, 
Frank, their first child, a son, 
Frank Charles, Jr. 


Dawn D. Dickerson has 

received a master's degree in 
public administration from the 
University of the District of 
Columbia. She is district director 
of East of the River Community 
Development Corporation, a 
non-profit organization serving 
the housing, economic develop- 
ment and community service 
needs of residents in Ward 8 of 
Washington, D.C. Stephen J. 
Dougherty has been promoted 
to manager of sales representa- 
tive training at Prophet 21 
Incorporated, in Yardley, Pa. He 
recently graduated from Rider 
University with a master's 
degree in business administra- 
tion. Nancy Lynn Merle is 
manager of research and 
marketing at Longshore & 
Simmons, a healthcare consult- 
ing firm in Conshohocken, Pa. 
MARRIAGES: Linda Maria 
Cassano to Joseph Michael 
Colache; Christopher T. Hagen 
to Jane A. Rupp; Jane Eliza- 
beth Nagle to Richard Owen 


Joseph D. Boyle received his 
chartered life underwriter (CLU) 
designation from the American 
College in Bryn Mawr, Pa., and 
is working for Penta Corpora- 
tion, in Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 
Kevin Peter Goodwin is a 
corporate area supervisor with 
Domino's Pizza, Inc., in charge 

of seven stores in southern New 


BIRTH: to Catherine Baylouny 

(nee Lea) and her husband, 

James, a daughter, Jennifer 


MARRIAGE: Terri Meyer to 

Michael L. Watson. 


Diane M. Browne is working as 
a communications consultant for 
ATI Communications, in West 
Conshohocken, Pa. Alex W. 
Cabe is a research analyst for 
Securities Data Company, a 
financial information services 
company, in Newark, N.J. 
Rachel Y. Ravasco was 
appointed an assistant to the 
director of the corporate and 
foundation relations of the 
University of Pennsylvania. Eric 
P. Sullivan, C.P.A., has been 
promoted to senior financial 
analyst of PHH Asset Man- 
agement, in Wilton, Ct., after 
serving for a year as an internal 
auditor for PHH Corporation's 
international headquarters in 
Hunt Valley, Md. He was also 
promoted to First Lieutenant in 
the U.S. Army Reserve. 
Avallone to Christina R. 
O'Donnell; Dennis Gallagher to 
Susan Henry; Robert J. Ilik to 
Christine M. Caviston; William 
S. McVeigh to Kathleen E. 
Walsh; Jennifer Kathryn Scott 
to William John Vinci. 


Jennifer M. Klattenberg was 

promoted to marketing manager 
in the finance division of the 
Institute for International 
Research, in New York City. 
Cynthia Walden is a trader's 
assistant in the Investment 
Bonds Department of Phoenix 
Home Life Mutual Insurance 
Company corporate headquar- 
ters, in Hartford, Ct. 
MARRIAGES: David Anthony 
Chiodo to Donna Patricia 
Hennessey, '92; Thomas 
Arthur Lutter to Janet Mildred 
Harm, '92. 

BIRTH: to Susan Berg 
Woodward and her husband, 
Dan, their second child, a son, 


Rocco V. Gallelli is a revenue 
assurance analyst for Comcast 
Metrophone, in Wayne, Pa. 
Carey J. Molloy, who recently 
received his master's degree in 
tax law from the University of 
Miami, now works for Arthur 
Andersen & Co.. in New 

Lou Eccleston, '83 MBA (second from left), managing 
director of sales at Bloomberg L.P., was honored at the 
annual MBA Awards Dinner on April 27. He is shown with 
Thomas Curley (left), president and publisher of USA 
TODAY who delivered the keynote address; Lester 
Barenbaum (center), interim dean of the School of Busi- 
ness Administration; Gregory Bruce, director of the MBA. 
and Joseph Kane (right), provost. Eccleston manages a 
Staff of 250 people and has responsibility for all computer 
terminal and advertising sales in the U.S., Canada. Latin 
America, and Bermuda. 

Orleans. Amy E. vonMechow is 

marketing manager for PACE 
Environmental Products, in 
Horsham, Pa. 


Michael S. Doser is working for 
Pitney Bones' Copier Sales 
Division, in Rochester, N.Y. 
C. John McComb, III, is an 
account service representative 
at IMS America, in Plymouth 
Meeting, Pa. 



Frank J. Hoban has retired from 
the School District of Philadel- 
phia, where he most recently 
served as principal of Northeast 
High School. 


John J. Zaccaria has retired as 
vice principal of Bok Vocational- 
Technical School, in Philadel- 


James F. McGettigan is a 

visiting lecturer at Magee 
College, University of Ulster, 
Northern Ireland, where he 
spoke on "Business Enterprise 
Development: Small Business 

Issues." Frederick Robinson 

has retired from the Colonial 
School District, in Plymouth- 
Whitemarsh, Pa., after 37 years 
of teaching. 


Harvey Portner, Cheltenham 
(Pa.) Township commissioner 
and Board president, was 
recently selected by the Pennsyl- 
vania Department of Aging as a 
delegate to the 1995 White 
House Conference on Aging. 
Edmond O. Sacchetti, Ed.D., 
superintendent of schools at 
Interboro School District in 
Delaware County, Pa. for 18 
years, has announced his 


Francis M. Donahue, Jr., Ph.D., 

has retired as professor of 
chemical engineering at the 
University of Michigan, in Ann 
Arbor. David J. Torpey, M.D. 
retired from active practice and 
as chairman of the Department 
of Anesthesiology at the 
Allegheny Campus - Medical 
College of Pennsylvania - 
Hahnemann University, and was 
named professor-emeritus of 


Angelo J. Amoroso has been 

appointed commercial mortgage 

SUMMER 1995 

page 2-5 

alumni notes. 

loan solicitor at Firstrust Bank, 
in Ardmore, Pa. 


Joseph R. Harris is consult- 
ing for the National Center for 
Urban Partnership, a Ford 
Foundation sponsored 
program located at Bronx 
Community College, City 
University of New York. 
Thomas M. McLenigan has 
retired as superintendent of 
the Gloucester (N.J.) County 
Special Services School 
District after 35 years of 
service in education. 


U.S. Army Colonel (Ret.) 
John C. Farley is now a vice 
president and region director 
for Base Marketing Interna- 
tional, covering the southeast 
United States and Caribbean. 


Gerald Lawrence resigned as 
executive vice president and 
general manager of the New 
York Racing Association and 
was appointed group vice 
president of Autotote Corpora- 
tion, in New York City. 


Robert S. Lyons, Jr., has 

resigned as director of 
La Salle University's News 
Bureau to form his own 
editorial services and writing 
firm, RSL Communications. 
He will continue to serve as 
editor of LA SALLE magazine. 
Peter Perry is an administra- 
tive law judge with the 
Department of Labor and 
Industry, Commonwealth of 


Nicholas J. Lisi, Esq., a 

partner in the Philadelphia law 
firm of Padova and Lisi, has 
been elected to the Philadel- 
phia Bar Association's Board 
of Governors. He will serve a 
three-year term on the 12,000- 
member Association's 
governing body. 


Steven J. Madonna, the 

former New Jersey State 

Environmental Prosecutor, 
recently resigned as assistant 
attorney general to return to 
the law firm of Hurley & 
Vasios, P.C., in Short Hills, 
N.J. F. Owen McKeaney, 
president and CEO of the 
Lodge Management Group in 
Chicago, was appointed 
director of the 18th District 
Chicago Alternative Policing 
Strategy, a community- 
involvement group, and 
director of the Hospitality 
Chair for the Greater North 
Michigan Avenue Association. 
Raymond F. Minger retired 
from Bensalem (Pa.) High 
School after 30 years of 
teaching to concentrate on 
teaching Tae Kwon Do at 
Mingers & Lee's Tae Kwon 
Do at their schools in 
Philadelphia, Feasterville, 
and Penndel. He is also 
writing and producing martial 
arts material. Bruce R. Nardy 
was promoted to the newly- 
created position of eastern 
regional manager for the 
Invasive Cardiology Division 
for Quinton Instrument 
Company, of Bothell, Wash. 
He will be based in suburban 


Timothy C. Brennan, Ed.D., 

superintendent of schools in 
Parsippany-Troy Hills, was 
one of four superintendents 
appointed to work with New 
Jersey's newly formed Higher 
Education Commission to 
coordinate kindergarten 
through 12th grade and 
higher education within the 
state. John F. Brent, D.M.D., 
who served as president of 
the Montgomery-Bucks (Pa.) 
Dental Society, is a charter 
member of the newly founded 
Harleysville Rotary Club. 
James F. Savage, Jr., retired 
after 25 years as a special 
agent with the F.B.I, in 
Syracuse, N.Y., and is now 
an investigator with the 
Syracuse- based law firm of 
Bond, Schoeneck & King, 


Louis Beccaria is the 

executive director of the 
Stewart Huston Charitable 
Trust, in Coatesville, Pa. 
James E. Connell estab- 
lished James E. Connell & 
Associates, an international 
fund raising firm specializing 
in charitable estate planning 
after leaving Duke University, 
in Durham, N. C, as director 

Co-Founder of Medicare 
Delivers Holroyd Lecture 

Dr. William 
L. Kissick 
(center I, a 
health care 
specialist at 
the University 
of Pennsylva- 
nia who 
helped to 
draft Medi- 
care legisla- 
tion, delivered the 16th annual Holroyd Lecture on March 31 
in the Dan Rodden Theatre on campus. 

Immediately prior to Dr. Kissick's lecture, the Holroyd 
Award for distinguished service to the health professions was 
presented by Brother President Joseph F. Burke (second from 
left) to Dr. John Michael Daly, '69 (second from right), sur- 
geon-in-chief at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center 
and former chief of the Division of Surgical Oncology at the 
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. 

Also pictured are Drs. Gerald J. O'Keefe, '68 (left), 
president of the Alumni Health Professionals Association, and 
Joseph F. Girone, 79 (right), who delivered a special tribute to 
the late Brother James Muldoon, former chairman of the 
university's Biology Department and dean of arts and sciences. 

Dr. Kissick discussed the health care management 
crisis, the financial and medical implications of alternative 
proposals — including the program suggested by the Clinton 
administration, and the requirement for long-term strategies. 

A native of Detroit, Dr. Kissick graduated from Yale 
University in 1953 with doctorates in medicine and public 
health. While serving in the U.S. Public Health Service and 
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare from 1962-69. 
he was one of two physicians who helped draft Medicare. He 
drafted strategic planning for the Surgeon General until 1968 
when President Johnson appointed him to the White House as 
executive director of the National Advisory Commission on 
Health Facilities. 

The Holroyd Lecture is held annually to honor the 
memory of the late Dr. Roland Holroyd. professor emeritus 
and founder of the Biology Department at La Salle where he 
taught for 53 years. The event is co-sponsored by the uni- 
versity's School of Arts and Sciences and La Salle's Health 
Professionals Alumni Association. 

Previous Holroyd Lectures at La Salle have featured C. 
Everett Koop, former Surgeon General of the United States; 
Thomas E. Starzl, chief of surgery at the University of Pitts- 
burgh Medical School and a well-known pioneer in liver 
transplantation; Michael E. DeBakey, chancellor of Baylor 
College of Medicine who is noted for his treatment of car- 
diovascular diseases, and Otis R. Bowen, M.D., former U.S. 
Secretary of Health and Human Sen ices, anions others. 

pa^e 26 


of Planning and Development 
for the Duke Children's 
Hospital. John N. Flinn is 
human resources director of 
the Stoll Companies, whole- 
sale distributors of books and 
magazines, in Jackson, 
Michigan. Dr. Leo Klagholz, 
commissioner of the New 
Jersey Department of Educa- 
tion, was a keynote speaker at 
a Midday Morris luncheon in 
Denville, N.J., where he 
discussed educational trends 
and policies. Midday Morris 
was established in 1992 to 
hold quarterly lectures on key 
public issues in Morris County. 
George McNamara spoke on 
the movement to rehabilitate 
the memory of Dr. Samuel A. 
Mudd- who figured prominently 
in the aftermath of President 
Lincoln's assassination- at the 
County (Pa.) Public Library. 


Joseph A. Belinsky received 
his M.B.A. from Kent State 
University, in Ohio. Victor D. 
Brooks, Jr., Ph.D., was 
recently promoted to full 
professor in the Education 
Department at Villanova 
University and was the first 
American to have an article 
published by the British journal 
Teaching History which is 
sponsored by Oxford University 
and under personal patronage 
of Queen Elizabeth II. James 
Clarke, an associate professor 
of finance at Villanova Univer- 
sity, was recently invited to 
serve on the faculty of the 
American Bankers 
Association's Stonier School. 
Peter J. Giannini is an owner 
and racer of standardbred 
horses in the New Jersey and 
Pennsylvania area. John M. 
Hartke is president and co- 
director of Clinical Associates 
West, a group offering counsel- 
ing and psychotherapy in 
Radnor, Pa. Stephen F. 
Hober, Jr., received an MBA 
from Loyola (Md.) College. 
Philip Rudolph leads the 
Lyme Disease Support Group 
which serves Southeastern 
Pennsylvania. Daniel J. 
Whelan, who began his career 
with Bell of Pennsylvania in 
1977 as an attorney, has been 
named Bell-Atlantic-Maryland's 
president and chief executive 


James J. Daniel was ap- 
pointed group manager, Bottle 

Division, Houston Brewery, 
Anheuser Busch, Inc., in Texas. 
Rich Kochanski is an educa- 
tional sales consultant for 
southeast Pennsylvania for 
Zaner-Bloser, Inc., an educa- 
tional publisher located in 
Columbus, Ohio. 


John Robert Alosi, Jr., 

received a master of arts degree 
in history from Shippensburg 
(Pa.) University. William T. 
Belden was appointed president 
and chief operating officer of 
Farmers First Bank, in Lancaster 
County, Pa. Gerald Dugan has 
left the Philadelphia law firm of 
Cozen & O'Connor and assisted 
in forming a new law office 
called Dugan, Brinkmann, 
Maginnis & Pace, in Philadel- 
phia. Dugan is a former 
prosecutor in the Philadelphia 
District Attorney's Office. Judge 
James Murray Lynn is presi- 
dent of Philadelphia's St. 
Patrick's Day Observance 
Association, now in its 45th year. 
William J. Krumenacker has 
joined the Fort Lauderdale, 
Florida-based Vacation Break 
USA as manager of its V.I. P. 
Services Division in charge of 40 
customer representatives. 
BIRTH: to Joseph M. Mottola 
and his wife, Madelene, their 
fifth child, a son, Andrew 


Anthony Errichetti, Ph.D., is a 

project member for the recent 
$1.5 million State Generalist 
Physician Initiative Grant from 
the Pennsylvania Department of 
Health that was recently 
received by the Philadelphia 
College of Osteopathic Medi- 
cine. Errichetti is an associate 
professor. Department of 
Education and Humanities, at 


Edward R. Fox was a speaker 
at a seminar in Budapest, 
Hungary on nonproliferation and 
export controls. Charles R. 
Johnson has retired from Bell of 
Pennsylvania after 36 years of 
service and is now employed as 
a telecommunications technician 
at Merck, Sharp and Dome 
Pharmaceuticals, in West Point, 
Pa. Chris R. Wogan was 
recently re-elected to an 8th 
term in the State House of 
Representatives from the 176th 
district in northeast Philadelphia. 
He also was promoted to 
Lieutenant Colonel with the 

alumni notes 

153rd JAG Legal Service 
Organization, a U.S. Army 
reserve unit in Willow Grove, Pa. 


U.S. Navy Captain Charles W. 
Frey recently was promoted to 
his present rank while serving 
with the 2nd Naval Construction 
Brigade, Naval Amphibious 
Base Little Creek, in Norfolk, Va. 
Thomas A. Gorbsky is a 
marketing representative for 
BJ's Wholesale Club in Philadel- 
phia. Rev. Terence Kristofak is 
celebrating 25 years as a 
Passionist priest. He is Retreat 
Director at Holy Family Retreat 
in West Hartford, Ct. Robert R. 
Leming is serving as president 
of the Museum Computer 
Network, a national professional 
association. Ira D. Shaffer was 
elected president of the Chelsea 
Business Association, an 
Atlantic City, (N.J.) regional 
association promoting business 
and economic development. He 
was also elected secretary/ 
officer of the Atlantic City Navy 
& Veterans Memorial Park. 
Dennis J. Smith is chairman of 
the Social Studies Department 
at Nazareth Academy High 
School, in Philadelphia. Joseph 

A. Yelo was elected president of 
the Allentown (Pa.) Liberty Bell 
Rotary Club for 1994-95. 


Alexander D. Bono, a partner in 
the law firm of Blank, Rome, 
Comisky & McCauley in Phila- 
delphia, is chairman of the 
American Bar Association 
Securities Litigation Committee 
in accounting issues. William E. 
Kelly is a partner at the Boston 
law firm Peabody & Arnold. 
James J. O'Neill recently 
conducted a four week adult 
continuing education course on 
the life of Thomas Merton at SS. 
Simon and Jude Parish, in West 
Chester, Pa. 


Dr. Anthony J. Felizzi is 

working as a casino and hotel 
security officer at Trump Castle 
Casino/Resort, in Atlantic City, 
N.J. James J. Rodgers was 
honored by the city of Bowie, 
Maryland with the Excellence in 
Education Award for Guidance 
Counseling in 1994. Kathryne 
McGrath Speaker was awarded 
her doctorate in education 
(Ed.D.) by Temple University. 


If your mailing address will change in the next 2 - 3 months, 
or if the issue is addressed to your son or daughter who no 
longer maintains a permanent address at your home, please 
help us keep our mailing addresses up-to-date by: 

1 PRINT your full name, class year and new address on the 
form opposite, and 

2 Attach the label from the back cover of this issue and mail 
to the Alumni Office, La Salle University, Philadelphia, 
PA 19141. 



Class Year 




Zip Code 

( ) 


Phone Number (include area code) 


SUMMER 1995 

page 21 

alumni notes 


Dr. Steven J. Green is chief of 
the Department of Otolaryn- 
gology at the W. W. Backus 
Hospital, in Norwich. Ct. He was 
recently made a Fellow of the 
American College of Surgeons. 


Paul Schneider was named vice 
president of communications for 
SportsChannel New York, in 
Woodbury, N. Y. 
BIRTHS: to Arthur C. Lamon 
and his wife, Joan, a son, 
Brandon Scott; to Dorothy M. 
Moore, M.D., and her husband, 
Garry, their second child, a 
daughter, Emily. 


Ronald F. Feinberg, M.D., 
Ph.D., was awarded a five-year 
NIH Grant for his research at the 
University of Pennsylvania 
Medical Center. His clinical focus 
is in the areas of infertility and 
recurrent pregnancy loss. He 
also is helping to establish a 
special program at Penn for 
reproductive loss. Richard S. 
Freeman was named vice 
president, operations and head 
of the Louisiana regional office of 
Tenet Healthcare Corporation, 
with headquarters in Santa 
Monica, Calif. 


David A. Katz, M.D., chief of the 
Department of Radiology at Santa 
Teresa Kaiser Hospital, in San 
Jose, Calif., has started a new 
radiology group at the hospital. 
Andrew F. Mineo has joined 
Heritage Insurance Services, Inc., 
as a business and personal 
insurance producer working in the 
Feasterville and Center Point 
(Pa.) offices. 


Christopher J. Serpico has 

opened a law office in 

Doylestown, Pa. called Boylan & 


MARRIAGES: Gerard J. Bednar 

to Carla Alfano; Jeffrey Kevin 

Gladden to Barbara Ann 


BIRTH: to Christopher J. 

Serpico and his wife, Maureen 

Dugan Serpico, '80, their third 

child, Scott Patrick. 


Mark C. Ricchini is a computer 

consultant with Integrated 

Systems Consulting Group, in 

Malvern, Pa. 

BIRTHS: to Linda Barber Frank 

and her husband, Robert, their 

second child, a son, Gregory 

Dennis; to Joseph Izes, M.D., 

and his wife, Betsy Izes (nee 



Please reserve spaces @ $30 per person. 





(Street Address) 



( ) 

( ) 


(Day and Evening Phone Numbers) 

Return to: La Salle University Alumni Office, 1900 W. Olney 
Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19141. 


Attention La Salle Alumni! 
Mark Your Calendars Today! 

• Are you concerned about your 
family's financial security? 

• Have you begun to plan for your 
retirement years? 

• Do you have questions about your 
taxes and your estate plan? 

If so, join us for the 14th TAX and 

Saturday, October 28, 1995 

La Salle Union Building 

Registration: 8:15 a.m. 

For information, 

telephone (215) 95 1 • 1 88 1 . 

Mark Your Calendar For 

Jim McDonald Testimonial 

on September 24 

Plans are now being formulated for a reception and 
testimonial dinner in honor of Jim McDonald, '58, 
who retired on June 30 after 34 years of dedicated 
service as the university's Alumni Director. 

The event, sponsored by the Alumni Association and 
the university, will be held on Sunday. September 24 
with a cocktail reception from 5:00 to 6:30 P.M., 
followed by the dinner at 6:30 P.M. in the La Salle 
Union Ballroom. 

The $30 per-person price includes the cost of the 
reception, dinner, and gift for Jim. Advance reserva- 
tions are encouraged by September 15. Please 
complete and return the form to the left. For further 
information, please call the Alumni Office at (215) 

page 28 


alumni notes 

Stein), '92, a daughter, Kathryn 
Hope Izes; to Mark C. Ricchini 

and his wife, Joanne, their 
fourth child, a daughter, 
Katherine Ann. 


William D. Shields joined the 
Polymer Corporation, based in 
Reading, Pa., as territory 
manager responsible for all 
distribution & sales development 
activity in the middle- Atlantic 
area. Therese Marchok Taylor 
opened a private physical 
therapy practice in Fountainville, 
Pa. Patrice Trauffer, M.D., was 
appointed to the associate staff, 
Department of Obstetrics and 
Gynecology, Section of 
Perinatology, at the West Jersey 
Health System. 



Christopher Durkin recently 
won two 1995 Keystone Press 
Awards for investigative 
reporting and feature writing. He 
is a staff writer for the Times- 
Chronicle in Jenkintown, part of 
the Montgomery Newspaper 
group based in Fort Washing- 
ton, Pa. Robin L. Smith, Ph.D., 
is a counseling psychologist 
with a private psychotherapy 
practice where she counsels 
individual couples and families 
in center city Philadelphia. She 
has appeared locally and 
nationally on television as a 
mental health and relationship 


Vincent A. Gallo is working as 
an analytical chemist at 
Smithkline Beecham Corpora- 
tion, in Philadelphia. Donald J. 
Good recently earned his 
M.B.A. at Penn State University 
and he is now a sales manager 
at Bell Atlantic Network Integra- 
tion, in Harrisburg, Pa. Lori A. 
Schwabenbauer was appointed 
supervisor of automation 
services for the Camden County 
Library System, which is 
headquartered in Voorhees, N.J. 
Susan Callahan Stinson was 
promoted to product manager of 
BestLink Information Systems at 
Wilmington Trust, in Delaware. 

MARRIAGE: Thomas K. 
Tansey to Diane E. Fisher. 


Captain Marco Coppola, D.O., 

received two Army Achievement 
Medals, three Army Commen- 
dation Medals, has been 
selected for promotion to Major, 
and has been certified by the 
American Board of Emergency 
Medicine. He is presently the 
program director and research 
director of the Emergency 
Medicine Residency at Darnall 
Army Hospital, in Fort Hood, 
Texas. Regina Oristaglio 
Turner, who was recently a 
resident and lecturer at the 
University of Pennsylvania 
Veterinary School, has now 
entered into a Ph.D. program at 
Penn with an emphasis on 
nuclear genetics. 

• 86 Blessing 

Colleen Murphy Blessing was 

appointed sales associate for 
ICT Direct, one of the ICT 
Group, Inc. Sales and Marketing 
Divisions, in Langhorne, Pa. 
Maura Bray Davis is vice 
president of the Bromley Group, 
a New York City public relations 


Captain Anthony G. Toci, a 

member of the U.S. Army 
Reserve who is employed by 
the Camden County (N.J.) 
Probation Division, recently was 
stationed in Haiti working with 
the multinational force as part of 
Operation Uphold/ Maintain 


Anthony E. Altomare is a 

senior application developer for 
U.S. Healthcare, in Blue Bell, 
Pa Mary Sheehy Connolly 
has accepted a position with 

Bacon's Information, Inc., a 
public relations services 
company headquartered in 
Chicago. Connolly will be 
working out of New York City 
handling new business develop- 
ments. Jose DelValle, Jr. 
received a master's degree from 
the University of Findlay (Ohio) 
where he majored in THESE 
(Teaching English to Speakers 
of Other Languages) and 
bilingual multicultural studies. 
He is teaching English as. a 
second language at the high 
school level in Lorain, Ohio. 
Cynthia DiBuono is practicing 
veterinary medicine at VCA 
Detwiler Animal Hospital, in 
Reading, Pa. Lisa Adamovage- 
Hoback received a double 
promotion to senior data analyst 
at Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, in 
Wilmington, Del. Michael 
Sepanic has been re-elected 
secretary of the Board of 
Trustees of Goodwill Industries 
of Southern New Jersey, Inc. 
MARRIAGE: Margaret A. 
Seydow to Anthony Lennon. 
BIRTH: to Selina Newell 
Winchester, a daughter, Rachel 


Julie Fetzer is a teacher in the 
Downingtown (Pa.) School 
District. Deborah McBride 
Lewis is working as a media 
coordinator at Temple Univer- 
sity. Matthew J. McBryan 
earned his M.B.A. in finance from 
St. Joseph's University and was 
appointed director of marketing 
and sales with On-Line Applica- 
tions, Inc., in Westmont, N.J. 
Robert V. Pambianco is an 
editor with the Capital Research 
Center in Washington, D.C. 
MARRIAGES: Julie Fetzer to 
Cortland Wilkes Bigelow, III; 
Susan Straub to Paul J. Fuller. 
BIRTH: to Colleen O'Donnell 
Fritsch and her husband, John, 
their first child, a son, John 
Joseph, Jr. 


Lieutenant William J. Collins, 
Jr., graduated from Widener 
University School of Law and 
passed the Pennsylvania Bar 
Exam. He is serving in the 
Marine Corps Reserves and is 
employed by Berger & 
Montaque, in Philadelphia. Navy 
Lieutenant Joseph McGirr 
recently returned from a six- 
month deployment to the 
Mediterranean and Adriatic 
Seas and Persian Gulf. Arthur 
Steven Pecora, D.O., gradu- 
ated from the Philadelphia 

College of Osteopathic Medicine 
and is doing an internship at 
Kennedy Memorial Hospital, in 
Stratford, N.J., where he will also 
do a medical residency. John 
Paul Rau is working as a 
geologist with Cotton & Frazier 
Consultants, Inc., in Honolulu, 
Hawaii. Steve Sabo, who helped 
coach the Hungarian National 
baseball team and played in 
Budapest the past two seasons, 
was a replacement player for the 
Philadelphia Phillies this spring. 
Robert Tokar continues to edit 
and produce at Marvel Comics in 
Santa Monica, Calif. 
MARRIAGE: Lt. William J. 
Collins, Jr., to Jill B. Rissmiller. 
BIRTHS: to Laura Swiderski 
Bradner and her husband, 
Benjamin, a son, Jacob Ben- 
jamin; to John Paul Rau and his 
wife, Na Yong, a daughter, 


David Edward Hinnenkamp 
received a master of education 
degree in counseling from 
Shippensburg (Pa.) University. 
Ann Marie Streicher is a 
physical therapist at Helene Fuld 
Medical Center, in Trenton, N.J. 
She recently received her 
master's degree in physical 
therapy from Boston University. 
Angelo Patane was a member 
of a three-attorney litigation team 
that recently won the largest 
verdict in the history of Arizona — 
$1 .5 billion in a family control 
battle for U-Haul International. 
The verdict is also believed to be 
the largest of its kind (sharehold- 
ers vs. Board of Directors) in 
U.S. history. 

MARRIAGES: Jon David Chick 
to Kimberly Anne Peiffer; 
Karen Mooney to Anthony 
DelVescovo ('88 B.S., '92 


Kelly Ann DeCesare was 

promoted to manager-training 
and development at GE Capital 
Mortgage Service in Cherry Hill, 
N.J. She is also a member of the 
American Society of Training 
and Development (ASTD). 
Michael W. Glaze, who recently 
passed the Pennsylvania and 
New Jersey bar examinations, is 
employed by Gerke, Dumser & 
Feld, in Cherry Hill, N.J. Mar- 
garet Brim Landers is a 
campus minister at St. John's 
University, in Queens, N.Y. 
Pamela Ann McGuoirk received 
a master of science degree in 
criminal justice from St. Joseph's 
University. P. Michael Schugsta 

SUMMER 1995 

page 29 

alumni notes. 

is currently a staff officer for 
Midlantic Bank, in Fort Washing- 
ton, Pa., where he works in the 
Mail Services and Transporta- 
tion Department. Arica N. 
Young, who graduated from 
Georgetown School of Foreign 
Service with a master of arts 
degree in German & European 
Studies, is a presidential 
management intern at the U.S. 
Department of Commerce 
International Trade Adminis- 
tration, in Washington, D.C. 
MARRIAGES: Margaret Brim to 
Timothy Landers ('92 M.A.); 
Kimberly Susan Toomey to 
Mark Spencer Rhodes. 
BIRTH: to David Sheehan and 
his wife, Susan, their second 
child, a son, Bryan Dillon. 


Navy Lieutenant j.g. Carl 
Bradley recently returned from a 
six-month deployment to the 
Western Pacific Ocean with 
Strike Fighter Squadron 27 
aboard the aircraft carrier USS 
Kitty Hawk. 


Brian Gerrard has joined the 
Cheltenham (Pa.) Police 
Department as a patrol officer. 
Karen M. Heavey recently 
graduated from Officer Candi- 
date School at Naval Aviation 
Schools Command, Naval Air 
Station, Pensacola, Fla., and 
was commissioned a Navy 
Ensign. Laura A. MacPherson 
is going into business with her 
father, the owner of MacPherson 
Leather Company, in Pasadena 
and Los Angeles, Calif., a family 
owned-company for 75 years. 
Gregory J. Palakow recently 
began a year-long position as a 
legal analyst for the Pennsylva- 
nia House of Representatives 
Insurance Committee, in 
Harrisburg. John E. 
Toczydlowski is a committee- 
person in the 57th Ward, 22nd 
Division, in far northeast 

MARRIAGES: Janet Mildred 
Harm to Thomas Arthur Lutter 
'92; Donna Patricia Hennessey 
to David Anthony Chiodo '92. 


Andrea L. Dotsey was pro- 
moted to softlines manager at 
K-Mart and transferred to its 
store in Watertown, Ct. Maura 
Daly-Foraker is teaching 
learning support at 
Pennsylvania's Muhlenberg 
High School and at Brentwood 
Elementary School, in 
Pensacola, Fla. Lisa M. Fiocca 
is working as a marketing 
representative in the Advertising 
Department for M & M Associ- 
ates, in Yardley, Pa. Jeffrey M. 
Myers is editorial assistant in 
the Marketing and Communica- 
tions Department of the Hay 
Management Group, in Phila- 

MARRIAGES: Debra J. Bogle 
to Robert Craig; Maura Daly to 
Ensign Joseph Carl. 


Christine A. Downs is em- 
ployed by De La Salle Aftercare 
as a social worker, in Philadel- 
phia. Debra A. Fazio has joined 
Trylon Communications, Inc., as 
a media representative, in New 
York City. Crystal M. Goodrich 
is community service co- 
ordinator with Mercy Douglass 
Corporation II, Inc. in Philadel- 


Alan M. Huscher is a residen- 
tial counselor to the mentally 
disabled at Bancroft, in 
Haddonfield, N.J. 



BIRTH: to Silvana 

Bianchimano Alphonso and 

her husband, Mark, a daughter, 
Kimberly Ann. 



G. E. "Jay" Hoffman has been 
appointed vice president of 
finance and chief financial 
officer at St. Joseph Hospital, in 
Lancaster, Pa. Hariette 
Mishkin was honored by the 
Philadelphia Chapter of the 
American Society for Training 
and Development for the 
second consecutive year for her 
volunteer and leadership efforts 
in the non-profit human services 
sector. She works on behalf of 

the chapter's Community 
Services Committee to provide 
pro-bono training workshops 
and organization development 
activities to more than a dozen 
agencies. Mishkin is principal in 
the consulting firm, Performance 
Concepts, in Philadelphia. 
William Weber has been 
promoted to corporate vice 
president sales and brokerage 
from director sales and broker- 
age at Colburn-Bertholon- 
Rowland Insurance Services, in 
Media, Pa. 


Thomas S. Lytle has joined 
Mallinckrodt Veterinary, Inc., as 
vice president, North America, in 
Mundelein, Illinois. 


U.S. Air Force Captain 
Lawrence J. Mellon, III ('82 
B.A.), is the administrator for 
hospital services, Kessler 
Medical Center, Kessler AFB, 
Mississippi. He also served as 
executive officer for the PACAF 
command surgeon, Hickam AFB 
Hawaii, and was commander of 
the 658th Hospital, Kimhae, 
Korea. He has been awarded 
two Defense Meritorious Service 
Medals and the Air Force 
Commendation Medal. John 
McKenna was appointed the 
first assistant superintendent of 
Gettysburg (Pa.) National 
Military Park. 

BIRTH: to Lawrence J. Mellon, 
III, and his wife, JoAnn, a son, 


John S. Birnhak is executive 
vice president for Weight 
Watchers of Philadelphia, Inc. 
Birnhak and his wife, Rita A. 
Morrin Birnhak, ('81 B.S.), are 
also owners of All American 
Image, Inc., a short-run specialty 
printer, in Glenside, Pa. Tho- 
mas E. Rakszawski ('81 B.S.) 
has been awarded the desig- 
nation "FELLOW, LIFE MAN- 
Life Office Management 
Association. Steven P. Roth 
has been named a partner at 
Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald 

law firm, in Wilkes- Barre, Pa. 
BIRTH: to John S. Birnhak and 
his wife, Rita A. Morrin 
Birnhak, ('81 B.S.), their third 
child, a son, Alexander Conrad. 


Linda A. Riviezzo ('75 B.A.) is 

account manager for PTS 
Learning Systems, in King of 
Prussia, Pa. 


Brian Gaughan received a 
master's degree in public health 
from Columbia University, in 
New York City. Stephen E. 
Markert, C.P.A. ('73 B.S.), was 
appointed vice president, chief 
financial officer of Charter 
Power Systems, Inc., in 
Plymouth Meeting, Pa. 
BIRTH: to Brian Gaughan ('80 
B.A.) and his wife, Cathy, their 
second child, Dale Tierney. 


Anthony DelVescovo ('88 
B.S.) is comptroller of Tagne 
Lumber, Inc. in Philadelphia. 
DelVescovo ('88 B.S.) to Karen 
Mooney, ('90 B.A.); Kathleen 
Watters to Vincent Coviello. 
BIRTHS: to Michael Paulosky 
and his wife, Carolyn Leonard 
Paulosky, '84, a daughter, 
Michele; to Mark S. Purcell ('89 
B.A.) and his wife, Bernice 
Lisicki Purcell ('92, M.B.A.), a 
son, Stephen Joseph. 


Michael Bensing has been 
hired as a strategic planning 
analyst for the Insurance 
Division of Providian Corpora- 
tion, in Frazier, Pa. Gary F. 
Steele recently became a 
certified public accountant 

MARRIAGE: Mary Duszak ('87 
B.S.) to John A. Buhring. 





MARRIAGE: Timothy Landers 

to Margaret Brim ('91 B.A.). 



Albert A. Monillas ('70 B.A.), 

superintendent of schools of 
Upper Township in Cape May 

page 30 



County, was honored by the 
New Jersey Senate/Assembly 
for meritorious state service 
and leadership. 





Cynthia B. McDermott ('86 
B.A.), is teaching at Christiana 
High School in Newark, Del., as 
a 9th grade English and 
journalism teacher and advisor 
to the school newspaper, The 
Viking Voice. 





Rosemary L. Mazzarella ('85 

B.A.) has been named in the 

25th Edition of the Who's Who In 
The East 1995-96. 



Patricia A. Bass ('81 B.A.) was 

appointed vice president of 
Medicaid for Greater Atlantic 
Health Service, in Southeastern 



Theresa M. Korolishin ('84 
B.S.N.) is chairman of the 
Northeast Division of the Ameri- 
can Heart Association, 1994-96. 


Zenta Lize Benner was ap- 
pointed director of nursing at 
Peter Becker Community 
Hospital, in Harleysville, Pa. 

James J. McDonald. 58 (second from left), who is retiring 
on June 30, admires La Salle University chair presented to 
him by members of Alumni Board of Directors at his final 
official meeting as director of the Alumni, on May 10. The 
presentation teas made by Nicholas J. List '62 (left). Joseph 
H. Cloran, hi. and Maria Tucker Cusick, '83- As Clorau's 
first official act as president of the Alumni Association 
succeeding Cusick. he appointed McDonald as a class 
representative on the Board of Directors. 

Brother President Joseph Burke (left), and Dr. John F. 
Reardon, 59 (right), chairman oj 'the Accounting 
Department, presented the 1995 Michael A. 
DeAngelis Award for outstanding achievement in the 
accounting profession to three alumni at the 29th 
annual awards dinner on April 21. The recipients 
were: Karla Sztukowski, '83 (second from left), vice 
president. CoreStates. Paul Adair. '83 (center), vice 
president, Philadelphia Stock Exchange, and Michael 
Brennan, '80 (second from right), chief financial 
officer. Binswanger Corporation. 



m^ wm^^^m If 


Dr. Robert J. Courtney, '41 ( right), presents a basket- 
ball autographed by the Explorer's basketball team to 
Edward G. Rendell after Philadelphia's mayor 
delivered the fourth annual Courtney Lecture on 
April 21 in the Dunleavy Room as Dr. Kenneth L. Hill 
(left), chairman of the Political Science Department, 
watches. Courtney retired in 1902 after a distin- 
guished career as professor and chairman of the 
Political Science Department. 

SUMMER 1995 

page M 


Joseph F. Dolan 


Daniel L. Flad, D.D.S. 


John P. Ryan, Sr. 


William J. McDevitt. Jr. 

Richard A. Devlin, Esq. 


Brother J. Clement Smith, 



James I. Gillespie 
President, Alumni 
Association 1962-64 
Thomas J. Kilcoyne, Sr. 


James E. O'Neill 


Harry A. Connor, Jr. 


James F. Cavanaugh, Sr. 

Michael J. Driscoll 4th, 



Joseph Walter Maguire. Jr. 


Joseph R. Bowen, Sr. 

Raymond S. Dominski 


John Louis Kubiak 


Gerald H. Hoffman 


William McGinnis 

('83 M.B.A.) 


Michael J. Gavaghan 
Daniel F. Ruggieri 


Dennis M. Scully 


Frank J. Dunn, Jr. 


Charles Matthew Holmes 


John M. Welsh 


Barbara L. Richard Long 

chapterjclub notes 



Ce^R wTj^^ 

i. ^ u , 

■ ■ ■ 1 1 

■ 1 1 "... 

Joseph H. Cluran, '61 (center), vice president, travel industries of American 
Express, Inc., has been elected president of the Alumni Association far 1995-97. 
Also elected were Xicholasf. Lisi. Esq., '62 (second from right), executive vice 
president; J. Patrick O'Grady, '82 (second from left), vice president; Robert L. Buck. 
'90 (right), secretary, and Charles J. Quattrone. '72 (left), treasurer. 

Alumni Board of Directors 

Elects Neiv Executive 

Committee Members 

The following members were elected to 
join the new officers and serve on the 
Executive Committee of the Alumni Board 
of Directors from 1995-97 

Gerald V. Burke, M.D., 75; Maria 
Tucker Cusick, '83; Carmella Brown 
Evans, '88; John J. Fallon, '67; John J. 
French, '53; Marianne Salmon Gauss, 
'75; Teresa Hooten Kozempel, D.O., 
'74; Daniel E. McGonigle, '57; Stephen 
L. McGonigle, '72, and Maureen O'Hara 
Munoz, '75- 

The HOUSTON Club is planning an 
outing at the Astrodome on August 16 
when the Phillies come to town to play 
the Astros. During the Christmas season 
they will attend a performance of The 
Nutcracker by the Houston Ballet at the 
Wortham Center. Members and their 
guests will meet beforehand for a light 
dinner and meeting at Birraporetti's 
Restaurant across the street from the 
theatre. Alumni in the area will receive a 
mailing on these activities when the 
details are finalized. 

The seventh annual YOUNG ALUMNI 

Beach Party" will be held once again at 
the Princeton Inn. in Avalon. N.J., on 
Saturday, August 26 from 5:00 to 9:00 P.M. 

The Alumni Association's HALL OF 
ATHLETES induction dinner will be 
held on September 8 in the Union 
Ballroom on campus. Lionel 
Simmons, '90, our outstanding player 
of the decade in basketball, will be 
inducted, along with Bill Bradshaw, 
'69, and Joe Rudy, '86, for their 
accomplishments in baseball and 
soccer, respectively. For further infor- 
mation, call the Alumni Office (2 IS) 

Hawk Mountain Bird 
Sanctuary Trip Scheduled 

On Columbus Day. October 9, "Explo- 
rations." the university's new travel 
program, will sponsor a one-day bus 
trip to Hawk Mountain, in Kempton, Pa. 
The Hawk Mountain Bird Sanctuary on 
the eastern edge of the Appalachian 
Mountains was the world's first refuge 
created to protect birds of prey. Hawks, 
eagles, and falcons, among others, can 
all be seen in great numbers as they 
travel southward on their migration. 
The trip will depart from and return to 
La Salle. The cost will include a walking 
stick, courtesy of Al Cantello, '55, 
transportation, and a box lunch. Keep 
an eye on your mail for price and 
additional information or call the 
Alumni Office at (215) 951-1081. 

— Jim McDonald 

page 32 







La Salle University 
Annual Fund Office 
Philadelphia. PA 19141-1199 
Phone: (215) 951-1539 
FAX: (215)951-1542 

The Annual Leadership Award 

LA SALLE Magazine 
La Salle University 
Philadelphia, PA 19141 

Second class postage paid at Philadelphia, PA 

*fljr h 2i<linburdh 


™ -T ' ■'•> *7 • ■ IL'"" HCL«X>I 

;i RE I I ivtrpooiL . Ma «£?» slt , 

iblin*i^"? Sh '* tld *. ^-NETHERLANDS". 
-LaV"! **•»"•»'"-"• V^> Harlem,* 

■~^ >3? Lopdon _.^«*oj«r<!an- JJL/i 

^.■BtLUitf?'-^ W 

Augustine r. r alcione, oZ 




President, Cultural Heritage Alliance 


na-Oonju ^^^ 
^Arzgir . 

^Kra snodar 


ra?^r-»^ Bengasi/ >^ ntth 4 ^°& r 's Tel Vi/*2 *~ 

1 CL Atfibiyth, TobrnT V -VT^J W^^srS\7 • H ftaW 'V ,lf K- 
* ci« f&Hmn ^^^^JK^J^fe^? 

MP' V 



l.'l Aclinls „. . ^ \ a 1 iu.,..-._ nr, • i'-rriT*- • J»at 


Siwah Oasis Al Fa\Tuny Fsucz" 

ed by Israel sin 



. , „ w LIBYAN Beni Suwa'u/ .,VS«l7/.^ qaba -r ' : ' luhhj 

Parents Weekend Program, Page 36 

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Director, Page 54 

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A young high school teacher found a way 
to make student tours more of a cultural 


1994-95 proved to be an outstanding year 
for La Salle's development program. 


A profile of George J. (Bud) Dotsey, the 
university's new director of alumni, as well 
as the quarterly chronicle of some significant 
events in the lives of La Salle's graduates. 

Explorations Sets Sail. Page 53 

Volume 39/ Number 4 LA SALLE 

FALL 1995 

r JUN 2 7 1997 

Augustine Falcione 
displays collection of 
plates depicting the 
fleet of the old Pan 
American Airlines in 
the offices of the 
Cultural Heritage 

By Robert S. Lyons, Jr., '61 

Back in 1968, as a young foreign language 
teacher at Philadelphia High School for 
Girls, Augustine F. Falcione, '62, took an 
educational tour of Europe organized by one of 
the leading student-travel companies of the day. 

"I returned to the United States convinced that I 
could improve these student tours by offering 
better services more economically," Mr. 
Falcione recalled recently. "Things like using 
experienced tour directors, hiring local guides 
who knew their areas thoroughly, and putting 
people in 3 and 4 star hotels with private 
bathroom facilities rather than the lesser-quality 
hostels and student dormitories that were being 
used predominantly at the time." 

Mr. Falcione also thought that he could make 
^™ 1 the trips more of a cultural experience where 

tourists could actually "live" the language they 
were studying. He returned to Italy in 1969 with a carefully- 
organized tour of 80 students. The following year, he took 
two planes ("almost the entire school") overseas. Soon other 
Philadelphia schools joined in, then some suburban institu- 
tions and, eventually, high schools, colleges and universities 
from throughout the country. 

Today, as it nears its millionth customer, Augustine Falcione's 
Cultural Heritage Alliance is the most successful educational 
tour operator in the nation. It has provided travel services to 
more than 12,000 of the country's 16,000 high schools. When 
it began in 1969, there were 200 similar operations through- 
out the United States. Today there are only three major 
companies. CHA is the only American company. The others 
are Swedish and British. In addition to its corporate head- 
quarters near Philadelphia's Independence Hall, with a full- 

FALL 1995 

page 1 

"OurMps almostbecame i excuse to raise students 
to another level. They became terriflc, powerful 

make students hungrier to come back for more/ ' 

time staff of 55, CHA also has 20 employ- 
ees working overseas at its European 
headquarters in London as well as in 
offices in Paris, Rome, Madrid, and Athens. 
When CHA tours are in operation, another 
500 people serve as tour directors and 
group leaders. 

How did the CHA expand so quickly? 

"Word of mouth is the most powerful tool 
that we have," said Falcione's wife, Louise, 
who serves as senior vice president of the 
Cultural Heritage Alliance. "Teachers 
recommend us to their colleagues and 

"Today there are more sophisticated ways 
of reaching people," adds Augustine 
Falcione. "But if somebody tells you that I 
traveled with them and I'm happy, that is 
the best endorsement." 

CHA "grew by leaps and bounds," espe- 
cially from the late-1970s to the mid-1980s, 
primarily because Augustine Falcione 
found a very economical way to introduce 
teachers and students to foreign countries 
in a short period of time while making it 
an enjoyable educational experience. 

"At that time, travel with students was 
really a novel concept," said Mrs. Falcione. 
"It was something that only the rich 
people— the elite— would do, but our goal 
was to introduce it to everyone, to make it 
more affordable, so they could really see 
the value of studying a foreign language. 
They could see that it wasn't just words, 
but it really had to do with people and 
cultures and different ways of living." 

"It used to be that languages were taught 
almost like in a vacuum." said Augustine, 

recalling that a great majority of the lan- 
guage teachers traveling with him in the 
early days had never been to Europe. 
"People learned certain things, but could 
they really speak the language? What they 
learned in the classroom seemed almost to 
be irrelevant at times. 

"Our trips almost became an excuse to raise 
students to another level. They became 
terrific, powerful, educational weapons. 
They're like appetizers that make students 
hungrier to come back for more." 

Today, student travel is becoming the focus 
of the curriculum at many schools, not just 
in the languages but in such disciplines as 
art, music, and the sciences. About 60% of 
CHA's travelers are high school students and 
teachers. Many universities and colleges 
offer academic credit for the tours. Students 
must prepare by studying the language and 
culture of the foreign countries. Institutions 
often plan their trips a year or so in advance, 
opting to take one of CHA's 112 pre- 
arranged tours or having a specific trip 
designed to serve their special interests. Last 
year, for example, a college professor from 
North Carolina took his students on a very 
detailed tour of automobile factories in 
Europe. Many travelers return to take tours 
for the second, third, or fourth time and 
adult groups like retired teachers often 
arrange trips for their colleagues. 

"Each time I go, I just feel more and more 
certain that this is the best thing possible 
for a kid to experience," says John Hower, 
one of the CHA counselors on the 
company's promotional video. "I had a 
parent tell me that one of his kids that I 
had taken ten years ago matured more in 
those three weeks than had matured in the 
past ten years. They learn so much that 



they can't learn in a small town of 
4,000 or even a large town of 

The most popular destinations are 
Italy ("by far, number 1 because of 
its historical heritage," says August- 
ine), Spain, and England. Australia 
has recently become very popular. 
The tours are reviewed, updated, 
and changed annually. Mr. Falcione 
travels to Europe at least once a 
month to negotiate the best prices 
and accommodations personally 
with owners and managers of 
hotels and restaurants, operators of 
airlines and bus companies, and 
other travel officials. "Taking the 
easy way out and talking over the 
phone is just not the same," he 
explained, adding that more can be 
accomplished with face-to-face 

Local tour directors and group 
leaders ("the key element to the 
success of our operation," said 
Louise) are carefully selected, 
trained, and tested so they can 
better understand how to deal with 
American students. They learn how 
the expectations of these student 
may differ from a typical tourist 
visiting Europe for the first time. 
"We have developed a very good 
core of these people over the past 
26 years," she said. "Believe it or 
not, they do ultimately make or 
break a tour." 

The Falcione's daughter, Tina, 
joined the company in 1990 after 
her graduation with a degree in 
English from Bryn Mawr College. 
She handles the organization's 

daughter, Tina, in their offices near 
Philadelphia's Independence Hall. 

desktop publishing operation, 
developing the annual catalogue as 
well as brochures, newsletters, and 
other promotional and training 
material. Tina's operation is just 
one of the sophisticated computer- 
ized innovations that have been 
introduced to improve CHA's 
efficiency as it has expanded into a 
world-wide organization. By devel- 
oping its own specialized software, 
CHA can maintain profiles on each 
of its clients, keep track of all 
itineraries, download information 
from airlines, process all tickets, 
pay its vendors in foreign curren- 
cies, and communicate directly 
with its European offices from 

"The incredible revolution in 
technology has been really amaz- 
ing," said Louise. "When you think 
of Europe, you think of this far- 
away continent. When we think of 
our London office, we think of 
them being right upstairs." 

When CHA first started, all tickets 
including the name of the passen- 
ger, all flight information, indi- 
vidual prices and times, were 
written and validated by hand. For 
example, a typical itinerary for a 
group might include flying from 
Greensboro, N.C., to New York, to 
London, and Athens with a pos- 
sible "empty leg," then back from 
Paris, to London, to Atlanta and 
Greensboro. With thousands of 
travelers taking one of these tours, 
processing tickets became an 
astronomical chore. 

"This is how primitive it used to 
be," recalled Louise. "But with the 
sophistication of today, you simply 
can retrieve all of that information 
from the computer's memory with 
a single, fixed-letter code. From 
this code, you maintain the history 
of the booking including all times, 
locations, prices, and dates, a 
complete profile of the passenger, 
tickets that were issued, and the 

FALL 1995 

page 3 




dates everything was confirmed by 
hotels and the airlines." 

Operating such a complex business 
does have its frustrating moments. 
Like the time about 15 years ago 
when pilots from the old Pan 
American Airlines were threatening 
to go on strike which would have 
stranded about 10,000 CHA tourists 
in France. This was before the days 
of airline deregulation when it was 
much less expensive to use charter 
planes rather than regularly-sched- 
uled flights. 

The only way that you could take 
these passengers in large numbers 
at very good prices was to charter 
the whole airplane,'' said August- 
ine. "Because the demand for these 
tours was so incredible, we had to 
go to the airlines that were able to 
supply the aircraft." Only Pan AM 
and TWA had enough 757s avail- 

"I remember that night clearly," 
recalled Louise. "We had about 15 
planes leaving the next morning 
and if Pan Am had gone on strike, 
there was nothing that anybody 
could do." 

Louise was sitting in CHA's former 
headquarters on Broad street in 
South Philadelphia. Augustine was 
in Paris. It was 3:00 A.M. The 
phone rang and a voice from 
Washington said that the negotia- 
tors were still talking. The planes 
are going to fly," I was told. 'Call 

Augustine in Paris and tell him that 
everything is a go.' And I called 
him and said, "they're coming!' 
Then I remember jumping about 20 
feet in the air." 

The Falciones often find themselves 
putting in 14-hour days, six and 
seven days a week. Working until 2 
or 3:00 A.M. is not unusual. "I 
remember many times that we 
were so exhausted that actually we 
slept right on the floor of the 
office," recalled Augustine. 

The Falciones don't mind the long 
hours, however. 

"We happen to like what we're 
doing," said Augustine. "After all, 
this is an extension of what we 
were trained to do. The only 
difference is that we have explored 
a new way of looking at things. But 
we are still teachers one way or 
another. Still teachers at heart!" 

Mr. Falcione was born in Italy and 
came to America at the age of 16. 
Soon he was working for an Italian 
newspaper in Philadelphia where 
he met Dr. Domenico A. DiMarco, 
a long-time lecturer in the 
university's Foreign Languages and 
Literature Department. DiMarco 
encouraged him to enroll at 
La Salle where he played varsity 
soccer and found himself struggling 
at times with the English language 
and such professors as Roland 
Holroyd, whose biology class was 
filled with pre-med students. 

"My memories of La Salle have 
certainly been very, very warm 
through the years." said Augustine 
Falcione who went on to earn an 
education degree. "Some of my 
teachers were really excellent. Dr. 
Holroyd was a great person and a 
great teacher. I had a couple of 
(English) classes with Dan Rodclen. 
He just was absolutely great. 
La Salle certainly did a wonderful 
job of educating me." 

Mr. Falcione met his wife, a teacher 
at South Philadelphia High School 
and a graduate of Temple Univer- 
sity, while both were studying one 
night in a branch of the Philadel- 
phia Free Library. "I saw her earn- 
ing books and said, could I be of 
help?'" Augustine recalled. "She said 
yes' and that was the beginning." 
Louise was also born in Italy and 
had originally planned on staying in 
countrv onlv for a vear after gradu- 

Mr. Falcione. who has donated a 
significant amount of video equip- 
ment to Channel 56, feels that the 
university's cable TV station, could 
be La Salle's "voice" to the alumni. 
"It's a good way to communicate, to 
encourage alumni participation," he 
said. "A wealth of people ha\ e 
graduated from La Salle and are not 
as involved as they should be. I 
think that La Salle has a wonderful 
name and I would like to see the 
alumni do more for the university." 

page t 


Honor Roll of Donors 

Dear Friends: 

On behalf of everyone at La Salle, I am very pleased to introduce the 1994-95 Honor Roll of 
Donors by thanking the many individuals and organizations whose continuing loyalty and gener- 
osity have contributed so significantly to the quality of the education the University offers. 

Despite the many challenges confronting private colleges and universities, 
and indeed all nonprofits in our region, 1994-95 proved to be an outstanding 
year for La Salle's development program. Among the many accomplishments 
that are documented in the Honor Roll, the following highlights warrant 
special mention: 

1. Total gifts and grants increased from S 5,388,328 to $ 6,052,214, a 12.3% 
increase. As a result, 1994-95 supplanted 1993-94 as the third most successful 
year in the history of the LTiiversity's fund-raising program. 

2. Alumni donors increased from 5,811 to 7,422, a 28% increase, and alumni 
donations increased from $ 1,621,956 to $ 2,188,770, a 35% increase. Both the 
number of alumni donors and the total of alumni donations were the highest 
in the University's history. 

3. Parent donors increased from 738 to 917, a 24% increase, and parent 
donations increased from $ 55,192 to $ 111,415, a 102% increase. Both the 
number of parent donors and the total of parent donations were the highest 
in the University's history. 

4. The third annual Charter Dinner/La Salle University Leadership Award 
Ceremony honored Mr. William J. Avery, Chairman, President and CEO of 

Crown Cork and Seal Company, Inc., and raised more than $ 85,000 for the University's scholar- 
ship fund, a 57% increase from 199-4 and a 143% increase from 1993- 

5. Two major bequests were received during 1994-95: $ 25,000 from the estate of Mary E. Dean 
and $ 401.230 from the estate of Catherine E. Doran. 

6. Four endowed scholarships received significant funding during 1994-95: The J. Hugh and 
Nancy Devlin Scholarship Fund, the Robert L. Dean Scholarship Fund, the Paul R. Doran and 
Catherine E. Doran Memorial Fund, and the Trans Freight, Inc. Scholarship Fund. 

Through the continuing loyalty and support of our many benefactors. La Salle will maintain and 
enhance the Christian Brothers' long-standing commitment to scholarship and teaching excel- 
lence. As have their predecessors, future generations of La Salle students will directly benefit 
from the generous financial assistance the University has received from the many individuals and 
organizations that are listed in this Honor Roll of Donors 

Once again, many thanks for your dedication and commitment to La Salle Llniversity and its 

Joseph F. Burke. F.S.C., Ph.D. '68 

FALL 1995 

page -> 

David Newell (left), vice president for public 
affairs at First Fidelity Bank, congratulates 
Lauren B. Dionisio, '98, one of three recipients 
of First Fidelity Bank Scholarships, as Brother 
President Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D., '68, 
and two other recipients, Gwynne E. Vandiver, 
'98, and Brian J. Garbacz, '98, look on. In 1993, 
First Fidelity Bank awarded a four-year grant of 
$50,400 to La Salle's capital campaign and 
earmarked that commitment for student schol- 





Business Matching Gifts 




Unduplicated Subtotal 


221 ,437 



$ 203,540 


Crown Cork and Seal Company, Incorporated $40,312 

DuPont Company $37,000 

Philip Morris Companies, Incorporated $25,850 

Bloomberg Financial Markets, Commodities, News $24,000 

Philadelphia Coca-Cola Bottling Company $21 ,200 

Rohm and Haas Company $18,000 

First Fidelity Bancorporation $12,500 

ARCO Chemical Company $12,300 

McNeil Consumer Products Company $12,150 

Ballinger $12,000 

Mellon Bank/PSFS $10,000 

PECO Energy Company $ 9,700 

Boston Globe $ 5,000 

Merrill Lynch and Co. Foundation, Inc. $ 5,000 

Interstate Realty Management Company $ 4.250 

Tennco Automotive $ 4.000 

Rouse Company $ 3,500 

Tri-State Dairy-Deli Association $ 3,500 

ARAMARK Corporation $ 3,000 

Johnson and Johnson Family of Companies $ 3,000 

United Refrigeration, Incorporated $ 3,000 

Westinghouse Electric $ 3,000 
Schering-Plough Healthcare Products, Incorporated $ 2,500 

Arthur Andersen LLP $2,200 

Elliott-Lewis Corporation $ 2,200 

Johnson and Higgins $ 2,200 

Millard Consulting Services, Incorporated $ 2,200 

Pepsi-Cola and National Brand Beverages, Ltd. $ 2,200 

Reilly Foam Corporation $ 2.200 

Spiegel, Incorporated $ 2,200 

Budd Company $ 2,000 

Coca-Cola, Incorporated $ 2,000 

JACA Corporation $ 2,000 

Lomax Health Systems, Incorporated $ 2,000 

Tasty Baking Company $ 2,000 

Midlantic Bank $ 1,700 

Southwater Realty $ 1 ,500 

Philadelphia Food Trades Organization $ 1,250 

Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank $ 1,200 

The Bryn Mawr Trust Company $ 1 ,200 

Can Manufacturers Institute $ 1,200 

Coopers and Lybrand $ 1,200 

CoreStates Bank, N.A. $1,200 

William H. Pflaumer and Sons $ 1,200 

Price Waterhouse $ 1,200 

Reilly-Mita Partnership $ 1,200 

Safe-Guard Technologies Corporation $ 1,200 

United Valley Bank $ 1,200 

The West Company $ 1 ,200 

Young Windows, Incorporated $ 1,200 

Blasland, Bouck and Lee, Incorporated $ 1,000 

Dole Packaged Foods Company $ 1,000 

Financial Resources, Incorporated $ 1.000 

Genuardi's Supermarkets $ 1,000 

PFPC, Incorporated $ 1,000 

Kings Supermarket $ 826 

Meridian Asset Management $ 

NRI Data and Business Products $ 

Archer and Greiner $ 

Comcast Cablevision of Philadelphia $ 

Environmental Compliance Services, Incorporated $ 
Environmental Resources Management, Incorporated $ 

First National Bank and Trust Company $ 

Philadelphia Press Association $ 

Ukrainian Selfreliance Federal Credit Union $ 

WAWA, Incorporated $ 

PrimeSource Corporation $ 

Ann Klein and Associates, Incorporated $ 

Philadelphia Suburban Water Company $ 

Roadway Packaging Systems, Incorporated $ 

Bentley Systems, Incorporated $ 

Maslo Company, Incorporated $ 

Commerce Bank $ 

Dan Lepore and Sons Company $ 

Northeast Outdoor Advertising $ 

Sun Company, Incorporated $ 

Vasoli Electric Company, Incorporated $ 

Mercy Health Plan $ 

A P Graphics $ 

John Kennedy Chevrolet, Incorporated $ 

Knickers Restaurant and Pub $ 

Prudential Insurance Company of America $ 

3M/CFG Manhattan $ 

Diagnostic Imaging, Incorporated $ 

Sixsmith Sporting Goods, Incorporated $ 


$ 334,009 

page 6 



Independence Foundation 

Annenberg Foundation 

William Penn Foundation 

W. W. Smith Charitable Trust 

James S. Kemper Foundation 

Urasenke Foundation 

Samuel P. Mandell Foundation 

Hero Scholarship Fund 

Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation 

Citizens Scholarship Foundation of America, Inc. 

Foundation for Independent Colleges of Pennsylvania, 

Gannett Foundation 
Superior-Pacific Fund, Incorporated 
Samuel S. Fels Fund 
J. Wood Piatt Caddie Scholarship Trust 
Charlpeg Foundation, Incorporated 
W. K. Kellogg Foundation 
Martin de Porres Foundation 
Frank Roswell Fuller Scholarship Fund 
Prudential Foundation 
Anna M. Vincent Trust 
Snayberger Foundation 

Benjamin and Fredora Wolf Memorial Foundation 
Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation 
John McShain Charities, Incorporated 
York Foundation 
UPS Foundation 
John McKee Scholarship 
The Connelly Foundation 
Winchester Foundation 
Samuel A. Blank Scholarship Fund 
Frank J. Keane Scholarship Fund 
The Clark Foundation 
American Nurses Foundation (Pennsylvania 

Nurses Association) 
Supreme Council Education Fund 
Quaker Chemical Foundation 
MacCurdy - Salisbury Education Fund 
Samuel L. Abrams Foundation 
Marie J. Carrol Foundation 
Fourjay Foundation x 

Ruth W. Hayre Scholarship Fund 
Ernest Matthews Trust Scholarship 
National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation 
William Rohrer Fund 
Two/Ten Charity Trust, Incorporated 
Wolf Memorial Foundation 
Newport Scholarship Fund 
Oshkosh Truck Foundation 
Foerstner Scholarship Foundation Incorporated 
Abraham Buckwalter Fund 
Hunt Scholarship Fund 
Ethel Jefferson Scholarship Fund 
Lukens Foundation 
Ann and Arthur Marciano Fund 
Elmer Smith Scholarship Trust 
Van Wynen Trust 

B. B. McGinnis Scholarship Fund 
Guggenheim Scholarship Fund 


Estate of Catherine E. Doran 

Joseph Schmitz, Jr. Testamentary Trust 

Estate of Mary E. Dean 

Charitable Lead Trust under Deed of Trust 

of Dr. Roland Holroyd 

$ 60,000 
$ 55,300 
$ 30,000 
$ 25,250 
$ 15,100 
$ 15,000 
$ 13,950 
$ 11,317 

$ 10,000 

$ 10,000 

$ 8,000 

$ 7,300 

$ 5,000 

$ 4,939 

$ 4,410 

$ 4,000 

$ 4,000 

$ 4,000 

$ 3,500 

$ 3,500 

$ 3,000 

$ 3,000 

$ 3,000 

$ 2,550 

$ 2,500 

$ 2,200 

$ 2,200 

$ 2,000 

$ 2,000 

$ 1 ,900 

$ 1 ,625 

$ 1 ,600 

$ 1,500 

$ 1 ,200 

$ 1 ,000 

$ 1 ,000 

$ 1 ,000 

$ 1 ,000 

$ 1 ,000 

$ 1,000 

$ 1,000 

$ 1,000 

$ 1,000 

$ 850 

$ 850 

$ 750 

$ 500 

$ 500 

$ 500 

$ 500 

$ 500 

$ 500 

$ 500 

$ 400 

$ 4C 

$ 3C 


$401 ,230 
$ 26,783 
$ 25,000 
$ 22,012 

United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania 



La Salle University Alumni Association 



Friends of La Salle University Rowing 



Pennsylvania Campus Compact 



Philadelphia Area Computer Society 



Police Athletic League Fund 



The Union League of Philadelphia 



Northeast Catholic Alumni Scholarship 



Teamsters Local 830 



Steamfitters Local 420 



Philadelphia Naval Shipyard 



University of Pennsylvania 



Ukrainian National Association Scholarship 



School District of Philadelphia 



Royal Arcanium 



Synod of the Trinity 



Dechert, Price and Rhoads 



Montgomery, McCracken, Walker and Rhoads 



Stradley, Ronon, Stevens and Young 



Waters, McPherson, McNeill 



American Institute of Certified Public Accountants 



Chemical Club of Philadelphia 



Crain, Caton and James 



Boilermakers Local 13 



Broadcast Pioneers 



Delaware Valley Chapter, N.A.I.O.P 



Downingtown Chamber of Commerce 



International Longshoremen's Association 



Polish National Alliance of the United States 



West Catholic Alumni Association Scholarship 



ABWA, Francis Scott Key 



Quarter Century Club 



Coffey and Kaye 



Cozen and O'Connor, PC. 



Nick Myers and Associates 



O'Halloran, Ginley and Schofield 



Schnader, Harrison, Segal and Lewis 



Stack and Gallagher, PC. 



Woodcock, Washburn, Kurtz, Mackiewicz and Norris 



ABWA, Ephrata Chapter 



Byers' Choice Ltd. 



Hazelton Area Education Association 



Rotary Club of Bristol 



Summit Chapter, Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame 



Women's Auxiliary Commonwealth 



Boilermakers Local 28 



Philadelphia - South Jersey International 



Ladies Garment Workers Union 

Rotary Club of Norristown 



National Association of Letter Carriers 



Oil Trade Association 



United Jewish Organizations 



United Ukrainian American Relief Commission 



Holy Ghost Preparatory School 



Greater Warminster Chamber of Commerce 



Saint Sophia Religious Association 



Stampone and D'Angelo, PC. 



Canaan Baptist Church 








Department of Education, Institutional 

$ 942,555 

Assistance Grant Program 

Department of Education, Act 101 Program 

$ 73,460 

FALL 1995 


Department of Education, Act 143, $ 60,320 

Adult Literacy Program 

Department of Education, Institutional $ 43,195 

Equipment Grant Program 

Department of Commerce (University of $ 41,716 


Department of Education, Summer Intensive $ 22,500 

Language Program 

Department of Education, Section 322, $ 16,704 

Adult Basic Education Program 

Department of Education, Legislative $ 10,000 

Initiative Program 

Department of Public Welfare, Developmental $ 4,990 

Disabilities Planning Council 



National Science Foundation, Interactive $146,293 

Mathematics Program (San Francisco State 

University Foundation, Incorporated) 

Department of Education, Interest Subsidy $115,025 

Small Business Administration, Small Business $114,846 

Development Center Program (University 

of Pennsylvania) 

Department of Health and Human Services, $ 79,722 

Special Projects Program 

Department of Health and Human Services, $ 69,721 

Advanced Nurse Education Program 

National Endowment for the Humanities, $ 63,974 

Summer Seminars for School Teachers 

Department of Health and Human Services, $ 53,969 

Professional Nurse Traineeship Program 

National Science Foundation, Instrumentation $ 49,817 

and Laboratory Improvement Program 

Corporation for National and Community Service $ 47,847 

Department of Health and Human Services, Public $ 20,000 

Health Service (Greater Philadelphia Urban 

Affairs Coalition) 








1995 UJ! 'T iliH 917 I 

1994 [tin 738 C!Ti!TiH ; 

1993 [Mil 647 

1992 H3 547 
1991 [Mil] 761 

Brother Emery C. Mollenhauer, F.S.C., 
Ph.D., associate professor of English, 
joins Mr. and Mrs. C. Gerard Kramer at 
the President's Dinner honoring major 
donors to the university. Mr. Kramer, 
'58, and his wife, Mary, are members of 
the university's San Miguel Club. 

Drs. Phyllis Betz (right), a lecturer in 
the English Department, and Joanne 
Conway (second from right), who 
teaches in the Religion and Human 
Services Psychology Departments, 
received the second annual "von 
Allmen Awards" given to La Salle 
University adjunct faculty members for 
teaching excellence, on April 19. They 
were presented by Erwin and Carolyn 
Rye von Allmen (pictured at left). 
Mr. von Allmen is a lecturer in the 
university's MBA program and presi- 
dent of W.C. Smith Inc., a Philadel- 
phia-based confectionery and specialty 
food equipment company. 

page- X 




"ome of the most meaningful gifts 
La Salle receives are made in honor or 
in memory of a beloved friend, col- 
league, or family member. This past 
year, memorial gifts were donated in the 
names of thirty-seven (37) individuals, 
an inspiring indication of the donors' 
regard for both the University and the 
individuals listed below. 

Robert C. Ames '56 

Gregg Argenziano '94 

Br. Joseph Bender, F.S.C. 

Reverend John Bogacz 

William J. Brett, Jr. '67 

George J. Bucs 

Robert Chesco '63 

Rudolf E. Chope 

Jeffrey T. Cox '95 

Josephine Danielski 

Robert L. Dean '41 

Michael A. DeAngelis 

Br. Claude Demitras, F.S.C. '53 

Anna H. & Harry J. Donaghy 

Br. John P. Dondero, F.S.C. '45 

Paul R. Doran, Ph.D. & 

Catherine E. Doran 

Michael A. Dugan '61 

Robert J. Fitzgerald 70 

James I. Gillespie, C.P.A. '55 

H. Blake Hayman, M.D. '41 

Anthony F. Heck '51 

J. W. Hyde 

Jack M. Keen 72 

Sonia Keen 

Dr. Joseph Kelly 

Richard E. Lautz 

Christine A. Mazurek '85 

Br. Francis J. McCormick, F.S.C. '27 

Charles "Chip" McKeaney '90 

Br. Jeremy McNamara, F.S.C. 

William J. Miller '58 

Br. James Muldoon, F.S.C. '55 

Catherine E. O'Connell 

Br. David Pendergast, F.S.C. 

Hugh T. Smith '52 

Paul Thibault '93 

Robert R. Wilsbach 

he Charter Club, founded in 
1988, pays tribute to individuals 
who offer extraordinary support to La Salle of $25,000 or 
more. La Salle College was originally located at St. 
Michael's Parish, 1419 North Second Street, at the time 
it received its charter from the Commonwealth of 
Pennsylvania in 1863. 

Estate of Mary E. Dean 
J. Hugh & Nancy Devlin 
Estate of Catherine E. Doran 
Augustine F. Falcione 
Joseph N. Gennett 

Dr. & Mrs. Morton S. Mandell 
David T. Poiesz 
Joseph Schmitz, Jr. Trust 
John J. Shea 
Frank Stanton 
Jay Robert Stiefel 



like their founder, St. John Baptist De La Salle, patron of 
the University, the Brothers have committed their lives to 
education. The Christian Brothers' unwavering devotion, 
guidance and love for La Salle have been truly their hallmark 
since the University was founded in 1863- 

These religious who serve as faculty, administrators and staff 
members contributed $203,540 to the University in fiscal 1995 
for scholarship assistance. La Salle students have been 
blessed with their influence of 132 years. 

Br. Hugh N. Albright, F.S.C. 
Br. Arthur J. Bangs, F.S.C. 
Br. Andrew Bartley, F.S.C. 
Br. Joseph Bender, F.S.C. 
Br. Daniel W. Burke, F.S.C. 
Br. Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C. 
Br. Miguel A. Campos, F.S.C. 
Br. Lawrence J. Colhocker, F.S.C. 
Br. J. Edward Davis, F.S.C. 
Br. Patrick Duffy, F.S.C. 
Br. Charles F. Echelmeier, F.S.C. 
Br. Gabriel A. Fagan, F.S.C. 

Br. E. Gerald Fitzgerald, F.S.C. 
Br. Joseph Grabenstein, F.S.C. 
Br. Charles E. Gresh, F.S.C. 
Br. William E. Hall, F.S.C. 
Br. Joseph J. Keenan, F.S.C. 
Br. Emery C. Mollenhauer, F.S.C. 
Br. Gerard F. Molyneaux, F.S.C. 
Br. James J. Muldoon, F.S.C. 
Br. Francis Tri V. Nguyen, F.S.C. 
Br. G. John Owens, F.S.C. 
Br. Joseph Scheiter, F.S.C. 
Br. Edward J. Sheehy, F.S.C. 

FALL 1995 

page 9 




he University Club, initi- 
ated in 1985, includes individuals who make 
donations of $10,000 to 524,999. On May 14, 

1984. the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania con- 
ferred University status on La Salle College and in 

1985. the new University acquired the historic 
Charles Willson Peale House on the Belfield Estate. 

John F. Carabello, D.M.D. 
Joseph A. Coffey, Jr.. Esq. 

Thomas Curley 
Henry G. DeVincent, M.D. 

Leon Ellerson 

William J. Henrich, Jr., Esq. 

Dr. Roland Holroyd Trust 

John Hynansky 

Peter J. Kiernan 

Leon J. Perelman 

Charles J. Reilly 

Dr. <S; Mrs. Harold J. Robinson 

Richard S. Rueda, Esq. 

William V. Toner 

Robert M. Vetrone 


.he De La Salle Society is 
composed of those donors who contribute $5,000 to 
$9,999- Established in 1981, the society's name honors 
St. John Baptist de La Salle (1651-1719), the founder of 
the Christian Brothers and the patron of the University. 

CPT E. F. Bronson, USN, Ret. 
Rudolph H. Carrier, Jr., Esq. 
Mary & Rudolf Chope 
Joseph E. Crowne, Jr. 
John M. Daly, M.D." 
Stephen J. DeVoe, III 
Joseph A. Gallagher 
Charles M. Grace 
Michael J. Griffin 
James R. Guntle, Jr. 
Terence K. Heaney, Esq. 
Eileen M. Heck 
Thomas J. Hoskins 
Joseph T. Jones, Jr. 
John F. Kent, Esq. 

Joseph P. Klock, Jr.. Esq. 
C. Raymond Larkin, Jr. 
Walter P. Lomax, Jr.." M.D. 
Joseph G. Markmann, C.P.A. 
William J. Markmann, M.D. 
William J. McCormick. Jr. 
Michael G. Mullen 
Frederick C. Mischler. Sr. 
George S. Paull, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Reilly. Jr. 
Dennis J. Riley, Esq. 
Joseph R. Sadowski 
Edward J. Stemmler, M.D. 
J. Michael Whitaker, M.D. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Wright 



H -St. 


M he San Miguel Club is composed of those individuals who donate $2,500 to $4,999. St. 
Miguel Febres Cordero (1854-1910), an Ecuadorian Christian Brother who was canonized in 
1984, was a man of letters, author, poet, and a recognized authority on the Spanish language. 

Kevin R. Alger 

Joseph C. Flanagan, M.D. 

Joseph E. Luecke 

Jerry A. Naessens. C.P.A. 

Mark D. Baldino 

William P. Foley 

James I. Lynch & 

G. Dennis O'Brien, Ph.D. 

John B. Heal 

John J. Gallagher, Esq. 

Kathleen Gordon Lynch 

Patrick J. O'Leary, C.P.A. 

Gerald V. Burke, M.D. 

John P. Garrison. Ill 

Thomas J. Lynch 

Jonathan J. Palmer 

Peter R. Bossow 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Gaudinski 

Thomas J. Mahoney, C.P.A. 

Thomas N. Pappas 

Maj. Gen. William F. Burns. U.S.A.. Ret. 

Nicholas A. Giordano 

Peter A. Martosella. Jr. 

Harry J. Pearce 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter R. Cavanaugh 

Garrett J. Girvan 

Dennis M. Maziarz, M.D. 

John P. Penders. Esq. 

Joseph H. Cloran 

William' F. Grauer, C.P.A. 

Lawrence E. McAlee, Esq. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Raub 

William F. X. Coffey. M.D. 

John E. Guiniven 

F. Owen McKeaney 

Dr. & Mrs. Karl Rickels 

Donald A. Comely. M.D. 

William E. Herron, C.P.A. 

CedricJ. McKeever 

Thomas S. Rittenhouse 

Dawn Riley Courtney. Esq. 

Kathleen Burns Kapusnick 

James F. McManus & 

Anthony C. Santopolo, M.D. 

J. Russell Cullen. Jr. 

Maurice A. Kelley 

Margaret M. McManus. Ph.D. 

Raymond F. Shea, Jr., Esq. 

Charles I. Daley 

Thomas S. Kilcheski. M.D. 

John J. McNally. C.P.A 

James J. Timoney 

James F. Dever 

Christopher F. Koch 

James D. McShea 

law in YonAllmen 

Richard J. Donnelly 

C. Gerard Kramer 

G. Harold Metz, Ph.D. 

Leonard A. Ward 

Jeremias T. Dubvk. M.D. 

Gregory LeCerff 

Barbara C. Millard. Ph.D. cS: 

Charles J. Wolf, III. M.D. & 

Michael L. Duffy 

William J. Leimkuhler 

John B. Millard 

Zane R. Wolf, Ph.D. 

Joseph F. Elm 

Thomas A. Leonard. C.P.A. 

James F. Mullan 

Ronald J. Young 

Eugene J. Ferry 

James M. Lord 

Joseph C. Murphy, C.P.A. 

John D. Zook, C.P.A. 

page 10 






he President's Club, 
established in 1981, is composed of donors who 
contribute 81,000 to $2,499. 

Francis C. Au, M.D. 
Anthony J. Balsamo, M.D. 
Anthony P. Baratta, Esq. 
David E. Beavers, Esq. 
G. Michael Bellenghi, C.P.A. 
Norbert F. Belzer, Ph.D. 
Vincent P. Bern- 
William J. Binkowski 
Michael J. Brennan 
Donald J. Brooks 
James J. Broussard 
Francis H. Bruce 
Joseph R. Buckley 
Roger G. Bucs, M.D. 
W. Richard Bukata, M.D. 
Thomas R. Burke 
James E. Burkhart, M.D. 
Donald J. Burkhimer 
Vincent Butera, M.D. 
Lawrence P. Byrnes, Esq. & 
Teresa M. Jackson 
Albert A. Cantello 
Thomas Capizzi, Ph.D. 
Gerald J. Carpency, Esq. 
Gilbert C. Carroll. M.D. 
Louis J. Casale, M.D. , 

Gregory J. Castano, Esq. 
Dan A.Chila, C.P.A. 
Vincent J. Ciavardini 
John A. Clement, Jr., Esq. 
Patricia J. Clifford 
William J. Collins, Jr. 
Michael E. Connaughton, Ph.D. 
John L. Connell, C.P.A. 
Joseph J. Connelly. Jr. 
Joseph P. Conville. Jr. 
Norman H. Coopersmith, M.D. 
CPT Marco Coppola, D.O. 
Dominic J. Cotugno, Ed.D. 
John B. Cregan 
Robert C. Crosson, Jr. 
Donald F. Cunningham 
Joseph A. DAmato. C.P.A. 
John P. Davis 

Walter W. Dearolf, III, M.D. & 
Susan Murphy Dearolf 
Peter M. DiBattiste, M.D. 
Donald C. Dill 
Bernard J. Dillon, Jr. 
Gloria A. Donnelly. Ph.D. 
Michael J. Dunn. Jr. 
Dr. <X Mrs. R. Lawrence Dumvorth 

Henry F. Eberhardt 

Joseph J. Eberle, Jr. 

David C. Eisenhart, Jr. 

Paul S. Ellis, M.D. & 

Mary Lynn Hensler Ellis 

George T. Evans 

Br. Gabriel A. Fagan. F.S.C., Ph.D. 

Richard L. Fagnani, C.P.A. 

John M. Falker, M.D. 

James J. Faulk 

Samuel V. Filippine, Jr. 

Peter J. Finnegan 

Thomas J. Fitzpatrick & 

Joan Mancini Fitzpatrick 

John F. Flannery 

William J. Flannery, Esq. 

George W. Fleetwood 

David C. Fleming, Jr. 

John M. Fleming, C.P.A. 

Joseph F. Flubacher, Ed.D. 

Robert Folberg, M.D. 

Fred J. Foley. Jr.. Ph.D. 

Raymond E. Foran 

Ludwig M. Frank. M.D. 

Paul J. Gallagher 

Armond F. Gentile 

Colleen P. Gillespie 

James I. Gillespie. C.P.A. 

Anthony R. Giorgio, M.D. 

James M. Glasgow 

Dr. & Mrs. William B. Glenn 

Robert C. Gould, Ph.D. 

James J. Haney, III. M.D. 

E. Lawrence Harasym. Jr., M.D. 

Frank Harmon, III 

Thomas B. Harper, III, Esq. 

Nelson G. Harris 

Daniel P. Heenan 

Mary P. Higgins, Esq. 

Kenneth L. Hill 

Peter A. Horty, C.P.A. 

J. Robert Huck 

Philip E. Hughes, Jr., Esq. 

William J. Hunt 

Walter J. Hynek 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Jones 

Paul E. Karis. M.D. 

Thomas J. Kean. Jr. 

Thomas A. Kelly 

Paul M. Keogh 

William J. Kesselring 

Mr. & Mrs. Ghassan Khalifa 

William J. King 
Vincent R. Kling, Ph.D. 
Joseph D. Kovatch, Ph.D. 
Mr. & Mrs. Bohdan Kurys 
Harry F. Kusick, Jr. 
Anthony M. Landis, D.O. 
John Langan 
Margaret M. Lennon 
Joseph F. Lepo, Jr. 
Eric P. Linn 
John W. Logan 
Fernando Lombardi, C.P.A. 
Trevor P. Lynch, M.D. 
John K. Lyons 
James M. Mack 
Kevin E. Madden cs; 
Catherine Filemyr Madden 
Joseph J. Mahon. Jr., Esq. 
Wendy R. Mailman, M.D. 
Josephine C. Mandeville 
Roger Marchetti 
John K. Mariani, D.O. 
Anthony M. Marino 
Dennis S. Mario, C.P.A. 
Robert A. Martone, C.P.A. 
Michael J. McAleer. C.P.A. & 
Anna Celenza McAleer 
Gerald P. McBride 
John L. McCloskey 
John R. McCloskey, M.D. 
Joseph R. McDonald, Esq. 
Joseph McEwen 
Joseph P. McFadden 
Francis T. McGettigan, C.P.A. 
Robert L. McGill 
Stephen L. McGonigle 
Francis B. McHugh 
John V. Mclntyre, Ph.D. 
Michael J. McKenna 
William J. McMahon, Jr. 
James P. McMenamin 
John W McMenamin 
Joseph D. McMenamin. D.O. 
Francis J. McQuilkin 
James G. McSherry 
Theodore H. Mecke, Jr. 
James P. Meehan 
Lawrence J. Mellon, Jr., M.D. 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Merenda 
Maryanne C. Miller 
F. Paul Mita. Jr. 
John E. Mitchell. C.P.A. 
Cyrus Mohebbi, Ph.D. 
Joseph J. Molyneaux 
Richard M. Monihan, M.D. & 
Mar} Lou Monihan 
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Morris 
James P. Murphy, Esq. 
Donald A. Murray 
Nick H. Myers 
Paul F. Naughton 
Anthonv I. Nocella 

Frank J. Noonan 
Thomas J. Noone 
Helen North, Ph.D. 
Jerome C. O Connell, Esq. & 
Patricia Donegan O'Connell 
Francis R. O'Hara, Esq. 
Timothy T. O'Toole, Esq. 
Joseph M. Owens, Ph.D. 
Joseph J. Panchella, C.P.A. 
John J. Persia 
John M. Pettine 
Tobias R. Philbin, III, Ph.D. 
1. David Pincus, Esq. 
Marjorie M. Pincus 
Robert R. Plefka 
Donald W. Pulver 
Charles J. Quattrone. Jr. 
Albert S. Randa. C.P.A. 
Stephen J. Rauscher 
Robert T. Reichman, M.D. 
Charles J. Reynolds 
John D. Rilling, C.P.A. & 
Maureen Ryan Rilling 
Thomas J. Rodgers, Jr. 
Carmen V. Romeo 
Mark Rosenthal, Esq. 
Dennis R. Rubisch 
William R. Sasso, Esq. 
William R. Sautter, C.P.A. 
John A. Schlegel 
Charles A. Schmidt 
Mr. & Mrs. Isadore M. Scott 
Robert A. Shore. M.D. 
Michael S. Slanina. M.D. 
Brian J. Smith. C.P.A. 
Peter F. Smith 
Richard M. Snyder. Esq. 
Joseph L. Spaa.r, M.D. 
johnM. Stack. Jr.. M.D. 
Charles E. Stahlecker 
James P. & Marie M. Steinitz 
Scott E. Shekel. Ph.D. 
Charles L. Storm 
Br. J. Stephen Sullivan F.S.C.. S.T.D. 
John J. Sweeder. Ed.D. .S.- 
Bonnie Amos Sweeder 
Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Tekel 
Thomas F. Toomey. Jr., M.D. 
Peter P. Tozer, Esq. 
Owen J. Tucker 
Ernest R. Varalli 
Edward J. Vasoli 
Raymond T Vasoli 
Estate of John H. Veen 
Vincent P. Walls 
John E. Warga. Jr. 
Milton A. Washington 
Gerald M. Wilk 
John T Williams. M.D. 
William J. Wisniewski 

FALL 1995 

page 11 





he Founder's Circle, begun 
in 19 T 4, is composed of those individuals who 
donate $500 to $999. Brother Teliow, F.S.C. (1828- 
1900) was the founding President of La Salle 

Eugene J. Allen, Jr. 

Thomas J. Anderson 


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Apostolik 

Joseph Y. Ashman. Jr. 

Beverly A. Bacon 

Lester B. Barenbaum, Ph.D. 

William J. Barry, M.D. 

Robert L. Bendorovich. Jr. 

George H. Benz, Jr., M.D. 

James J. Berna, Ph.D. 

Stanley J. Birch, Jr. 

COL William H. Blankfield, Jr. 

John F. Blee 

Edward J. Bliss 

Edward J. Blusiewicz, Jr. 

James J. Boggs 

Eileen M. Bonner. M.D. 

Thomas L. Bower, II 

Timothy C. Boyle, C.P.A. & 

Yvonne Vito Boyle 

John P. Bradley 

John J. Bresnan 

Thomas C. Brogan, Ph.D. 

William F. Bryan, III 

Edward J. Buchanan 

W. Richard Bukata, M.D. 

Gerald J. Cahill 

Ms. Marie M. Campbell 

John T Capecci, C.P.A. 

Louis C. Cappiella 

David P. Carberry 

Francis J. Carlin, Jr. 

Nicholas G. Cavarocchi 

Joseph T Chambers, M.D. 

A.J. Chialastri, D.D.S. 

Dewey P. Clark 

John F. Connors. III. Ph.D. 

Terence J. Connors, C.P.A. 

John J. Convey. Ph.D. 

Joseph P. Coogan 

Dr. & Mrs. Chalmers E. Cornelius 

Paul K. Cosenza 

George N. Costantino, M.D. 

Edward J. Coyle 

Robert J. Coyle 

Hon. F. Ross Crumi li 

Denis B. Cummings 

Walter M. Czarnota 

Joseph DAulerio. Jr. 
Mr. Frank J. Danielski 
LTC Richard E. Darcy, Ret. 
Gerald T Davis 
Ira S. Davis 
Francis P. Day. M.D. 
Donald J. DeGrazia 
John J. Deady, C.P.A. 
Anastasia M. Dehner, C.P.A. 
John J. Dennehy, M.D. 
Edward H. Devine 
Edward S. Devlin 
Stephanie M. DiToro 
Peter Diffley 

Rev. Thomas J. Donaghy, PhD 
LTC George J. Dotsey, USA, Ret 
Dennis M. Dougherty 
Thomas J. Dougherty 
Francis T Duffy 
John V. Dugan, Jr.. Ph.D. 
Peter J. Duyer, Sr. 
Louis V. Eccleston 
David P. Efroymson, Ph.D. 
Mary A. Ehrlichman 
Brian S. Ettinger, Esq. 
Thomas W. Fairbrother 
Kevin O. Faley, Esq. 
Robert T Fallon, Ph.D. 
Vernice Ferguson 
Peter J. Finley, Ed.D. 
Edgar R. Fraunfelter 
Raymond C. Freisheim 
Bernard J. Freitag 
William B. Fynes, Sr. 
John M. Gallagher 
John P. Gallagher 
Paul J. Gallagher 
Vincent A. Gallagher 
John F. Gee, Jr. 
Frank O. Genuardi 
Joseph C. George, Ph.D. 
Linda E. Geraci, M.I). 
Martin M. Gold 
Donald W. Goodwin 
John J. Goodwin, Jr.. M.D. 
Kathleen R. Gormley 
Mrs. Irene R. Grabenstein 
John F. Graham 
John R. Greed, C.P.A. 

Ann Marie Becker Gross 
Bernard Grossman. M.D. 
Joseph Guaraldo 
Edward L. Haas, C.P.A. 
Raymond F. Hagen, Sr. 
John J. Haggerty, Jr. 
Rev. Kenneth P. J. Mallahan 
Charles A. J. Halpin, Jr., J.D. 
Joseph P. Halpin 
John W. Harran 
Raymond P. Heath, Ph.D. 
James J. Heger, M.D. 
John Helwig, Jr., M.D. 
W. Joseph Hetherington. Esq. 
Robert A. Hirsh, M.D. 
Thomas J. Hoban 
Gerald T Hofmann 
Joseph D. Holston, Jr., Esq. 
Edwin J. Hopkinson 
Ralph E. Horky 
William S. Hough 
William C. Howrie, Jr., M.D. 
John C. Incarvito. Jr., M.D. 
Alan J. Jarvis, Esq. 
Paul G. Jennings 
Simon B. John, Esq. 
Mr. & Mrs. Won Thau Jong 
Francis W. Judge 
Joseph A. Kane, Ph.D. 
Joseph F. Keenan 
Richard F. Keevey 
John H. Kennedy, C.P.A. 
James J. Kenyon 
Stephen M. Kerwick, Esq. 
John D. Kiggins 
Charles W. Kilbride 
Thomas J. Kirsch 
Mark R. Klingensmith, M.D. 
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Klisz 
James M. Knepp 
Gregory A. Koltonuk 
Bernard G. Krimm, Ph.D. 
Paul D. Kruper, Esq. 
James J. Kuhn, Jr. 

Raymond F. Kurian 
James B. Lane. M.D. 
Andrew J. Lapps 
John I). Leahy 
Thomas E. Leone 
George H. Levesque, Jr. 
Donald L. Levick, M.D. 
Vincent J. Lim 
Philip J. Lucia 
Theresa Kline Macko 
Denise D'Antonio Malecki 
David P. Malone 
John E. Malone 
Adeline Citrano Mandel 
Pasquale C. Marchese 
William H. Marshall 
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Martin 
Joseph D. Martin 
William V. Martinez, M.D. 
StephenJ. Masceri, M.D. 
Frank J. Mauer, Jr. 
Albert E. McBride, Jr. 
Thomas J. McCann 
Dennis J. McCarthy 
Thomas F. McCrea 
John P. McDermott 
James J. McDonald 
Daniel E. McGonigle 
Peter M. McGonigle, Esq. 
John J. McGrath 
Matthew J. McHugh 
Paul W. Mcllvaine, M.D. 
John F. Mclnerney. Ph.D. 
James J. McKenna, Jr., Ph.D. 
Laura K. McKenna 
Patrick W. McKenna 
John F. McKeogh 
William J. McLaughlin 
Michael E. McLoone 
Thomas A. McManus 
Daniel J. McMonagle 
Denise J. McPetus 
George J. Mecherly, Ph.D. 
Alan I. Meltzer, M.D. 




page 12 


John J. Merrick, Jr., Ph.D. & 

Kathryn Moos Merrick 

Harry J. Metzinger, C.P.A. 

V. James Mianulli 

John A. Michnowicz 

Rev. Joseph J. Miele 

David C. Miller, M.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Monaghan 

Thomas J. Mooney 

John F. Moore 

Robert T. Moran 

Dr. & Mrs. John F. Moretti 

Georgette M. Most 

Terry R. Moulder 

John T Mulhollancl 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. Mullan 

Leo J. Mullen, Jr. & 

Mary Kay Mullen 

James P. Murphy. Esq. 

Michael J. Murphy 

Paul J. Nekoranik 

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent H. Newton 

Michael S. Niemann 

Walter W. Noce, Jr. 

Gregory J. Nolan 

Gregory J. Nowak, Esq. 

Timothy M. O Connor 

Thomas O'Donnell 

John J. O'Hara, Jr., M.D. 

Daniel C. Pantaleo, Ph.D. 

John S. Penny, Ph.D. 

James H. Pickering, Jr., Esq. 

George E. Pierce, Jr., Esq. 

Frank V. Possinger 

Richard J. Prendergast 

John W.Quinlan, Sr., C.P.A. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Raab 

Donald J. Reape 

John T. Reed 

Dorothy C. Reilly 

Raymond A. Ricci 

Joseph M. Ridgway 

Theodore E. Riegert 

James A. Riviello 

Frank J. Rizzo 

Richard A. Rothwell. Jr., D.D.S. 

David S. Rudenstein, Esq. 

Leo D. Rudnytzky, Ph.D. 

Robert C. Rumsey 

David J. Russell 

Sigmond S. Rutkowski, D.O. 

Joseph A. Saioni 

Alfonso M. Salazar, Esq. 

John A. Sattel 

Eric O. Scheffler 

John L. Schmidt 

Kathleen E. Schrader 

Albert J. Schuler, Esq. 

Lawrence D. Schuler 

Joseph E. Schurtz 

Raymond L. Schutzman 

John R. Schwab & Andrea 

Schwind Schwab 

Christopher J. Serpico, Esq. & 

Maureen Dugan Serpico 

Elmer J. Shamwell 

Thomas J. Shaw, III & 

Karen Rogan 

Thomas C. Smith 

Mark D. Speaker, Esq. & 

Kathryne McGrath Speaker, Ed.D 

David J. Spingler 

D. Scott Steelman, II 

Edward A. Stefanski 

James J. Straine 

Francis L. Strocen, Jr. 

Thomas R. Swartz, Ph.D. 

Karla M. Sztukowski 

Vincent J. Szymkowski 

Michael A. Tarsitano 

William H. Tennant, Jr., Esq. 

John J. Tighe, Jr. 

Timothy R. Tilson 

Barbara Guthrie Trovato, Ph.D. 

William J. Uhl, Esq. 

Michael G. Valosky 

Raymond R. Verbrugghe 

Joseph J. Waldner 

LTCJolin E. Wall 

Charles J. Walsh, Jr. 

Hon. Joseph T Walsh 

R. Bruce Wayne 

Edward F. Welsh 

Thomas J. Welsh 

Eugene j. Whitaker, D.M.D. 

John Wiley, Jr.. Esq. 

Thomas A. Williams 

Mrs. Isabel B. Wilsbach 

Robert B. Winkelman, Jr. 

Edward A. Wrobleski, M.D. 

Michael Zeik 

James M. Zurbach, M.D. 

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy 
of the donor list. Occasionally, a donor's name is 
inadvertently misspelled or omitted. If , by chance, 
an error has been made, please accept our apology 
and please notify us of the mistake at 215-9^1 -1 ^39. 

Brother E. Gerald Fitzgerald, F.S.C., 70, former 
director of admissions, welcomes Dr. and Mrs. 
William J. Markmann, 70, and Mr. and Mrs. 
Joseph G. Markmann, '49, to the President's 
Dinner at the National Society Colonial Dames 
of America in center city Philadelphia. 

Jim and Bonnie McDonald share a light- 
hearted moment with Jake and Barbara 
Garrison at the President's Dinner. On 
June 30th, Jim McDonald. '58. retired 
after 34 years of service to the univer- 
sity as director of alumni. 

FALL 1995 

page 13 




he Ugo Donini Club 
acknowledges those of the La Salle family who 
contibute $250 to $499 annually. Named for 
Professor Ugo Donini (1901-1980), this club was 
established in 1982. 

Joseph E. Abbott 

Rev. Robert E. Albright 

Louis A. Alekna 

Daniel J. Allan. Esq. 

James J. Anderson 


James F. Anthony. Ill 

Robert P. Argentine, Jr., M.D. 

Dr. & Mrs. Albert F. Argenziano 

Joseph A. Atkins 

Thomas M. Aton 

Augustine C. Au, D.D.S. 

Mark J. Augello 

Allison A. Auld 

John L. Austin 

Mrs. Lena R. Aversano 

Henry A. Backe, Sr. 

James R. Bacon 

David J. Badolato. M.D. 

Daniel J. Ball. Ill 

Joseph R Barron 

Richard F. Barn". Ill 

Joseph P. Batory 

John T. Becker, C.P.A. 

Frederick J. Bernhardt 

William L. Berry 

Paul F. Betz. Ph.D. 

William A. Biermann, M.D. 

Robert J. Biester, M.D. 

William H. Binns 

Gabriel J. Blanco 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Bonora 

Charles W Booker 

Regina A. Boothman 

John J. Boral 

Lawrence J. Borger 

Susan C. Borkowski, Ph.D. 

Mr & Mrs. Nicholas W7. Botta 

Richard C. Bourne 

Carl J. Bow den 

Lawrence T. Bowman, Esq. 

Thomas J. Boyce, Jr. 

Thomas A. Brady, Jr. 

Joseph P, Braceland 

Leslie L. Branda 

Paul R. Brazina. C.P.A. 

Rev. Robert H. Breen 

William G. Brennan, C.P.A. 

Thomas C. Breslin 

Joseph V. Brogan, Ph.D. 
Cynthia A. Brown 
Robert H. Brown 
John T Browne. Jr. 
Leonard A. Brownstein. Ph.D. 
Gregory O. Bruce 
Edward M. Buchanan, M.D. 
Martin J. Bukowski, M.D. 
Harold J. Bullman, C.P.A. 
Charles E. Burke 
Edward F. Burns, Jr. 
Horace G. Butler, M.D. 
Thomas M. Butler, Ph.D. 
Frank P. Buzydlowski, Esq. 
John J. Cahill 
John J. Callan 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Calvanese 
Andrew J. Candelore, D.O. 
Francis J. Carbo, D.D.S. 
Frederick L. Cardinali 
James J. Carrigan 
Stephen P. Carter 
James F. Casey, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Cassin 
Vincent J. Catanese, M.D. 
Anthony J. Catanzaro 
Eugene G. Cattie 
Angela M. Cella 
Edward J. Cermack 
Kathleen M. Chancier, Esq. 
William F. Chapman, Jr. 
Anthony J. Clark. Jr. 
James J. Clarke, Ph.D. 
Joseph F. Clarke, M.D. 
John H. Clay 
Richard J. Clifford 
Sharon L. Cody- 
Dennis J. Collins 
Terence P. Collins 
Bruce C. Compton 
James P. Connor 
CPT Vincent E. Cooke, U.S.N., Ret 
Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Coppola Jr. 
Philip S. Cosentino, Esq. 
Michael C. Coughlin 
Albert J. Crawford, Jr., Esq. 
Mr. c\: Mrs. Michael P. Creedon, Sr. 
Dennis W. Cronin. M.D. 
Walter F. Crossley 

James F. Cullen 

Maria Tucker Cusick 

Edward A. Czerniakowski, D.D.S. 

J Sandor Cziraky, Ph.D. 

John P. D'Amato 

Mario N. D Aulerio 

Mr. cS: Mrs. Michael G. Dadario 

Robert Dager 

James A. Dalton, Ph.D. 

Robert P. Davine 

M. Alicia Szalwinski Davis 

Rose Guerin Day 

Anthony M. DeAngelis 

Francis E. Dehel, Esq. 

William F. DeHaven 

Margaret Flanagan 

DeLorenzo M.D. 

William D. DeMarco, Jr. 

John D. DeVincent 

Francis P. Degnan 

James W. Degnan, Ph.D. 

Francis E. Dehel. Esq. 

Michael J. Dempsey 

Hon. Thomas E. Dempsey 

Stuart Z. Dershaw, M.D. 

John J. Dever Jr. 

Donna Tait Diaz. M.D. 

Joseph V. DiCecco, Ph.D. 

Nicholas A. DiFranco 

Donald A. Dilenno, M.D. 

Thomas B. DiPaolo 

Enrico J. DiRienzo, M.D. 

Richard A. DiSammartino 

Joseph P. Diviny 

Edward G. Dolton, Jr. 

Charles F. Dombrowski 

Vincent M. Donnelly 

Francis X. Donohoe 

Scott M. Dorfner, D.O. 

Gerald M. Dougherty 

Peter M. Dougherty 

June Douglas 

John F. Dowling 

Thomas F. Dudley 

Joseph J. Duffy 

William T Duffy 

Joanne Bechta Dugan, Ph.D. 

Thomas J. Durkin 

Brian A. Dursum 

Bruce R. Dych 

Andrea T. Eadeh 

James P. Edwards 

Catherine A. Eichenlaub 

William J. Einwechter 

David C. Engel 

Henry V. Engel. Jr. 

Bradford P. Erickson 

Joseph V. Evangelist 

Gerald R. Evans Jr. 

John-Henry Every 

Anthony J. Falzarano 

John Fanelli, III 

Donna Ruzicka Farrell, D.O. 

Francis A. Farrell. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Farrell 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Farrington 

Warren W. Faulk. Esq. 

Joseph J. Fayer 

Richard A. Feeney. Ill 

Thomas J. Feerick, Esq. 

Bernard M. Feldman, M.D. 

Anthony A. Ferrara, Sr. 

Christopher J. Ferry 

Edward J. Fetter 

Stephen F. Ficchi, D.O. 

Joseph A. Fick, Jr. 

Louis Figari 

James W. Finegan 

Cynthia Bonatucci Fisher, M.D. 

J. Christopher Flavin 

William F. Flooks, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Fluehr, Jr. 

Joseph P. Flynn, Jr. 

Timothy J. Foley 

Lawrence A. Forrest 

Joseph H. Foster, Esq. 

Robert J. Foster 

Herbert A. Frank 

L. Matthew Frank, M.D. 

Robert G. Fraser, Esq. 

Thomas L. Fries 

Curtis E. Fromal 

Susan Straub Fuller, Esq. 

John F. Funchion, Sr. 

William B. Fynes, Jr. 

Robert F. Gallagher, D.D.S. 

Thomas R. Gallagher. 

Elissa E. Gallo, Esq. 

John C. Gallo 

John J. Gariano 

William A. Garrigle, Esq. 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Gaudin 

James A. Geier 

William Gershanick, D.D.S. 

Anthony E. Giannetti, D.M.D. 

Victor A. Giardini 

James J. Gibbons 

Jeffrey F. Gibbons, Esq. 

John J. Gibbons 

John R. Gimpel, D.O. 

Joseph M. Gindhart, Esq. 

Michael J. Ginieczki, M.D. 

Anthony M. Giordano. Jr.. M.D. 

Richard S. Golaszewski 

Lawrence A. Grabenstein 

John S. Grady 

Joseph G. Graef. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Gray 

David E. Greed 

John L. Gregorio 

Lenora Spina Griffin 

James A. Gross, Ph.D. 

Louis S. Grosso. Ph.D. 

Henry G. Gruber 

Hazel B. Grun 

Michael C. Grundy 

Philip J. Guglielmi 

John C. Gyza 

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Hagan 

Dennis M. Haines 

page 14 


Michael Hajatian, Jr., D.D.S. 
William J. Hamilton 
Joseph L. Hanley 
Joseph E. Hanlon 
Robert E. Hanrahan, Jr. 
Elmer F. Hansen, III 
Michele Katkocin Harbison 
Catherine M. Harper, Esq. 
Sallyanne Harper 
Arthur Hull Hayes, III. Esq. 
Mr. R. J. Heffernan, Sr. 
Wearn D. Heinz 
James F. Henderson 
Ragan A. Henry, Esq. 
James J. Higgins 
John J. Higgins. Jr. 
Michael R. Higgins 
Arthur Hilscher 
COL Gerald T. Hipp. U.S.A. 
Joseph G. Hirschmann 
Alice Lynn Hoersch, Ph.D. 
Joseph F. Hohenleitner 
Robert A. Hopstetter, Esq. 
Thomas J. Horan, Jr. 
Francis E. Hughes 
James B. Humphreys 
Jeffrey P. Hurley, M.D. 
William K. Istone. Ph.D. 
Michael Jackson 
George J. Jakabcin 
Charles J. Jamison, Esq. 
Casimir A. Janicki, Ph.D. 
Madeline Mallon Janowski 
Benjamin T. Johnson 
William R. Johnson 
Mr. & Mrs. George Johnston 
James Wm. Jones, CLLI 
Mark J. Juliano 
Kathleen Conner Kaminski 
John J. Kane 
Thomas J. Kardish, M.D. 
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah P. Kearney 
John J. Keenan 
William J. Keenan 
Barbara Bell Kelly 
James E. Kelly 
James M. Kelly, Ph.D. 
Paul J. Kelly, III 
Susan M. Kennedy 
Nathan S. Kerr 
Michael W. Kerrigan 
Edward P. Kiessling 
Nicholas C. Kihm, Esq. 
John J. King 
Joseph P. Kirlin. Jr. 
Frederick L. Kleinhenz. Sr. 
Thaddeus M. Kochanski 
Joseph T. Koen 
Albert J. Koob 
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Kopec 
Michael J. Kovac, Jr., M.D. 
Richard C. Kowalchuk 
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Kozielski 
Robert W. Kraemer. Ph.D. 
Bertram Kreger. D.D.S. 





















1971 . 



1978 ...$416,736 
1964 ...$182,825 
1970...$ 91,196 
1972...$ 62,818 
1962...$ 48,242 
1959...$ 45,919 
1950...$ 44,945 
1967...$ 43,827 
1980...$ 42,963 
1956...$ 42,685 


1945 ...62% | 


.41% | 


. 40% 

1951 . 

. 39% 


. 38% i 


. 37% 


. 37% 


. 35% 


. 34% 


. 34% 

Richard E. Kreipe, M.D. 

Robert J. Kujovsky 

Myles T Kuppe 

Nancy Ritvalsky Kyle 

William J. Lahr, III' 

Joseph R. Lakowicz, Ph.D. 

Gordon M. Langston, M.D. 

John E. Lanz. Jr. 

Vera Lashchyk 

Thomas J. Lavin, Jr. 

Barbara R. Lear 

E. Dennis Lehman. Jr. 

George P. Liarakos, M.D. 

Nicholas J. Lisi, Esq. 

Mrs. Victoria R. Lloyd 

William P. Long 

Denis S. Longo, Ph.D. 

COL Lawrence G. Lupus. Ret. 

Nicholas T Lutsch 

Robert W Lynch 

Joseph J. Lysek, Jr. 

Anthony J. Macrina 

Judith Polowczuk Magner 

William J. Maher 

Edward C. Malarkey, Ph.D. 

Maureen Gimpel Maley, Esq. 

Joseph M. Malone 

Joseph N. Malone 

Anthony Mancuso, Esq. 

Joseph E. Markert 

Kyle V. Maryanski 

Gino Massino 

Kathleen Shaw Mathis 

William W. Matthews. Ill, Esq. 

Gerard W. Mayer 
John P. McCarthy, Esq. 
Gerald J. McConeghy, Esq. 
Walter A. McCool, D.O. 
John R. McCormack. Jr. 
William C. McCoy 
Susan Kelly McCullion 
Francis B. McCuliough 
Daniel J. McDevitt, Esq. 
James J. McDonnell 
Michael P. McDugall 
Joseph T McGee. Jr. 
John T McGeehan, Sr., M.D. 
James F. McGettigan. Ph.D. 
William F. McGlynn 
Robert J. McGonagle 
Vincent F. McGonagle 
James F. McGowan 
James J. McGrath. Esq. 
Marylou K. McHugh, Ed.D. 
Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. McKeaney, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. McKenna 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph!. McMahon, Sr. 
Patrick C. McMahon, M.D. 
Bernard M. McManus 
Harry A. McManus 
John V McNamara 
Ms. Sandra B. McNeil 
Denise Lamb McPeters 
Peter Mecznik 
Kathleen M. Meehan. M.D. 
John J. Meko, Jr. & Christine 
Klaster Meko, Esq. 
ludv Hentz 

Thomas W. & 

Judy Hentz Meier 

Vincent N. Melchiorre, Esq. 

CPT Lawrence J. Mellon, III 

Joseph P. Melvin 

Bruce J. Menkowitz, M.D. 

Joseph N. Menter 

Dr. & Mrs. Baino M. Mercuri 

Christopher P. Merrick 

John J. Merrick 

Chester F. Michewicz, Jr. 

Joseph A. Mihalich & Mary 

King Mihalich 

Mr. & Mrs. Roger Miller 

Francis M. Milone, Esq. 

John L. Mintzer 

Phillip J. Miraglia. Ph.D. 

William B. Mitchell. Jr. 

Augustine E. Moffitt, Jr.. Sc.D. 

Joseph P. Mohr 

Francis J. Molettieri. Jr. 

Charles J. Moloney. M.D. 

Robert A. Monastero 

Francis J. Monzo 

Joseph P. Mooney. Ph.D. 

Richard F. Mooney 

Paul M. Moser 

Daniel R. Mullin 

Frank B. Mullin. Jr. 

Frank P. Murphy 

Michael R. Murphy 

William J. Murphy 

Joanne Kelly Murset 

Mr. X Mrs. Thacl R. Murwin 

FALL 1995 

page IS 

Laurence A Narcisi, Jr. 
Francis J. Nathans 
Helene K Nawrocki 
William E. Newbauer, Jr. 
Enos C. Ney 

Dr. & Mrs. Bach Van Nguyen 
Joseph A Nickels, III 
Thomas L. Nickelson 
Mary C. Nicolo 
Donald P. Norkus 
Dr. Richard L. Nyce 
Charles J. O'Brien. Jr. 
John T. O'Brien 
Michael J. O'Brien 
Raymond J. O'Brien 
Charles E. O'Connor, Sr.. Esq. 
Annette O'Connor, Ph.D. 
Desmond S. O'Doherty, M.D. 
John J. O'Driscoll 

I Patrick OGrady, C.P.A. & 
Alicia Koszarek OGrady 
Thomas A. Oravez 
William J. Oschell. M.D. 
Richard J. Papirio 

Janet Pappianni Paret, M.D. 

H. Eugene Passmore, Jr. 

Alfred T. Pepino, M.D. 

Mr. cS; Mrs. Charles Perkins. Ill 

Lawrence D. Persick 

COL Daniel F. Perugini, D.O. 

Gary T. Petrauski, M.D. 

Loren E. Pettisani 

Mark D. Pilla 

Richard G. Placey, Esq. 

Mrs. Louise I. Plakans 

Dennis M. Powell 

Kenneth J. Powell, Jr., Esq. 

Joseph L. Quinn. C.P.A. 

Daniel J. Ragone, C.P.A. 

William F. Raichle, Jr. 

Denise Ramanauskas 

Anthony G. Rampulla 

Norman H. Rappaport, D.D.S., M.D. 

Linda A. Razler 

Joseph H. Reichman, M.D. 

Dennis J. Reid 

Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy P. Reinert 

Daniel M. Rice 

Michael S. Riviello, M.D. 

John P. Roart} 

II David Robison, Ph.D. 
Joseph G. Roddy 
Frank J. Rodgers 

Hon. Joseph H. Rodriguez 
Philip E. Rogers 
John J. Rooney, Ph.D. 
Th( >mas C. Rosica 
Robert J. Rowland, Jr., Ph.D. 
Piyush G. Ruparelia 
Joseph J. Ruzicka 
Stephen J. Ruzicka 
Richard P. Ryan 
Peter J. R\ erson 
G. Andrew Sacks 
Dennis L. Salvagio, Esq. 

Brian T, Sammond 
Patrick H. Sanaghan 
Serafin F. Sandella 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Santangelo 
Stanley J. Sasinowski 
Mr & Mrs. Donald C. Schallerjr. 
Gregory F. Schank 
Nancy J. Scheutz 
Richard M. Schieken, M.D. 
Leo J. Schilling, Jr. 
James E. Schleit 
Paul G. Schott 
Paul M. Schugsta, Jr. 
Ann E. Seiberlich 
William C. Seiberlich, Jr. 
Joseph R. Seiders, Esq. 
Joseph E. Seiler 
Robert W. Seminack 
Joseph T. Sermarini 
Lewis S. Sharps, M.D. 
Robert F. Shea 
Edward F. Shearon, Jr. 
Anne MacLeod Shoemaker 
Carl F. Shultz, C.P.A. 
Bernard J. Siegel 
William B.J. Siegfried 
William M. Siegle 
Lawrence M. Sigman, M.D. 
John F. Slanga 
Kathleen M. Slomski 
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Smith 
James J. Smith 
John A. Smith, Ed.D. 
William E. Smith 
Robert G. Sneath, Jr. 
Lauren Gartz Snyder 
Elizabeth McGinley Soltan 
Mr. & Mrs. David H. Souser 
Alan M. Spagnola, M.D. 
Francis J. Speiser 
John J. Spence, Jr., Esq. 
Arthur C. Stanley 
Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Stasko 
Mr. & Mrs. David G. Steinbach 
Thomas S. Straub. Ph.D. 
George B. Stroup 
Walt A. Suessenguth 
Eric P. Sullivan, C.P.A. 
Joseph J. Sweeney- 
Peter J. Sweeney, C.P.A. 
Susan Szczepanski, Ph.D. 
James W. Tait 
James A. Talaga, Ph.D. 
John K. Taus, D.O. 
Judith A. Taylor 
William H. Tennant 
Ralph J. Teti, Esq. 
Frederick C. Teufel 
Daniel E. Thomas 
Hubert A. Thomas 
John T. Thorn, Esq. 
Charles J. Tomasco 
Stanley J. Travis, Jr., D.O. 
Raymond E. Ulmer, Jr. 
Jeffrey G. Umosella 

Tom and Jean Leonard chat with Tom 
and Betsey Mahoney at the National 
Society Colonial Dames of America. Mr. 
Leonard, '70, a partner with Coopers and 
Lybrand, and Mr. Mahoney, 70, a 
partner with Arthur Andersen LLP, have 
both contributed generously to the 
Joseph G. Markmann Alumni Endowed 
Chair in Accounting which is now 
valued at more than $1.3 million. 

All gifts and grants reported in the Honor 
roll of Donors represent payments re- 
ceived by the University between July 1, 
1994 anci June 30, 1995. Multi-year 
pledges and contributions received after 
July 1, 1995 will be published in subse- 
quent Honor Rolls as payments are 

Thomas A. Unfreed 
Timothy E. Urbanski, M.D. 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. I'vehara, Sr. 
Michael J. Vallillo, D.D.S. 
George A. Vosgele 
Rene Vander Vossen 
Anthony F. Verlezza 
Joseph V. Vernace, M.D. 
Stephanie Donchetz Vernace 
[effery M. Voluck, Esq. 
Charles T. Wahl, Jr. 
John R. Wiite, Jr. 
LT COL John E. Wall 
Charles A. Walker 
Richard A. Walsh 
Robert!. Walsh, Jr. 
Patrick J. Ward 
Thomas H. Ward, Esq. 
James P. Waters, Jr. 
William I. Weber III 
Norbert W. Wein, Sr. 
Frederick M. Westcott 

George T. White- 
Harry J. White, Ph.D. 
Richard T. White 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. White 
Frank J. Widmann 
Mary L. Wilby 
Robert Wilczynski 
Rev. Dennis J. Witalec 
Thomas P. Witt, Esq. 
William M. Wixted, M.D. 
Joseph E. Wreen. Ph.D. 
John S. Wydrzynski 
Edward A. Yehle 
John G. Younglove, Esq. 
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Yucis 
Anthony M. Zarrilli 
Thomas A. Zelante. Esq. 
W Dennis Zerega, Ed.D. 
George J. Zimmerman & 
Paillette Travers Zimmerman 

page 16 






miversary Club member- 
ship is accorded to those donors contributing $125 
to $249 each year. The club, formed in 1988, 
recalls the founding of the University in 1863- 

James H. Abele 
Michael V. Aiello 
Thomas W. Alesi 
James D. Alfredo 
Anna Melnyk Allen 
Robert D. Allen 
Susan F. Altamore 
Albert E. Amorosi 
Stephen F. Anclrilli, Ph.D. 
Nicholas F. Angerosa, Ph.D. 
Michael H. Arment 

Mr. & Mrs. Hector L. Arroyo 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Artz, Sr. 
Vincent R. Avallone, Jr.. D.O. 
Joseph J. Baillie 
Benjamin G. Baird 
Susan C. Baldino 
William L. Baldwin 
Helmut A. Baranyi, Ph.D. 
James F. Barben 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Barber 
William M. Barbour 
Roger A. Bard 
William P. Barnett • 

Edward M. Barr, Sr. 
James F. Barr 
Marlene M. Ban- 
John J. Barrett 
Daniel M. Bateman 
Edmund A. Bateman, Jr. 
David P. Bauer, C.P.A. 
George W. Beacher, Jr., M.D. 
Andrew G. Bean, Ph.D. 
Louis J. Beccaria, Ph.D. 
John W Becher, Jr., D.O. 
John C. Becker, Esq. 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Becker 
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew P. Begley 
Jonathen Bell 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Bellardo 
Michael A. Benko. D.M.D. 
John C. Benstead, C.P.A. 
James F. Bernardo 
Karen McKinney Bernhardt 
Denise Vadenais Berwind 
Theresa Ridgway Biansco 
Jonathan T. Biggins 
Thomas P. Birney 
Paul F. Blinn 
Joseph B. Bloom 

Eugene H. Bobbitt 

Gerald R. Bodisch, Ph.D. 

Walter G. Boehm 

James M. Boligitz, Jr., C.P.A. 

Dominic P. Bonacci, Jr. 

Thomas P. Bones 

Thomas R. Bonk 

Michael F. Bonner, C.P.A. 

William J. Bonner, Jr., Esq. 

Christine Vernalis Bonnes 

Jerome D. Bosch 

Joseph J. Boyce 

Jeffrey R. Boyle, C.P.A. 

Thomas F. Boyle 

Richard A. Bozzell 

Anthony W. Bracken, M.D. 

Drs. George & Marilyn Bradford 

James P. Bradley, Sr., J.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Brady 

F. Howard Braithwaite 

Mr. & Mrs. Edmund J. Bransfield 

James P. Brazel 

William J. Breeze 

James P. Brennan 

John F. Brent, D.M.D. 

James J. Breslin, D.O. 

James G. Bridgeman 

James C. Brownlow, II 

Alfred C. Bruhin 

Robert B. Brunt 

Robert J. Buck 

Robert L. Buck, C.P.A. 

Matthew I. Bucko. M.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Buehler 

Robert J. Bugdal 

Christopher L. Bukata, V.M.D. 

Pearl Frazier Bullock 

Lawrence J. Bur, Jr. 

John J. Burfete. Jr. 

Thomas F. Burke 

John R. Burns, Esq. 

Kevin C. Burns 

Mr. Ronald R. Burns 

Mr. & Mrs. Lewis W. Clark, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Caccese 

John I. Cahill 

Lester H. Cahn 

Edward J. Calabrese 

Ralph V. Caliendo 

Thomas P. Callan. Jr. 

lames B. Cameron 

Francis N. Campagna, M.D. 

Donald P. Campbell 

Ellen M. Campbell 

James J. Canavan 

Louis P. Canuso 

Robert J. Carabasi, M.D. 

James E. Cardano 

Dawn C. Cariello 

Anthony M. Carney, Sr. 

Michael A. Carr 

Anthony D. Caruso 

Mr. & Mrs. Denis B. Casey 

Michael D. Casey 

Stephen M. Cassidy 

Jon F. Castano 

Joseph B. Catarious, Jr. 

Bruce G. Cavanagh 

Mr. & Mrs. John Ceccola 

John M. Cellucci 

William E. Cervini 

William T Chain. Jr., M.D. 

John J. Chapman 

William H. Chappell 

Gary S. Chase 

Nicholas J. Christ, M.D. 

Anthony N. Ciarlone 

Rev. Louis P. Ciaudelli 

David J. Cichowicz, Ph.D. 

Samuel P. Cimino, D.D.S. 

Anthony Cirineo 

Frederick G. Clark, Jr. 

Brian A. Clarke 

Joseph D. Clayton, Jr. 

Charles P. Geary, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Clements 

John R. Clements 

Gerald J. Coghlan 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Cohn 

Stephanie A. Colello 

Michael A. Colucci, Sr. 

Francis X. Conaty 

John J. Conboy 

James M. Conley, Esq. 

Lawrence F. Conlin, Jr., D.D.S. 

Brian P. Connelly 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond F. Connelly 

Harry J. Connolly, Jr., Esq. 

John B. Connor, Jr. 

Rev. Albert J. Connors, C.M.F. 

Mark J. Connors 

Thomas J. Conroy 

Richard J. Conte 

Anthony B. Contino, Jr. 

Hugh F. Convery 

James H. Convery 

Patricia E. Coonahan, Esq. 

Robert A. Copeland. OD. 

Charles J. Corace 

David G. Cornille 

Gerald J. Coir, D.O. 

Charles V. Cosgrove 

Hon. Francis P. Cosgrove 

Anthony L. Cossetti 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Cossetti 

Jay J. Costenbader 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Cox 

William E. Cox 

James P. Coyle, Jr. 

Kevin P. Coyle 

Gary L. Crawford 

Conrad M. Cregan 

James J. Cronin 

Joseph G. Crosby, Jr. 

Laurence T Crossan, Sr. 

Christopher E. Cummings 

Edward W. Cummings, Jr. 

James J. Cunningham, Jr. 

Candy A. Cure, Esq. 

Charles S. Curran 

James F. Curran 

Lawrence F. Curran 

John J. Cush 

Timothy J. Cush 

Roseanne M. D'Alessandro 

Margaret Funk Dailey 

Richard T Dalena 

Thomas J. Dalfo. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Daly 

William J. Daly. M.D. 

Brian P. Damiani 

James P. Dandy 

John F. Danella, M.D. 

James J. Daniel 

Frederick J. Daniels 

Caroline Kamper Davis, M.D. 

Kevin D. Davis 

William J. DeAngelis, Esq.. 

Charles DeChristopher. Jr. 

Lester R. DeFonso 

De La Salle Community 

Kitchen Staff 

Sam P. DeMartino. D.D.S. 

Daniel J. DeMasi 

Juan J. DeRojas. M.D. 

Bernard A. Deachilla 

Robert T Deck, Ph.D. 

Cornelius J. Deegan 

Diane M. DelColombo 

Eugene G. Delany 

Mark Delowery, D.O. 

Thomas J. Dempsey 

Anthony J. Dennison. Jr. 

Russel J. Denshuick 

Mr. & Mrs. Terry W. Denzer 

John E. & Rosemary J. DeSantis 

Edwin J. Detrick 

William C. Deutsch 

Charles J. Devine 

Thomas J. Devlin, Jr.. Ph.D. 

Michael A. DiFato 

Larry J. DiGiovanni 

Frances Jacob Diccicco 

Michael J. Diccicco 

William E. Dietrich. Jr.. Ph.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Jose R. Diez Garcia 

Alfonso Digiovanni 

Gerard M. Dinon 

Joseph A. Discavage 

Mark Dodel, R.N. 

Paul J. Doherty 

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Dolphin 

Dennis M. Donahue 

FALL 1995 

page 1" 

Francis M. Donahue, Jr., Ph.D. 

Hon. John J. Donnelly 

Thomas M Donnelly 

Jennifer Donohue 

Sallyanne Donovan 

John P. Dooley 

Patrick E. Dooley 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas J. Dormer, Jr. 

Joseph B. Doto. Jr.. M.D. 

Catherine M. Dougherty 

John P. Dougherty 

Joseph F. Dougherty, M.D. 

Thomas E. Dougherty 

William T. Dougherty 

Raymond F. Dovell 

Gerard P. Downey, Esq. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Downs 

James J. Doyle, Ph.D. 

John F. Dreyer 

Claudine E. Driebe 

Robert D. Duckett, Jr. 

Kathleen E. Duggan 

Kevin M. Duggan 

Michael J. Dunn 

William L. Dunn. Jr. 

Charles J. Dunne 

Dennis M. Durkin 

Patrick H. Durkin 

Richard L. Duszak, Jr., M.D. 

Thomas J. Dvorak 

Mr. 6t Mrs. Louis Eacovalle, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew R. Ebert 

James F. Eby 

Mary E. Egan 

Frederick A. Enck 

John H. Engel 

W.Joseph Engler, Jr., Esq. 

Carole Rothong Erlandson, M.D. 

Maria A. Esposito 

Eugene J. Evans, Jr. 

Steven E. Evans 

Thomas L. Evans 

Mark J. Everett 

Richard A. Exley 

Joy Faber, Esq. 

David Falcione 

David W. Fallis 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Fanning 

Samuel J. Farruggio, Jr. 

Ronald F. Feinberg, M.D., Ph.D. 

Thomas B. Fenerty 

Edward Ferenz 

COL John M. Feret 

J. Alan Ferner, Ed.D. 

John M. Finlayson 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Fitzgerald 

Michael G. Flacli 

Michael D. Flanagan, M.D. 

James J. Flatley 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Flint, III 

Dennis J. Flounders 

Joseph C. Flynn. M.D. 

John S. Follet, M.D. 

David L. Forde, M.D. 

Edward K. Forster 

Robert J. Foster 

Francis T Foti 

Linda A. Fox 

Martin P. Frain. Jr. 

Paul T. Frankenfield. Jr. 

Aniln my K. Fratto, Jr. 

Valentine A. Freitag 

Virginia M. Freitas 

C. Stephen French 

John T Fries 

Dr. & Mrs. Peter P. Frisko 

Anthony J. Fugaro, D.O. 

William A. Fynes 

Robert F. Gabel 

John J. Gable 

Vincent L. Gaffney 

John D. Gagliardi 

Alice Seiberlich Gaibler 

Richard C. Gaibler, D.O. 

Thomas A. Gall, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. John R. Gallagher 

Stephen P. Gallagher 

Anthony F. Gallelli 

Thomas A. Gannon 

Cecile McCarthy Gantert 

John J. Gardiner 

Karen A. Garman 

Anthony J. Gatt 

John R. Gauntt 

John K. Gavigan 

Victor M. Gavin 

John J. Gaworski 

Richard D. Gazda 

Frederick C. Geary 

Carl J. Gedeik 

Dana Kauffman Gehring 

Edward B. Gehring 

William A. Geppert, Jr. 

John E. Geraghty 

Carol Lyn Gerhard 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Gerry 

Howard Gershman, Esq. 

William J. Gerzabek 

Peter J. Giaccio 

Daniel A. Giannini 

Peter J. Giannini 

Laura Peszka Gibble 

Chris C. Giles 

David M. Gillece 

Ralph E. Gilmore, Jr., O.D. 

Canzio E. Giuliucci, M.D. 

George R. Givens 

Charles W. Glantz 

Robert A. Godbey 

Richard Goedkoop, Ph.D. 

Judith E. Goerke 

Mark G. Gola 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert D. Goldhammer 

Kevin P. Goodwin 

Charles F. Gordon 

Sheila Kane Gorman 

Joseph A. Gould 

Michael D. Grace 

Edward J. Grady 

Carl W. Graf, C.P.A. 

John P. Graham, C.P.A. 

John B. Grasmeder, Jr. 

Linda J. Grass 

John J. Grauer, Esq. 

Joyce M. Gray 

Robert L. Green, D.O. 

Charles W. Greenberg 

Ms. Eleanore M. Griffin 

Francis V. Griffin 

Michael V Griffin 

George V. Griffith 

Herbert F. Grofcsik 

Edward M. Groody 

Joseph X. Grosso, M.D. 

Gerald C. Grunewald 

Philip J. Grutzmacher 

Edward S. Gryczynski 

Denise M. Guiniven 

Mr. & Mrs. James K. Gulick, Sr. 

Henry J. Gunther 

Kathleen McCartney Gutekunst 

Mark J. Guttmann, Ph.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley P. Gwiazda 

Charles J. Haag 

Thomas H. Haag 

Robert Haevener 

Michelle A. Haitsch 

Alfred S. Halas, D.M.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Halgas 

Debra Delaney Halpin 

Eugene J. Hamburger, M.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hamilton 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Hampstead 

Thomas P. Hanna, Jr. 

Edward J. Hargadon 

Thomas M. Harper 

Mrs. Elizabeth Harris 

John H. Harrison 

Richard J. Hart 

Kenneth M. Hartley 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Hartman 

Michael S. Hatfield 

LeAnne Weiner Hayes 

Catherine Roarty Healey 

Martin A. Healey 

Raymond J. Heckroth 

William F. Hegarty 

Donald J. Heisler 

Francis J. Helverson 

Bert W. Henderson 

Patricia Henry 

Br. Richard Herlihy, F.S.C. 

Charles S. Herrmann 

Frank C. Hicke 

Kenneth J. Higginbotham 

Donald E. Hilbert 

Richard L. Hill, Esq. 

Stan Hines 

Vincent F. Hink, Jr., Esq. 

Philip T Hintze 

George W. Hippman 

Francis J. Hoban 

Yvonne Oberdick Hoffman 

William A. Hofmann, III, M.D. 

Michael R. Hogan 

Patrick J. Hogan 

COL Martin R. Hohlfeld 

Matthew R. Hooper, Esq. 

Francis J. Horn 

David P. Horrell 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Horvath 

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin R. Houlihan 

Kelly Beckner Hruska 

Philip F. Huber 

Joseph R. Huck, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard T Hughes 

Robert J. Hunter, Jr. 

Louis B. Iannarelli 

Richard W. Ireland 

Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Italiano 

Leon J. Jablonski 

Terrence J. Jacob 

Thomas W. Jacob 

Richard M. Jacovini 

Andrew H. Jaffee 

Stephen F. Jankowski 

Howard D. Jasper 

Kellyann Franks Jeletic 

Thomas J. Jennings 

Mr. & Mrs. David H. Johnson 

Robert P. Johnson, M.D. 

Edward C. Jones 

Lawrence J. Jordan, D.O. 

Richard D. Kaczmarski 

Arthur A. Kahn 

Kurt M. Kanaskie 

Charles J. Kane 

William T Katheder 

John I. Kavanagh 

Michael C. Kazarnowicz 

James A. Kazmerskie 

Joseph P. Kearney 

Richard J. Kefer 

Thomas F. Kehoe 

John J. Kelley 

James J. Kelly, C.P.A. 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Kelly 

Jeanne M. Kelly 

Gary W. Kennedy 

William C. Kennedy 

Michael J. Kerlin, Ph.D. 

Robert R. Kern 

Dr. & Mrs. Erk A. Ketels 

Thomas J. Kilcoyne. Jr. 

Charles F. Kiley 

Thomas A. Kilker 

Matthew M. Killinger 

Christine M. Kimmel 

Hon. William A. King, Jr. 

Vincent J. Kirby 

Gerald P. Kirsch 

William Kitt 

Warren W. Klenk 

Frank J. Kobik, Jr. 

Patricia M. Koch 

Paul J. Kolkka 

Stanley D. Kolman, D.O. 

John E. Kopacz 

Theresa M. Korolishin 

Mr. & Mrs. Madhusudan K. Kotecha 

Mr. & Mrs. George M. Kozub 

Mr. & Mrs. William H. Krall 

Joseph A. Krantz 

Lori A. Krause 

Stephen C. Krauss 

Paula M. Krebs 

Rev. Terence Kristofak, C.P. 

Louis M. Krivitsky 

page 18 


Albert G. Kroll, Esq. 
Robin Kroll, M.D. 
Joseph L. Krumenacker 
Richard A. Kuha 
William F. Kummerle. C.RA. 
Elizabeth Rodini Kuny 
Paul Kuny 
Thomas J. Kuzma 
Jill Saltzman Kvalsvik 
Albert V. LaRocca, D.D.S. 
Nicholas F. Lacovara 
Russell A. Lafferty 
Joan Chernuka Lamborne 
Robert A. Lample 
Margaret Brim Landers 
Richard F. Langan 
Andrea J. Lapusheski 
Kathleen Lardon 
Edward D. Laskowski 
Sarah H. Lauterbach, Ed.l). 
Michael P. Lavin 
Gerald Lawrence 
Douglas A. LeVien 
William L. Leahy 
Bruce A. Leauby, Ph.D. 
Mr. & Mrs. Kwang W. Lee 
Michael D. Lee 
Cornelius J. Lehane 
Frederick J. Leinhauser 
Peggy A. Leister 
John S. Lench 
Martin L. Leonard 
George A. Leone 
Harry Leopold, Jr. 
Wayne J. Lesky 
Patrick N. Leto 
Patricia M. Linard 
Nile R. Linn, Jr. 
Robert W. Liptak. 11 
Edward P. Lisiecki, Jr. 
Alfred A. Lisiewski, Sr. k 

Alfred T. Little 
Gordon H. Livengood, Jr. 
Mark J. Llewellyn 
Edward J. LoCasale 
Philip J. LoPresti, M.D. 
Charles T. LoPresto, Ph.D. 
Sheila M. Lodise 
Dr. Richard V. Lolla. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Francis T. Lopez 
Richard B. Lowe 
Susan C. Lowery, M.D. 
John J. Loyden 
Mrs. Marie K. Luckman 
Charles P. Lutcavage, Ph.D. 
Patricia Shields Lux 
John J. Luxemburger, Jr. 
Edward J. Lynch 
Ellen M. Lynch 
John B. Lynch, Esq. 
William F. Lynn. Jr. 
Edmond F. MacDonald 
Leon F. Machulski 
Joseph T. Mack 
Harvey L. Madonick, M.D. 
William J. Magarity, Jr. 
John J. Magee 

Joseph C. Magee 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Magliacano 

Michael J. Magnotta, Jr. 

Charles J. Mahon 

Thomas J. Mahon 

Bernard J. Maier 

Rita S. Mall, Ph.D. 

Michael P. Malloy 

John J. Malone 

John J. Maloney 

Sebastian O. Mancarella 

Francis J. Mangan, Esq. 

Michael J. Mangan, M.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. John B. Manning 

William F. Mannion 

Richard Mansfield 

Joseph J. Manson 

Maj. Julie Trego Manta 

Dino S. Mantzas, Esq. 

Mr. & Mrs. C. Michael Manzo 

Mark F. Marconi 

Francis X. Margay 

Frank A. Mariani 

Francis A. Marro, M.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Martin 

William V. Martin 

Albert A. Martucci, M.D. 

David J. Marzewski, M.D. 

William M. Masapollo 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory F. Mason 

Louis P. Masucci 

Ronald W. Matecki 

Eugene J. Mather 

Robert J. Matthews, Esq. 

Joseph T. Maurer 

Jack Maxwell 

Ronald J. Mayer 

Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Mazer 

Thomas J. Mazzei 

MAJ John P. McAlinn 

Joseph S. McAuliffe, Esq. 

Thomas J. McCabe, Esq. 

James P. McCafferty 

Stephen G. McCarron 

Dennis G. McCarthy 

James L. McCorkle 

John J. McCormick 

Thomas B. McCoy 

Michael T. McCracken 

Robert W. McCullough 

William A. McDonald. Jr. 

Peter K. McDonough 

Francis X. McEntee 

Michael J. McGee 

Joseph L. McGill. Jr., Ph.D. 

Cornelius T. McGillowa} 

John P. McGinty, Jr. 

LT Joseph G. McGirr 

Richard T. McGlaughlin 

John J. McGlynn 

John E. McGonigle, C.P.A. 

James A. McGovern 

John M. McGowan, M.D. 

Kathleen A. McGuire 

Thomas M. McGuire 

Frank P. McHale 

John J. McHale 

Stephen M. McHugh 

Francis X. McKeefery, Sr. 

John P. McKenna 

James J. McKeogh 

Edward G. McKeon 

Francis T. McLaughlin 

John P. McLaughlin, D.O. 

Timothy P. McLaughlin 

Eugene P. McLoone, Ph.D. 

James J. McMahon 

Michael G. McMenamin 

Robert N. McNally 

John A. McNee 

Vincent P. McNichol 

Charles E. McShane 

William R. McTigue, Jr. 

William A. Meehan 

Donato G. Melchiorre 

John F. Mencer, Esq. 

Kathleen Meriwether, Esq. 

William A. Michuda 

Ann M. Mickle, Ph.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank T. Middleton III 

John J. Mikus 

Mr. & Mrs. David H. Miller 

Denis W. Miller 

Frederick D. Miller 

John F. Miller 

Lynn E. Miller, Ph.D. 

Michael E. Miskel 

Dr. & Mrs. E.J. Miskiel. Jr. 

Peter J. Mlynarczyk, M.D. 

Edward Mockapetris 

Frank J. Moffa, III 

Thomas J. Molloy 

Kenneth W. Moore, C.P.A. 

NancyLee Moore 

John G. Morrison 

Richard J. Morrison 

Joseph M. Mottola 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Moyer 

Rev. John E. Mulgrew 

Bruce D. Mullen 

William G. Mullen 

William F. Muller 

Michael M. Mullin 

Joseph D. Murphy 

Joseph F. Murphy 

Leo E. Murphy. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Murray 

Augustine J. Nace 

Joseph T. Nadolski 

Joseph M. Nanfara 

Steven J. Napiecek 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Xarc.n age 

Joseph F. Nardelli 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Natoli 

H. James Negler 

Jennifer A. Nelson 

Lynette Hyman Nelson 

Martin F. Nelson 

John J. Neuschel 

John P. Nolan 

Robert J. Nolasco 

Henry J. Norton 

Charles A. O'Brien 

Mary C. O'Brien. M.D. 

Michael M. O'Brien 

Robert J. O'Brien 

Bernard A. O'Connor 

Bernard T. O'Connor 

Mr. & Mrs. Edmond O'Connor 

Sean P. O'Connor 

John A. O'Donnell 

Thomas P. O'Donnell, M.D. 

William J. O'Donnell, III 

William J. O'Driscoll. Jr. 

Ms. Elizabeth O'Hanlon 

Margaret C. O'Keefe 

Joseph A. O'Neill, Jr. 

Joseph P. O'Reilly 

Kevin O'Rourke 

Mr. & Mrs. James A. Oakey 

Martin J. Oczki 

Kevin M. Oleksiak 

Chester J. Orzechowski, Jr. 

James D. Pagliaro, Esq. 

Robert B. Palardy 

Elaine M. Pang 

Janice M. Pantano 

Paul J. Pantano 

Frank J. Papa, D.O. 

Joseph E. Pappano, Jr., M.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas F. Pascale Jr. 

Francis J. Pasquini. Esq. 

Allison Peacock Paul, Ph.D. 

Ann Evenstein Pearlman 

Daniel J. Pearson 

Michael J. Pelone 

James J. Pennestri 

George A Perfecky, Ph.D. 

William J. Perry 

John T. Petruska 

Hon. John J. Pettit. Jr. 

Albert R. Pezzillo, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James Pfarrer 

Carolyn A. Piccone. M.D. 

John P. Pierce 

John M. Piljer, Jr. 

Joseph A. Pinto 

Susan Sajeski Pitts. M.D. 

James J. Plick. Esq. 

Regina Moore Plummet 

Samuel W. Plummer 

John C. Plunkett 

Mr. & Mrs. John Porter 

Lois E. Potter 

Patrick C. Powell. Sr. 

Hon. Richard A. Powers. Ill 

Stanley T. Praiss. D.D.S. 

John G. Preston 

Richard J. Prendergast 

John A. Pron. D.P.M 

Mr. X Mrs. Anthony J. Purcell, Sr. 

Elwood Purcell 

James P Quesenberry 

James E. Quigley 

William J. Quigley 

Thomas J. Quinlan 

Cletus E. Quinn. Jr. 

Vincent D. Quinn 

Joseph J. Raab, D.D.S. 

Thomas J. Radwell, Jr. 

John A. Rafes 

FALL 1995 

page 19 

Randolph V. Ragsdale 
John F. Rakszawski 
Louis M. Rakszawski 
Frank A Ramsden, Jr. 
Jacqueline M. Kay 
Robert C. Reagan, Jr. 
John F. Reardon, Ed.D. 
David E. Reichert 
Bernard F. Reillv 
Edward D. Reilly 
Kenneth M Reillj 
Michael J. Reinking, C.P.A. 
Edward C. Rice 
Robert \\". Richards 
1 >.i\ id J. Riley 
James J. Ritvalsky 
Mr & Mrs. Frank J. Rober 
Andrew J. Robinson 
Richard J. Robinson 
John J. Robrecht, III 
Kevin M. Roddy 
Sandra Tomkowicz Roddy 
Gene Rogalski 
Leo J. Rohan 
Erika Romaine 
Michael F. Rooney 
Louis G. Roros 
Michael P. Rose 
Ellen Resinski Rosen, Esq. 
Jerome B. Rosenfeld, O.D. 
John P. Rossi, Ph.D. 
Thomas J. Rossman. Jr. 
William A. Rothwell.Jr. 
Jeffrey R. Royds 
Maureen Cholewiak Royds 
Barn- A. Rubin. D.O. 
Philip R. Rudolph 
\V. Fred Rump 
Karen M. Ruszkowski 
Henry W. Rutecki 
Francis J. Ryan. Ed.D. 
James A. Ryan 
John P. Ryan, Jr. 
Michael F. Ryan 
Richard R. Ryan. M.D. 
Ernest J. Sabato 
John J. Sabia 
James T. Sable 
Stuart S. Sacks, Esq. 
Nicholas A. Salandria 
Stephen A. Salisbury 
Dominic D. Salvatori, Esq. 
Thomas J. Sandner 
John T Santarlas, M.D. 
Leonard E. Sargeant 
Harry B. Sauers 
Pauline C. Scalvino, Esq. 
LTC Joseph E. Scanlin. Ret. 
Leo C. Schad. Jr. 
Leo C. Schaeffler 
John F. Schmelzer, D.O. 
Charles F. Schneider. Jr. 
Mary L. Schneiders. I) I'M 
Albert H. Schoellhammer 
Robert G. Schoenberger 
Robert W Schwaneberg 
AugustinJ. Schwartz. III. M.D. 

Mr & Mrs. James T. Schwender 
Matthew J. Schwenderman 

Thomas 1) Scott. II 

Dr. & Mrs. Denis M. Scully 

Donald J. Searl 

Lenferd I. Seely 

Peter A. Seibel 

David L. Sejda 

Michael Sepanic 

Richard W. Serfass, Ed.D. 

Carl B. Shanholtz, M.D. 

Donald F. Sharp 

Jospeh H. Shattuck 

Thomas W. Sheehan 

William J. Sheehan 

Carolyn A. Sheenan, D.M.D. 

Thomas G. Shemeley 

Joseph F. Sheridan. D.O. 

William A. Sheridan 

Mr. Charles R. Shields 

Dimitry Shilenok 

Robert M. Shiminske 

Charles M. Sielski 

Robert W. Silber 

G. Steven Simons 

James W. Sisk, Jr., Esq. 

William J. Skyrm 

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Slane 

David P. Smeltzer 

Gary C. Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. James D. Smith, Jr. 

William J. Smith 

Geraldine R. Smoll 

John D. Snyder 

Raymond F. Snyder 

Guy T. Sottile 

Re >bert V. Spires 

Edward J. Springer 

Mark P. Stackhouse 

James W. Staerk, Esq. 

Sah atore J. Stea 

Michael T. Steelman 

James F. Stehli 

Robert J. Stein. D.O. 

Frank A. Steltz 

Michael C. Stephenson 

George C. Stewart 

Robert C. Stewart 

Francis X. Stimmler 

Willa F. Stokes 

Frederick J. Stokley, Ph.D. 

Christine M. Stone 

Frederick A. Strasser, Jr. 

Anne Marie Streicher 

Paul F. Strohm 

Richard F. Strosser 

Zigmond F. Strzelecki. M.D. 

Francis B. Stull 

Margaret A. Subokow 

lames T. Sullivan, Jr. 

Martin T Sullivan 

Philip A. Sullivan 

William J. Sullivan 

Paul B. Sweeney 

Francis E. Swiacki 

Mark E. Swierczewski, D.D.S. 

Robert W. Sykes 

John J. Szczech 
Kenneth X. Szczepanski 

Jerome S. Szpila 
Dr. & Mrs. William W. Tan 
Deebeanne M. Tavani, D.O. 
Herbert E. Taylor 
Leonard B. Terr, Esq. 
Raymond F. Theilacker 
Raiph R. Thornton. Ph.D. 
Christine M. Tiano 
Richard S. Tiedeken, Ph.D. 
William E. Tierney, C.P.A. 
Mr. X- Mrs. William P. Tierney 
Mario S. Tobia 
Timothy O. Tobin 
Robert A. Toltzis, Esq. 
Donna A. Tonrey 
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Toomey 
David J. Torpey, Jr., M.D. 
Dr. X Mrs. Nicholas J. Totalo Jr. 
Thomas J. Trainer 
Frank J. Trent 
Louis L. Trovato, D.D.S. 
Joseph E. Truitt, III 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Truitt 
Francis J. Trzuskowski, Esq. 
Nicholas G. Tsiadis 
Alan L. Tucker 
Richard A. Tucker 
Benjamin Tumolo 
John D. Tumolo 
John A. Turek 
Anthony A. Tursi 
Lemuel F. Tyre 
David S. Ud'is, M.D. 
William G. Upham, Sr. 
Vito A. Valecce, M.D. 
Mark F. Valenti 
Joan Gallo Valk 
Michael E. Van Thuyne 
Lawrence J. Vannozzi 
Thomas M. Vapniarek 
George A. Vasiliauskas 
Ronald H. Vassallo 
Dennis A. Veneziale, Esq. 
Eugene J. Veneziale 
Robert J. Vitalie 
Donald J. Vivian 
Faith H Voit 
Carl A. Von Hake- 
Carolyn A. VonMechow 
Edward M. Waddington 
Kathleen Golden Waddington 
John J. Waldron, Esq. 
Mary C. Waldron 
Anne Walsh. D.S.W. 

Mr Donald J. Walsh. Jr. X 

Dr. Mane C. Walsh 

Hans H. Walter 

Vincent W. Walters. Jr. 

Jerrold A. Walton 

David L. Walts 

Craig M. Waring 

William J. Warne 

Arthur A. Warren. Esq. 

Gerry Watkins 

Joseph T. Waugh 

Mr. X Mrs. Richard G. Weaver 

Richard J. Weber, Esq. 

Gregory J. Webster 

Barbara Conrad Weiss 

Edward Weiss 

Francis J. Weiss 

Jack S. Weiss, M.D. 

Michael B. Weiss, D.D.S. 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Weiss 

Mr. X Mrs. William W. Weiss 

Mary Jeanne Welsh, Ph.D. 

Edward J. Werner 

Francis X. Whalon. Jr. 

Mr X Mrs. Richard F. Whearty 

Donald C. White 

Helena M. White 

Thomas W. Whittle, III, C.P.A. 

Stephen D. Wiener, D.O. 

Joseph Williams 

Stanley E. Williams, Jr. 

Gerald G. Willis, C.P.A. 

Faith N. Wilson 

Frederick E. Wilson, Jr. 

Joseph E. Wilson, Jr. 

Michael J. Wilson ' 

Nora Winkelman, Esq. 

Paul Winter 

Zigmund M. Wisniewski 

Stanley R. Witalec 

Ms. Janet Vargo Witt 

Edith Stead Wittman 

Mr. Stanley Wladyslawski 

Joseph M. Wbjnar 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Barrett Wood 

George C. Woods 

Susan Berg Woodward 

Mr & Mrs. William D. Woolslayer 

James A. Wright 

Stephen A. Wydrzynski, Esq. 

Lawrence J. Yearly 

John J. Zaccaria 

Alexandra S. Zajac 

Michael W". Zarrilli, D.O. 

Donald E. Zdanowicz 

William N. Zelner 

To ensure that your name appears in the 1996 
Honor Roll of Donors, please use the inserted 
remittance envelope to send in your gift to the 
University at your earliest convenience. 

page 20 


University Receives Almost $400,000 From 
Estate of the Late Catherine E. Doran, '78 



j! j '^" 


W ' 



Catherine E. 


La Salle has been named beneficiary of $399,480 
from the estate of the late Catherine E. Doran, 78, 
who served as a part-time volunteer in the 
university's Art Museum for 15 years before her sudden 
death on June 2, 1994 as she was returning from a trip to 

The bequest will be used for the establishment of an 
endowment for scholarship aid and assistance to students 
majoring in English. It will be named the "Dr. Paul R. 
Doran and Catherine E. Doran Memorial Fund." 

Dr. James A. Butler, chairman of the university's English 
Department, said that the Doran bequest could almost be 
considered a "second chance scholarship" because it will 
be used to reward junior and senior English majors for 
outstanding performances. 

"So many of our students just missed winning competi- 
tive scholarships when they enrolled at La Salle," ex- 
plained Butler. "But they have done wonderfully in the 
classroom since then and truly deserve some financial 

It is fitting, added Butler, that these scholarships will 
"perpetuate the memory of two people who had the 
courage to make a number of successful career changes 

Mrs. Doran's husband, Paul, the former dean of the 
School of Arts and Sciences and a long-time English 
professor at La Salle died in 1987. He was an expert on 
Restoration and 18th Century Literature, particularly 
the works of Jonathan Swift. 

Dr. Doran, who joined the La Salle faculty in 1949, was 
chairman of the English Department from 1950 to 1952 
and dean of arts and sciences from 1956 to 1969. A 
former member of the Christian Brothers, he was 
known as Brother G. Robert, F.S.C., when he served as 
dean and during his earlier years at the university. 

Caroline Wistar, the curator of the Art Museum, praised 
Mrs. Doran at the time of her death for "her faith, 
courage, and abundant generosity" and recalled her as 
"a living embodiment of Christian virtue, a devoted 
and tireless worker, a down to earth friend with an 
enormous capacity for fun, adventure, and laughter." 

Anyone who is similarly interested in making a be- 
quest to La Salle and/or in creating some type of 
endowed scholarship fund should contact the Devel- 
opment Office, c/o La Salle University, 1900 W. Olney 
Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19141 (215-951-1540). 

Jamie Mitchell (left) greets Janet Paul] a 
the annual reception for members of the 
President's Club as their husbands, John, 
77, and George, '67, look on. John and 
George are both participants in the 
university's Basketball Blue Chip Club 
which raised $47,835 during 199-4-95. 

FALL 1995 

page 21 






James F. Dever 




Edward J. Stemmler, M.D. 




Frank J. Noonan 




Robert T. Wright 




Charles J. Wolf, III, M.D. 




William J. Markmann, M.D. 




Gerald V. Burke, M.D. 




Michael J. Brennan 




James H. Pickering, Jr., Esq. 




William W. Matthews, III, Esq. 



Grand Total 



* Denotes reunion class records for that anniversary year. 

Judith Beck (left), manager, finance, college 
recruiting services, and Nancy E. Suswal, 
administrator, finance, college recruiting 
services, present Johnson and Johnson Family 
of Companies' S3, 000 donation to John F. 
Reardon, Ed.D., '59 (center), chairman of the 
Accounting Department; Brother President 
Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D. ,'68, and Louis 
A. Lamorte, Jr. (right), director of career 
planning. Ms. Suswal was the 1995 recipient 
of La Salle's "Recruiter of the Year" award. 

Brother Charles E. Gresh, F.S.C., '55, director of 
development, welcomes Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence 
E. McAlee. '59, to the third annual Charter 
Dinner La Salle University Leadership Award 
Ceremony. The event honored William J. Avery, 
chairman, president, and CEO of Crown Cork 
and Seal Company, Inc., and raised more than 
S85.000 for the university's scholarship fund. 

Robert T. Wright presents the class of 1%0's 35th 
anniversary gift to Brother President Joseph F. 
Burke, F.S.C., Ph.D.. '68, during reunion week- 
end in May. Through their collective efforts, the 
reunion classes raised $336,364 for the 1994-95 
annual fund campaign. 

page 22 




he individuals 
listed below contrib- 
uted up to $124 to 
La Salle during the 
past fiscal year. 

Thomas V. Abaldo 

Susan L. Ahbagliato 

Joseph L. Abbamondi 

Michael J. Abbott 

Gerard H. Abernethy 

David L. Abruzzi 

Dominic Aceto 

Mr. & Mrs. Armando Acevedo 

Albert C. Achuff 

Barbara L. Ackerman. M.D. 

Donald F. Ackerman 

Anita E. Ackovitz 

John J. Adair 

Paul J. Adair 

Mr. & Mrs. William Adair 

Carmen S. Adamo 

Mr. & Mrs. Leon R. Adamo 

Michael J. Adams 

Paul V. Adams 

William E. Adams 

Charles R. Adelsberger 

Mr. & Mrs. Ruben V. Admana 

Alberto H. Afan 

C. Vincent Afflerback 

Edward R. Agonis 

Francis P. Agrusa 

Elizabeth Aguilera 

Jae Do Aim 

Norbert J. Aicher 

Louis J. Aiello 

Robert M. Aiken, Sr. 

Jeffrey P. Aimone 

Bernardino A. Albence. Jr. 

Theodore H. Alber 

Robert L. Albrecht 

John P. Alcorn 

Theodore J. Alden 

Patricia G. Simmons-Alderfer 

James J. Alesi 

Richard Alessandrini 

Joanne Thorn Alexander 

Thomas Alexander 

Jose R. Alio, Esq. 

Frank P. Alizzi 

Carole A. Allen 

Douglas P. Allen 

Lawrence Allen 

Richard L. Allen 

William J. Allen, Sr. 

Paul F. Aller 

Paul C. Alloy, M.D. 

Silvana Bianchimano Alphonso 

Joanie D. Alston 

Carl Altilia 

Mr. & Mrs. James Altimairo 

Carol R. Altimari 

Anthony E. Altomare 

John C. Altrogge 

Susan G. Amato 

Donna M. Ambolino 

Michael F. Ambrose, Sr. 

Danielle Ambrosini 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ammaturo 

Robert Anion 

Richard J. Anions 

Francis G. Amorosi 

AngeloJ. Amoroso 

Salvatore J. Amoroso 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Anastacio 

Eugene Ancharski 

David L. Anderson 

David O. Anderson 

Lee J. Anderson 

Nicole L. Anderson 

Ms. Patricia A. Anderson 

Victor E. Anderson, Jr. 

John J. Ando 

Joseph F. Andrews, M.D. 

Vincent P. Andrews 

John M. Andruszko 

Dennis L. Angelisanti 

Mary Mayerhofer Angelucci 

Brian Anmuth, V.M.D. 

Ellwood J. Annaheim 

James L. Annas 

Bohdan O. Anniuk 


Ralf S. Anoia 

Paul A. Ansaldo 

John R. Ansbro 

Pauline Ansley 

William Anstock 

Joseph S. Ansuini 

John F. Anthony 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Antonelli, Jr. 

David F. Antoni 

Michael J. Anzalone 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Apanewicz 

Stephen J. Apostolacus 

Joseph E, Appicello 

Alfred A. Araco 

Gregory T Arbiz 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Arbuckle 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond M Arcangel, Sr. 

William J. Archer, Jr. 

Edmund F. Archual, Jr. 

Charles B. Ard 

Thomas J. Ardecki 

John J. Arent 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Argondezzi 

Angela S. Arico 

Mrs. Lorraine M. Armento 

Joseph F. Armstrong 

Leonard J. Armstrong, Jr. 

Michael G. Armstrong 

Everett L. Arnold 

Maureen Gavaghan Arnold 

Michael J. Arrivello, Jr. 

Ham - T. Arton 

Arthur J. Askins 

Jerry Askow 

Thomas (. Asman 

Pamela A. Atkinson 

David Attmore 

Maureen Giglio Aubuchon 

Harold F. Audi. Ill 

Lawrence H. Auerweck 

Dawn M. Aufiero 

Mr. & Mrs. Dominick Aufiero 

Alexander L. Avallon, Sr. 

Marc M. Avallone 

Joan C. Avato 

Wesley C. Avera 

Richard A. Avicolli, Sr. 

Mary Fanelli Ayala, Ph.D. 

Jerome J. Azarewicz 

Sarah A. Babaian 

Gandia Ragoopath Bachan 

Fred S. Bachman 

Mary Ann Bacon 

Sandra Foell Baehler 

Douglas C. Baer 

John J. Bagnell 

Thomas J. Bagnell, Jr. 

Chester H. Bahn 

Ethel E. lS: Mary A. Bahn 

Russell R. Bahn 

Stephen J. Bahn 

Alonzo M. Baiada 

Bonnie Bailey 

Richard J. Bailey 

Joann Yanak Baillie 

Mrs. Josephine M. Baiocchi 

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Bair 

Bernadette Pacitti Baird 

Mrs. Joanne Moore Baird 

Bradley K. Baker 

Elisa L. Baker 

Elizabeth E. Baker 

Harry F. Baker 

Lesly DeMasi Baker 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Baker 

Robert C. Baker 

Walter Baker, Jr. 

John S. Baky 

A. Patrick Balcer, Jr. 

Susan Petrucelli Baldino 

Thomas J. Baldino, Ph.D. 

William J. Baldino 

Patricia Rice Baldridge 

James M. Balestra 

Robert V. Balke 

Chuck M. Ball 

Kenneth Ball 

Robert J. Ball 

Mr. & Mrs. William Baltrusaitis 

Dr. & Mrs. William H. Baltzell 

Harry F. Bambrick 

Mr. & Mrs. Sei W. Bang 

Alfred J. Bannister 

Henry J. Baraldi 

Edward R. Barber 

Christopher J. Barbier 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Barclay 

Michael W. Barclay 

Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Barcliff 

George A. Barnett 

Mr. \ Mrs. James L. Barnette 

Beverly J. Barnwell 

Catherine Guarino Barr 

Joan T. Barr 

John J. Barr, Esq. 

Mildred A. Barr 

Maria A. Barreca 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Barrett 

Francis A. Barrett 

Franklin T. Barrett 

Michael P. Barrett 

Russell R. Barrett 

Susan E. Barrett 

Susan M. Barrett 

Thomas M. Barrett 

Mr. & Mrs. Mario Barrucci 

Danielle G. Barry 

John E. Barry 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Barry 

Kelly A. Barten 

Patricia A. Barten 

Roger Barth, Ph.D. 

Alice F. Barton 

Timothy J. Barton 

James T Basara, D.M.D. 

Ronald A. Baselice 

Alan S. Baseman, M.D. 

Donald A. Baseman 

Michael A. Basile. Jr. 

Millicent Dulin Basile 

Karen D. Bastian 

Katherine O'Brien Bastian 

Frank J. Batavick 

Clifford R. Batezel 

Anthony Battaglia, Ph.D. 

Frank J. Battaglia. Ph.D. 

Joseph L. Battaglini 

Patricia C. Bauder 

Dennis W. Baudo 

Elmer Bauer, Jr. 

Mr. lS: Mrs. George J. Bauer, III 

John P. Baumann 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Baumgardner 

Joseph E. Baumgartner, Jr., Esq. 

Robert D. Baxter, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Beadle 

Eric E. Beam 

Walter F. Beard. Jr. 

Barbara Swinand Beardsley 

Mary B. Beatrice 

James D. Beatty 

Bruce T Beaumont 

Robert J. Becher, Sr. 

Francis X. Becht 

Andrew R. Beck 

Bernard E. Beck 

Carl E. Beck, Jr. 

Christopher J. Becker 

Howard G. Becker 

Patricia M. Becker 

Robert A. Becker 

Rudolph H. Beckert. M.D. 

Marilyn B. Beckwith 

Richard A. Bedford. M.D. 

Gerard J. Bednar 

Linda Sparks Bednarz 

Stephen J. Beduch 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Beehler 

James J. Beeson 

William R. Behm 

Ernest M. Behr 

FALL 1995 

page 23 

Robert .1 Beich 

Mrs. Dorothy J. Beisel 

William |. Beisser 

Charles A Beitz, Jr 

Edward K. Beitz 

Janice M Beitz 

Carl J. Belber, Ml). 

Joseph J. Belcher. Ill 

K Holden Belcher, Jr. 

Michael A. Belfiore 

Joseph A. Belinsky, Jr. 

Gloria J. Bell 

James M. Bell 

Thomas \Y. Bell 

Joseph J. Bellanca. M.I). 

Dina Bellizzi 

Lori A. Bello 

John Bellus 

Stephanie M. Belzer 

Joseph Benanti 

Frances T. Bender 

Mrs. Cathy J. Benene 

Robert A. Benetz 

Teresa J. Benetz 

Emanuel J. Benhayon 

Francis X. Benischeck 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Benish 

Barry F. Bennett 

George A. Bennett, Jr. 

J. Bruce Bennett 

Kenneth B. Bennington. Ill 

Mr. <& Mrs. John P. Bennis 

Helen P. Benson 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Benson 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Benson 

Brian R. Bentz 

Robert M. Bentz, D.M.D. 

LeroyJ. Bentzley 

George F. Beppel 

Michael J. Berchick 

Walter P. Bereziak 

COL Joseph B. Berger, Jr. 

Michael J. Bergin 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Bergin, Jr. 

George Berman 

Glenn S. Berman 

Michael L. Bermudez 

Barbara Christie Berndt 

John R. Berndt, Jr. 

Deborah E. Bernhardt 

Edward J. Bernier 

Rex Norman Bernstein, Ph.D. 

Lawrence C. Berran 

Mi & Mrs. Lawrence W. Berran 

Francis T. Berry 

Benjamin J. Bertino 

John A. Bertucelli 

George M. Beschen, Sr. 

rge M. Beschen. Jr. 

Martiena Elizabeth Besecker 

John B. Best 

Frederick P. Betz 

Mrs. Joanne C. Bet/ 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Bevan. Jr. 

\h & Mrs. |a\ F. Bevenoui Sr 

Henry R. Beyer 

Raymond T. Bicker! 

Mr X Mrs. Daniel A. Bickley 

Mr & Mrs. Gerald L. Biedenbach 

Bernard J. Bieg 

Paul C. Bieg. Jr. 

Mi & Mrs Maurice B. Bielicki 

Henry G. Bienkowski 

Thomas W. Biester 

Julie Fetzer Bigel< »w 

Francis E. Biglev. Sr. 

John R. Bille 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Billings 

Mildred Bilt 

Joseph S. Biondo 

John J. Birkmire 

John W. Birnbrauer 

John S. Birnhak 

Rita Morrin Birnhak 

Paul E. Bisbing 

John P. Bisco 

Anne K. Bishop 

Robert Q. Bishop 

Joseph J. Bisicchia 

William P. Bissell 

Barbara Bittinger 

Henry C. Bittner 

Thaddeus F. Bivenour 

James J. Black, Ph.D. 

Kathleen Dynan Black 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. Black 

Patricia Gillespie Black 

Robert J. Black 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl A. Blake 

Robert C. Blake 

John J. Blanch. M.D. 

Kelly M. Blasco 

Rita Paddick Blaszczyk 

Carol Fetterman Blauth 

Jane Anne Blender 

John W. Blesi 

Joseph F. Blickley. Ill 

Mr. ..S: Mrs. Frederick B. Bloesch 

Charles J. Bloom 

Charles J. Blount 

Wesley M. Bobbie 

Fred V. Boccella 

John M. Bocelli 

Joseph F. Bocklet 

Michelle Lamb Boddorff 

Charles R. Bodner 

Bernadette A. Boedewig 

Michael A. Boedew ig 

Suzanne T Bogatiuk 

Francis P. Bogle 

Mr. & Mrs. David E. Bognar 

George W. Bohnenberger 

Joseph H. Bohr 

Mr. ,S: Mrs. Bernard J. Boland 

Joseph G. Boland 

Michael P. Boland 

Thomas F. Boland 

John A. Bolash 

David A. Boligitz 

Mr & Mrs. James A. Bolinsky 

Phylis K. Bolno 

Robert L. Bolsover 

Cathy H. Bolton 

Thomas F. Bolton 

Andrew W. Bommentre 

Bernadette M. Bonaduce 

Kelliann Whelan Bonasera 

Alan D. Bond 

Raymond L. Bond 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas R. Bond 

Diane M. Bones 

Sylvain Boni, Ph.D. 

Joseph Bonk 

Joseph M. Bonnier 

Leonard!. Bonner, Esq. 

Robert W. Bonner 

Alexander D. Bono, Esq. 

Michael C. Bono 

Mrs. Carmen L. Bonora 

George V. Booker 

Thomas T. Booth, Jr. 

John J. Boothman. Jr 

George M. Boraske 

Joanne T Bordoni 

Leonard C. Bordzol 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Borgersen 

Louis C. Borghi 

Ms. Lucille T Born 

Clare M. Borrelli 

Joanne P. Bonner 

Joseph M. Bozilleri 

John F. Bossier, Sr. 

Marcella Kuttler Bossow 

Peter R. Bossow, Jr. 

Walter S. Bott, Sr.' 

Catherine Dunworth Botta 

Joseph E. Botta 

Francis E. Bottorff 

Susan Groh Boures 

Kathryn R. Bourquin 

Thomas B. Bowe 

Helen K. Bowen 

John D. Bowen 

Tracey A. Bowen 

Mr. Todd Bower, Sr. 

Richard E. Bowers 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Bowersox 

James A. Boyd 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Boyd 

Virginia M. Boyd 

Gerald T Boyer 

James L. Boyer 

James M. Boyer 

Joseph J. Boyer 

Dennis J. Boylan 

Lorena Filosa Boylan 

Owen J. Boylan, Jr. 

Edward J. Boyle 

Geri A. Boyle 

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh J. Boyle 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Boyle 

John J. Boyle 

Joseph D. Boyle 

Leo A. Boyle,' III 

Maureen A. Boyle 

Michele Rocco Boyle 

Mrs. Teresa A. Boyle 

Thomas J. Boyle 

Thomas M. Boyle 

William E. Boyle 

John T Bozzi 

Walter!. Branch 

Raymond B. Bracis 

Toby W. Bracken 

Tracey R. Bradigan 

Eileen McGlone Bradley 

Mr. & Mrs. lames P. Bradley 

Jerome T. Bradley- 
John M. Bradley 
Kathleen M. Bradley, R.N. 
Kenneth R. Bradley, Esq. 
Maria Chindamo Bradley 
Michael P. Bradley 
William C. Bradley, Jr. 
William J. Bradley 
Laura Swiderski Bradner 
John J. Brady 
Joseph F. Brady 
Marjorie Baharian Brady 
Maureen K. Brady 
Paul R. Brady 
Teresa Brady 
Thomas J. Brady 
Anthony L. Bralczyk 
Arlene Branch 
Charles D. Branch, Jr. 
Frederick C. Brandt 
Mrs. Isabelle Brandt 
John J. Branigan, Esq. 
Peter J. Braschoss, Jr. 
Ann F. Brassell 
Mary Thomson Brauman 
Gregory Braun 
Joseph T Braun, III 
Willis F. Braun 
John P. Braunsar 
Delores M. Brecker 
Barbara Bredell 
David W. Breen 
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Breen 
Owen J. Breen. Jr. 
Richard D. Breen 
Gerald M. Breeze 
Laura J. Brehm 
John P. Breickner. Ill 
Alfred E. Brennan 
Charlene L. Brennan 
Donald J. Brennan 
Francis P. Brennan 
James J. Brennan 
Janice G. Brennan 
Joseph C. Brennan 
Joseph P. Brennan 
Joseph P. Brennan 
Philip J. Brennan 
Sean P. Brennan 
Timothy C. Brennan, Jr., Ed.D. 
Joanne B. Brenner 
Joseph R. Breslin 
Joseph F. Bretschneider 
James D. Brett 
Mr. & Mrs. Darryl J. Brewster 
Paul A. Brezinski 
Earl W. Bricker 
David P. Brickley 
James P. Brickley 
Mary Jo Brickley 
Loretta Bassetti Bridges 
Robert C. Briel 
Edward L. Brigham 
Elizabeth Harper Briglia 
Robert T. Brill. Ph.D. 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Brim 
William E. Brindley 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Brinkos 
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Brino 


Joseph P. Brisley 

Terrence Broderick 

Barry D. Brodzinski 

Jan Colbeck Brodzinski 

Paul J. Bromley 

Mark). Brood 

Beverly D. Brooks 

Catherine Stone Brooks 

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Brooks 

Victor D. Brooks, Jr., Ph.D. 

John E. Brophy 

Wade A. Brosius, D.O. 

Walter J. Brough 

Carl Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brown 

Daniel L. Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. David J. Brown, Sr. 

Edward J. Brown 

James F. Brown 

William J. Brown 

Joseph A. Browne 

Patricia M. Browne 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Browne 

Timothy J. Browne 

William T Browne. Jr. 

Annemarie Lento Brownmiller 

K. Richard Bruhm 

Mr. & Mrs. John V, Brull 

Michael L. Brumhach 

Sharon D. Brune 

Stephanie Selmer Brunhofer 

Francis J. Bruno, III 

Mr. & Mrs. P. Brunt 

David J. Bryant 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Bryant 

Teresa L. Bryant 

Alvin A. Buben 

Ms. Helen D. Bubka 

Anthony F. Buccafuri 

Frank A. Bucci 

Mario A. Bucci 

Ann O'Malley Bucciero 

Joshua Buch, Ph.D. 

Deborah Fay Buch 

Michelle P. Buchanan 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul L. Buchanan 

Lois C. Bucholski 

Robert V. Buck 

Mrs. Rosemarie E. Buck 

Teresa M. Buck 

Joseph F. Buckley 

Michael J. Buckley 

Albert J. Budano 

Michelle Ackenback Budd 

Maureen M. Budenz 

Theodore A. Budzichowski, Ph.D. 

Claude H. Buehrle, C.P.A. 

Joseph A. Buenzle 

Mrs. JoAnn M. Buggy 

Alfred P. Bukeavich, M.D. 

Theodore J. Bukowski 

Josiane M. Bulens 

Kenneth F. Bullock 

Mrs. Winnie Bullock 

Harvey L. Bunch. Jr. 

John M. Buonomo, DO. 

Maryann Dean Buonomo 

Mr. & Mrs. Adam J. Burakouski 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Buranich 

Paul J. Burgoyne, Esq. 

Sidney J. Burgoyne 

Theresa Azizkhan Burick 

Andrew H. Burke 

Diane M. Burke 

Mrs. Ethel M. Burke 

John L. Burke 

John T. Burke 

Joseph F. Burke 

Joseph P. Burke 

Joseph P. Burke, Sr. 

Kathleen Lynch Burke 

Lizabeth A. Burke 

Louis A. Burke 

Michael F. Burke 

Michael T Burke 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Burke, Jr. 

Rosemary B. Burke 

William F. Burke, III 

Susan L. Burnett 

Bernard J. Burns 

Daniel D. Burns, Jr. 

Joseph Burns 

Joseph F. Burns 

Joseph M. Burns 

Joseph T Burns 

Richard H. Burns 

Frank A. Burr 

Gerald J. Burt 

Mr. & Mrs. Barry J. Burton 

Gina R. Burton 

Gregory A. Burton 

Marybeth Senn Burton 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Buschka 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Buschke 

James P. Bush 

Robert J. Bush, Esq. 

David J. Butcher 

M. Lisa Ewing Butchy 

Mrs. Anna Butkiewicz 

Edmund P. Butler, Jr. 

John E. Butler 

John F Butler 

Kelly G. Butler 

Robert A. Butler 

Rev. Victor Butler, S.V.D. 

John A. Buyarski 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Byard, Jr. 

Brian J. Byrne, Ph.D. 

Joseph E. Byrne, Ph.D. 

Sharon Wilson Byrne 

Dolores A. Byrnes 

James J. Byrnes 

Edward V. Byrns 

Marietta S. Cabatu 

Alex W. Cabe, III 

Eileen Hilpl Cabry 

Mr. & Mrs. Carlos R. Cabungcal 

Catherine R. Cabungcal 

Lewis A. Caccese 

Maria C. Cacia 

Richard T. Cadigan 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Cafagna 

Anthony J. Caffarella 

Diane Caffie 

CMDR Edward F. Caffrey, Jr. 

J. Richard Cahill 

Robert J. Cahill 

George J. Cain 

Brother Gerard F. Molyneaux, F.S.C., Ph.D., '58 
(left), chairman of the Communication Depart- 
ment, and Pat Delsi, president and general 
manager of WSSJ Radio and president of the 
Philadelphia Press Association, congratulate 
Theresa Argondezzi (seated) and Michelle 
Priestly, the recipients of $250 scholarships 
awarded by the Philadelphia Press Association. 

Victor J. Calandra 

Diego & Linda Calderin 

Nuncio N. Cali 

Mr. & Mrs. David H. Call 

Jennifer Lynn Call 

Elizabeth Diehl Callahan 

John P. Callahan 

Rev. Joseph W. Callahan 

Joyce A. Callahan 

John G. Callan. Jr. 

Albert S. Camardella 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Camarote 

Donald Joseph Campanile 

Daniel Campbell 

Francis X. Campbell 

Frank J. Campbell, Jr. 

Howard F. Campbell. Jr. 

James P. Campbell 

John F. Campbell 

John P. Campbell 

Joseph F. Campbell 

Joseph J. Campbell 

Joseph M. Campbell 

Scott F. Campbell 

Thomas E. Campbell 

Thomas J. Campbell, III 

Suzette Clare Campellone 

Francis V. Campi 

James J. Campion 

Diane Campo 

William Campo 

Steve Campolong< > 

Mr. lK: Mrs. Fernando Campos 

Joseph F. Canataro, Ed.D. 

Linda Pantano Canataro 

Michael P. Candelori 

Mark E. Canfield 

John J. Canney 

Francis W. Canning. C.P.A. 

Francis C. Cannon 

lames F. Cannon 

Paul J. Cannon 
Raffiyya S Cannon 
Ramona M. Cannon 
Victor F. Cantarella 
John J. Cantwell 
Frederick J. Cantz, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs. Cesar M. Caoili 
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Capan 
Mr. & Mrs. Abramo W. Capece 
Christina T Capella 
James M. Caperelli. Jr. 
Joseph J. Capista, D.D.S. 
Deborah K. Caplan 
Joseph A. Capobianco 
NicholasJ. Cappello. Jr. 
Benedict A. Capra 
Robert J. Caprioglio 
Donald E. Caputi 
Mr. & Mrs. Alfonso A. Caputo 
John D. Caputo. Ph.D. 
Michael A. Caputo 
John P. Capuzzi 
Natal J. Carabello 
Ronald N. Caracciolo 
Rodger Caramanica 
Barbara Gawinski Carberry 
Harry P. Carberry 
Anthony D. Carboni 
Linda Sanders Cardamone 
Sero Cardamone 
Debra A. Cardell 
Raymond C. Carden 
Margaret M. Cardie 
Larry Cardonick 
Christopher J. Carey, Jr. 
Lisa A. Carey 
Thomas V. Carey 
David W. Carickhoff 
John N. Carides 
Peter Carides 
Justin M. Carisio, Jr. 

FALL 1995 

page 25 

Teresa Majeski Carisio 
Vinceni J. Carita 
John L. Carlson 
Mr. & Mrs. George Carlton 
James W. Carmody 
Mrs. Ana B. Carmouze 
Arnold C. Carnevale 
Richard W. Carne) 
Mr. l\ Mrs. Robert Carney 
Jill S. Carozza 
Erwin A. Carp 
Peter A. Carpey 
Francis J. Carr. Jr. 
Mr. >S: Mrs. Harold L. Can- 
Harris A. Carr 
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Carr 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Carr 
Mary Carr 
Robert J. Carr 
Mr. cS: Mrs. Robert J. Can- 
Sean C. Carr 
Shawn P. Carr 
Steven M. Carr, Esq. 
Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Carraccio 
Margaret Dunn Carrigan 
John A. Carroll 
Louis J. Carroll. Jr. 
Angela P. Carter 
William C. Carter 
Francis J. Cartwright, Sr. 
A. Joseph Carusi 
Ronald T. Casani 
Timothy A. Casee 
Joseph J. Casey- 
Michael A. Casey 
Thomas J. Casey 
Thomas J. Casey 
Christina G. Cashman 
Robert E. Casillo 
Robert G. Casillo. Ph.D. 
William J. Casler 
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin E. Cassady 
Christine J. Cassel 
Charles A. Cassidy. Jr. 
Francis X. Cassidy 
Joseph F. Cassidy 
Kathleen Duffy Cassidy 
Kathleen Kussay Cassidy 
Ke\ in J. Cassidy 
Mandi A. Cassidy 
Michael P. Cassid) 
Thomas V. Cassah 
Carl G. Castellano 
Beth E. Castelli 
Peter T Castle 
Vincent J. Cataldi 
Lia M. Catalini 
Guy A. Catalino 
Mar) Ann Stefany Catanzaro 
James F. Caton 
Dominic J. Catrambone 
Jennifer Delio Catrambone 
JoAnna L. Cattie 
( Ji.nks Caucci 
Mary Mezzanotte Caulder 
David \\ Cava 
Moira Brady Cava 
Mario F. Cavalieri 
Mr. ^ Mrs. Frank A. Cavallaro 

Charles M. Cavanagh 
Francis J. Cavanaugh, Jr. 
James Cavanaugh 
James K. Cavanaugh, Jr. 

Laura J. Cavanaugh 

Barbara M. Cegles 

Christopher G. Ceneviva 

Theresa A. Ceniccol.i 

Joseph A. Centanni, Jr. 

Joseph A. Centonze 

Eugene C. Cerceo 

Patrick J. Cerceo 

Edward P. Ceresini 

Jane Bates Cero 

Peter A. Certo 

Charles F. Cerveny 

Re\ Jeffrey T. Cesarone, O.Praem 

Ani T Chacko 

Constance M. Chaga 

Mr. & Mrs. Toni N. Chalfoun 

Howard S. Chandler 

Margaret Siedlecki Chapman 

Thomas A. Chapman, Esq. 

Ms. Rose Charles 

Edward J. Charlton, Esq. 

Jennifer Fleming Charlton 

Michael R. Charlton 

Mrs. Esther A. Charves 

William J. Chase. Sr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Barry J. Chasen 

Soledad Gaitan Chavez Plumley 

Joseph A. Chelius 

Patricia A. Chelius 

Stanley J. Cherubin 

E. Renee Chestnut 

Mr. & Mrs. Dominick V. Chianese 

Mr. On: Mrs. John A. Chiango 

Mr. & Mrs. Denis J. Chiappa 

Carmen J. Chiaradonna 

Debra Lynn Chiaravallotti 

Mr. lS: Mrs. Domenic T Chiavaroli 

Anthony T Chiaverelli 

Mrs Marian Chicchi 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Chiliberti 

Larry L. Chilson 

Joseph P. Chinnici 

Andrea Cholewiak 

Frank M. Chomenko 

Karen Cobb Chomenko 

Leonard R. Chominski 

Eileen Monahan Chopnick 

Gary M. Christian 

Mary J. Christian 

David E. Christiansen 

Eva F. Christiansen 

Jeffrey E. Christides 

Charles W. Christy. Ill 

Susan Fry Chubb 

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Chuchman 

James L. Chuchman 

Patricia Ciambrano 

Ms. Rosemary Cianfrani 

Frederick J. Ciao 

Mark J. Ciccantelli. M.I). 

Joseph A. Ciconte. D.M.D. 

Patrice A. Ciecko 

Gabriel D. Cieri 

Edward W. Ciesielski 

Rocco D. Cifone 

Mr & Mrs Paul C. Cifra 
Joseph A. Cilia, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Vito Cilluffo 
Robert E. Cimorelli 
Mr. & Mrs. John Cinkowski 
Armand J. Cirone 
Thomas M. Cislo 
Ralph A. Citino 
Gary K. Clabaugh Ed.D. 
Joseph M. Claffey 
Vincent P. Clancy 
Bernard W. Clark 
Daniel P. Clark 
Julie L. Clark 
Lynn Gidel Clark 
Mr. Robert J. Clark 
Mr. Thomas F. Clark 
Annemarie F. Clarke 
Gerald R. Clarke 
Inez Clark 
Joseph T Clarke 
Mary E. Clarke, Esq. 
Valerie A. Clary 
Laura C. CLavin 
Joseph R. Clay 
Timothy J. Clay, D.M.D. 
Russell G. Clayton, DO. 
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Geary 
James R. Geary 
Miriam A. Geary 
Thomas J. Geary 
Thomas R. Geary 
Patricia L. Clemens 
Elizabeth McCall Clement 
Michael J. Gemente 
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A. Cline 
Henry P. Close, M.D. 
Raymond T Clothier 
Edward D. Clover 
Patrick M. Clowry 
Joseph E. Coady 
John A. Coan, Jr. 
Michael J. Coar, Sr. 
Andrew A. Coates, Esq. 
Maryanne Carson Coates 
Mr. & Mrs. Belvin G. Cobb 
John H. Cobb 
Curtis R. Cockenberg, Jr. 
Edward B. Cody 
Joseph L. Coffey 
Edward S. Coffin 
Timothy P. Cogan 
Jennifer E. Coggins 
Nicholas J. Coggins 
Teresa Murphy Coggshall 
Arnold L. Cohen 
Barbara Chimel Cohen 
Benjamin W. Cohen 
Burton Cohen 
Charles S. Cohen 
Kenneth F. Cohen, Esq. 
John Coia 
Michele M. Colahan 
Thomas J. Colahan 
Li luis F Colantuono 
( rerald Colapinto 
Anna M. Colasante 
Joseph A. Colasante 
Joseph C. Colasante 

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Colasante 
Ralph Colasurdo 
James \\ Colbert 
Regina Burke Colbert 
Richard L. Colden. Ill 
Mr & Mrs. Richard L. Colden, Jr. 
Rev. Raymond L. Cole- 
Ida R. Colella 
Marcie L. Colello 
l.clw ard R. Coleman 
Mrs. Margaret M. Coleman 
Daniel W. Coley 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Colfer 
John B. Coll 
Joseph J. Coll, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Coll 
William J. Collier 
Gerald P. Collins 
Harry J. Collins 
Jere David Collins 
John F Collins, Jr. 
Joseph J. Collins 
Stephen J Collins 
LT William J. Collins, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. John Collius 
Joseph J. Colosimo 
Robert J. Colton 
Edward W. Conaway 
Eugene M. Conboy 
Richard M. Conboy 
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis G. Congdon 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Conicelli 
Rev. Martin R. Conley 
Deborah A. Conly 
James E. Connell 
John J. Connell, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Connell 
Joseph M. Connell 
James J. Connelly 
Michael J. Connelly, M.D. 
Michael T Connelly- 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Connelly- 
Robert J. Connelly- 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Connelly- 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Connelly 
Gerald P. Conner 
Mary Sheehy Connolly 
Thomas F. Connolly. Jr. 
Hairy A. Connor. Jr. 
James F. Connor 
John M. Connor 
Kevin J. Connor 
Gerard E. Connors, Jr. 
John J. Connors, Esq. 
Thomas M. Connors. Jr. 
Jane Kauffman Conolly 
William D. Conrad 
John B. Conroy 
Sean P. Conroy 
William J. Conroy 
Mr. & Mrs. Carmen M. Consiglio 
Michael A. Consiglio 
James A. Covery 
William J. Convey 
Charles L. Conway, Sr., C.P.A. 
Patrick J. Conway 
William P. Coogan 
Paul X. Cook 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Cook 


Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Cook 

Thomas N. Cook 

William J. Cook 

John T. Cooke 

Timothy J. Coonahan 

Michael F. Cooney 

Dwight Y. Cooper 

Robin E. Cooper 

James G. Copeland 

Mr. & Mrs. Van A. Copeland 

Steven J. Coper 

Maiy McGrath Coppola 

Teresa Z. Coraggio 

Dorothy J. Corbett 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold T Corcoran 

James F. Corcoran 

Michael J. Corcoran 

Thomas E. Corcoran 

Michael J. Corey 

Ethel R. Corley ' 

Francine Calafati Corley 

Mary Jo Kovatch Corley 

CPT Thomas P. Corley 

Paul M. Corlies 

John R. Corrigan 

Rosemary Mancini Corrigan 

Timothy A. Cony 

Perry A. Corsetti 

Michael Cortese 

Clifton J. Cortez, Jr. 

Joseph F. Cortez 

Cosmo J. Corvaglia 

Anthony T Corvaia, Jr. 

Henry T. Corvin 

George V. Corwell. Ed.D. 

Melissa A. Corwell 

Michael A. Cory 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Coschi 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Cosenza 

William P. Cosgrove 

Earl C. Costa. D.D.S. 

Edmoncl D. Costantini 

Sandra Gullotti Costantino 

John D. Costanzo 

Marysue Baker Costanzo 

Michael S. Costanzo 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Costanzo, Jr. 

Brian P. Costello 

Harry J. Costello 

Joseph J. Costello 

Robert F. Costello. Jr. 

Robert M. Costello 

William F. Costello 

William W. Costello 

Albert F. Coston 

Mr. & Mrs. David F. Cotter 

John P. Cotter, Esq. 

Henry J. Cotton 

J. Mark Coulson 

Charlotte A. Council 

Donald J. Courtney 

James V. Covello 

Maurice E. Cox, Jr. 

A. Leo Coyle 

Anthony N. Coyle 

Arthur E. Coyle, Jr. 

Bernard H. Coyle 

Charles A. Coyle. Ed.D. 

Colleen A. Coyle 

James M. Coyle 

Joanne Thomson Coyle 

Michael C. Coyle, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Coyle 

Thomas J. Coyne 

( reorge A. Cozza 

Maryanne D. Crager 

Alan T. Craig 

James P. Craige 

Francis P. Cramsie, Jr. 

Andrew P. Crane 

Edwin S. Crane, Jr. 

Mr. ..X: Mrs. Harry P. Cranmer 

Mr. & Mrs. Milton G. Crassweller 

James S. Crawford 

Jerry W. Crawford 

Steven F. Crawford. M.D. 

Thomas F. Crawford, Esq. 

William V. Crawford. Ill 

Ralph F. Cretaro 

John J. Crewalk 

Dennis A. Cribben 

Jeannine M. Cridge 

James M. Crilley 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Crimaldi 

Nancy Criniti 

Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Cristiano 

James J. Crockett 

Donald J. Croke 

Thomas M. Croke, IV, Esq. 

Geraldine Shields Cromley 

Mary T Cronin 

Gerald A. Cropp 

Robert S. Croskey 

Edmund J. Crossen 

Alice R. Crouthamel 

Christopher J. Crowe 

Patricia Taylor Crowe 

Sharon K. Cryer 

Dolores Jovina Cseplo 

Ruth Cuadrado-Wilkins 

David K. Cucinotta 

Arthur J. Culbert, Ph.D. 

David P. Cullen 

Ms. Frances M. Cullen 

Thomas J. Cullen 

William R. Gulp 

Lee J. Culver 

Catherine T Cummings 

John M. Cunnane 

|( iseph T Cunnane 

Joan Sullivan Cunningham 

John J. Cunningham 

J( isephine Cunningham 

Raymond Cunningham. Jr. 

Brian P. Curley 

Catherine R. Curley 

Kimberly Curnew 

Christina T. Curran 

Christopher G. Curran 

Cornelius \\ ( urran 

Mrs. Diane E. Curran 

Francis M. Curran 

Gregory J. Curran 

\l.n\ A. Curran. D.H.M. 

William F. Curran 

Margaret O'Brien Curtin 

William J. Cute 

Raymond L. Cybulski, Ph.D. 

Dr. & Mrs. Howard M. Cyr, Jr. 

Pamela Doody Cyr 

Casimir M. Czerpak 

Mr. ,S: Mrs. Frank D'Aiuto 

CPT Daniel J. D'Alesio, Jr. 

ToniLynn A. D'Alessandro 

Raif S. D'Amico 

Nicholas C. D'Angelo 

Patricia R. D Annunzio 

A. Raymond D'Antonio 

George A. D'Ascenzo 

Joseph P. D'Ascenzo 

Lucille R. D'Emilio 

Ann M. D'Innocenzo 

Louis A. D'Ovidio 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Dabose 

Siegfried Dahms 

Colin Daigle 

Ms. M. Carol Daigle 

Dennis P. Dailey 

Alan H. Daily, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Daily 

Gary R. Dal Corso 

Francis E. Dalo 

Francis J. Dalton 

Jennifer Dalton 

Brian C. Daly 

James F. Daly, Jr. 

John Daly. Jr. 

Mary K. Daly 

Thomas M. Daly 

Barbara I. Dalzell 

Anthony J. Damico 

Joseph E. Danella 

Brian D. Daniel 

James C. Daniels 

Thomas A. Daniels 

Charles E. Danihel 

Jane B. Danihel 

Lisa M. Dankanich 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis W. Dante 

Thomas P. Dairy 

Richard E. Dardis, Ph.D. 

John G. Darrah 

John G. Darrah 

James J. Dattilo 

Albert J. Daulerio, Jr. 

COL James J. David 

Kahtleen DeFeo Davidowski 

I lei bert J. Davies 

John M. Da\ ies 

Mr. & Mrs. Jesus Davila 

Alan E. Davis 

Brian M. Davis 

Carl J. I)a\ is 

C. Michael Davis 

David J. Davis 

Dorothy C. Da\ is 

Eileen Sinister Davis 

George W. Davis 

Gerald E. Davis 

Maura Bra} \)a\ is 

Mr. & Mrs Reese P. Davis 

Richard B. Davis 

Rev. Richard L. D.uis. T.O.R. 

Mr & Mrs. Robert Da\ is 

Robert R. Davis 

Sandra K. Davis 

Thea L. Davis 

William J. Davis. Sr. 
Joyce A. Dawkins 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Dawley 
Mi & Mrs. John M. Dawson 
Anthony J. Day- 
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Day 
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Day 
Nicholas A. De Mattel > 
Ann D. DeAngelis 
Dana A. DeAngelo 
Larry T. DeAngelo 
Louis P. DeAngelo 
James E. DeBald 
Joseph A. DeBarberie 
Stephanie DeBellis 
Thomas A. DeBerardinis, M.D. 
Kathleen M. De Cerchio 
Kelly A. DeCesare 
Domenic F. DeCesaris 
Mrs. Dolores DeFelice 
Peter C. DeFeo 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald V. DeFeo. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. DeFonce 
Robert J. DeGemmis 
Cynthia Bradford DeGeorge 
Francis D. DeGeorge 
Marlene M. DeLaCruz 
Marlene M. DeLaCruz 
Steven R. DeLabio 
Eugene M. DeLaurentis 
Robert W. DeLellis 
Mr. X Mrs. Michael E. DeLeo 
Amedeo J. DeLuca 
Mrs. Gail E. DeLuca 
Ronald J. DeMaio, Jr. 
David J. DeMarco 
Ronald R. DeMarco 
Mr. & Mrs. Albert P. DeMasi 
Ann Ermi DeMille 
Donald D. DeMuro 
David P. DeMuth 
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony T. DeNardo, Jr. 
Anthony J. DePaul 
Rudolph T DePersia. Jr., M.D. 
Patricia DeSanto 
Louis P. DeScioli 
Donna Ryder DeSimone 
James A. DeStefano 
Raymond I). DeStephanis, Jr. 
Joanne Woods DeTittO 
Lawrence J. DeVaro, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond F. DeVice 
John B. Deamer. Jr. 
Gerald J. Dean 
Michael W. Dean 
James D. Deasy, Esq. 
Frank B. Deck 
Joseph J. Deck 
Alfred O. Deckert 
Mi & Mrs Sergio Deconti 
Dennis D. Deegan 
Thomas J. Deegan 
Ronald C. Deery 
William J. Deery. Jr. 
Joseph F. Dees 
Thomas A. Defanl 
Linda S Degnan 
William C. Deibert. Sr. 
William R. Deiss, Esq, 

FALL 1995 

page 1 

Catherine M DelCiotto 
Jose Del Valle.Jr. 

\nih«in\ Del Vescovo 

Karen Mooney Del Vescovo 

Stephen J Delacj 

John L. Delaney 

John R. Delaney 

Maureen Kane DeLme\ 

Sharon Angelucci Delaney 

Robert E. Delany 

William J. Deign »ss 

Frank P. Delich 

Michael G. Dell'Orto 

Mathew L. Dellarco 

Michael F. Delp. Sr. 

Farley L. Demeio 

Stephen Demetrician 

John F. Dempsey 

Raymond R. Dempsey 

Marie C. Dench 

William A. Denges, Jr. 

Raymond J. Derbyshire 

Megan M. Dero 

Marianne Deska 

Bernard T. Destafney 

Joseph M. Destralo 

Joseph H. Dettmar 

Mr. & Mrs. G. Steven Detwiler 

James F. Detwiler, Esq. 

Edward H. Dever, III 

Joseph G. Dever 

Michael J. Dever 

Jewel L. Devereaux 

Edward J. Devinney, Jr. 

Francis J. Devinney 

Bernard J. Devlin 

Bernard R. Devlin 

Francis G. Devlin. C.P.A. 

James J. Devlin 

Patricia Wolk Devlin 

Pauline Felter Devlin 

Roberta Devlin 

Rosemarie A. Devlin 

William J. Devlin 

John T. Dew ey 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Dezura 

Anthony J. DiBabbo 

Russell T. DiBella 

Paul A. DiBlasi 

Anthony J. DiBricida. Ill 

Cynthia DiBuono, V.M.D. 

Mary Fazzini DiCamillo 

Louis A. DiCesari 

Michael DiChristofaro, C.P.A. 

Richard A. DiDio, Ph.D. 

Dennis 1 ) DiDomenico 

Vincent J. DiDonato, Jr. 

Michael E. DiFebbo 

John M. DiFerdinando 

Mr. & Mrs Dominique DiFilippo 

Jesse P. DiFranceisc i > 

Elizabeth Good DiFrangia 

Gerald J DiGilio 

Michael R. DiGirolamo 

Robert A. l)i< rregorio, D.O, 

James A. Dilenno 

Luciana A. Dilorio 

Marykristin Dijulia 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Dijulia 

Da\ id J. DiLucia 
Camille DiLullo 

Albert J. DiMarco. Jr. 

Claude J. DiMarco, DO. 

Domenico A. DiMarco. Ph.D. 

Anthony R. DiMartino 

John A. DiMascio 

Richard C. DiMascio 

Alfred J. DiMatties 

William F. DiMeo 

John B. DiNunzio 

Vincent DiPaolo 

Andrew E. DiPiero, Jr.. Esq 

Mr. & Mrs Vincent DiPietrantonio 

Mr. & Mrs. Enrico DiSalvo 

Anthony F. DiStefano 

Samuel J. DiValentino 

Jason J. DiVirgilio 

T. Paul DiVito 

COL James M. Diamond 

Daniel G. Diasio 

James M. Diasio 

Manuel W. Diaz 

Ronald J. Dicanio 

Michael B. Dickinson 

Gerard J. Diefes, M.D. 

Daniel J. Dienna 

Nicholas P. Dienna 

William P. Dierkes 

Robert O. Dierolf 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Diersing, Jr. 

Paul J. Diesenbruch. Jr. 

Robert A. Dieterle 

Charles B. Dietzler 

John B. Digan 

Andrea Fina Dignam, Ph.D. 

James J. Dignam 

Leo W. Dignam 

Bernice Whichard Dillard 

Barbara I. Dillon 

Francis X. Dillon, Esq. 

Joseph J. Dillon 

Kevin C Dillon 

Michael J. Dillon 

Ronald M. Dillon 

Thomas F. Dillon 

Ronald C. Diment 

Henry R. Dimuzio. D.D.S. 

Daniel J. Dinarclo 

Arthur J. Dinick, D.D.S. 

Gaetano H. Diodato 

David Dipaolo 

John R. Dipompeo 

Stanislaus J. Dirvin 

Donald A. Discavage 

Thomas J. Dispenzere 

Michael G. Distel 

Michael A. Ditizio 

Joseph J. Dittmar 

Mr. & Mrs David Ditze 

Edward C. Dlugosz 

Matthew S. Dlugosz 

Lynn Woytyeky Doan 

Mary Ellen G. Dobbins 

Donald Doberstein, Sr. 

( ierard P. Doherty 

James R. Doherty 

Maria Raffaele Doherty 

Thomas A. DohertA 

Timothy Doherty 
|( lanne M. Dolack 
Mr. & Mrs Joseph E. Dolack 
Andrew T. Dolan 
James T. Dolan 
Joseph F. Dolan. Ill 
Mary Rush Dolan 
Philip E. Dolan 
Stephen P. Dolan. Jr. 
Mrs. Cecilia M. Dolena 
Ms. M. Mancini Doll 
Thomas W. Domalesky 
Bruce K. Doman, Est). 
John J. Doman, Jr. 
Karen Q. Doman 
Daniel A. Domanico 
Francis J. Domzalski, C.P.A. 
Kenneth S. Domzalski, Esq. 
Susan Feola Donachie 
Dorothy E. Donaghy 
Harry J. Donaghy, Jr. 
Richard J. Donaher 
Francis J. Donahoe, Ph.D. 
Daniel E. Donahue 
Edward J. Donahue 
Gerard B. Donahue 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Joseph Donahue 
James A. Donahue 
John M. Donahue, Esq. 
Michael J. Donahue 
Therese M. Donahue 
Mark J. Donati 
Christopher M. Donato 
Lawrence C. Dondero 
Keith M. Donnell 
Francis J. Donnelly 
Frank C. Donnelly 
James R. Donnelly. Jr. 
John J. Donnelly 
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Donnelly- 
John M. Donnelly 
Joseph F. Donnelly 
Maureen P. Donnelly 
Megan E. Donnelly 
Michael D. Donnelly 
Francis R. Donovan 
Robert A. Donovan. Ill 
Dolores M. Dooner 
Michelle Helmer Dopke 
Mr. & Mrs. James K. C. Doran 
Mr. >S: Mrs. Richard S. Dornich 
Alfred M. Dorsey 
( >livia Dorsey 
Michael S. Doser 
Andrea L. Dotsey 
Douglas C. Dotzman 
B. Joan Dougherty 
Cynthia M. Dougherty 
Edward M. Dougherty, Jr. 
I [any J. Dougherty 
Henry Dougherty 
James E. Dougherty 
lames T. Dougherty 
John J. Dougherty 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Dougherty 
Mr. & Mrs. Leo T. Dougherty 
Maria D'Angelo Dougherty 
Peter J. Dougherty 
Robert A. Dougherty 

Stephen J. Dougherty 
Stephen J. Dougherty 
sus.m M. Dougherty 
William E. Dougherty 
James E. Dowling 
Michael J. Dowling 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Dowling 
Paul D. Downey 
Walter D. Downey 
Thomas A. D< iw ns 
Dennis M. Doyle 
Elizabeth Waier Doyle 
Francis J. Doyle 
Gus Doyle 
James J. Doyle. Jr. 
John T. Doyle. C.P.A. 
Joseph J. Doyle 
Michael F. Doyle 
Thomas A. Doyle 
Thomas J. Doyle, Jr. 
William J. Doyle. Jr. 
Eugene J. Draganosky 
Mr. & Mrs. Ulysses Draines 
William M. Drayton 
Robert L. Dreibhold 
Mary J. Dress 
Mark V. Drewicz 
Edward J. Driscoll 
John C. Driscoll 
Joseph V. Driscoll 
Lawrence J. Driscoll 
Maynard Z. Drossner 
Harvey A. Dniker 
Patricia J. Drumgoole 
Roman M. Dubenko 
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Dubon 
1< iseph C. Duckly 
John M. Dudish 
George A. Dudzek 
Andrew J. Duff 
Vashti C. Duff 
James B. Duffey 
Sean D. Duffin 
Mr. & Mrs. George J. Duffner 
Theresa C. Duffner 
Allan J. Duffy 
Donna M. Duffy 
Joseph A. Duffy 
Stephen F. Duffy 
Mrs. Susan B. Duffy 
Susan L. Duffy 
John K. Dugan, C.P.A. 
Joseph J. Dugan, Jr. 
Michael J. Dugan 
Terence J. Dugan 
John D. Dugery 
George J. Duko 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Duncan 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Duncheskie 
Daniel P. Dunigan 
Frederick J. Dunkerley 
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Dunkle 
James J. Dunleavy 
A Mayo Dunn 
lames A. Dunn, Jr. 
Walter E. Dunn, Jr. 
William J. Dunn. Jr. 
Robert C. Dunne 
Robert J. Dunst 


La Salle University 

G1 Crew by Gear for Sports 

80% Cotton/20% Polyester; Heavy- 
weight; Butter w/ Navy La Salle 
M L XL $28.50 XXL $29.50 

G2 Jacket by Gear for Sports 

Soft 70/30 Wool Melton Jacket with 
Hood; Logo embroidered on left chest 
M L XL $108.50 XXL $113.50 

G3 Crewneck by Gear for Sports 

80% Cotton/20% Polyester; Heavy- 
weight; Grey w/ Navy/Gold Tackle Twill 
M L XL $51.50 XXL $52.95 

G4 Sweater by Gear for Sports 

100% Cotton; Heavyweight; Natural w. 

Shield on Left Chest 

S M L XL XXL $50.00 

G5 Crewneck by Gear for Sports 

80% Cotton/20% Polyester; Heavy- 
weight; Navy w/ Gold embroidery 
M L XL $34.50 XXL $35.50 

La Salle University 

Mail Order Catalog 

G6 Golf Shirt by Gear for Sports 

Navy 100% Cotton Pique Knit; Embroidered Shield 
S M L XL XXL $29.95 

G7 Golf Shirt by Gear for Sports 

Heather Grey 100% Cotton Pique Knit; Embroidered Logo 
S M L XL XXL $29.95 

G8 T-Shirt by Gear for Sports 

100% Cotton; Grey w/ navy name and shield 
M L XL $12.95 XXL $13.95 

G9 Henley by Gear for Sports 

100% Cotton Henley T-Shirt; Left Chest Imprint; Available in Navy or Natural 
M L XL $23.50 

G10 T-Shirt by Gear for Sports 

90% Cotton/10% Polyester; Oversized; Grey w/ Navy imprint 
M L XL $15.95 XXL $17.95 

G11 Crewneck by Gear for Sports 

80% Cotton/20% Polyester; Heavyweight; Navy w/ shield on Left Chest 
M L XL $29.50 XXL $30.50 

G12 Crewneck by Champion 

90% Cotton/10% Polyester; Heavyweight Reverseweave; Navy or Grey 
M L XL XXL $38.95 

G13 Crewneck by Gear for Sports 

65% Cotton/35% Polyester; Grey w/ navy Logo Embroidery 
M L XL $43.50 XXL $46.50 

G14 Crewneck by M.J. Soffe 

100% Cotton; Oversized; Grey w/ La Salle on Left Chest and 16" Logo on Back 
M L XL $29.95 XXL $32.95 

G15 Crewneck by Gear for Sports 

80% Cotton/20% Polyester; Heavyweight; Natural w/ La Salle in Navy 
M L XL $29.50 XXL $30.50 

G16 Shorts by Dodger 

100% Nylon mesh shorts; Navy/Gold Reversible 
S M L XL XXL $16.95 

G17 Basketball Jersey by Dodger 

100% Nylon mesh Tank; Navy w/ Navy/White elastic trim 
S M L XL XXL $19.95 

G18 Basketball Shorts by Dodger 

100% Nylon mesh shorts; Navy w/ Navy/White elastic trim 
S M L XL XXL $16.95 

G19 Youth Navy Crew w/ Gold/White imprint 
S(6-8) M(10-12) L(14-16) 

G20 24" Bear w/ La Salle T-Shirt 

G21 Baby Bib 

G22 Youth Navy 100% Cotton T-Shirt 
S(6-8) M(10-12) L(14-16) 

G23 White Infant T-shirt; 100% Cotton 
12m 18m 24m 2T 3T 4T 

G24 White/Navy Baby Booties; 100% Cotton 

G25 White 1 00% Cotton Baby Hooded Towel 

$ 5.95 


$ 7.95 
$ 5.95 

G26 La Salle University Clock is a solid cherry wood 
Westminster Chime Mantel clock featuring the La Salle 
seal in a gold-plated medallion. Made in the U.S.A. 


G27 Navy Marble Coffee Mug w/ Seal $ 5.95 

G28 White Coffee Mug w/ Alumni imprint $ 5.95 

G29 Insulated Auto Mug; No spill lid $ 3.95 

G30 Chrome License Plate w/ Explorers $ 4.95 

G31 Chrome License Plate w/ Alumni $ 4.95 

G32 White Plastic Clock w/ Logo $29.95 






Navy wool cap w/ LU and La Salle (fitted) $1 5.95 
Navy wool cap w/ La Salle and logo (fitted) $15.95 
Charcoal/Navy wool cap w/logo (adjustable) 

Navy wool cap w/ La Salle 

Khaki/Navy poplin cap w/ La Salle 

Navy/Gold poplin cap w/ La Salle 

White/Navy poplin cap w/ big La Salle 

(Fitted caps sizing: 7 7 1/8 7 1/4 




7 3/8) 

G40 La Salle University Captains Chair is solid, top quality 
American hardwood with black lacquer finish and solid cherry arms 
and back rail. The University seal is laser etched on back rail. 
Engraved personalization available. To order or for more informa- 
tion call 215-951-1641 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (6-8 weeks 
for delivery) 

G41 La Salle University Afghan with woven shield in 100% 
Cotton. Available in ivory with navy design as shown. $29.95 

G42 Brass Recognition Lamp with etched La Salle University 
seal and black parchment shade with gold trim. Solid brass sand- 
cast base, protected by a clear durable finish. Actual height 26". 
(6-8 weeks for delivery). $250.00 

G43 La Salle Tie by Rah Rah Inc. 
100% silk tie w/ school shield. A perfect 
gift for Christmas or Fathers Day. $28.00 

G44 La Salle Women's Scarf 

100% silk scarf w/ logo and shield accents. 
36" by 36". A classy addition to your wardrobe 
or a perfect gift for Mom or Grandma. $45.00 

G45 La Salle Tie 

100% silk blue tie w/ gold stripe. A perfect 
gift for Christmas or Fathers Day. $28.00 

La Salle University Campus Store Catalog 

Qty. Item No. Size Color Description Price TOTAL PRICE 


PA residents must add 7% on non-clothing items only 

Shipping and Handling please add $4.00 


Mail this order form to: 

La Salle University Campus Store 

1900 W. Olney Avenue 
Phila., PA 19141 

Please allow one week for delivery. TWO WEEKS TO THE WEST COAST 
Orders received by December 12, 1995. will be delivered in time for the December 
holidays. If an item is temporarily out of stock, you will be notified. 

L_„ ■■« 

Ship to (please print): 



(Cannot be delivered to P.O.Box) 



Graduation year 

Phone (day) 


Please make checks payable to LaSalle Un 


Card No. 



Your signature 

(Required for charge purchases) 

Our Guarantee 

All of our products are guaranteed to 
give 100°o satisfaction. We will 
replace it, refund your purchase price 
or credit your credit card. We do not 
want you to have anything from the 
LSU Campus Store that is not 
completely satisfactory 

If you are interested in any LaSalle 
University merchandise not shown in 
this catalog, please visit the Campus 
Store located in Wister Hall or give us 
a call at 215-951-1395. 

La Salle University 
Campus Store 

1900 W. Olney Avenue 
Phila., PA 19141 
Phone: 215-951-1395 
Fax: 215-951-1069 

Mon-Thurs 9 AM - 7 PM 
Fri 9 AM - 3:30 PM 

David L. Durante, C.P.A. 

Anthony J. Durkin 

Joseph M. Durkin 

Mary T. Durkin 

Robert J. Durkin 

Teresita M. Durkin 

John J. Durman 

Alfred J. Durney, IV, Esq. 

Joseph T. Durning 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Duska. Sr. 

Arthur J. Dustman, Jr. 

Teresa A. Duzinski 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Dwyer 

James P. Dwyer, D.O. 

Kevin P. Dwyer 

Robert A. Dwyer 

Suzanne Dyer 

Jill G. Dymek 

Thomas D. Dziadosz 

Francis T. Dziedzic. Jr. 

Robert J. Dzumaga 

John H. Eadeh 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Eagland 

Calvin W. Eastep 

Henry B. Eastland, Esq. 

Donald F. Eberhardt 

Mr. cS: Mrs. Harold J. Eberly. Jr. 

Jennifer M. Ebert 

Karen Matczak Ebley 

Frederick W. Ebner, Jr. 

Charles J. Echelmeier 

Kathleen Yates Eckard 

George P. Eckert 

Joseph C. Eckert. Jr. 

Karen Crane Eckhart 

Carol Eckman 

Walter J. Eckroth 

Christopher Economos 

Sharon M. Eddy 

COL George J. Edelmann, Jr. 

John J. Eder. Jr. 

John M. Edgar 

Ellen Cronin Edison 

James M. Edwards 

Leslie Edwards 

Daniel M. Efroymson 

Daniel J. Egan 

Eileen N. Egan 

Joseph P. Egan 

Ellen McDonald Ehinger 

Ralph A. Ehinger 

Robert F. Ehinger 

Ellen I. Eidelson 

Ann Marie J. Eidenshink 

Thomas R. Eisler 

Sylvan H. Eisman 

George R. Eliashevsky 

Maryjo Wysock Eline, D.O. 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Elker. Jr. 

Barbara Fridmann Elliott 

Helen Galster Elliott 

James W. Elliott 

John J. Elliott 

John W. Elliott 

Marie Robinson Elliott 

Robert L. Elliott 

Shirley Ellsworth 

Mark E. Elsasser 

Veronica Cox-Emanuel 

Lisa V Emerick 

Dennis H. Engle 

W. David Engle 

Mr. & Mrs. John V. Engler 

Carol L. Enick 

Dr. & Mrs. Julian B. Entrada, Jr. 

Nancy L. Entriken 

Michael G. Enz. C.P.A. 

Anne B. Epright 

Donna M. Erb 

Joann Kelly Erb 

Thomas M. Erb 

Michael A. Erfurt 

Michael L. Erlich 

William F. Ernst 

Constance Crossley Eroh 

Arthur R. Ersner, M.D. 

Stephen E. Ertz 

Janet M. Eshleman 

Karen M. Eskin 

Louis Jos Eskuchen 

Ann Wilsbach Esposito 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Esposito 

David Esposito 

John A. Esposito 

John G. Esposito 

Kathryn M. Esposito 

Michael F. Esposito 

Mrs. Evelyn O. Etorma 

Norman A. Ettenger, M.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Ettore 

Mr. & Mrs. Marc Evankow 

Catherine M. Evans 

Christine G. Evans 

Gregory A. Evans 

John W. Evans 

Lauren E. Everly 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Eves 

Linda A. Ewald 

James P. Ewell 

Robert P. Ewing, Esq. 

Peter Exarhoulakos 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis F. Faber 

Francis T. Faber, Esq. 

Mark R. Faber, M.D. 

Scott H. Faber, M.D. 

Elizabeth J. Fabritius 

Charles P. Fagan 

Mary L. Fagan 

Thomas J. Fahey 

Francis J. Fahr 

John M. Fahy 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Falatovich 

Vincent J. Falchetta 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Falcione 

Michael Falcione 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Falco 

Christine Heys Falkenstein 

Jeffrey E. Faller 

Renee Rapa Faller 

Anne Durkin Fallon 

John J. Fallon 

William D. Fallon 

John Falzetta, Ed.D. 

Brian D. Fancovic 

Joseph A. Fanelle 

Robert J. Fanelle 

Jacqueline Bogle Fanelli 

Louis N. Fanelli 

Brother President Joseph F. Burke, F.S.C., 
Ph.D., '68. congratulates William W. 
Matthews, III, Esq., for the class of 1990s 
record-setting performance in this year's 
reunion gift campaign. Through June 30th, 
the class of 1990 donated Si 1,(13=1 to the 
university, the highest amount ever 
achieved by a class celebrating its fifth 

Mr. & Mrs. William V. Fanelli 

Matthew A. Fanning 

Robert J. Fanning 

Anthony C. Fanticola 

Sharon Sockwell Faraldo 

Cynthia Capponi Farano 

Peter J. Farano, M.D. 

Herman Farber 

Joseph R. Fares 

Robert Angelo Farina 

Thomas C. Paris 

COL John C. Farley. U.S.A., Ret. 

Robert F. Farnan 

Debra Steffa Farrell 

Edward F. Farrell 

Frank A. Farrell 

Gregory J. Farrell 

Martin W Farrell 

Patricia C. Farrell 

Paul E. Farrell, D.D.S. 

Donna M. Farrington 

Kimberlee A. Farruggio 

John B. Fassnacht 

Charles F. Fasliggi 

Christine K. Faust 

Debra A. Fazio 

Mr. & Mrs Gerald W. Fecher, Sr 

Preston D. Feden, Ed.D. 

Stephen D. Feden 

Deborah A. Feder 

Roman Fedvna 

Anna M. Fee 

John J. Feehan. Jr. 

Robert F. Feehery 

Terrence M. Feehery 

James J. Feeley. Jr. 

Joseph F. Feene\ 

Mr & Mis Joseph \V. Feeney 

Michael J. Feerick 

George G. Fehrenbach 

Robert J. Feik 

Mr. Os; Mrs. Albert Feinberg 

Howard D. Feinstein, C.P.A. 

Mr & Mrs. James \\ Feldmayer 

Jennett Feldmayer 

Gregory J. Feldmeier, M.D. 

Peter L. Feledick. Jr. 

Anthony J. Felizzi. Ph.D. 

Robert S. Fellonej 

Mark Fenichel 

Mary Gimpel-Fenn 

Edward F. Fenning. Jr. 

Leona F. Fenningham 

Terence P. Fenningham 

John R. Fenton 

Anthony A. Feola 

Peter S. Ferensak. Jr. 

Ann M. Fergione 

Mr & Mrs Anthorrj T Fergione 

Gail I. Ferguson 

Robert Ferguson 

Andrea L Fermo 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Fernandes 

Nina P. Ferrant, Esq. 

Michele L. Ferrante 

Ten Mc( < irmick Ferrante 

Joseph I. Ferrara 

Frank Ferraro 

John R. Ferraro 

Mr. & Mis. Theodore L. Ferraro 

Dennis D. Ferri 

Francis P. Ferris. Jr. 

Jill Ferro 

Hugh J. Fern 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Fetzer 

Louis E. Fidler. Jr. 

Ernest \\". Fiedler. Jr. 

Ri ibert D. Fierick 

Frank R Fighera 

David F. Filippc me 

FALL 1995 

page 29 

Pearle Dandridge, external affairs representative, 
presents Bell Atlantic's check for $35,000 to Fred J. 
Foley, Jr.. Ph.D., the university's vice president for 
development, following the dedication of the new 
Communication Center. The Screening Room in the 
Communication Center has been named in recognition 
of Bell Atlantic's generous financial support for the 
renovation of the former St. Basil's elementary school. 

Albert S. Finarelli, 111 

William J. Finegan. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Finizio 

Kevin G. Finlay 

Patricia Pendergast Finlay 

Mrs. Blannie Finley 

John J. Finley 

Kelliann M. Finley 

William J. Finley 

Joseph D. Finn 

Lisa M. Fiocca 

Domenic C. Fioravanti 

Daniel C. Fiorella 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter Fiorentino 

Peter N. Fiorentino 

Bruno C. Fioreriza 

Maria Spano Fiorenza 

James A. Firmani 

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey A. Fischer, Jr. 

Raymond M. Fischer 

Robert Fischer 

Robert E. Fischer, III 

James E. Fish 

Sylvia Fishbein 

Benjamin G. Fisher 

John R. Fisher 

Kevin J. Fisher 

Robert Fisher, M.I). 

Sallyanne M. Fisher 

Gerald A. Fishman, D.( ) 

Jane L. Fishman 

Mrs Marie Fiss 

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Fitzgerald 

Dennis C. Fitzgerald 

Mr & Mrs. G. Fitzgerald, Sr. 

James P. Fitzgerald 

Otis Fitzgerald 

Robert J Fitzgerald 

William A. Fitzgerald 

\x illiam T. Fitzgerald 

Charles B. Fitzpatrick 

Collen L. Fitzpatrk k 

Daniel K Fitzpatrick 

Edmund J. Fitzpatrick 

Edward J. Fitzpatrick 

Edwin F. Fitzpatrick, Jr. 

John F. Fitzpatrick 

John F. Fitzpatrick, Jr. 

Stephen J. Fitzsimmons 

Judith A. Fiume 

Robert J. Fix 

Thomas M. Flach 

Paul R. Flack 

Christine A. Flaherty 

Mrs. Joan A. Flaherty 

Kevin C. Flaherty 

Ernst W. Flake, Jr. 

Gloria Flamini 

Edward J. Flanagan 

Jill Flanagan 

William E. Flanagan 

Francis X. Flannery 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank F Flatch 

Stacy A. Flaville 

Victoria K. Flaville 

Robert J. Fleischman 

Eugene P. Fleisher 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Fleming 

Harry G. Fleming 

Raoul L. Fleming 

William D. Fletchei 

Jim & Marti Flickinger 

John N. Flinn 

James D. Flis 

Cynthia J. Fliszar 

Jerome Flomen 

John M. Flood 

Sergio S. Flores, C.P.A. 

Francis A. Florio 

Nicholas!. Florkowski 

Joan Skibinski Floyd 

Michele F. Flukey 

Beatrice A. Flynn 

James R. Flynn 

John M. Flynn 

NOia C. Flynn 

Mr. cS: Mrs.' Patrick II. Flynn 

Patrick J. Flynn, DO. 

Rose Marie Flynn 

Thomas J. Flynn 

Thomas J. Flynn 

Edward J. Fogarly. Jr. 

Kevin Fogarty 

Thomas F Fogarty 

Daniel E. Foidl 

Rabbi Steven Folberg 

Cathleen Fraser Foley 

James P. Foley 

Joseph P. Foley, Jr. 

Paul J. Foley 

Mr. Peter Foley 

Ronald M. Fonock 

Donald P. Fonville 

Jeffrey J. Foose 

Norman F. Forand 

Marianne McCormick Forbes, M.D 

Lois Glasgow Force 

Denise Marrone Ford 

Gilbert A. Ford, Jr. 

J. Peter Ford 

Robert A. Ford, Jr. 

Francis A. Forgione 

Thomas P. Forkin, Esq. 

Frances Formicola 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Fornias, Jr. 

Maryellen Gallagher Forrest 

Margaret Forrestel 

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin S. Forston 

Frances S. Forsythe 

Bruce A. Fortnum, Ph.D. 

Edward J. Fossett, Jr. 

John J. Fossett 

Michelle M. Fossett 

Charles R. Foster 

Mr. & Mrs. Garry L. Foster 

John J. Foster, Jr. 

Gerard J. Foti 

Mr. & Mrs. Dionisios Fotopoulos 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Fountain 

Mr. & Mrs. Wendell E. Fowler, Sr. 

Nancy Fowser 

Edward R. Fox, Jr. 

James A. Fox 

James S. Fox 

John Fox 

Mary F. Fox 

Dr. & Mrs. Michael L. Fox 

William D. Fox, Jr. 

Susan B. Fralick 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. France 

Jerry M. Francesco, Sr. 

Denise A. Franchetti, C.F.A. 

Donna Peirce Franchetti 

Michael A. Franchetti, M.D. 

ThomasJ. Franchetti, D.D.S. 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Franco 

Charles P. Franklin 

Paul W. Franklin 

Michael W. Franks 

Julie M. Frantz 

Joseph II. Fran/one 

Richard V. Frattone 

George W. Freas 

Lisa Venditti Frederick 

Ronald B. Frederick 

Stephen A. Fredericks 

Robert D. Freedman 

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd V. Freeman 

Paul Freemer 

Joseph T Freeth 

Frank J. Freitag 

Peter W. Frey, Ed.D. 

Murray Friedman, Ph.D. 

Dr. & Mrs. Phillip Friedman 

Hugh J. Friel 

Philip J. Friend 

Stephen P. Friend 

Renee D. Frierson 

Charles G. Fries, III 

Catherine L. Frisko 

Peter J. Frisko 

Russell J. Frith 

Mr. & Mrs. James Fritz 

John R. Frock 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Richard Frohlich 

Gregory F Froio, M.D. 

Jeffrey W. Fromm 

Robert B. Fry 

Robert G. Fryling, Esq. 

Thomas W. Fuchsel 

Joseph A. Fugaro 

Mr. & Mrs. George Fugok 

Christine Walters Fuhs 

Paul C. Fuhs, Jr. 

James J. Fullam 

Ellen Donahoe Fuller 

Kenneth G. Fulmer, Jr. 

Kevin F. Funchion 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Furer 

Mrs. Angelika Kohler Furlong 

Joseph V. Furlong 

Edmund J. Furphy 

Stanley Futrick, Jr. 

Michael R. Gabai 

Kathleen Klein Gable 

Susan Crouthamel Gabriele 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Gaffney 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Gager, Jr. 

John R. Gagliardi 

Robert G. Gagliardi 

Olafs Gaibiselis 

Susan Coia Gailey, Ph.D. 

Joan H. Gainer 

Lisa M. Galante, M.D. 

Bernadette V. Galanii 

Augustine F Galasso 

Carmela Melso Galati 

Frank A. Galati 

Frederick F Galdo 

Robert G. Galdo 

Daniel A. Gallagher, Jr. 

Daniel A. Gallagher 

Mr. & Mrs. Denis H. Gallagher 

Eugene V. Gallagher, Ph.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Gallagher, Sr. 

Francis J. Gallagher 

Mr. & Mrs. G. J. Gallagher 

Hugh C. Gallagher 

James J. Gallagher, Jr. 

James J. Gallagher, Jr. 

Joan Thomas Gallagher 

John E. Gallagher 

John F. Gallagher 

John J. Gallagher 

John P. Gallagher 

John P. Gallagher 

John P. Gallagher, Esq. 

Joseph G. Gallagher, Jr., Esq. 

page 30 


Joseph J. Gallagher 

Joseph P. Gallagher 

Joseph V. Gallagher 

Judith E. Gallagher, M.D. 

Kathleen A. Gallagher 

Kevin P. Gallagher 

Mary C. Gallagher 

Mary E. Gallagher 

Michael F. Gallagher 

Michael J. Gallagher, D.D.S. 

Michael T. Gallagher 

Rosemary A. Gallagher, C.P.A. 

Thomas C. Gallagher, Esq. 

William J. Gallagher 

William J. Gallagher, Esq. 

Rocco V, Gallelii 

Denise M. Gallen 

Louis D. Gallo 

Michael E. Gallo 

Vincent A. Gallo 

James J. Gallombardo 

John R. Galloway, Esq. 

William F. Galvin 

CPT Enrico D. Gamalinda 

Mr. & Mrs. Harishchandra Ganatra 

John J. Ganister 

Marianne Bisco Gano 

Joseph A. Ganster 

Michael J. Gantz 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Garbacz 

Scott F. Garberman, M.D. 

Sandra M. Garby 

Jeffrey M. Garcia 

Albert S. Garczynski 

Casimir A. Garczynski 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Garczynski 

Joseph L. Gardner, Jr. 

Leonard W. Gardo 

Peter J. Garito, Ph.D. 

Nora Reti Garman 

Terrence D. Garmey 

Colleen Gallagher Garneau 

Geraldine Garofalo 

John P. Garrahan 

Joseph W. Garrity 

Robert J. Garrity, Ph.D. 

William F. Garrity 

Stephen K. Garry 

John E. Garson, Jr. 

Carol L. Gash 

Ernest F. Gash 

Barbara A. Gates 

Francis C. Gatti, Jr., Esq. 

Louis A. Gatto 

Nicholas J, Gaudio 

William J* Gault. Jr. 

Siegfried J. Gauss 

Francis X. Gavigan 

Mrs. Dolores A. Gavin 

Rev. Emmett J. Gavin, 

O.Carm, J.D. 

Christopher M. Gawinski 

Christine Wronka Gawlak 

Joseph P. Gaynor 

William M. Gaynor. Jr. 

Donald L. Gearhart. Jr. 

Joseph M. Geary 

Thomas C. Gedman 

Martin W. Gehlhaus 

Mrs. Joy A. Gehm 

William A. Geiger, Jr. 

Richard L. Geisel 

Edward P. Geisz 

Allan D. Geller 

Hayley Atnikov Geller 

Francis V. Gentile 

Daniel C. George 

Hadassa I. George 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth D. George 

Andrew J. Georges 

Mary Geraci 

Vincent J. Geraci 

Joseph R. Geraghty 

Cheryl L. German 

Brian P. Gerrard 

Frances Slowey Gerry 

Gregory J. Geruson 

Wayne D. Gess 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Ghiradella 

Robert M. Giaccio 

Mary T. Giampietro 

Monica Pennypacker Giancarlo 

William P. Gianforcaro 

Nicholas R. Gianoulis, Sr. 

Richard A. Giantisco 

Mr. & Mrs. John Gianvittorio, Jr. 

Joy M. Gianvittorio 

Anthony Giardinelli 

Gerald S. Giardinelli 

Harry J. Gibbons 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Gibbons, Sr. 

Edward C. Gibbs, Jr. 

Elizabeth Crawford Gibbs 

Jesse M. Gibson 

Joan E. Gibson 

J. Christopher Gibson 

Joseph M. Gibson, M.D. 

Joseph T Gibson 

Mr. & Mrs. L. Anthony Gibson 

Mark J. Gibson 

Joseph A. Gidjunis, Sr. 

Joseph A. Gidjunis, Jr. 

Paula S. Gidjunis 

David A. Gies, Esq. 

Eileen M. Gildea 

Christopher J. Gill 

Anne Gillard-Cohen 

Michael A. Gillen 

Annemarie Knox Gillespie 

Barbara Marro Gillespie 

Clifford M. Gillespie 

Mary Kaiser Gillespie 

Moira R. Gillespie 

Timothy J. Gillespie 

Joanne T. Gilmore 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Gilronan 

John Gilroy, Ph.D. 

Howard F. Gilson 

Jeanne M. Gilson 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Gimpel 

Stephen Gin. Jr. 

Hon. Francis X. Gindhart 

Mary D. Ginty 

Bruce A. Ginyard 

John Ginyard 

Edmund F. Giordano 

James N. Giordano, Ph.D. 

Tricia A. Giordano 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Giordino 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Giorgi 

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Giouzelis 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Girard 

Thomas J. Girone 

Charles W. Gissel, C.P.A. 

Alfred C. Giuffrida 

Donato P. Giusti, Jr. 

Dina L. Giustozzi 

Kathryn Ellison Glacken 

Jeffrey K. Gladden, Esq. 

Maryann Gwiazdowski Gladnick 

Steven B. Glaize 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Glarjcey 

Carolyn E. Glasgow 

David J. Glassman 

Mr. & Mrs. George F. Glatts, Jr. 

Eugene M. Glavin, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. George L. Glaze 

Patrick M. Gleason 

Elaine L. Glebocki 

Francis E. Gleeson. Jr., Esq. 

Diane M. Glendon 

John F. Glowacki, Jr., Esq. 

Daniel J. Glowatski 

Anthony T Gluch 

Leonard F. Gmeiner 

Kenneth L. Gnau 

Aloysius C. Goan 

Joseph J. Goebel, Jr., Ph.D. 

Marlene M. Goebig 

Paul J. Goetter 

Thomas H. Goetz, Ph.D. 

James R. Goff 

John M. Gola 

Harry M. Goldbacher 

Aleck Goldberg 

Henry W. Goldberg 

Jerold S. Goldberg 

Frank J. Goldcamp 

Edward J. Golden, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Samoil Goldenberg 

Mary L. Goldschmidt 

Reed D. Goldstein, Ph.D. 

Robert J. Gonnella 

Mr. & Mrs. Mark H. Gonzalez 

Donald J. Good 

Georgia E. Goodhue 

Mr & Mrs. Leonard S. Goodman 

Crystal M. Goodrich 

Jesse R. Goodrich 

Mark R. Goodwin 

Mrs. Mary C. Goodyear 

Thomas A. Gorbsky 

Jennifer M. Gordon 

Joyce England Gordon 

William L. Gordon 

Rosina D. Gore 

Edward V. Gorman 

Joseph W. Gorman 

Thomas J. Gorman 

Catherine Gormley 

J. Christopher Gormley 

Robert M. Goslin 

Blair H. Gould 

Francis J. Gould, Esq. 

Marianne C. Grabania 

Joseph P. Grace 

Michelle Grace 

Victoria B. Gradel 

Thomas V Grady 

George P. Graham, Jr. 

Maria C. Graham 

William H. Graham 

William J. Graham 

Raymond W. Gramlich 

Joseph A. Granahan, Jr. 

William M. Granatt 

John Grande 

Edward A. Grant, Jr. 

Sheila M. Grant 

Thomas A. Grant 

H. Martin Grasmeder 

Philip J. Gray 

Ann M. Graziano 

Peter J. Graziano 

Steven J. Grazio 

Barbara Kelly Greco 

James A. Greco 

Joseph A. Greco 

Vincent J. Greely 

Edmund L. Green 

George E. Green 

John T. Green, Jr. 

Maureen A. Green 

Owen L. Green. Ill 

Richard C. Green 

Richard F. Green 

Steven J. Green. M.D. 

Thomas D. Green 

Valerie Green 

Charles M. Greenberg 

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey S. Greenherg 

Jane Gregorio Greenberg 

Joseph G. Greenberg 

Neil P. Greenberg, Esq. 

John T. Greene 

Loretta Zwolak Greene 

Gerald J. Greenfield 

Tammy L. Greenlee 

Michael B. Greenly 

Katherine Stacy Greenspun 

Peter D. Greenspun, Esq. 

Janine Rocco Greenwood 

Leah Poole Greenwood 

Luke J. Greeves 

Howard M. Greger 

Dana M. Gregg 

Mark S. Gregory 

Thomas H. Gregory. Jr. 

James A. Greway 

Margaret Grugan Greway 

Kathleen Kuenzel Gribb 

Debbra A. Grier 

John H. Griesemer. Jr. 

Evin T. Griffin 

Louis J. Griffin 

Walter J. Griffin 

Mr. & Mrs. William Griffin 

Margaret A. Griffith 

Robert A. Griffith 

Robert J. Griggs 

Thomas J. Grimes 

George A. Grinenko 

E. Adam Gripton, C.P.A. 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Grispino 

Idawease F. Griswold 

Anne Preisler Groch 

FALL 1995 

page 31 

Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Grochowalski 

Bruce F. Groeber, Sr. 

Jeannine E. Groff 

Robert E. Groody 

Deborah Aglira Grosso 

John T. Grosso 

Carrie A. Grous 

Bruce A. Grove 

Gerard J. Grover 

Denise Kessler Grugan 

Joseph K. Grugan. C.P.A. 

Joseph J. Grum, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Grzybowski 

Alfred M. Guaraldo 

Vincent A. Guarini 

James A. Guarrera 

Andrew J. Gubicza 

Robert Gudknecht 

Carl J. Guecia 

Jill Lucas Guerin 

Joseph R. Guerin 

Patrick F. Guerin 

Robert F. Guerin 

Rodger T. Guerra 

Anthony J. Guerrieri 

Robert E. Gugger, Jr.. D.D.S. 

Robert J. Guglielmi 

Dana S. Guidetti 

Joseph A. Guinan. Jr. 

Susan Stankard Guinan 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Guinnessey 

Rev. John A. Guischard, Ph.D. 

Joseph G. Gulla, III 

Rosemarie Newell Gulla 

John R. Gulliford, V.M.D. 

Frederick S. Gunther 

Edward F. Gutekunst 

Harry L. Gutelius. Jr. 

Gerald V. Gyza 

John R. Gyza 

Joseph A. Haas. Jr. 

Kenneth K. Haas 

David W. Haasis 

Harry B. Haeberle 

Robert Edward Haentze 

Elsie M. Haffly 

Karen P. Hafner 

Francis M. Hagan, Jr. 

Harry J. Hagan 

John P. Hagan 

Michael Hagan 

William J. Hagan 

Frederick J. Hagen 

Hilmar P. Hagen 

Karen M. Hagenkotter 

Charles A. Haggerty, III 

John F. Haggerty 

John J. Haggerty 

Eugene R. Hahn 

Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Hahn 

Thomas G. Haight 

William W. Haines 

Joseph R. Hainthaler 

George H. Haitsch 

George J Haitsch 

Charles F. Haldeman. Ph.D. 

Mrs. Margaret A. Haldeman 

Susan L. Haldeman 

Theodore J. Haldis. Ill 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Haldis 

Michael J. Haley 

Casey L." Hall 

JohnC. Hall 

John C. Hall. Jr. 

Rosalie Carey Hall 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy A. Hall 

Vernita F. Hall 

William J. Hall, III, M.D. 

Thomas A. Halligan 

Joseph J. Hallman 

Patricia M. Hallman 

John M. Halloran, Sr. 

Michael M. Hallowell 

Annette L. Halpin 

Eileen K. Halpin 

Mr. & Mrs. Steven E. Haluszka Sr. 

Mrs. Mary Hamberg 

Diane L. Hamburg 

Isabel M. Hamill 

Courtney Altemus Hamilton 

James J. Hamilton 

Judith Marks Hamilton 

Kim Hamilton 

Mr. & Mrs. Wesley G. Hamilton 

Joseph M. Hammond 

Joseph L. Hancox 

Philip J. Hanlon 

Robert J. Hanlon 

William M. Hann 

Gary J. Hanna 

Paul T. Hannan 

John T Hannas 

Joan Butler Hannigan 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Hannon 

Howard L. Hannum, Ph.D. 

Charles C. Hansen 

David J. Hanson 

Glen C. Hanson 

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick O. Hanson 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Hanson 

Edwin E. Harbaugh 

Judith A. Harbison 

Mark E. Harding, Esq. 

Susan Roth Harding 

Robert M. Harkanson 

Edward W. Harkins 

James H. Harkins 

Mary G. Harkins 

Louise P. Harman 

Robert L. Harman 

Gary A. Harper 

James P. Harper 

Mary Dergarabedian Harper 

Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph E. Harrer 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Harrington 

Albert S. Harris 

Edward Harry 7 Harris 

Joseph R. Harris 

Kathi Pickens Harris 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Harris 

James W. Hart, Jr. 

John M. Hart 

Stephen G. Hart 

Michael J. Harte 

Paul V. Harter 

James P. Hartey 

Thomas D. Hartigan 

John M. Hartke, Ph.D. 

Thomas J. Hartsough 

Kevin J. Harty, Ph.D. 

Rev. James P. Harvey, O.S.F.S. 

Frank J. Haslam 

Arthur J. Hass, C.P.A. 

Stephen T. Hassall 

Donna Portone Hasson 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Hasson 

John J. Hasson 

Peter C. Hasson 

Caroline Mannion Hastings 

James J. Hatch 

James B. Hattman 

Mary F. Haubert 

Beverly Hauck 

Edward D. Hauck 

Vincent P. Haugh, Jr. 

Kathleen E. Hauk 

Mr. & Mrs. Steward Hausman 

William R. Hausmann. Jr. 

Karen H. Havelin 

Lisa M. Haver 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur P. Haverty 

Karen Smith Hawkins 

Cynthia Fair Hawthorne 

James J. Hay burn 

Joseph J. Haydt 

DeEtta F. Hayes 

Laureen T. Hayes 

Michael B. Hayes 

Robert E. Hayes 

Robert E. Hayes. Jr. 

Michael S. Hayhoe 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce V. Haynes 

Mrs. Christina M. Hayter 

Mr. & Mrs. Augustine J. Healy 

Joseph P. Heaney 

Richard J. Heaney 

Brian L. Heard 

William J. Heamey, III 

James J. Heath 

Grayson H. Heberley 

Jeffrey R. Heberley 

Neal Hebert 

John J. Heck 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Heck 

Emma I. Heckler 

Joseph F. Hediger, Jr. 

Maryanne Walsh Hediger 

John J. Heffernan 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Heffner 

Kathleen M. Heffron 

George Hegarty, Ph.D. 

Marie E. Hegarty 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Heider 

Harold W. Heil 

Kathyann Cusack Heilig 

William F. Heim 

Dr. & Mrs. William J. Heim 

Michael A. Heimerl 

Marjorie M. Heinzer 

Paul F. Heise 

Edward G. Heisler 

Thomas G. Helinek. M.D., Ph.D. 

William F. Helkowski 

Edward Francis Heller 

Mr. & Mrs. William M. Helm 

Timothy C. Helmick 

John R. Helwig 

Dr. & Mrs. James R. Hemler 

Frank A. Hemphill 

Mr. & Mrs. Sal Hemphill 

Charles D. Henderson 

E. James Henderson, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Henderson 

Mr. & Mrs. Maury Hendron 

Mary Ames Hendry 

Colleen C. Henehan 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hengstler 

Frank J. Henneman, Jr. 

Daniel F. Hennessey 

Mary A. Hennessy 

Christian E. Henningsen, Sr. 

David A. Henrich 

Richard J. Henry 

Thomas J. Henry 

James J. Henshaw, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hepner. Jr. 

Edward M. Hepting 

A. Thomas Herbert 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Herling 

Harriet C. Herman 

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Hermann 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Hermley 

Belle M. Hernandez 

Francis D. Heron 

Gilbert C. Herrera 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Hertz 

Valerie K. Hertzog 

Lee Grabowski Hesbacher 

Lisa O'Kane Hesbacher 

Bryan D. Hetherington, Esq. 

Alfred L. Hetrick 

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy R. Hettche 

W. John Heuges 

Thomas C. Hewitt 

Charles R. Heyduk 

Loretta J. Heyduk 

Carole A. Heys 

Walter J. Heyse 

Patricia Butzloff Hickerson 

Elizabeth R. Hickey 

Erin K. Hickey 

Joseph P. Hickey 

Thomas J. Hickey 

John F. Hickey- Williams 

Maurice Hickman 

Charles H. Higgins 

Daniel J. Higgins 

Gregory J. Higgins 

James Higgins 

Mrs. Mary Higgins 

Michael J. Higgins 

Michael S. Higgins 

Thomas G. Higgins 

Carol A. Higgs 

Edward B. Highland, Jr. 

James F. Hildenberger 

Brian C. Hill 

Joseph E. Hill 

Naomi E. Hill 

Raymond P. Hill 

Kurt C. Hiller 

Jerome J. Hillier 

Harry J." Hillock, Jr. 

Gerald C. Hilton 

Joseph P. Hiltwine 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Himmer 

page 32 


Thomas M. Hinchey, Esq. 

Joan M. Hinderliter 

Mary Anne Hines 

Thomas K. Hines, Sr. 

Teresa Martinez Hink 

Theresa Pianka Hinterberger 

Ruth H. Hinton 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Hintze 

John F. Hipp 

Hal M. Hirsch, D.M.D. 

Michael A. Hirsch, M.D. 

Michele Kauffman Hirsch 

Mr. & Mrs. John S. Hirshorn 

Joseph L. Hitchings, Sr. 

Raphael J. Ho Tai, Jr. 

Patrick T Hoare 

Lisa A. Adamovage-Hoback 

Stephen F. Hober. Jr. 

Joseph L. Hockenbrock 

Edward J. Hodnicki, Jr. 

Karen Kraft Hoehn 

James Hoeke 

Victor C. Hoepfl, Jr. 

Thomas A. Hoesch 

Mr. & Mrs. Randal R. Hofer 

Francis H. Hoffbauer 

Edward B. Hoffman, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Hoffman 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Hoffman 

Stephen M. Hoffman, Jr. 

William J. Hoffman 

Jerome P. Hofmann 

Loretta A. Hofmann 

Christine M. Hogan 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Hogan 

Karen Vogt Hogan 

Kathleen McGarvie Hogan 

Paul J. Hogan 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hoggard 

George L. Hohenleitner 

Kathleen E. Hohenleitner 

John S. Holak, Jr. 

Alan F. Holden 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Holden 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Holden 

George H. Holder 

David J. Holland 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Howard Holloway 

Larry D. Holman 

James P. Holmes 

Joseph E. Holmes 

Robert R. Holmes 

Patricia M. Holton 

Jay H. Holtzman. M.D. 

Joseph G. Homa 

David B. Homiak 

J. Gary Hoopes 

Christine A. Hopkins 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur A. Hopper 

Arnold E. Hopson 

Martin H. Horchler 

Kelly R. Horgan 

Mr. & Mrs. Neil H. Horner 

John M. Horney, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Hornick 

Rosemary Horstman 

Paul R. Horton 

Susan A. Horton 

Jules L. Horvath 

Robert O. Horvath 

Paul J. Hottinger 

Wanda T. Houston 

Carol Bergmann Hovick 

John M. Howard 

Mrs. Josephine A. Howard 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Hoyt 

Robert M. Hrapczynski 

Mr. & Mrs. F. James Hubert 

Edward J. Hudak, III 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Huenke, Sr, 

Joseph V. Huffnagle, D.O. 

Thomas E. Huggard 

Allison P. Hughes 

Charles J. Hughes 

Edward J. Hughes, Esq. 

Eugene P. Hughes, Jr., M.D. 

Dr. & Mrs. Eugene P. Hughes, Sr. 

James P. Hughes 

John E. Hughes. Ed.D. 

Joseph F. Hughes 

Stuart W. Hughes 

Howard M. Hugo 

Joseph E. Huhn 

Michael R. Humanick 

Raymond G. Huml, Jr. 

Joanne Swift Hummel, M.D. 

Joseph T. Humphries 

Barry L. Hunsicker 

Robert L. Hunsinger 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert T 


John D. Hunt 

Mary N. Hunt 

Mary Beth Hunt 

Maureen A. Hunt 

Gerard J. Hurlbrink 

Bernard Hurley 

Daniel J. Hurley 

Kyran Hurley 

Laura Whiting-Hurley 

LTC & Mrs. Robert D. Hurley 

Robert P. Hurley 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Huss 

Charles W. Husted 

Christopher J. Hutchins 

Thomas J. Hutchinson, Jr. 

Augusta N. Huttlin 

George A. Huttlin 

Mr. & Mrs. Que Huynh 

William P. Hyland 

Ralph Hymes 

Richard Hymes 

James J. Hynes, Jr. 

Marcus M. Iacovelli 

Ronald A. Iannacone 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Iannarelli 

John J. Iannello 

Michelle Phinn Iannucci 

Anthony J. Iatarola 

Mark D. Iatarola 

Mr. & Mrs. John N. Idler 

Mr. & Mrs. Giosue S. Iemmello 

Francis R. Ignaszewski 

Robert J. Ilik 

Ermanno M. Incollingo 

Mr. & Mrs. Victor M. Infante 

Charles A. Inglesby 

Leo C. Inglesby 

Edward F. Intravartolo 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Inverso 
Mr. & Mrs. Tullio Ioannucci 
Richard M. Iovine 
Marie Breslin Ireland 
Ms. Betty Irons 
Joseph J. Irwin 
Ralph J. Irti 
SalvatoreJ. Iuliano 
Betsy A. Izes, M.D. 
Joseph K. Izes, M.D. 
Rita A. Jablonski, RN 
Gregory J. Jackson 
John L. Jackson, Jr. 
Maggie A. Jackson 
Norman D. Jackson 
Richard J. Jackson 
Richard J. Jackson, Jr. 
Robert B. Jackson, Jr. 
Sylvia Jones Jackson 
Robert J. Jacober 
Thomas C. Jacobs 
Leejaffee, M.D. 
Thaddeus A. Jalkiewicz 
Aimee Tagert James 
Patricia Kelly James 
William M. James 
Wycliffe K. Jangdharrie, Jr. 
Bernadette Mulligan Janis 
Christopher J. Janis 
Jerome B. Jankowski 
Alfred H. Janneck 
Laura L. Janneck 
Dorothy F. Jannelli, M.D. 
Andrew F. Jannett, M.D. 
William H. Janney 
William Janschka 
Richard J. Jansky 
John P. Janus 
Francis X. Jardel 
John J. Jardine 
Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Jarvis 
Dr. & Mrs. Jaroslaw Jarymovych 
Lisa Waugh Jasiukiewicz 
Stephen J. Jasiukiewicz 
Assunta M. Jaskolka 
Kathleen M. Jaskowiak 
Mr. & Mrs. Julian Jastrzebski 
Joan C. Jaussi 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Jaworski 
George M. Jazich 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald V. Jellig 
Kenneth J. Jenkins 
Michael F. Jenkins 
Peter A. Jensen 
Timothy M. Jeremicz, Sr. 
Sherrie A. Jermyn 
Stephen Jesiolowski 
Charles R. Johnson 
Donald F. Johnson 
Gerald J. Johnson 
Joseph M. Johnson, M.D. 
Linda A. Johnson 
Niel A.Johnson. Ml) 
Ralph E. Johnson 
Richard C. Johnson 
Robert L. Johnson 
Rupert S. Johnson. Jr. 
Thomas A. Johnson 

Eva Ruiz Johnston 

James E. Johnston 

Maureen Kraft Johnston 

Michael C. Johnston 

William A. Johnston 

William G. Johnston 

Gary A. Jonas, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Burley Jones 

Carol P. Jones 

Corey I. Jones 

David M. Jones 

J. Newton Jones, Jr. 

Joseph J. W. Jones 

Karl J. Jones 

Patricia Mitchell Jones 

Robert F. Jones 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald V Jones 

Samuel A. Jones 

Suzanne Jones 

Thomas O. Jones 

Vernesser Moore Jones 

George S. Jordan 

John J. Jordan 

Michael J. Jordan 

Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Josack, Sr. 

Joseph J. Judge 

Mr. & Mrs. Franklin T. Julian 

Charles L. Juliana, Jr. 

Jacqueline M. Juliano 

John P. Jungers 

Andrew M. Jurek 

Carol A. Jusczak 

Paul E. Juska 

James G. Justice 

Roman D. Kaczaj 

Felix M. Kadel 

Paula Ritchie Kadel 

Harry B. Kaempf 

Jeffrey R. Kafel 

Martin M. Kaffenberg 

Thomas K. Kaffenberger 

Cathleen Coffey Kager 

Rev. Joseph A. Kaiser, S.T.D. 

Kevin D. Kaiser 

Joanna Kalathas 

Joseph J. Kalkbrenner. Jr., Esq. 

Laurie Ann O'Hara Kalkbrenner 

Mr. & Mrs. Kerwin V. Kalla 

Francis J. Kallam 

James D. Kallmeyer 

Mr. & Mrs. Steven R. Kaltneckar 

James A. Kamerdze 

Blanche Palacio Kammer 

Julius N. Kamper 

Nicholas M. Kampf. Ill 

Mr. & Mrs. Leon M. Kanach 

Daniel J. Kan.ik 

Joyce Lindinger Kanaskie 

Bernard J. Kane 

John J. Kane 

Joseph F. Kane 

Joseph P. Kane 

Marguerite M. Kane 

Robert Kane 

Ronald J. Kane 

John R. Kanicsar 

Louis J. Kaniecki 

Charles F. Kappler 

Carolann Eisele Kapuscinski 

FALL 1995 

page 33 

Edward J. Kapuscinski 

Regina A. Kapusnick 
Kevin L Karle 
Joseph J. Karlesky 
Stanle) S. Karpinski 

Adrian F. Karsch 
Virginia Z. Kasey 
Ronald S. Kashon 
Maria Kasian 
James H. Kates, Jr. 
Keith M. Kates 
Michael S. Katz. D.D.S. 
COL Norman E. Katz 
John H. Katziner 
Victoria Clark Kauffman 
Barry M. Kauffmann 
Robert A. Kauffmann 
Edward J. Kaukeano 
Thomas C. Kaul 
Susan F. Kazmierczak 
John A. Keane 
James A. Kearney 
Karen M. Kearney 
Albert J. Keefe, Jr. 
John W. Keegan 
Theresa Curran Keeler 
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Keen 
Edward J. Keenan 
Francis C. Keenan 
Peter J. Keenan 
William Kefer 
Jerry Kehoe 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Keim 
Ms. Janet F. Keiser 
Charles X. Keith, III 
Brian E. Kelca 

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Kelinsky 
Dennis M. Kelleher 
Patricia Graney Kelleher 
Robert J. Kelleher 
Albert W. Kellenbenz 
Lawrence J. Keller 
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene D. Kelley 
John J. Kelley 
Rev. Joseph J. Kelley 
Kevin V. Kelley 
Michael Kelley 
Patricia R. Kelley 
Anthony J. Kelly 
Rev. Charles F. Kelly- 
Colleen McBryan Kelly 
Denis P. Kelly 
Duane F. Kelly 
Edward Kelly- 
Edward F. Kelly 
Eileen M. Kelly 
Eugene L. Kelly 
Francis H. Kelly 
Frank P. Kelly 
Geffrey B. Kelly. S.T.D. 
Joanne Lennon Kelly- 
John B. Kelly- 
John P. Kelly 
John T. Kelly 
Joseph M. Kelly- 
Joseph M. Kelly 
Joseph P. Kelly 
Joseph R. Kelly 
Joseph T. Kelly 

Joseph Y. Kelly 
"Sr. Margaret V. Kelly, R.S.M 
Maribeth Malloy Kelly 
Michael P. Kelly 
Michele S. Kelly 
Nancy A. Kelly- 
Patricia M. Kelly- 
Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Kelly- 
Mrs. Phyllis A. Kelly- 
Raymond J. Kelly, Sr. 
Robert B. Kelly 
Robert F. Kelly- 
Robert H. Kelly 
Mr. & Mrs. Terence D. Kelly 
Thomas J. Kelly- 
Thomas P. Kelly 
Vincent J. Kelly 
William F. Kelly 
Leroy B. Kemery, Jr. 
Kenneth J. Kempf 
Stephen D. Kendrick 
James F. Kennedy 
CPT Joseph Kennedy, U.S.N. . Ret. 
Ronny Kennedy- 
Stephen P. Kennedy 
Taras M. Kennedy 
George T. Kenney, Jr. 
John F. Kenney, III 
Joseph P. Kenney 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Kenney, Sr. 
Bernadette F. Kenny 
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh C. Kenny- 
James J. Kenny, Jr. 
Thomas E. Kenny- 
William J. Kenny- 
Dennis M. Kensey 
John J. Kent 
William J. Kent 
Michael F. Kenville 
Michelle L. Kenvin 
Alice B. Kenyon 
Virginia Mayer Kenyon 
Philip J. Keohane 
James F. Keough, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. David G. Kephart 
Edward J. Keppel 
David J. Kerins 
Mary A. Kerlin 
Albert L. Kern 
Paul J. Kerns 
Re\ Michael Kerper 
Marilyn D. Kerr 
Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Kerr 
Mary R. Kershaw 
John F. Kerstan 
Mark C. Kerstetter. Ph.D. 
Mr. & Mrs. Arlin E. Kessler 
William C. Kettelberger 
Linda A. Keyte 
George E. Kientzy, Jr. 
Edward M. Kiernan 
Kathleen M. Kiernan 
Michael J. Kiernan 
Theresa A. Kiernan 
Nicholas C. Kierniesky 
Paul M. Kilbride 
Paul W. Kilbride 
Thomas C. Kilian 
John C. Killmer. Jr. 

Jacquelyn Marinella Kincaid 

Mr. & Mrs. Jochen E. Kindling 

Rev. W. Fred Kindon 

Bernard F. King, D.O. 

Catherine King 

Dana Y. King 

Edward F. King. Sr. 

Eugene A. King 

John K. King, Esq. 

Kathleen J. King 

Richard A. King 

Sean M. King 

TerranceJ. King 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Kinka 

Bernard Kinker 

Mr. & Mrs. John T Kirby 

Julie Szumilas Kirby 

Thomas M. Kirby, Jr. 

Michael B. Kirkwood 

Dennis L. Kirschenmann 

Walter J. Kirwan 

Colleen A. Kirwin 

Christina Bartuska-Kistler 

John W. Kitchenman 

James R. Klagholz 

John E. Klaiber 

Francis R. Klaster 

Jennifer M. Klattenberg 

Michael F. Klauder 

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Klecor 

Michele L. Klein 

Mr. & Mrs. William Kleinschmidt 

Edward J. Klenk 

Maureen McNally Klenk 

Robert J. Klenn 

Joseph A. Klepchick 

Gerard A. Kleschick 

Patricia Farrell Klevecz 

Zinaida Kleymenes 

James M. Klick, M.D. 

Cheryl Lee Kline 

Patricia A. Kling 

James M. Klingbail 

Edward R. Kliniewski 

Norma J. Klock 

Henry M. Kloczynski 

Rev. Marshall J. Kloda 

Gerard J. Klopf 

Jason A. Klotkowski 

William G. Kluth 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. Kmiec 

Wayne T. Knapp, Sr. 

Rev. Charles Knappenberger, 


Thomas F. Knause 

James H. Knebel, Esq. 

Charles Wayne Knecht 

Grace Parker Knight 

Richard J. Knight 

Gary M. Knoerlein 

James R. Knopf 

Michael J. Kobol 

Laura Degnan Kobus 

Gerard P. Koch 

James F. Koch 

Joseph A. Koch 

Joseph E. Koch 

Jeffrey R. Kochanowicz 

Richard I. Kochanski 

Joseph V. Koehler, D.O. 

William C. Kohler 

Edward J. Kohlhepp 

Michael J. Kokosky 

Mrs. Mary G. Kolb 

Joseph R. Koletty 

Henry J. Koller 

Ellen C. Kolodziej 

Mr. & Mrs. John Kolodziej 

Joseph W. Kolok. Jr. 

Mr. cS: Mrs. Joseph W. Kolok. Sr. 

James A. Kolpack 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Kolson 

Ihor M. Konrad 

Thomas M. Kontuly 

J. Harold Koob 

Paul F. Koons 

Stephen D. Kopec 

Alan M. Koper 

Deborah R. Kopy-tko 

Eugene J. Kopytko 

Catherine Geary Korn 

Theresa M. Korolishin 

Joseph F. Koscinski. Jr. 

Rev. David J. Kossey 

Joseph F. Koszarek 

Mrs. Mary F. Koutnik 

Maureen A. Kovatch 

Richard R. Kowalczyk 

Sidney J. Kowalczyk 

Edwin F. Kowalesky 

Andrew F. Kozak, Ph.D. 

Joseph J. Kozak. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Kozanas 

Marie E. Kozel 

Norman Kozlowski 

Joseph J. Kozole 

Ms. Yvonne Hayman Kraeher 

Bryan D. Kraft 

Ned O. Kraft 

Raymond S. Kraft 

Allan R. Kramer, Jr. 

Hannah F. Kramer 

Kurt E. Kramer, Esq. 

Maureen F. Kramer 

Neil R. Kramer. M.D. 

Robert A. Kramer 

Walter A. Krankemann 

Susan Moser Kraske 

Scott A. Krasny, Esq. 

Michael P. Kratochwill 

Eric L. Kratschmer 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl J. Kratz. Jr. 

Ingo S. Kraus 

Marline S. Kraus 

Theresa Gauder Kraus 

George M. Krause, C.P.A. 

William J. Krause. Jr. 

Barbara Lever Krauss 

Mary Beth Krauss 

Virginia M. Krawiec 

Kenneth F. Krech 

Susan L. Krech 

John L. Kreiner 

Karl F. Kreiser 

Mary Masturzo Kreiser 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. Krell 

Mr. & Mrs. Felix Kremer 

Jeanne Burczynski Kretschman 

page 34 


Edward J. Kreuser 

Eric J. Kreig, D.O. 

Roxanne M. Kringle 

Francis Krivda 

Joseph F. Krivda, M.D. 

Stanley J, Krol, Jr. 

Helen D. Kromdyk 

Richard A. Kropinski, Jr. 

John J. Krumenacker 

Joseph A. Krupa 

Kenneth R. Kryszczun 

Mary Palkon Krytzer 

Stephen J. Ksiazek, M.D. 

Patricia J. Kubach 

Kenneth P. Kube 

Michael L. Kubiak 

Andrea Aiken Kuczynski 

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kuebler 

Glenda M. Kuhl. Ph.D. 

William L. Kuhn, III 

William P. Kuhn 

William J. Kunigonis 

Mr. & Mrs. George Kunka 

Linda Kunka 

David P. Kunz 

Peter L. Kunz 

H. Gordon Kunzman 

Gary V. Kuper 

Gregory J. Kupetz 

Robert J. Kupiec 

Maureen Fox Kupniewski 

Julia Cotton Kurdziel 

Rev. Clement W. Kurowski, O.F.M. 

John L. Kurtz. Jr. 

Louis F. Kurzeknabe 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert A. Kuttler 

Robert J. Kviklys 

Mrs. Mary G. Kweku 

Thomasina Y. Kweku 

Thomas J. Kyle, Jr. 

Harry G. Kyriakodis 

Kathryn H. Kysor 

Craig A. LaBarge 

Ronald C. LaFreeda 

Mr. & Mrs. Basil LaMonica 

Kathleen Dunn LaPenna 

Steven J. LaRosa 

Joyce Kenny LaRue 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. LaSala 

Susan Howard LaValle 

Bernard J. Labencki 

Katherine G. Labman 

Michael J. Labrum 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley S. Labuda, Jr. 

Geraldine Twardowski Lacey 

Paul P. Lach 

Steven Laderman 

James E. Lafferty 

John J. Lafferty 

C Andrew Lafond 

Joseph J. Lagana. Jr. 

Angela A. Lagocki 

Christopher J. Lamb 

1< ihn W. Lamb 

William P. Lamb 

George V. Lambert 

Barbara Killian Lamblin 

Arthur C. Lamon 

Louis A. Lamorte, Jr. 

John C. Lancaster 

Robert J. Lance 

Mr. & Mrs. Arkady Landa 

Earle C. Landes 

Suzanne Golden Landis 

William G. Lane 

Joseph J. Lang 

Mr. 6i Mrs. Arthur J. Langan 

Mr. cS: Mrs. John J. Langan. Jr. 

Donald J. Lange 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Lanz 

Joseph A. Lappin 

George A. Lapps 

Walter P. Lapusheski 

Suzanne M. Lardear 

Charles G. Lare 

John R. Larentowicz 

Joseph R. Large 

Joseph G. Larkin 

William P. Larkin, Jr. 

Francis J. Larkins 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Larr 

Patrick E. Larr 

Diane Lashley 

William S. Latoff 

Carla J. Laub 

James G. Lauckner 

Edward R. Laughlin 

Richard J. Lautenbacher 

Stephen M. Lautenbacher 

Mr. & Mrs. John Lauter 

Ernst F. Laux, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Lavelle, Jr. 

Angel B. Lavergne 

John M. Lawfer, Jr. 

Andrew F. Lawless, III 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Lazarus 

Ronald N. Lazzaro, C.P.A. 

John G. LeConey 

Michael F. LeDent 

Frank P. Le Donne 

Lawrence R. LePiere 

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. LeVien, Jr. 

Thomas J. Leahy 

Robert S. Lebair, Jr. 

Howard Lebofsky 

Barry R. Lebowitz 

Michael Ledva, Jr. 

Matthew J. Ledwith, Jr. 

Brendan J. Lee, D.O. 

John M. Lee 

John P. Lee 

William T Lee 

Dr. & Mrs. William W. Lee 

Mr. & Mrs. Ying Y. Lee 

Laura Pollio Leeds 

Edward J. Leet 

Charles V. Lefevre 

Rev. Francis J. Lefevre 

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert E. Leggett 

Jennifer Snyder Legler 

John J. Lehane 

Edward J. Lehman 

George F. Lehman 

CDR William E. Lehner. U.S.N. 

Douglas K Leidy 

Albert C. Lellig 

Christian A. Lellig 

Robert R. Leming 

Distinguished guests converse at the reception 
preceding the third annual Charter Dinner/ 
La Salle University Leadership Award Ceremony 
at the Union League of Philadelphia. They are 
(from left to right): Mildred Ellerson, Mildred 
Curry, Leon Ellerson, Sandra Lee Curry, and 
Ralph Ellerson. Leon Ellerson, '56, president of 
Keystone Computer Associates, is a member of 
the university's Board of Trustees. 

Robert H. Lemke, III 

Nancy E. Lenaghan 

Edward J. Lennon 

George P. Lennon 

Carol Carraccio Lentz, M.D. 

Clifford J. Lentz 

Hubert P. Leonard 

LTCJohn P. Leonard, III, U.S.M.C. 

L. Kelly Leonard 

Paul J. Leonard 

Richard P. Leonard 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Leonardis 

Mrs. Ann Leone 

Anne Marie Leone 

Mr. lS; Mrs. Francis A. Leone 

Gennaro C. Leone 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Leonetti 

Leonard J. Leonetti 

Joseph C. Lepone 

Eugene L. Lepore 

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore J. Lescas 

Joseph P. Lesniak 

Johanna Leso 

Kurt D. Lesser 

Roman I. Leszczyszyn 

1 i mis E. Lettieri, C.P.A. 

Maria Criniti Leuzzi 

Benjamin L. Levin 

Howard B. Levin. D.O. 

Lynn Piatkowski Levin 

Nancy Levin 

Sandra M. Levit 

Ruth E. Levitt 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew C. Lewis 

Deborah M. Lew is 

Edmund F. Lew is 

Iris J. Lewis 

Martin G. Lewis. C.P.A. 

George D. Lex 

Jerome S. l.e/ynski. II 

Louis R. Liberio 

Joseph E. Liberto 

Kathryn Dougherty Lieb 

James C. Lieber, Jr.. Esq. 

Steven R. Liesner 

Reed C. Lifka 

Brian J. Lifsted 

Darren C. Lifsted 

John S. Ligenza 

Raymond C. Liggins 

Francis A. Lihotz 

Joseph P. Linaugh, Jr. 

Marion D. Lind 

Joseph W". Lindberger, Jr. 

F. Neil Lindenfelser 

Bernard C. Lindinger 

Edward C. Lindinger 

Paul J. Lindinger 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lindsay 

Thomas J. Lindsey 

Kim Yeung Ling 

Ellen H. Link 

Peter W. Linn 

Mr. & Mrs. Jerald D. Linnell 

Dennis Linso 

Donald R. Lintner. M.D. 

Nicholas P. Lintner 

Thomas R. Linton 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W Liptak 

Mr. & Mrs. Carmen F. Lisa 

Joan A. Lit, M.D. 

Mr X Mrs. Francis R. Litchman 

Kathleen E. Littel 

Re\ J. Ferman Little 

John P. Little 

Robert M. Liwacz, Esq. 

Wuter N. Loburak 

Nicholas W. Locantore, Sr. 

George W. Lochetti >. Sr, 

Elizabeth Leneweaver Lochner 

William H. Lochten 

Anne McDonnell Lodes 

Cristina M. Lodge 

Lisa A. Loeber 

Mary T. I.oftus 

Thomas A. Loftus, M.D. 

FALL 1995 

page 35 

John I'. Lohn 

Mr & Mrs. Edward L. Lohr 

James W. Lomanno 

\v I'ln tmas Li »max 

John J. Lombard, Jr., Esq. 

Kathleen M. Lombard 

Louis A. Lombardo, III 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Lombardo 

Mr. <S: Mrs. Jerome Lomurno 

Thomas I. Londergan 

Coleen Kelly Long 

Kim Lattimer Long 

Michael A. Long 

Paul C. Long 

David R. Longacre 

Michael J. Longini 

Joseph T. Longo 

Christine Fabbruzzo Loomis 

Roger A. Loos 

Edith Lopez 

Mr. & Mrs. Barry G. Lopoten 

Thomas R. Lorandeau 

Richard A. Lord. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas A. Lordi 

John J. Lorenc 

Mr. cS: Mrs. Charles C. Lorentz 

Carol A. Lorentz-Burnett 

Kenneth J. Lorenz 

Martin J. Loscalzo, D.O. 

Gino Lostracco 

Carl L. Lotto 

Ms. Donna Mae I. Lotz 

Judi Walsh Loughlin 

Kathleen M. Loughman 

Mr & Mrs. Robert Loughney, Sr. 

James L. Los e 

Deborah Geisler Lovett 

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin V. Lovett 

Milton H. Lowe 

Bernard B. Lowekamp 

Bridget G. Lowery 

William T. Lowther. Jr. 

Michael J. Lubas 

Leonard Lubbehusen 

Mr & Mrs Thomas M, I.ubiski 

lilw ard C. Lucas 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Lucas 

Reva V. Luce 

Joaquin P. Lucero 

Lisa V Luciani 

Melissa Smith Lucidi 

John F. Lue 

Rev. & Mrs. Daniel Luetke 

Joseph J. Lukas 

Armand J. Lupo. D.O. 

Barry J. Luroe 

Alvin J. Lusardi 

Andrej N- Lushnycky 

Joseph G. Lutek 

George W. Luther. Ph.D. 

Mary Anne S. Lutz 

Richard G. Luyster 

Robert B. Lydon 

John W. Lyle 

Charles V. Lyman 

Kevin C. Lynam 

Deirdre E. Lynch 

James P. Lynch 

John A. Lynch 

John P. Lynch 

Joseph F. Lynch 

Joseph G. Lynch 

Karen Landis Lynch 

Kathleen Bodisch Lynch. Ph.D. 

M. Judith Torres Lynch 

Mark P. Lynch 

Richard R. Lynch 

Robert F. Lynch 

Robert J. Lynch 

Robert J. Lynch 

Francis E. Lynn, Jr. 

William H. Lynn 

Geraldine M. Lyons 

Joanne Milnamow Lyons 

Michael T. Lyons 

Raymond G. Lyons. Jr. 

Robert S. Lyons. Jr. 

Thomas A. Lyons, Jr. 

Families participating in the Parents' Weekend 
Program walk from Mass in the De La Salle 
Chapel in College Hall to dinner in the North 
Dorm Dining Hall. During 1994-95, 917 parents 
donated $111,415 to the university. Both the 
number of parent donors and the total of parent 
donations were the highest in La Salle's history. 

Thomas M. Lyons. Jr. 

Timothy V. Lyons 

George V. Lytle 

Mr. & Mrs, James MacAllister, III 

Kathleen S. MacDonald 

Ruth L. MacGregor 

Charles J. MacKell 

William F. MacMullen 

Thomas V. MacNamara 

Heather D. MacPherson 

Laura A. MacPherson 

Raphael J. MacWilliams. Jr. 

Robert H. MacWilliams. MI). 

Paul J. Macey 

Leonard J. Maciaszek 

Edward A. Mack 

John H. Mackey, Jr., Ph.D. 

Arthur S. Mackin 

Edward Macko 

John A. Macoretta 

Gerard T. Macready 

Carolyn Macy 

John P. Madden 

Madeline T. Madden 

William P. Madden 

Thomas J. Madell 

H. David Madonna 

Florentino V. Magallanes, Jr. 

Charles F. Magee 

George T. Magee, Esq. 

Joseph M. Magee, C.P.A. 

Ralph W. Magee 

Regina A. Maginnis 

Mr. ik Mrs. Joseph T. Magliozzo 

Michael B. Magnavita, C.P.A. 

John F. Magosin. Jr. 

James D. Magowan 

Daniel E. Maguire 

Frederick C. Maguire 

Michael J. Maguire 

Nancy Webb Maguire 

Michael P. Mahan 

Stephen Mahan 

Joseph P. Maher 

Patricia Parente Maher 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Mahlmann 

Joanne Colmery Mahoney 

Patricia A. Mahoney 

Thomas D. Mahoney, Jr. 

Frederick W. Maier 

Mis Marguerite Maignan 

Antonio Maiocco 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph N. Maiorano 

Lisa D. Maiorini 

Raymond E. Majewski 

Lisa C. Makosewski 

Francis J. Makovetz 

Robert P. Malachowski 

Edward T. Malatesta 

James P. Malatesta 

Michael G. Malatesta, Sr. 

Thomas R. Malatesta 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Malejko, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G. Malek 

Robert J. Malin 

Ms. Joanne Malinow ski 

Donald L. Malizia, D.D.S. 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Malkowski 

lose L. Mallabo 

Richard D. Mallairait 

Joseph P. Mallee 

James F. Mallin 

Denise Marasco Mallon 

Francis T. Mallon 

James \ Mallon 

Lisa M. Mallon 

Walter J. Malloy 

Andrew J. Malone 

Janice Maguire Malone 

Mark J. Malone 

Maureen Leszcynski Malone 

Tracy E. Malone 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Malone 

Christine E. Maloney 

Francis E. Maloney 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Maloney 

Robert J. Maloney 

Stephen J. Malpezzi. Ph.D. 

Raymond L. Malseed 

Matthew N. Mammola 

Charles V. Mancini, Jr. 

Kenneth R. Mancini, Jr. 

M. Lynn Mandia 

Frank Manfredi 

Mr. & Mrs. Antonio M. Mangabat 

Antonio O. Mangabat. Jr. 

Kristin Simmons Mangabat 

John J. Mangan 

Kathleen Greely Maniates 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank V. Manieri, Jr. 

Joseph A. Manley 

Elizabeth Washofsky Mann 

Fiore A. Mannella 

Karen O'Grady Manners 

Mark A. Manning, Jr. 

William J. Manning 

Wilmoth Mannings 

Maribeth Scholten Manoff 

Timothy E. Mansfield 

Diane Koenig Manwaring 

Frank A. Maranto 

Charles R. Maratea, Esq. 

John F. Marazzo 

Joseph P. Marazzo, Jr. 

Jason A. Marcewicz 

John A. Marchesani, M.D. 

Maryann F. Marchiano 

Thomas E. Marchiondo, D.O. 

Dania L. Marciano 

Patricia Marcinkiewicz 

Stephanie M. Marcinkowski 

Carol N. Marder 

Thomas W. Maresca 

Paul A. Marfino 

Joseph A. Margay 

Robert Margevicius 

Cynthia Washko Margraf 

John A. Margraf 

John E. Margraff 

Deanna V. Kozub-Marinelli 

Barbara A. Marini 

Jacob C. Marini 

Joseph A. Marini, Jr. 

Louise A. Marino 

Mr. & Mrs. Steven D. Marino 

Eleni Mariola 

William E. Marion. Ill 

Joseph J. Mark 


Stephen E. Markert, Jr. 

Joseph A. Market 

Vincent J. Market 

Eileen Sweeney Markmann 

Mary Ann E. Markoski 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul B. Markovits 

Edward M. Markowski, Ph.D. 

Thomas L. Markowski 

Deborah L. Marks 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Marks 

William P. Marks 

Heather M. Markwalter 

Kathleen M. Marnell 

Robert J. Maro, Sr, M.D. 

Joseph M. Marquart 

Donald A. Marrandino 

Leonard E. Marrella 

James J. Marsden. Jr. 

Mr. Bernard B. Marshall 

Charles F. Marshall. Ill 

Laurette Adair Marshall 

Lynn Provost Marta 

Richard F. Marta 

Anthony G. Martella. Jr. 

Anthony G. Martillotti 

Anthony W. Martin 

Dr. & Mrs. Bernard F. Martin. Ill 

Clare V. Martin 

Denis H. Martin 

Edward J. Martin 

James F. Martin 

James G. Martin 

John-Claude Martin 

Joseph E. Martin 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Martin, Sr. 

William J. Martin 

Mr. & Mrs. Wilmer M. Martin 

Jose O. Martinez 

Vincent J. Martinicchio 

Rev. Nicholas F. Martorano. O.S.A. 

Wanda M. Martorano 

Nicholas J. Marucci 

Mrs. Angela M. Marvel 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Marx 

John J. Masano 

Mrs. Michele M. Mascaro 

Louis A. Masci 

Vincent J. Mascoli 

Thomas M. Masick, Esq. 

Michael Masny 

Donald J. Mason 

George L. Mason, III 

Joseph Massucci 

Edward F. Mastal 

Joseph W. Masterson 

Amedeo Mastrogiovanni 

Robert A. Mastrogiovanni 

Maureen E. Mastropietro 

Gil Matar 

Michael J. Matecki 

Marie Orfeo Matera 

Angelina M. Matese 

Joseph P. Mathews 

Walter M. Mathews 

Joseph P. Matlock 

Mr. & Mrs. David F. Matrisciano 

Catherine Brigidi Mattel 

Raymond A. Mattern. Jr. 

Ann E. Matthew s 

George E. Matthews 

Frank H. Matticola 

Paul G. Mattus 

Mr. & Mrs. James V. Maugeri, Jr. 

Alfred J. Mauriello, II, M.D. 

Bradley S. Maury 

Kristine Hodgkiss Maury 

Mrs. Mary Mavilla 

Rose A. Mavy 

James J. Mawhinney 

Harry J. Mayer, Jr. 

Joan B. Mayer 

Mr. & Mrs. William L. Mayer, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Maynard 

Michael J. Mays 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Mazurek 

Joseph M. Mazurek 

Christina M. Mazza 

Thomas J. Mazza, Jr. 

Rosemary L. Mazzarella 

Anthony T Mazzei 

Celeste Meo Mazzei 

Helen Schrama Mazzei 

Mr. & Mrs. Silvio Mazzuca, Jr. 

Maureen O'Neal McAleer 

Paul J. McAleer 

Timothy McAleese 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel V. McAllister 

Margaret Grzesiak McAna 

Donald J. McAneny 

Donna M. McAnespey, D.P.M. 

Thomas J. McArdle 

Rev. Dennis T. McAuliffe 

Joseph F. McAveety 

Thomas M. McAveney 

Donald F. McAvoy, Jr. 

James T McAvoy 

Jerome J. McAvoy, Jr. 

John J. McAvoy. Jr. 

Stephen J. McBain 

James C. McBrearty, Ph.D. 

James P. McBrearty 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. McBreen 

Dorothy McBride 

Francis X. McBride 

James J. McBride, III 

Joseph W. McBride 

Josephine Corrieri McBride 

Richard W. McBride 

Robert G. McBride 

Matthew J. McBryan 

Robert F. McBryan 

Francis N. McCabe 

Kathleen Conklin McCabe 

Margaret Nichols McCabe 

Michael G. McCabe 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McCabe 

Gary E. McCafferty 

James P. McCafferty 

John M. McCafferty 

Tara M. McCafferty 

Joseph P. McCaffery 

Hugh J. McCaffrey 

William H. McCaffrey 

Frank J. McCall 

James D. McCall 

Joseph J. McCall. Jr. 

Michael" McCall 

William |. McCall 

Patricia A. McCambley 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. McCann 

John J. McCann 

John). McCann. Ph.D. 

Kathleen M. McCann 

Michael P. McCann, Jr. 

Patricia M. McCann 

Robert J. McCann, Jr. 

Daniel J. McCardle 

Richard V. McCarron, Jr. 

Frank J. McCarry 

Mary Ann McCarry 

Grace Dorrian-McCarthy 

Janice S. McCarthy 

Mary K. McCarthy, M.D. 

Patrick J. McCarthy, M.D. 

Samuel J. McCarthy, Jr. 

Tara A. McCarthy 

Miriam C. McCauley 

Thomas J. McCauley 

William]. McCauley, Jr. 

Scott D. McCaw 

John H. McCleary, Ph.D. 

Francis M. McCloskey 

Michael C. McCloskey 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. McCloskey 

William T. McCloskey 

Colleen McCloskey-Bellis 

Donald R. McClure 

C. John McComb, III 

Elizabeth A. McConney 

James B. McCool 

Walter J. McCormac 

Andrew B. McCosker 

Charlene M. McCoy 

Frank J. McCoy 

Albert J. McCune, Jr. 

Howard S. McCune 

James J. McCusker 

Cindy Ambruoso McCutcheon 

Cynthia B. McDermott 

Edward H. McDermott 

George J. McDermott, Jr. 

Joseph A. McDermott, Sr. 

Patricia McDermott, Esq. 

Robert J. McDermott 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard L. McDevitt 

Daniel J. McDevitt 

Edward J. McDevitt 

Gerald V McDevitt 

John B. McDevitt 

John C. McDevitt 

Charles M. McDonald 

Daniel J. McDonald 

James J. McDonald, Jr. 

James P. McDonald 

Theodore W. McDonald 

Daniel J. McDonnell 

David J. McDonnell. Jr. 

Martin J. McDonnell 

Stacey L. McDonnell 

Suzanne K. McDonnell 

William P. McDonnell 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory M. McDonough 

Ms. Katharine M. McDonough 

John S. McElderry 

John P. McElvenny, Jr. 

Thomas J. McElvogue 

Richard C. McElwee 

Kathleen M. McEnerney 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. McEnroe 

Irene T. McEntee 

Marianne V McErlane 

Bridget McErlean 

John W. McEvoy. Jr. 

John J. McFadden 

Leigh Novak McFadden 

Marguerite Madden McFadden 

Martin J. McFadden 

Vincent J. McFadden 

William J. McFadden 

William J. McFeeters 

Ms. Margaret McGee 

Maryann Torrington McGee 

Michelle McGee 

Thomas H. McGee 

Charles R. McGeehan, Jr. 

Michael P. McGeehan 

Paul T McGeehan 

Joseph A. McGehrin, Sr. 

Charles H. McGettigan 

Rev. Msgr. D. James McGettigan 

James J. McGill 

Daniel J. McGinley 

Helen McBryan McGinley 

Jennifer A. McGinley 

Maureen A. McGinley 

Mary Gillespie McGinly 

Janice Keenan McGinn 

Joseph C. McGinn 

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin McGinn 

William J. McGinn 

John J. McGinnis 

Mary L. McGinnis 

Ronald J. McGinnis 

William J. McGinnis, Jr. 

Rosemarie A. McGinty 

Edward P. McGivern 

COL Joseph G. McGlade 

Robert J. McGlew 

Edward J. McGlinchey, Esq. 

Michael A. McGlinchy 

Thomas W. McGlinn 

James T. McGlynn 

William J. McGlynn 

Daniel K. McGoldrick 

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene McGonagle 

Roisin T. McGonagle 

Eugene J. McGonigle 

John P. McGonigle 

Mark E. McGonigle, C.P.A. 

Matthew J. McGonigle 

Thomas P. McGonigle 

Mr. cS: Mrs. Francis). McGovern 

Francis J. McGovern, Sr. 

James O. McGovern 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. McGovern 

Richard T. McGovern 

Thomas D. McGovern 

Thomas D. McGovern 

Thomas J. McGovern, III 

Timothy P. McGovern 

Jennifer McGow.m 

Karen T. McGowan, C.P.A. 

Patricia A. McGowan 

Thomas F. McGowan, Jr. 

William T McGowan 

Joseph M McGrail 

FALL 1995 

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Dennis R. McGrath 

Edward A. McGrath 

Franci> I. McGrath 

Franc is T. McGrath 

Jacqueline T. McGrath 

Mr. & Mrs. John T. McGrath 

Joseph E. McGrath 

Louis J. McGrath, III 

Patricia A. McGrath 

Sean M. McGrath 

Sean P. McGrath 

Thomas W. McGrath 

John F. McGreevey 

Thomas J. McGroarty 

William V. McGroarty 

Man' C. McGrory 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence C. McGuffin 

Mr. & Mrs. Edwrad C. McGuigan 

Mr. & Mrs. Terrence P. McGuigan 

Gregory J. McGuinness 

Joseph F. McGuinness 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard McGuire 

Isabella C. McGuire 

Joann McGuire 

Joseph E. McGuire 

Philip C. McGuire, Ph.D. 

Pamela A. McGuoirk 

Joseph A. McGuriman 

Christine LaPointe McHale 

John L. McHale 

Joanne M McHenry 

John F. McHenry, III 

Eugene F. McHugh 

James A. McHugh 

James M. McHugh 

Sharon Kelly McHugh 

John B. Mcilvaine 

Heather A. Mclnerney 

James G. Mclnerney 

Leo F. Mclnerney, C.P.A. 

John L. Mclntyre 

James J. McKay. Jr. 

John H. McKay. C.P.A. 

Barbara Bonner McKee 

Daniel McKee 

Joan Welte McKee 

Louis C. McKee 

Joseph J. McKeefery 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. McKeen, Sr. 

James J. McKeever 

Mr. John E. McKeever 

Timothy F. McKenna 

Edward P. McKeogh, Jr. 

Frank B. McKeogh, Jr. 

Francis X. McKeon 

Kevin J. McKeon. Esq. 

Peter McKeon 

Ann 1 \U Keown 

I )( >n. ild A McKeown, Jr. 

Frances C. McKeown 

Robert E. M< Keown 

Mr. & Mrs. William McLain 

Mr. ^ Mrs. Charles D McLaren 

Andrew M McLaughlin 

Francis J. McLaughlin 

Gregory R. McLaughlin 

Herbert J. McLaughlin 

Mr X Mrs. James C. McLaughlin 

James T. McLaughlin 

Mark H. McLaughlin 

Martha Ortynsky McLaughlin 

Mary Geyer McLaughlin 

Michael J. McLaughlin 

Robert F. McLaughlin 

Rodger J. McLaughlin 

Thomas). McLaughlin 

Thomas M. McLaughlin 

Vincent P. McLaughlin 

Wendy Johnson McLaughlin 

William J. McLaughlin 

Thomas M. McLenigan 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. McLinden 

Stephen J. McLoughlin 

Francis J. McMahon 

Joseph G. McMahon 

Joseph J. McMahon, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. McManus, Sr. 

Raymond J. McManus 

Thomas H. McManus 

Christine Spinelli-McMenamin 

Kevin P. McMenamin 

Timothy L. McMenamin 

Edward M. McMonagle 

Robert W McMunn 

Marcella A. McNabb 

James P. McNally 

Richard A. McNally 

Joanne C. McNamara 

Mary A. McNamara 

Mary Mullin McNamara 

Patricia Dunne McNamara 

Robert M. McNamara, M.D. 

Timothy W. McNamara 

John J. McNamee 

Charles P. McNeely 

Gerald J. McNeff 

James J. McNichol 

John A. McNichol, Jr. 

Kathleen Scotti McNichol 

Robert J. McNicholas 

James J. McNulty 

John P. McNulty 

Peter J McNulty 

James J. McPhillips 

Sharon M. McQuate 

David P. McShane 

|( >hn F. McShane. Jr. 

Michael J. McShane 

Frank J. McSorley, Sr. 

Brian J. McSwigan 

Joseph C. McTammey 

Joseph G. McVeigh, Ph.D. 

Susan C. McVeigh 

Eugene J. McVey 

Joanne Pendergast McVey, C.P.A. 

James P. McWilliams Jr., Ph.D. 

Joackim Mechikas. LPA 

Michael J. Medernach 

Mrs Rose Medori 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Mee 

Andrew M. Meehan, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Meehan. Jr. 

Rev. Joseph J. Meehan 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Meehan 

Laurie McConchie Meehan 

Robert S. Meenan 

Mr. & Mrs. Hrair G. Megerian 

R( >bert F. Meighan 

Susan L. Meighan 
William J. Meis, D.O. 
Steven I. Meisel, Ph. I) 
David R. Meiskey 

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert P. Meitner 

Thomas C. Meizinger 

Hon. Edward G. Mekel 

Louis M. Melasecca 

Robert J. Mele 

Dennis J. Melinson 

Gregg R. Melinson, Esq. 

Mr.& Mrs. Richmond Mellendick Jr. 

Kathleen McLaughlin Mellett 

Diane Balzereit Melley 

Timothy P. Mellody 

John A. Mellon 

Robert C. Mellor 

Timothy J. Melroy 

Thomas C. Menapace 

Ana D. Mendez 

Mr. & Mrs. Jose M. Mendez 

Rev. David C. Menegay 

Rev. Francis A. Menna 

Jonathan P. Menta 

Alphonso Meo. Jr. 

John T. Mercer 

Joseph T Merchant 

Bruce Mercogliano 

Jennie A. Mercurio 

James J. Mergiotti 

Edward R. Merkle 

Nancy L. Merle 

Paul D. Mermelstein 

Richard F. Meroney 

Edwin H. Merrill 

Desiree Merritt 

Roman Merritt 

Mary K. Meschler 

James J. Mesisca 

Paul F. Mesure 

Mr. & Mrs. John D. Metzger 

Mrs. Barbara A. Meusel 

Joseph A. Meuser 

Albert J. Meyer 

Diane C. Meyer 

Donna-Maria Tocci Meyers 

Frederick J. Meyers 

Jeffrey M. Meyers 

Michael B. Meyers 

Walter J. Meyers 

Paul J. Michaloski 

Christopher J. Michalowski 

Dr. cS: Mrs. Donald J. Michels 

Robert J. Michini 

Alexander S. Micko, C.P.A. 

Robert B. Miedel 

Mr. & Mrs. Emil F. Miele 

William E. Mignoni 

Walter M. Migrala, Jr. 

Edmund M. Miksitz 

John P. Mikurak 

Edward W. Mikus 

Alexandra Mil. is 

Anthony J. Milcarsky 

Carol A. Miller 

Cynthia Matczak Miller 

Donald Miller 

Donald F. Miller 

Donald I. Miller. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward I.. Miller 

Eric J. Miller 

Francis A. Miller 

Geneifer N. Miller 

Jack T. Miller 

Joseph L. Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry P. Miller 

Mary Brosmer Miller 

Matthew W. Miller 

Michele M. Miller, R.N., M.S.N. 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Miller 

Reuben G. Miller. Ph.D. 

Robert J. Miller 

Robert). Miller, Ed.D. 

Robert P. Miller 

Thomas M. Miller 

Thomas O. Miller 

William B. Miller 

William S. Miller 

Mr. & Mrs. William S. Miller 

James D. Milnamow 

Lorraine Pollock Minderjahn 

Raymond F. Minger 

Mr. & Mrs. Angelo J. Minieri 

Elisa Ziccardi Minni 

Philip J. Minnigh 

Paul C. Minning, Sr. 

Bernice Rogers Mintzer 

Patrick S. Mintzer 

Albert J. Miralles, Sr. 

Anthony M. Mirante. Jr. 

Brunella L. Mirarchi 

Mr. & Mrs. Saverio Mirachi 

Silvana Mirarchi 

Gregory!. Mitchell 

Joseph W. Mitchell 

Stephen E. Mitchell 

William J. Mitchell. Jr. 

William P. Mitchell 

William S. Mitchell 

Paul Mlodzinski 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mocarski 

Anthony J. Moffa 

Michelina Siravo Moffa 

Damian J. Mogavero 

John F. Mohan, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Mohan 

Robert S. Mojica 

Frank S. Mokriski 

John A. Mokriski 

Michael T Mokriski 

Walter F. Moleski. Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. William J. Molinari 

Anthony D. Molinaro, Jr., M.D. 

Kathleen M. Molla 

Carey J. Molloy 

Robert W. Molush 

lames P. t \ Marihel \Y. Molyneaux 

Mark J. Momorella 

Lawrence H. Monaco. Ph.D. 

Robert A. Monagan 

Denise Lange Monaghan 

Francis E. Monaghan. Jr. 

Helen M. Monaghan 

John F. Monaghan, III 

Thomas J. Monaghan 

Richard J. Monastra 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Mongan 

David C. Mongeluzi 

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Anthony J. Monico 

Albert A. Monillas 

David J. Monroe 

Georg W. Montag. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Montaldi 

Mr. & Mrs. J. Gary Montana 

Denise P. Montell 

Michael K. Montgomery 

Robert W. Montgomery Jr. 

Stephen J. Montgomery 

Raymond J. Montoni 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Montovani 

Francis M. Mooney 

James D. Mooney 

John B. Mooney, Jr. 

Joseph F. Mooney, Ph.D. 

Judith A. Mooney 

Patrick J. Mooney 

Paul D. Mooney 

Richard J. Mooney 

Richard T. Mooney 

David G. Moore 

Dennis C. Moore 

Doris C. Moore 

Dorothy M. Moore, M.D. 

Edward T. Moore, Jr. 

John A. Moore, Jr. 

Rev. John C. Moore 

John E. Moore 

John Thomas Moore 

Kevin P. Moore 

Linda Dealy Moore 

Shelby Moore 

William F. Moore 

William X. Moore 

Annette Naessens Moran 

William M. Moran 

Christopher J. Morell 

Maureen Flynn Morel I 

James A. Morgan 

Judith D. Morgan, Esq. 

Philip S. Morgan, Jr. 

Robert G. Morgan 

Joseph R. Morice, Ph.D. 

Joseph F. Moritz 

Norman E. Morrell 

Anthony J. Morris 

Dean H. Morris 

Frederick P. Morris, III 

Robert J. Morris 

Robert W. Morris 

George J. Morrison 

Gerald J. Morrison 

Thomas W. Morrison 

William J. Morrison 

John F. Morrissey, Jr. 

Lynne M. Morrissey 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Morrissy. Jr. 

Denise M. Morrissy 

Ferdinand P. Morro 

Robert H. Morro 

Sylvester A. Morrone 

Rosemary R. Morse 

Margaret A. Morthorst 

Francis J. Mortimer 

Stanley L. Morton 

William J. Morton 

Louis F. Mosca 

Edward F. Mosczynski 

Donna Dooley Moser 

Henry C. Moser 

Hermann Moser, II 

Michael A. Mosley 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. Moss 

Russell J. Moss 

Sheila A. Mostak 

John F. Motley, M.D. 

Robert J. Motley, M.D. 

Joseph R. Mountain 

Mary W. Mountain 

Alice K. Moy 

June F. Moyer 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth N. Moyer 

Richard E. Mshomba. Ph.D. 

Alice Premaza Mueller, DO. 

Diana Piccinini Mueller 

John J. Mueller, Jr., D.O. 

Kurt Mueller, Jr. 

Michael D. Mueller 

William R. Mueller 

James F. Mulcahy 

John P. Mulcahy 

John J. Mulderig, III, Esq. 

James M. Mulderrig 

James R. Muldowney 

Francis X. Mulholland 

John E. Mulholland 

John J. Mulholland, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Bharat Mull 

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Mullan 

Charles J. Mullane 

Alfonsj" Muller, M.D. 

Mr. Francis F. Muller 

Holly L. Muller 

John F. Mulligan. Jr. 

Patrick J. Mulligan 

Edward O. Mullin 

Matthew L. Mullin 

Mary Rutkowski Mullison 

Donna P. Mulloy 

Elise Parker Mulvaney 

Bernadette Heck Mulvey 

Constance M. Mumper 

Joseph J. Mundy 

Maureen O'Hara Munoz 

James G. Munro 

Mr. & Mrs. David 11. Munyan, Jr 

Frank R. Murdock 

Dennis M. Murphy 

Edward J. Murphy. Jr. 

Edward J. Murphy 

James F. Murphy 

lames P. Murphy. D.M.I). 

James T. Murphy 

John J. Murphy, Jr. 

Mr. & Mis. Joseph A. Murphy 

Patricia Gilligan Murphy 

Philip A. Murphy 

Renee Fox Murphy 

Richard A. Murphy 

Ronald E. Murphy 

Thomas F. X. Murphy 

Thomas R. Murphy 

Timothy G. Murphy 

William J. Murphy 

Anne Marie Murray 

Francis B. Murray 

James W. Murray 

Joseph M. Murray 

Thomas E. Murray 

William A. Murtha. Jr. 

Joseph J. Musial 

Christine Domineske Musick 

James T Muth 

Mr. & Mrs. Thour Muy 

Dolores J. Myers 

George H. Myers 

Jerry A. Myers 

Mrs. Zirka Mysko 

Christopher W. Nace 

Jane E. Nagle 

Mrs. Regina A. Nagle 

John S. Naimoli 

CPT Bohdan M. Nakoneczny 

Guy M. Nardella, Jr., M.D. 

Ralph A. Nardi 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Nardone 

Debra Ricci Naso 

Dr. &. Mrs. Floyd Nasuti 

Frank W. Nasuti 

Patricia Haydt Nault 

Joseph M. Neale. Jr. 

Michael J. Neary 

Otto T Nebel. III, M.D. 

Lawrence J. Nedzbala 

George P. Needham 

Joseph G. Neelon 

Regina P. Neels 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony V. Neglia 

Harry J. Neiley 

Kelly A. Neiman 

John W. Neithercott 

Christine L. Nellinger 

Charles E. Nelson, Sr. 

Joseph J. Nelson 

Mr. & Mrs. Attila Nemes 

Charles J. Nemeth 

Kerstin Nemitz 

Mr. & Mrs. Ramon G. Nepomuceno 

Julia Pollio Neri 

Mr. & Mrs. David W. Neubauer 

Jeffrey M. Neubauer 

Mary K. Neubauer 

Maryanne Neumann 

Michael J. Neumann 

William F. Neusidl 

James J. Newell 

Francis C. Newman 

Mr. iS: Mrs. John H. Newsome 

John M. Neyer 

Mr. iS: Mrs. Yim K. Ng 

George W. Niblock 

Paul C. Nice 

Paul J. Nicoletti, Esq. 

Noreen Kilroy Nicolo 

Peter J. Nicolo. Jr. 

Alfred T. Niczyporowicz 

Roger J. Niemczyk 

Mirek A. Niemynski 

Thomas J. Niessen 

Helen C. Nikirk 

Richard A. Nisula 

Richard F. Niwinski, Jr. 

Thomas J. Niwinski 

R. Elizabeth Nixon 

Robert M. Nocentino 

Anne M. Nolan 

Gerard J. Nolan 

John T. Nolan 

William J. Nolan 

Edward J. Nolen 

David C" Noll 

Raymond A. Noll 

Fred R. Noller 

Dorothy B. Noon 

Francis J. Noonan 

Ava L. Norfleet 

John R. Norpel, Jr. 

Michael J. Norris 

Leo J. Norton 

Ms. Lynn M. Norton 

David Norwitz 

Vito R. Notaro 

Christopher J. Nothnagel 

Joseph R. Novack 

Benjamin J. Novak 

Edward R. Novak 

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley M. Novak, Jr. 

A. Joseph Novello 

Clarence J. Nowack 

Olha Mychajliw Nowakiwsky 

Roman O. Nowakiwsky 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Nowicki 

Michael A. Nuccio 

Matthew R. Nunnally 

Susan Hanks Nunnamaker 

Mrs. Barbara Ann Nuzzolo 

David C. Nuzzolo 

Matthew T O'Boyle 

Catherine T. O'Brien 

Christina E. O'Brien 

Connell P. O'Brien 

Cornelius J. O'Brien 

Dominic V. O Brien. Ph.D. 

Edw aid T. O'Brien 

Gregory R. O'Brien 

James C. O'Brien 

Joseph S. O'Brien 

Kenneth W. O'Brien 

Kevin A. O'Brien 

Richard W. O'Brien 

Mr. cS; Mrs. Robert Y. O'Brien 

Thomas A. O'Brien, Ph.D. 

Thomas G. O'Brien 

Joseph F. O'Callaghan, Ph.D. 

David C. O'Connell 

Heather M. O'Connell 

COL John J. O'Connell. Jr. 

Kathleen O'Connell 

Susan J. O'Connell 

Charles B. O'Connor 

Daniel J. O'Conni >r 

Ernestine O'Connor 

Francis X. O'Connor 

Mr. & Mrs ['rank A O'Connor 

George J. O'Connor 

Mr. & Mrs. James G. O'Connor 

Mr. & Mrs. James L. O'Connor 

Margaret E. O'Connor 

Man T. O'Connor 

Michael L. O'Connor 

William L. O'Connor 

Daniel J. O'Dea 

Edward C. O'Donnell. Jr. 

James A. O'Donnell 

lames F. O'Donnell 

FALL 1995 

page 39 


The Development and Annual Fund Offices deeply appreciate the efforts of oui 

• many volunteers: phonathoners, 

reunion gift chairs, matching gift coordinators, and diverse committee members 

. Special "Thanks" are in order to 

First Fidelity Bancorporation for hosting our volunteer phonathons, and to Timothy Browne, our dedicated office 


David E. Beavers, Esq. 72 

Mary P. Higgins, Esq. 79 

John B. Millard 

Mi & Mrs. Edmund J. Bransfield 

Philip E. Hughes, Jr., Esq. 71 

Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Muldowney, Jr. 

Michael J. Brennan '80 

Teresa M. Jackson 79 

Frank J. Noonan '55 

Timothy Browne 

Mr. & Mrs. George Johnston 

Thomas O'Malley, Esq, '90 

Robert L. Buck '90 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Jones 

Br. Benedict Oliver, F.S.C. '60 

Gerald V. Burke. M.D. 75 

Mrs. Mary G. Kolb 

Thomas N. Pappas 70 

John F. Carabello, D.M.D. '62 

John Kovatch '90 

Leon J. Perelman '33 

Dr. & Mrs. M. Coblentz 

Richard L. Krzyzanowski, Esq. 

James H. Pickering, Jr., Esq., '85 

Joseph A. Coffey, Jr. Esq. '64 

Gregory LeCerff 70 

Frank A. Pinto '66 

Stephanie A. Colello '90 

Thomas A. Leonard, C.P.A. 70 

Charles J. Reilly '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Creedon 

Edward J. LoCasale '69 

William R. Sautter, C.P.A. 71 

J. Russell Cullen, Jr. '60 

Walter P. Lomax, Jr., M.D. '53 

Pauline C. Scalvino, Esq. '87 

Thomas Curley '70 

James J. Lynch 71 

Francis D. Scanlon 76 

Maria Tucker Cusick '83 

Kathleen Gordon Lynch 77 

Paul D. Schaefer '90 

Robert Dager '65 

Thomas J. Lynch '62 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Schaefer '54 

James F. Dever '45 

Thomas J. Lynch 72 

Herbert E. Taylor, Ph.D. 74 

Thomas Dalfo '90 

Thomas J. Mahoney, C.P.A. 70 

Mr. & Mrs. Duane Tebo 

Alfred L. Dezzi 

Maureen Gimpel Maley, Esq. '88 

Edward J. Stemmler, M.D. '50 

Kathy Donahue 

Josephine C. Mandeville 

Margaret A. Subokow '90 

Eileen N. Egan '90 

Dr. & Mrs. William J. Markmann, M.D. 70 

Charles T. Wahl, Jr. '58 

Leon Ellerson '56 

Ronald W. Matecki 70 

John R. Waite, Jr." '90 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Esposito 

Francis T McGettigan, C.P.A. 77 

Charles J. Wolf, III, M.D. '65 

John P. Gaffhey '90 ' 

Christine LaPointe McHale '90 

Mr. & Mrs. William D. Woolslayer 

John P. Gallagher '62 

Mr. and Mrs. William J. McMahon, Jr. '65 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert T Wright '60 

Peter M. Garabedian '90 

James F. McManus '69 

Terence K. Heaney, Esq. '63 

Christine Klaster Meko, Esq. '90 

James P. O'Donnell 

John J. O'Donnell, M.D. 

John V. O'Donnell 

Joseph G. O'Donnell 

Joseph J. O'Donnell, Sr. 

Michael E. O'Donnell 

Richard K. O'Donnell 

Stephen P. O'Donnell 

Vincent J. O'Donnell 

Ms. Laura H. O'Gara 

Mr & Mrs. Edward J. O'Grady 

Michael C. O'Hagan 

Martin J. O'Halloran 

Edward J. O'Hanlon 

Denise M. O'Hara 

Peter J. O'Hara 

Thomas M. O'Hora. Jr. 

Thomas J. O'Kane 

Gerald J. O'Keefe, D.M.D. 

Kevin M. O'Keefe 

Kevin P. O'Keefe 

Thomas O'Keefe 

James C. O'Laughlin 

Kristy E. O'Malley 

Man,' Ellen Banford O'Malley 

Thomas J. O'Malley 

Arthur S. O'Neill. Jr.. Esq. 

Eugene F. O'Neill 

James D. O'Neill 

James J. O'Neill 

Jeanine C. O'Neill 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. O'Neill 

Joseph G. O'Neill 

Malachy D. O'Neill 

Mary Rinehart O'Neill 

Maureen McGinn O'Neill 

Peter I. O'Neill 

Thomas A. O'Neill 

Thomas V. O'Neill, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Wiliam B. O'Neill 

William J. O'Neill 

Gerald T. O'Reilly 

Kevin J. O'Rourke 

Megan G. O'Rourke 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. O'Rourke 

Kathleen M. O'Sullivan 

Robert T. O'Sullivan 

Robert T. O'Sullivan, Jr., D.O. 

Francis C. O'Toole 

James J. O'Toole, Jr., Esq. 

Karen J. Oakley 

Frank J. Obara, Jr. 

John A. Obara 

John C. Oberholzer 

Rev. Terry M. Odien 

Dorothy M. Odoms 

Mr. & Mrs. George R. Olden 

Karen E. Oldfield 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Olexa 

Robert J. Oliva 

Elizabeth Juliano Olivieri 

Margaret Mortimer Olkowski 

Kenneth J. Olney, Jr. 

Steven C. Olshevski 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Olson 

John F. Olszewski 

Edward J. Olwell 

Robert F. Onraet 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Operacz 

Stephen M. Orczewski 

Mr. & Mrs. John W. Ord 

Catherine M. Organ 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Organ 

Albert N. Oriold 

Ercole J. Oristaglio 

Susan Sykes Orlando 

Sidney H. Orr, M.D., PC 

Marc A. Orsimarsi 

Jose Ortega 

Diane Orzechowski 

John T. Osmian 

Raymond A. Ostrowski 

John N. Oswald 

Mr. & Mrs. Gregory- R. Ott 

Lawrence M. Ott. Jr. 

Joseph V. Otto 

Sabina K. Otto 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Overholt Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Owens 

Dennis T. Owens 

James F. Owens, Jr. 

Kevin P. Owens 

Vincent Paccapaniccia 

Rafael F. Pacheco 

Guido C. Pacitti 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Packard 

Thomas J. Padden 

Samuel E. Padgett 

Melinda S. Padlo 

Arthur W. Pagan. Jr. 

Andrew J. Pagano 

Frank J. Pagano 

Kathleen Chambers Pagano 

John A. Pagliei 

Mr. & Mrs. Russell Paiko 

Albert M. Pakech 

John A. Palaggo 

Michael B. Palaia 

Gregory J. Palakow 

Kenneth J. Palczewski 

Peter V. Palena, M.D. 

Carmen M. Palenzuela 

Sharon L. Palestino 

Rosemary Robinson Pall 

James J. Palladino 

James M. Palmer 

Lucy R. Palmer 

Philip J. Palmer 

WalterJ. Palmer. Ill 

Joseph M. Palmieri. Jr. 

Angelo R. Palombi 

Ms. Geraldine M. Palumbo 

Robert V. Pambianco. Jr. 

Maureen E. Pancoast 

Mrs. Roseanne Pancoast 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Panella 

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Pannepacker Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Paoline 

page 40 


Mr. & Mrs. Samuel J. Paolino 

Michael A. Papa 

Joseph M. Papaleo 

Hon. Joseph I. Papalini 

Karen Capaldo Papania 

Mr.& Mrs. Konstantinos Papantonis 

Salvatore Paparone, Jr., Esq. 

Gerard M. Papp, DO. 

Lorraine B. Pappalardo 

Robert F. Pappano, Esq. 

Michael J. Paquet 

Michael C. Parella 

Diane M. Paris 

Joseph M. Parisi 

Patricia H. Parisi 

Michael W. Park 

Hermon L. Parker 

Janet L. Parker 

Thomas M. Parker 

Joseph W. Parkin. IV 

Helen Parks 

Kevin W. Parrey 

Frances Parrotto 

George R. Parsons, DO. 

Rosaleen Gembala Parsons, M.D. 

John P. Pascavage 

Edward J. Pascoe 

Donald J. Pascucci 

Robert P. Pascucci 

Gabriel J. Pascuzzi 

Joseph M. Pascuzzo, D.O. 

Elizabeth M. Pasek 

Gregory B. Pasquale 

Mr. & Mrs. Gary Pasquine 

Bernice Pasquini 

Norman J. Pastore 

William A. Pastro 

Ms. Mary Paterson 

Michele M. Patrick 

Patricia M. Patrick 

Rev. Anthony Patrizio, M.SS.CC. 

Lawrence D. Patterson 

Mary Walker Patti 

Karen E. Patzelt 

Charles M. Paul 

Robert M. Paul 

Robert P. Pauli 

Carolyn Leonard Paulosky 

Michael J. Paulosky 

Robert Pavone 

Joseph H. Pawko 

Ronald J. Pawlowski 

Carlton Payne 

Melvin B. Payne 

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Pean 

Samuel B. Pearlstein, D.P.M. 

James W. Pearson, Esq. 

William J. Peberdy 

A. Steven Pecora, DO. 

Frank J. Peditto 

Frederick C. Peech 

Charles R. Peguese 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Pell 

Mr. & Mrs. Carlo Pellecchia 

Catherine McDevitt Peller 

George J. Peller 

Janet Pellicciotti 

Joseph J. Pello 

Daniel S. Pelullo 

Joseph A. Pendergast, Jr. 

Joseph J. Pendergast, Sr. 

Martin Pendergast, Sr. 

Patrick M. Pendergast 

Louis H. Penge 

James M. Penny, Jr., Esq. 

Philip L. Penny 

John V. Pensiero 

Nicholas F. Pensiero 

James P. Penza, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Peoples 

Marta B. Perez 

Archie J. Pergolese 

Nancy M. Perl 

Mrs. Diane E. Perna 

John C. Perna 

Nicholas L. Perna, Jr. 

Angelo J. Perri 

Gerard A. Perrine 

Mary T. Perrong 

Arthur A. Perry. Ill 

Kathleen M. Perry 

Peter E. Perry, Jr., Esq. 

John Persichetti 

Laura M. Persichilli 

Kenneth F. Persing 

Marygrace Chizek Pesce, C.P.A. 

Robert J. Pesce 

Thomas E. Peters 

Ms. Helen Petit 

Charles A. Petosa 

Charles A. Petosa 

Mr. & Mrs. Giuseppe Petracca 

Gerald R. Petre 

Thomas A. Petrecz, Jr. 

Paul M. Petrillo, D.D.S. 

Louretta M. Petrino 

Anthony M. Petrucci 

Louis J. Petti 

Theodore A. Pettinicchi 

Bernard F. Pettit, Esq. 

Victor M. Pettyjohn 

Joseph L. Petulla 

Michael A. Peyton 

Scott M. Pezarras 

Maureen Lowery Pezzementi 

John M. Pfeffer, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth P. Pfeiffer, Sr. 

Nicholas L. Pfeiffer 

Garry M. Pfeil 

Bruce C. Pfetzing 

Kenneth R. Pfister 

Patricia L. Pfleger 

Francis W. Pfluger 

Mrs. Kathleen A. Pflugfelder 

Mr. & Mrs. Tarn Van Priam 

Timothy J. Phelan 

Eileen M. Haag-Phillips 

Eileen M. Phillips 

Ms. Linda S. Phillips 

Neal P. Phillips 

Walter G. Phillips 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Philyaw 

John J. Piatkowski 

Elizabeth Mullarkey Piccolo 

Jeffrey Piccone 

William T. Piccone 

Virginia D. Pickup 

Robert J. Picollo 

Herbert T. Picus 

John W. Pie 

Thomas J. Piecyk 

Rosetta Pierce 

Thomas J. Pierce 

Lawrence M. Pierson 

Jeffrey S. Pietrzak 

Kathleen M. Pilarz 

Barbara A. Pileggi 

Ted B. Pileggi 

Michael D. Pilla, Sr. 

Joseph B. Pino, D.M.D. 

Mrs. Kristina D. Pinter 

Vincent J. Pinto 

Thomas T. Piotrowski 

Joseph J. Pippel 

Jacques J. Piquion, Jr. 

John F Piree 

Mr. & Mrs. Franz Pirner 

Joseph A. Pirri 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Pisani. Jr. 

Vincent C. Piselli 

Thomas C. Pistoria 

Remo M. Pitassi 

Mr. &Mrs. Anthony J. Pizzo 

Anthony F. Pizzuti 

Walter J. Plagens, Jr. 

Carolyn Piatt 

John J. Pleier 

Gina M. Pleskunas 

Gerald C. Plewes 

James G. Plewes 

Bruno T. Plizak 

Anne Roarty Plummer 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Plunkett 

George Podhiny, Jr. 

Jack W. Pogue 

Erast Z. Pohorylo 

Paul J. Poiesz 

Patricia A. Poirier 

Mr. & Mrs. James F. Pokorny 

Carl Polansky 

Ernest A. Polin, Esq. 

Olga Stavros Polites 

John E. Politowski 

George T. Pollitt 

Frances A. Pollock 

William E. Pollock 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Polovoy 

Thomas J. Poltorak 

Walter R. Poltorak 

H. Randolph Pomeroy 

Barbara Grum Pomije 

Judith L. Pompei-Miller 

Danya Szymanik Pompeo 

Robert F. Pomrink 

James M. Pond, M.D. 

Anthony R. Pontarelli 

John E. Pooler, Jr. 

Marie Seneff Poos 

Michael J. Popadich 

Barbara B. Pope 

Mr & Mrs. Michael W. Popen 

Irene Masino Porch 

Charles A. Porrini, D.D.S. 

Carmen V. Porter 

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Portillo 

Douglas J. Potenza 

Sandra-Lee M. Potero 

James R. Potts 

Raymond T. Potyrala 

James A. Poulos 

John F. Povilaitis, Esq. 

Charles F. Powell 

Mr. & Mrs. Carl V Powers, Jr. 

Richard J. Powers 

Robert P. Pracilio 

Thomas F. Praiss, C.F.P. 

Martin R. Pranscavage 

Richard T Preiss, Esq. 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Prendergast 

Mr. & Mrs. John P. Prendergast 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Prendergast 

Damara Allen Press 

Michele Adair Previti, Esq. 

Rosary J. Previti 

Colleen Brown Price 

Kathleen Cowley Price 

Mr. & Mrs. James S. Priestley 

Edward M. Prigge 

Caesar J. Primus 

Dian Taylor-Pringle 

John D. Prinscott, M.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. Prinzo 

Jeanmarie Mooney Prinzo 

Stephen J. Procario 

Ann L. Pron 

John J. Provasnik, Jr. 

Dexter Pruner 

John P. Pryor 

Leslie Rush Pryor 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Pullukat 

Robert A. Pulver 

Mr. & Mrs. Alfred O. Puntel 

Bernice Lisicki Purcell 

Carolyn O'Donnell Purcell 

Charmayne J. Purnell 

Robert J. Pushaw, Jr., Esq. 

Mark E. Putnick 

Mr. & Mrs. Dunthur M. Puttaswamy 

Joseph A. Puzyn 

Barbara Gallen Pyne 

Joseph M. Pyne 

Helen S. Pyrin 

Patricia Dajnowski Quaile 

Richard Quake 

Johnnell L. Quarles 

Frederick M. Quattrone, Esq. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Quattrone 

Michael J. Quigg 

Francis M. Quigley 

Thomas F. Quigley 

Jose D. Quiles 

Robert V. Quindlen 

Andrew J. Quinn, Jr. 

Edward V. Quinn. Jr. 

Joan M. Quinn 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Quinn 

Joseph M. Quinn 

Josephine A. Quinn 

Robert H. Quinn 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Quinn 

Nicholas J. Quitter 

Susan O. Rabatin 

Deborah Rabberman 

Robert J. Radano 

Patricia V. Radich. Esq. 

Debra A. Radke 

FALL 1995 

page 41 

Michael S. Radvansky 

1 i K\ ard A. R.iclw anski 

Lady Isolde Radzinowicz 

John A Rafa 

Erica Sztukowski Raffert) 

Mayor John K Rafferty 

Mar) < . Rafferty 

Michael F. Rafferty 

Susan Hutt Ratlin 

Roseanne Hanlon Ratter 

1 1 1. imas J. Rafter 

\li & Mrs. Frank P. Ragonese 

Nk fiolas F. Ragucci 

Josephine Rizzo Rahill 

Robert J. Raichle 

Ml & Mrs. Robert I). Rainey 

Linda Gauder Rakszawski 

Thomas E. Rakszawski 

William T. Rambo, Jr. 

Richard A. Rampulla 

|c iseph L. Ramsay, Jr. 

William J. Randall ' 

Jeffrey K. Randazzo 

Joseph J. Randzo 

Mr cS: Mrs. John P. Ranieri 

Mr. & Mrs. Leo J. Ranjo 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Rapa 

Joseph M. Rapczynski 

Jack M. Rappaport 

Cheryl Oettinger Raschilla 

Stephen X. Raschilla 

Thomas C. Ratchford 

Mark J. Ratkus, Ph.D. 

John P. Rau 

Frank P. Ranch. Jr. 

Stephen F. Ranch 

Rachel Y. Ravasco 

Mrs. Kathryn Raw ling 

Mark Rawling 

David E. Rawlings. Ph.D. 

Harry P. Rawls 

Dina M. Raymond 

Amy Shaw Re 

Karen E. Read 

Mrs Gracemarie Reader 

Francis W. Reagan 

Dennis T Rearclon 

Jeff T. Reardon 

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Reardon 

Domenic A. Rebecca 

Stephen J. Redden 

Courtney Bowman Reddinton 

Martin J. Reddington 

Frit F. Reed 

Paul R Reed 

Ml & Mrs. John W. Reeder. Jr. 

Michael T Reffner 

Dennis F. Regan 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Regan, Jr. 

Margaret R. Regan 

Maria Comely Regan 

Maureen Henry Regan 

I im< >th\ R Keg. in 

William L Regan. C.P.A. 

Rose Mlodzinski Regel 

Nicholas J. Regina 

Michael E. Regusters 

Abraham Reich 

Ri ibert W Reichenbach 

1 l.ur\ A Reichner 

Mr. cS; Mrs Frank J. Reichwein 

( feraldj. Reid 

Thomas C. Reid 

Mi & Mrs Richard H. Reidnauer 

Marie Reich 

COL Charles W. Reif, D.D.S 

Cynthia M. Reiff 

David N. Reiff 

Louis P. Reiff 

L. Thomas Reifsteck 

James J. ReilK 

Mrs Mariellen Reilly 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip Reilly 

Ronald A. Reilly 

Mr. & Mrs. Sean M. Reilly 

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Reilly 

Harry T Rein 

Charles J. Reinhardt 

Arthur B. Reinholt, Jr., OD 

G. Russell Reiss. Jr., M.D. 

Jane A. Reiter 

Beth A. Reitinger 

Edward J. Reitmeyer 

Kathleen Whalen Reitz 

Karen A. Repeckyj 

Richard A. Repko 

Charles G. Resch 

James L. Resnick 

Martha Mihalich Retter 

Richard K. Rettig. D.P.M. 

Flor M. Reyes 

Edward F. Reynolds 

George W, Reynolds 

Joan Murray Reynolds 

Robert G. Reynolds 

Mr. lS: Mrs. Robert R. Reynolds 

Karen Fraunfelter Rheams 

Bruce R. Rhoades 

Mr. & Mrs. David L. Rhoads 

Kimberly Toomey Rhodes 

Rosemarie A. Riccarclo 

Lisa O'Connell Ricchezza 

Mark C. Ricchini 

Mr. & Mrs. William E. Ricchini 

Vincent Ricchiuti. Jr. 

Michael I). Ricci 

Michael H. Ricci 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard B. Rice 

David W. Richard 

James T Richard. Sr., Ed.D. 

George W. Richards. IV 

Rev. Harry G. Richards 

William A. Richards. Ph.D. 

Eleanor E. Richardson 

l< iseph F. Richichi 

Xeale P. Richman 

Mr & Mrs. Larry D. Richmond 

Robert J. Richmond 

Leonard S. Richter 

Lynn Powell Richtei 

John F. Ric ks 

Man a White Riddle 

l< iseph A. Rider. Sr. 

Walter J. Rider. Ill 

David I Ridgway 

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. Riecler 

Albert J. Rieger. Jr. 

I'h\ His .\ Rieger 

William J. Rieger. D.D.S. 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Ries 

Herbert Rifkin 

Edward J. Riggin 

Joseph L Rigolizzo 

Charles A. Riley 

Mr. ^ Mrs. James F. Riley. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James J. Riley. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Riley 

John J. Rilli 

John D. Rilling, Sr. 

Me K. Rim 

Robert A. Rinalcli 

Denise L. Rippert 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Rissling 

Ronald F. Ritschel 

James D. Ritzheimer 

Ernest R. Rivard 

Joyce M Rivas 

Abigail Rivera 

Mr. & Mrs. Tomas Rivera 

Carol A. Rivers 

Richard H. Rivers 

Linda A. Riviezzo 

Mr. & Mrs. William Rizzo 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Roach 

Joseph P. Roach 

Leo J. Robb 

Jane Kirk Roberts 

John H. Roberts 

Kristina S. Roberts 

Margot F. Roberts 

Mr. & Mrs. Victor J. Roberts 

Annmarie Robertson 

Philip X. Robideau 

Charles A. Robino, Jr. 

Daniel S. Robins, Ph.D. 

Doris A. Robinson 

Eileen C. Robinson 

Frederick S. Robinson 

Kevin W. Robinson 

Linda K. Robinson 

Mark S. Robinson 

Thomas T. Robinson 

Ms. Margaret M. Robus 

Jennifer Roby 

Julie F. Roccograndi 

Charles V. Roche 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Roche 

Karen Smith Roche 

Edgar B. Rodgersjr. 

Mrs. Phyllis A. Rodgers 

Veronica A. Rodia 

Mr. & Mrs. Norman F. Rodowicz 

Sondra R. Rodrigues 

Dr. & Mrs. Eugene J. Roe 

George W. Roesser 

Joseph T Roessler 

Lisa Gerette Rogalski 

Anne Walker Rogers 

Theodore M. Rogers. Jr. 

Clair W'armerdam Rohrer 

J. Joseph Roman 

Bruce J. Romanczuk, M.D. 

Man Heist Romano 

Robert A. Romano 

Mr. cS: Mrs. Robert W. Romeo 

Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Romero, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs, Pedro Romero 

Benjamin F. Romine 
Bernadette Lynn Ronca 
< )reste R. Rondinella 
Ms. Ritadele Rone 
Arthur H. Ronev 
Scott E. Roney 
Nicholas M. Rongione 
Francis A. Ronkowski 
Arnold D. Ronzoni 
James E. Root 
Scott G. Roper 
Andrew C. Roppoli 
David J. Rosania 
George W. Rose 
Joanne D. Rose 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Rosenbach 
Michael S. Rosenbaum, D.M.D. 
Mr. & Mrs. Jerrold Rosenthal 
Joanne K. Rosenthal 
Eva McCaulley-Rosetti 
John V. Rosetti 
Richard H. Rosetti 
Julie A. Rosner 
Michael J. Rosner, M.D. 
Hon. Maurino J. Rossanese. Jr. 
Roger C. Rossell 
Michael A. Rossi 
Thomas P. Rossi, Jr. 
Albert W. Rostein 
Angela Galiano Roth 
Mr. & Mrs. Larry R. Roth 
Robert!. Roth 
John C. Rothwell 
Richard A. Rothwell. Sr. 
Philip H. Rotstein 
Michael Rottina 
Joseph W. Rovelli 
Angela M. Rowbottom 
.Mr. X Mrs. James H. Rowbottom. Jr. 
Robert R. Row e 
Ann T. RowJand 
Patrick E. Rowland 
E. Mark Rowley 
Bernard R. Roy 
Maureen O'Neill Roynan 
Stephen Rozak 
E. Jane Ruane 
Joellyn M. Ruane 
Margaret A. Ruane 
Adrian Rubio 
Thomas M. Ruch 
Stanley T Ruchlewicz 
Andrew J. Ruck. Esq. 
Keith R. Ruck 
William A. Ruck 
Sheryl M. Rudie 
Leslie Strobaugh Rudisill 
Diana L. Rudloff 
Patricia M. Rudzinski 
Charles F. Rueger. Sr. 
Herbert M. Ruetsch, C.P.A. 
Alfred B. Ruff 
Stephen J. Ruff 
Mr & Mrs. William E. Ruff 
Daniel F. Ruggieri. Si- 
Daniel F. Ruggieri, Jr. 
Joseph J. Ruggiero 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Ruggiero 
Ms Milagros Ruiz 



Charles R. Rumsey 

Albert A. Rundio, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Runyon 

James P. Rupp, M.D. 

Louise Giannattasio Rupp 

Cecilia M. Ruppert 

Diana M. Ruscica 

Michael R. Ruser, II 

John J. Rush 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Rush 

Robert J, Rush, Jr. 

Richard K. Russ 

Anna P. Russell 

Christopher M. Russell 

Glenn C. Russell 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Russell, Sr. 

Stephanie G. Russell 

Mr. & Mrs. Louis D. Russo 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerardo Rutigliano 

Beth A. Ruzicka 

John A. Ryan, Esq. 

Joseph F. Ryan 

Kathleen A. Ryan 

Margaret Payne Ryan 

Mr. & Mrs. Martin P. Ryan 

Robert E. Ryan 

Thomas Ryan 

Thomas C. Ryan 

William F. Ryan 

Ardis E. Ryder 

Kenneth H. Ryesky, Esq. 

Robert G. Rygalski, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Rygalski 

Hon Henry E. Rzemieniewski 

Matthew N. Sabatine, Jr.. D.M.D. 

Manuel M. Sabato 

Francis S. Sabia 

Michael G. Sabo 

Anne Wilson Sabol 

Alfred D. Sacchetti, M.D. 

Joseph P. Sacchetti 

Amie E. Sacco 

Mr. & Mrs. Adnan H. Sadaka 

Charles Michael Sagan 

Edward J. Sager 

Mary A. Sager 

Peter J. Sahd 

Kathryn M. Sakautzki 

Mr. cN- Mrs. Quirino D. Saladino 

Mr.s Mary Ann Salak 

Nancy G. Salandra 

Frank J. Salandria 

Robert A. Salanik 

Michael J. Salazar 

Frank T, Salera 

Francis J. Salerno 

Jaime P. Salindong, Jr. 

Dianne P. Salter 

Christa Pasquini Saltzman 

Jerel P. Saltzman 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Salvaggio 

Denise T Salvo 

Michael D. Salvo 

Chester J. Salwach, Ph.D. 

Carlo J. Salzano 

James J. Sammon 

Melvyn J. Sampson 

Arnold D. Samson 

Mark A. Samson 

Mr. & Mrs. Modesto Sanchez 

Mark A. Sandberg 

Thomas J. Sandberg 

Douglas Sanders 

Kathleen M. Sandman, Ph.D. 

Joanne M. Sands 

Maureen Keenan Sands 

Richard T Sands 

Patricia A. Sandstrom 

Brother Daniel Burke, F.S.C., 
Ph.D. (left), who served as 
La Salle's president from 1969 to 
1977, and Brother Emery 
Mollenhauer, F.S.C., Ph.D., the 
university's provost from 1969 to 
1990, recently celebrated their 
50th anniversaries as members of 
the Christian Brothers. 

Kara Lee Sandusky 

Peter L. Sandusky 

Domenic B. Sanginiti 

Irvin D. Sankey 

Margaret Walsh Sanky 

Roseann C. Sansone 

John L. Santangelo, Jr. 

Paul J. Santella, Jr. 

Fredric J. Santolucito 

Barbara A. Santone 

Anthony J. Santoro 

Mr. & Mrs. Isagani S. Santos 

Michael J. Sanwald 

Thomas S. Saquella 

Nora K. Saragovi 

Francis V. Sardina 

Paul W. Sargent 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Sarnowski 

Francis C. Sarro, Jr., D.D.S. 

Mr.& Mrs. J. Alexander Satkowski 

Francis W. Sauerwald 

Patricia Santry Sauvageau 

Donald P. Savakinas 

Joseph F.X. Savona, Esq. 

George M. Sawn 

George M. Sawn 

John J. Sawn 

Richard C. Sayers 

Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Sbelgio 

Steven W. Sbelgio 

Joseph G. Scafidi 

Ignazio Scaglione 

Rosemary Grugan Scalese 

John J. Scanlan 

John J. Scalon 

John M Scarpellino 

Daniel T. Scavilla 

Michael N. Scavuzzo 

Vernon E. Schaefer, Jr. 

Raymond J. Schaeper 

Ellen Esposito Schaible 

John E. Schank 

Paulette R. Schank 

Phyllis Garberman Schapire, M.D. 

Joseph T. Scharff 

Robert E. Scharle 

Sharon Sochanchak Scharr 

Ray A. Schartner 

Kenneth J. Schauder 

Jennifer Poe Scheel 

David E. Scheerer 

Bruce E. Schell 

Robert W. Schell, Sr. 

Patricia D. Schena 

CPT Joseph H. Schenk. U.S.N. . M.D 

Thomas E. Schenk. Jr. 

John F. Schenkel 

Noreen T. Scherer 

Nicole Franke Sherman 

Joseph A. Schiavone 

Scott M. Schieck 

Henry A. Schinnagel 

Susan L. Schioppa 

Gerald J. Schlechter 

Patricia Parker Schlegel 

Joseph P. Schliep, C.P.A. 

Karen Sassaman Schlindwein 

Mary Timmins Schluth 

Carol Tressel Schmeer 

Joseph K. Schmid 

Hope Masluk Schmids 

Herbert W. Schmidt, Jr. 

Peter J. Schmidt 

Robert C. Schmidt 

Ann O'Brien Schmieg 

Albert J. Schmitt 

Mr. & Mrs. James B. Schmitt 

James F. Schmitt 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Schmitt, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Schmitt 

Richard J. Schmucki 

Joan Chanko Schmutz 

Brian K. Schneider 

Frank J. Schneider 

George J. Schneider. Jr. 

Gerard J. Schneider 

Joanne Collins Schneider 

John J. Schneider 

Paul F Schneider 

William J. Schnepp 

Joseph E. Schnupp 

Bernadette Glennon Schoch 

Charles Schock 

Joseph J. Schoen, Jr. 

Sharon Faith Schoen, Ed.D. 

Robert E. Schonewolf 

Mary E. Schooley 

Gerard J. Schorn 

John A. Schorr 

Robert K. Schott 

Mr. & Mrs. Alfonse L. Schrama 

Robert J. Schreiber 

Thomas Schreiber 

Linda M. Schreiner 

Rose M. Schreiner 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald S. Schroeder 

Julie Dougherty Schuck 

Paul L. Schueller 

Owen C. Schugsta 

P. Michael Schugsta 

Thomas J. Schugsta 

Carol A. Schuler 

Carol A. Schumacher 

Mr. & Mrs. William O. Schuman 

Mr. & Mrs. John T. Schunk 

Mar>' Ellen Roken Schurtz 

Charles L. Schuster 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Schuster 

Jonathan D. Schuyler 

Susan M. Schwab 

Arthur J. Schwabenbauer 

Barn' S. Schwartz 

Jerry B. Schwartz, M.D. 

John R. Schwartz 

Carol Timson Schwarz 

Herbert E. Schweizer 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Schwenderman 

Kurt C. Schwind 

Thomas W. Schwind 

Libera Scinicariello 

Rudolph J. Sciore 

Gregory J. Scirrotto 

Debra L. Scott 

James T. Scott 

Loretta Young Scott 

Mary M. Scott 

Regina Adair Scott 

Marguerite A. Scotto 

FALL 1995 

page 43 

Diane Pandoli Screnci 

Anne M. Scull 

Mi>. in J. Scutti, Esq. 

Robert J. Seader 

Peter J. Seccia 

CPTJohn L. Sechler, U.S.N., Ret. 

lames T Sedlock. Ph.D. 

Raymond C. Seiberlich 

Frank D. Seidel 

Robert J. Seifert 

Robert W. Seifert 

Rogers E. Seller 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. Seiler 

Ruth K. Seitter 

Catherine B. Seiwell 

Robert L. Seiwell 

Mr. & Mrs. Randall L. Selah 

Elaine G. Selan 

Ronald Seleznov 

Frank J. Selinger 

Edward J. Seltzer 

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Semon 

Joseph N. Senek, Sr. 

Robert J. Senior 

Dr. & Mrs. Andrew M. Senkowsky 

John M. Senske 

Michael J. Sepanic 

Christine McEntee Serenelli 

Patricia A. Serratore 

Ann Drew Sen ey 

Maria A. Sesso 

Mr. & Mrs. Raffaele Sesso 

Robert J Sestito, Jr. 

John L. Seubert 

Anne Marie F. SeutT 

Kristin M. Sewald 

Max G. Sewald 

Mr. & Mrs. James W. Sexton 

Maureen McDonnell Seybert 

John J. Seydow. Ph.D. 

Margaret O. Seydow 

John P. Seykot 

Joseph P. Sgro 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Shade 

John M. Shaeffer 

Margherite Dehoratius Shaeffer 

id\\ ard M. Shaffer 

Julie A. Shaffer 

Matthew R. Shaffer 

Joseph M. Shakely 

George C. Shammo 

A. Edward Shanahan 

Mr & Mrs. William E. Shanahan 

Thomas J. Shanley 

Denise Galbraith Shannon 

John T. Shannon. Jr. 

Mr & Mrs. John T. Shannon, Sr. 

William F. Shannon 

Thomas G. Sharp 

Ms. Lee Sharpe 

Ronald J. Shatus 

Sara J. Shaw 

Daniel B. Shea 

Donna M. Shea 

Elizabeth McNally Shea 

Neil A. Sheaffer 

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Sheahan 

Mr. Don P. Shearer & 

Ms. Judy Shopp 

Mr Os: Mrs. Lewis Shearer 
Lisa Basile shcais 
Edward J. Sheedy Jr. 

Cecilia Sheehan 

Da\ id A. Sheehan 

Joseph J. Sheehan 

Rev. Michael J. Sheehan 

Timothy J. Sheehan, D.D.S. 

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent D. Sheehan 

Maria T. Sheeron 

Martin J. Sheeron 

Carroll E. Shelton 

Stanton J. Shelton 

Charles G. Sheridan 

Thomas P. Sheridan 

James F. Sherlock 

William T. Sherlock 

Brian R. Shields 

Patricia A. Shields 

Peter F. Shields 

William D. Shields 

William M Shields, Esq. 

Katherine Rowe Shiels 

Mark A. Shinn 

Robert T. Shipman. Jr. 

Margaret Sheerin Shirk 

Jennifer A. Shirley 

Barbara A. Shissias 

David Shore 

Beth A. Short 

Raymond!. Short 

Charles A. Showers. Jr. 

Rev. & Mrs. Robert B. Shrom. Jr. 

Carol E. Shultz 

Jane Shure 

Janis M. Shwaluk 

Lauri Mandelbaum Sibert 

Michael E. Sibilia 

Ham- A. Siddall 

William J. Siddall 

E. F. Joseph Siebold, DO. 

Brian J. Siegel, Esq. 

Lenore Troyanosky Siegler 

James E. Siegman 

Thomas J. Sielski 

Thaddeus P. Sieminski 

Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Sigismondi 

Joseph J. Sikora 

Max Silberman 

John J. Siliquini, M.D. 

Leo F. Silvestri 

Christopher W. Silvotti, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold E. Simek 

Mr & Mrs. Barry L. Simes 

Joseph L. Simmers 

Richard C. Simmers. D.O. 

Michael J. Simmonds 

John B. Simms. Jr. 

Sumie A. Simon 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Simons 

Lisa A. Simonson, M.D. 

Arthur W. Simpson 

Mrs. Ellen C. Simpson 

Robert B. Simpson, Jr. 

W. Donald Simpson 

William F. Simpson 

John R. Simzak 

Alice Harrigan Sinclair 

Paul V. Sipala, Jr. 

Anthony J. Sisca 

Eileen Matthews Sitarski 

Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Sitko 

Mr. is: Mrs. Richard J. Siwinski 

Gerry Sizemore 

Joyce Bailey Sizemore 

Maureen P. Sklodowski 

Edward W. Skorpinski. M.D. 

Patricia Nines Skorpinski 

Walter J. Skulsky. Jr. 

Ms Helen Skwirot 

Bernard L. Skwirut 

Gerald P. Slane 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Slater, Jr. 

Stacey M. Slater 

Annabelle Slattery 

David K. Slaugenhaupt 

Richard W. Slaven 

Gerald E. Slavin 

Lisa A. Slavinski 

Michele A. Slavinski 

Marion M. Slawiatynsky 

Karen T Slevin 

Harry L. Slifer 

Dennis P. Sloan 

Leonard J. Slota 

Stanley W. Slowakiewicz 

Carleene Chiaradio Slowik 

Mr. & Mrs. Earl R. Slusser 

Robert M. Slutsky, Esq. 

Joan A. Smalarz 

John M. Smalarz 

Joseph L. Smallberger 

Joan M. Smallwood 

Mr. & Mrs. John G. Smart 

Maryseton McDermott Smart 

William J. Smart 

Joanne M. Smedley 

Ke\ in C. Smedley 

Patricia A. Smigelski 

Alphonso Smith 

Anneva L. Smith 

Barbara L. Smith 

Bernadette Zaluski Smith 

Bruce A. Smith 

Calvin C. Smith 

Charles H. Smith 

Mr & Mrs. Charles H. Smith 

Cheryl A. Smith 

Chester E. Smith. DO. 

David H. Smith 

David J. Smith 

David L. Smith. Ph.D. 

Dennis J. Smith 

Donald L Smith 

E. Barn' Smith 

Edward C. Smith 

Francis J. Smith 

Francis M. Smith. Sr. 

( ierard F. Smith 

Gisela Johnson Smith 

Gregory P. Smith 

James J. Smith 

Janet E. Smith 

Joseph D. Smith 

Joseph M. Smith 

Joseph T. Smith 

Judith Vozzo Smith 

June R. Smith 

Keith B. D. Smith 

Kenneth J. Smith 

Man' K. Smith 

Michael P. Smith 

Nancy A. Smith 

Sr. R. Patricia Smith. G.N.S.H. 

Richard J. Smith. Jr. 

Robert J. Smith. Jr. 

Robert W. Smith. M.D. 

Robin L. Smith. Ph.D. 

Spurgeon S. Smith 

Stephen J. Smith 

Steven M. Smith, DO. 

Theresa Difiore Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. W. Raymond Smith 

Wayne L. Smith 

William F. Smith 

William J. Smith 

Regina Cudemo Smock. Ml) 

Ronald J. Smolenski 

David B. Smolizer 

Dennis P. Smyth 

Robert M. Smyth 

Sharon Smyth 

Thomas M. Smyth, C.P.A. 

William J. Smyth 

Kym Corscadden Smythe 

Barbara T. Snipes 

[rving D. Snook, Jr. 

Ouima M. Snowden 

George M. Snyder 

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Snyder 

Kathleen B. Snyder 

Lehman J. Snyder Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Snyder 

Henry J. Sobieski 

Joseph H. Soder 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Soliwoda 

Mr. & Mrs. William T Solt 

Richard T. Somershoe 

Michael F. Sommer 

Mr. & Mrs. Werner S. Sontagh 

Jeffrey H. Sorkin 

Anthony P. Sorrentino. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Peter G. Sosalski 

George J. Sosna. Ill 

Mary L. Sothern 

Irene Z. Souder 

Mona C. Souto 

Patricia A. Sovich 

David J. Sowerbutts. Esq. 

Elaine E. Spadaccini 

Michael J. Spadaro 

Ruth M. Spadaro, Esq. 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Spangler 

Edward J. Spanier. Ph.D. 

John M. Spann 

Livia F. Sparagna 

Barbara A. Spaulding 

Paul J. Speaker. Ph.D. 

Thomas W. Speaker 

Joseph M. Speakman. Ph.D. 

Leonard Spearing 

Gerard E. Speck 

John A. Spellman. Jr. 

Barbara King Spence 

William W. Spencer 

Jeffrey C. Spicer 

Francis J. Spiecker 

page n 


Lawrence S. Spiegel 

John J. Spielberger 

James P. Spiewak 

Margaret A. Spilker 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis X. Spillane 

Carmen J. Spinelli 

Raymond W. Spingler 

Charles E. Spires, Jr. 

Harvey Spivack 

Jack Spivack, M.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard G. Spohn 

Thomas A. Spoltore 

LTC Thomas W. Spragne 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard V. Springer 

Mark F. Squilla 

Joseph E. Squire 

Jane McFarlane Staats 

Antoinette Stabilito 

Jesse Stach 

Thomas R. Stack 

Constance E. Stacy 

Mary E. Stadnyk 

Mr. Peter J. Stadnyk 

Joseph M. Stagliano 

Michael K. Stahl 

Frances E. Stahlecker 

Michael H. Stahler 

Nancy T. Staich 

Leon Stallings 

John J. Stamerro 

Charles Stamm 

Maryann Bohnenberger Stanczak 

Joseph R. Stankiewitch 

Richard A. Stanko, Esq. 

Paul T. Stanley 

Joseph P. Stanton, Esq. 

Herman D. Staples, M.D. 

Robert S. Staranowicz 

Steven A. Staranowski 

Mary Morrison Starkey 

Sharon R. Starr 

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Starrett 

Michael A. Starrs 

Mrs. Rosemary Stassel 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Stauffer 

William V. Stearne 

Joseph J. Steck 

Gary F. Steele, C.P.A. 

J. Gregory Steele 

Joan H. Steele 

John P. Steele 

Joseph P. Stees 

Maria Ford Stefaniw 

Harvey J. Stefanowicz 

Mrs. Marilyn Stefans 

Rev. Bruce A. Steggert, S.J. 

Edward V. Stehle 

Mark R. Stein. M.D. 

George J. Steinbach 

Matthew S. Steinberg. D.M.D. 

Charles W. Steiner. Jr. 

Francis G. Steiner. Ill 

Mrs. Barbara Steinmetz 

Daniel F. Steinmetz, Jr., Esq. 

Kathleen Coady Steinmetz 

James J. Stella 

Joseph F. Stengel 

Bernard Stepanski 

Katherine M. Stephens 

Priscilla T Stephens 
Edmund J. Stepnowski 
Robert J. Stets 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Stevens. Jr. 
Mrs. Jean C. Stevens 
Leonard W. Stevens 
Arthur W. Stevenson 
Debra A. Stevenson 
Ms. Dolores M. Stevenson 
John J. Stevenson, Jr. 
Andrew M. Stewart 
Edward W. Stewart, Jr. 
Emanuel J. Stewart 
Mr. & Mrs. Francis H. Stewart. Jr. 
lames H. Stewart 
Karen Schuck Stewart 
Marybeth Schneider Stewart 
Michelle M. Stewart 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard T Stewart 
John W. Stickel 
Louis J. Stief, Ph.D. 
Kurt E. Stieritz 
Arthur Stiffel, M.D. 
Harold J. Stinson 
Susan Callahan Stinson 
Anne M. Stock 
Anne Marie Shervin 
Otto L Stollenwerk 
Agatha Stone 
Robert J. Stone 
Suzanne Stefanelli Stone 
Thomas W. Stone 
Kathleen Stewart Stoneback 
Mr. & Mrs. Bayard T. Storey- 
Henry C. Stoughton, C.P.A. 
LT Michael J. Stoughton, U.S.M.C. 
Mr. & Mrs. C. Richard Stout 
Richard E. Stoutzenberger 
Robert F. Stover. Jr. 
Marie McLaughlin Strahan 
Edward E. Strang 
Robert P. Strasavich 
Leon R. Stratoti 
Henry J. Straub 
Stanley A. Strauss, O.D. 
Robert O. Strayhorn, Jr. 
William R. Strecker 
Harold A. Streets 
Hugh A. Strehle 
Anne Marie Streicher 
Mr. & Mrs. Emil G. Streicher 
Richard P Strenski 
Bertram L. Strieb 
William J. Strong, Jr. 
Terence W. Strow 
Joseph J. Strug, Jr. 
Gina Panella Strunk 
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Strus 
Mr. & Mrs. Reynold M. Stuart 
Joseph F. Stuhl 
Mr. & Mrs. Willard J. Stull. Ill 
Paul J. Sturm 
Ms. Maria Stusyk 
James R. Styles 
Mr. L \ Mrs. Daniel P. Suchecki Sr. 
John C. Suchy 
Lew is M. Suclul 
Thelma E. Suggs 

Fernanda M. Sulik 

Daniel F. Sullivan 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Sullivan 

Mr. cS: Mrs. James D. Sullivan 

John J. Sullivan 

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Sullivan 

Lorna A. Sullivan 

Michael L. Sullivan 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Sullivan 

William H. L. Sullivan 

William M. Sullivan, Ph.D. 

Alex M. Sulpizio 

William J. Supernavage 

Robert P. Supina 

Henry W Supinski, Esq. 

Linda R. Surden 

Thomas E. Surowicz 

LT. Michael J. Suter 

Patricia M. Sutton 

Stanley E. Swalla. Jr. 

William T Schwartz 

Michael A. Sweeder 

Carole W. Sweeney 

Carole Whittell Sweeney 

Diane F. Sweeney 

Gerard A. Sweeney 

Joseph J. Sweeney 

Michael A. Sweeney 

Wayne J. Sweeney 

John C. Swiencicki 

Andrea Swierzy 

Kenneth J. Sylvester 

Kevin E. Sylvester 

Matthew J. Syrek 

Blaise M. Syrnick 

Daniel L. Sywulak 

Christopher M. Szal 

Raquel Szamszoryk 

Mrs. Anelka Szaruga 

Mary Szczepanek 

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Szczurek 

Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus W. Szewczak 

Joseph C. Szlanic 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert S. Taddei 

Henry C. Taddei 

James F. Taddei 

Matthew S. Taddei 

Mr. lS: Mrs. Francis M. Tagliaferro 

CPT Vincent J. Taglieri 

Mr & Mrs. David G. Tague. Ill 

Francis X. Tagye 

Bernard P. Talarowski 

Robert M. Talbot 

Michael J. Tamburri 

San Tran Tang 

Anthony J. Tangi 

Ralph P. Tann 

Thomas J. Tantillo 

Sherd Connelly Tapp 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Tarantolo, Sr. 

Marta Tarnawsky 

Barry M. Tarnef 

Joshua M. Tarnoff 

Richard G. Tarone 

Thomas Patrick Tarpey 

Christopher B. Taulane 

Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Tavani. Jr. 

Charles T. Taylor 

Dennis C. Taylor 

Mary J. Taylor 

Therese Marchok Taylor 

William F. Taylor 

Rose Farrace Tecce 

Michael P. Tedesco 

Zenobia M. Teel, R.N. 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Teitman 

Gregory J. Telthorster 

Anne Galasso Templeton 

James V. Templeton, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Tennant 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Tepedino. Sr. 

Marlene B. Terlingo, D.O. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Terruso 

Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Test 

Charles J. Testa 

Robert T. Testa 

Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore L. Testa 

Mr. & Mrs. Rohit C. Thakkar 

Michael F. Thees 

Carol H. Thim 

Sheila Callanan Thoder 

James F. Thoma 

Ann M. Thomas 

Anne M. Thomas 

Christine N. Thomas 

Dolores L. Thomas 

Edward A. Thomas 

James J. Thomas 

John J. Thomas 

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Thomeczek 

William F. Thomer 

Annette Cristiano Thompson 

David J. Thompson 

Francis P. Thompson 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald D. Thompson 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Thompson Jr. 

Mary McGee Thompson 

William J. Thompson 

Michael C. Thomson 

Patricia Gregory Thorell 

Robert C. Thorn 

George T. Thorne 

Albert Thorp. Ill 

Barbara D. Thorp 

Man 1 Ellen C. Thorpe 

Mrs. Geraldine M. Thorsen 

Larry V. Thren 

Judith M. Thuclium 

Mrs. Cecelia J. Thumann 

Donald W. Thurlow. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Sam Ticker 

Edward J. Tierney 

Margaret M. Tierney 

Mrs Margaret M. Tighe 

James E. Tiley 

Mary A. Tillger 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur R. Tilson 

Sally C. Ting 

Ms. Cynthia S. Tinnirella 

R. Ross Tishler 

Richard G. Tittelmayer 

Edward G. Titterton. Jr. 

Stewart F. Titus 

Stanley F. Tkaczuk 

Leigh McDonald Tobin 

Teresa N. Tobin. D.P.M. 

Anthony G. Toci 

Charles A. Tocknell 

FALL 1995 

page 4-> 

John E. Toczydlowski 
Harry T. T< idd 
Anthi inj I rofani 

Mr. & Mrs. Jacob J. Tokar 
Teresa B. Tollen 
Mr S Mrs Joseph A. Tomasco, Jr. 
Mr S Mrs. Harrj I Tomaszewski 
Jane Borschel Tomaszewski 
John E. Tomaszewski, M.D. 
I )a\ id P. Tomlinson 
\ ictoria A Tomshaw 
Mark A. Tonelli 
Gerald Tonoff 
Larry Tootchen 
Mr & Mrs. Anthony L. Torelli 
James A. Tornetta 
Vincent M. Torno 
Matthew J. Torpey. Jr. 
Joseph A. Tortorelli 
Inez Ton- 
Anthony Tosi 
Angela M. Totaro 
Andrew Toth 
Deborah Carlini Toto 
Frank A. Toto 
CPT. John E. Touchton 
T. Michael Townshend 
Michael J. Trainer 
Peter J. Trainor 
Donald J. Trappier 
Edward A. Trauffer 
Patrice Lamb Trauffer. M.D. 
Joseph J. Traurig 
Richard J. Travaline 
John G. Travers 
William J. Trenwith 
Mark G. Tressel 
Janice Perry Trichtinger 
Demetrius G. Trihoulis 
Eugene F. Trimber 
Milton J. Trimber 
Drs Chuong & Phuong Trinh 
James J. Troilo. Jr. 
Vincent J. Trolla 
David C. Tropea 
Kevin M. Trotter 
Terence J. Trotter 
Gerald J. Troy 
David L. Truehart 
Dr. & Mrs. Hernando Trujillo 
Regina Truxell 
Joseph R. Trzuskowski 
Kristi Manzo Tsiouplis 
Audrey J. Tucker 
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Tucker 
Ella J. Tucker 
Richard G. Tucker, D.O. 
Nicholas A. Tulini 
John V. Tumasz, D.O. 
Michael J. Tumelty 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Tumelty 
Brian J. Tumulty 
Sylvia I). Tunis 
James L. Turner. Esq. 
Jennifer A. Turner 
John F. Turner. Ill 
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Turner 
Mark A. Turner 
Regina Oristaglio Turner 

\.mc\ Deal Tursi 

Pasquale A. Tursi 

Philip A. Tuso 

Thelma J. Tutt 

Charlene Pancoast Twiggs 

Joanne Saponara Tyer 

Paul J. Tyer 

Dorothv R. Tyler 

Peter J. Tyler, Sr. 

Christopher C. Tyree 

Mr. E. Tyree 

Francis O. Udicious 

Erich L. L'hlenbrock 

Thomas M. Ullmer 

Elizabeth J. Ulmer 

Robert J. Umile 

Theresa Piecyk Umlauft 

Carl Ungaro 

Anna Marie Unger 

Diane M. Ungvarsky 

Mr. & Mrs, Shandyal P. L'zagir 

Michael L. Uzzo 

Dean J. Vaccaro 

Edward J. Vaccaro 

Timothy R. Vahle 

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel W. Vail 

David H. Valaro 

Ronald J. Valenti, Ed.D. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Valentine 

Tricia A. Valentine 

Carmen D. Valentino 

Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Valentino, Jr. 

William J. Valko, M.D. 

Lisa Adkins Valosky 

George A. Vamos 

LT Neil G. Van Duinen. U.S.N. 

Robert C. Van Lede 

Mr. & Mrs. William J. VanBelle 

Michael VanBuskirk. Esq. 

Joseph G. VanReymersdal 

Joseph Yanthuyne 

Judith L. Vanbuskirk 

Curtis Vance 

Robert P. YanderNeut 

Richard L. Yanderloo 

Mr & Mrs. Willard E. Vandiver, Jr, 

Eugene D. \"annucci 

Diana Gilmore Yanthuyne 

Frank J. Varga 

Byron Varvarigos 

Helen Yasquez 

Christopher J. Vassalluzzo, D.O. 

Dr. & Mrs. Julio E. Vassalluzzo 

Bart J. Vattieri 

Bernard J. Yaughan, Sr. 

Patrick J. \aughan 

Michael J. Vaupel 

Joseph A. Vazquez 

Celeste M. Yeneri 

Paula A. Yeneri 

Lynn Heyer Ventriglia 

Mr. & Mrs. Rocco Yenturo 

Lisa J. Venuti 

Joseph F. Verbitski, Jr. 

CPT George P. Yercessi. U.S.N., Ret. 

Anthony M. Verde 

Kenneth S. Yerdon 

Donald P. Vernon. Esq. 

Nancy Simkanin Verrillo 

Mr & Mrs. Richard A. Vespe 

Eileen Villano 

Nelson J. Yillanue\ .1 

Bernice A. Villone 

Frederic C. Yincent 

Jennifer Scott Vinci 

Thomas A. Yinciguerra. Jr. 

Frank J. Viola, Jr. 

Barbara H. Yisco 

Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Yisco 

Jennifer A. Visco 

Peter L. Yiscusi. Ph.D. 

Thomas F. Vizzard 

Mr. & Mrs. Hieu Truong Vo 

Robert M. Vogel. Ed.D.' 

Gary D. Vogin, M.D. 

Elizabeth Yogler 

Gerard A. Vogt 

Catherine H. Voit 

Mr. & Mrs. Emil J. Yolcheck, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Yolk. Sr. 

John S. Vollmer. Jr. 

Mrs. Nancy L. Volponi 

Julius YonBushberger 

Amy E. Yon Mechow 

Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Vorwald 

lames F. Yoscavage. Jr. 

Janice Neiman Yukich 

Stephanie Wachel-Miklosey 

Matthew J. Wachowski. Jr. 

Gerald W. Waddington 

Joseph P. Waddington 

Elizabeth K. Wagner 

George J. Wagner. Jr. 

John T. Wagner 

Mark E. Wagner. D.O. 

Meredeth S. Wagner 

Virginia M. Wagner 

Carl Wahl 

Frank James Wahl 

Theodore W. Wahl 

Henry J. Wajda, Jr. 

Jason M. Waksman 

Jeffrey Waldman 

Kevin M. Waldron 

Lisa Mcintosh Wtldron 

Peter E. Waldron, M.D. 

Thomas F. Waldron 

Donald J. Walheim, Esq. 

Jon P. Walheim. M.D. 

Daniel R. Walker 

Joanne M. Walker, Esq. 

Kelly A. Walker 

Leroy G. Walker 

Marianne M. Walker. Esq. 

Robert Walker 

Sarah B. Bell-Walker 

Spring W. Walker 

Thomas M. Walker 

William T Walker. Ill 

William T. Walker 

James W. Wallace 

Thomas E. Wallace 

William E. Wallace. Jr. 

James J. Walls 

Thomas W Walpole 

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur A. Walsh 

Hugh P. Walsh 

John James Walsh 

|i iseph M. Walsh 

Martin J. Walsh 

Matthew G. Walsh 

Maureen McKeown Walsh 

Michael B. Walsh 

Thomas C. Walsh 

Thomas P. Walsh. Jr. 

William F. Walsh 

George J. Walters 

Linda Brown Walters 

Timothy J. Walters 

William W. Walters 

Francis J. Walton 

Nancy f . Walton 

Susan O Connell Walton 

Paul F. Waltrich, Jr. 

Paul F. Waltrich. Jr. 

R. Bruce Wandling 

Richard M. Wang 

Patrick D. Waninger 

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Wanzer 

James P. Ward 

Mr. Peter D. Ward 

James Warfel 

Edward J. Wargo 

Joseph P. Wargo. Jr. 

Lawrence A. Wargo 

Mr & Mrs. Charles L. Warner 

Janet Zatkins Warner 

Thomas J. Warsh 

Frances U. Warwick 

Robert W. Wassel 

Michael A. Wasserleben 

Elizabeth Riley Wasserman 

Hon. Barn,' E. Watson 

Rev. Cletus M. S. Watson. T.O.R. 

Dawn Marie Watson 

Gregory V. Watson 

James M. Watson 

John A. Watson 

Lisa M. Watson 

Margaret D. Watson, Ph.D. 

Richard C. Waston. Jr. 

Susan Dean Watson 

William T. Watson 

Samuel J. Watt. Jr. 

William Watterson 

Iris E. Watts 

William C. Waugh 

Patricia S. Wawzyniecki 

John A. Weaver 

Robert P. Weaverling 

Alfred E. Weber 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Weber 

StephenJ. Weber 

William J. Weber 

Dolores Mihalich Webster 

Mary R. Webster 

Marybeth O'Mara Webster 

Laura Seestaller-Wehr 

CDR. Robert P. Weidman, U.S.N. 

Robert F. Weightman 

Douglas B. Weiler 

Otto R. Weiler 

Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Weingartner 

Walter J. Weinrich 

James J. Weir 

Bill Weiss 

Gregory G. Weiss 


Joseph P. Weiss 

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Paul Weiss 

Kathleen M. Weissinger 

William E. Welch 

Rev. Joseph W. Weller 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward E. Wells 

Howard Wells 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Welsh, Sr. 

John J. Welsh 

John P. Welsh 

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Michael J. Welsh 

Maryanne T. Welte 

Steven K. Weltman 

Frederick J. Wennemer, Jr. 

William J. Wenner 

Mark A. Wennersten 

Miriam Dvorak Wennersten 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Wentling, Sr. 

Kevin P. Wentling 

Kenneth G. Wenzel 

|< »seph B. Werner 

Patrice Saggiomo Werner 

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Werner 

Gerald F. Wesner 

Wanda E. Wesolowski 

Frank M. Wetzler 

Charles J. Whalen 

Lyndanne M. Whalen, Esq. 

Gerald J. Whartenby 

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Gregory G. Whelan 

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Whelan 

John T. Whelan, III 

William J. Whelan 

Karen M. W'hipple 

Barbara Moser White 

Carol Thorn WJiite 

Connie McGowan White 

Edward B. White. Jr. 

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Francis C White 

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James N. White 

James T. White 

John M. White 

John W. White 

Lawrence White 

Lillian M. White 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. White 

TorpeyJ. White 

William" D. White 

Allen C. Whitehead 

Carolyn M. Whitehead 

Herbert Whitehead 

Milton F. Whitehead 

John D. Whiteman. Ph.D. 

John A. Whiteside 

Donald D. Whitman 

Matilda S. Whitman 

Jill S. Whitney 

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond K. \\ hittaker 

Thomas F. Whomsley 

Mr. & Mr>. Vernon Whyte, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Wichterman 

William I. Wicklem 

lames F. Widmeier 

Bernhard A. Wiegand 

William B. Wiegand 

Debra Lesche Wiggins 

Margaret Glanding Wilby 

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Martin J. Wiley 

Henry T. Wilkens, Ed.D. 

Frank H. Wilkinson. Jr. 

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Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Willard 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Willey 

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Mr. & Mrs. William P. Williams 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Williamson 

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Mr. & Mrs. Gary Williford 

Michael D. Willis 

Diane C. Wilmanski 

Ellen A. Wilsbach 

Edna Fa race Wilson 

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James M. Wilson 

Joseph H. Wilson 

Joseph M. Wilson 

Pamela L. Wilson 

Patricia Wilson 

Paul A. Wilson. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Wilson 

Sidney Wilson, D.D.S. 

William I. Wilson. Jr. 

Roberta D. Wimbish 

Ms. Patricia A. Winchell 

Louis M. Winkler, Jr. 

Robert James Winks 

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Kimberly A. Winnick 

Bruce K. Winokur, Esq. 

Mary Ann Winokur 

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Karen Childs Wirtshafter 

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Mr. & Mrs. Terence K. Withers 

Shawn M. Witmer 

Francine Perrine Wittkamp 

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Edward S.Woehlcke 

Christopher R. Wogan III, Esq. 

Kathleen Hess Wojciechowski 

Walter R. Wojciechowski 

Chester Wojnar 

Richard A. Wojnar 

Linda A. Wojton 

David W. Wolf, Jr. 

James F. Wolf. Ph.D. 

John G. Wolf 

Mr. & Mrs. William G. Wolfe 

Linda 1). Wolfinger 

Joseph J. Wolper 

John L. Wolstenholme 

Keith W. Wolvin 

Harry W. Woodcock. Ph.D. 

Karen Kaiser Woodring 

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John J. Worth ington 

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Mr. X Mrs. Robert M. Wurtz 

Edmund B. Wutzer 

Heather C. Wyatt 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Wyatt, Jr. 

Walter G. Wyatt, Jr. 

Colleen Marano, Ph.D. 

David A. Wylie 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Wylie 

Maria F. Wynne 

Michael T Wynne 

Robert Yacobellis 

Mark J. Yacyk 

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Mitchell I Yanak, Sr. 

Monique Champagne Yates 

William G. Yates 

J( iseph A. Yelo 

James R. Yi >a 

Mary Casey Yoa 

Frank C. Yoder 

James A. Yonchek 

Darryl G. Yost 

Arica N. Young 

Mr. \ Mrs. Carter M. Young 

Francis W Young 

Linda Pinto Young 

Michael W. Young 

P. Vincent Young 

Mr & Mrs, Robert Young 

Mr. & Mrs. William C. Young 

Donald W Yurkonis 

Carolyn Dunn Zaccagni 

Carmen |. Zac< ana 

Elizabeth Graves Zaccaria 

Chester A. Zach 

Edward J. Zajac 

Gerald Zajaczuk 

Henry W. Zakrzewski 

Wendy A. Zakrzewski 

Paul F. Zakulec 

Stephen T Zamorski 

Diane Adelizzi Zapisek 

John Zapotochny 

Vincent J. Zappacosta 

Richard J. Zaremba 

Geraldine & Rebecca Zaretsky 

Joseph P. Zarreke. Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Zarrella 

Stephen T Zarrilli 

Jacqueline M. Zarro 

John J. Zarych, Esq. 

Michael P. Zavorski 

Dennis T. Zawacki 

Natalie M. Zawada 

Leonard T Zebrowski. D.D.S. 

Chester A. Zecca 

Michele M. Zechman 

Kurt T Zeglen. M.D. 

Lance A. Zeglen 

Bruce E. Zehnle 

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Zeigler 

Kenneth L. Zeitzer, M.D. 

Agnes V. Zelazko 

Joseph J. Zelinsky, Jr., M.D. 

Michele C. Zelinsky 

Steven M. Zelitch. Esq. 

Richard V. Zeller. Jr. 

Vincent D. Zeller, C.P.A. 

Peter T. Zenner 

Henry J. Zentner 

Gerald J. Ziccardi 

Ralph L. Ziegler 

Richard C. Zielinski 

Michael J. Ziff 

Lynn A. Zikoski 

Anthony A. Zimba 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Zimmerman Sr. 

Julie A. Zimmerman 

Mark F. Zimmerman 

Paulette Travers Zimmerman 

Ronald R. Zinck 

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Mr. & Mrs Walter Zinych 

Walter B. Zinych 

Rev. Charles Zlock. Jr. 

John C. Zoccola 

Nancy E. Zoeltsch 

Michael S. Zona 

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Zondlo 

Loretta M. Zorn 

Francesca Serra Zorzi 

John R. Zrada 

Anthony J. Zuazo. C.P.A. 

\I> 'iris H. Zuber. Esq. 

Donald J. Zuerlein, Jr. 

Joseph w Zuggi 

Ksenia G. Zukowsky 

Edward A. Zulli 

Stanle\ W 7\ gmont 

FALL 1995 


alumni notes 



Joseph H. Foster was appointed 
co-chair of the Senior Lawyer 
Committee of the Philadelphia 
Bar Association and continues in 
active practice trying civil cases 
as a senior attorney of White and 


Francis A. Barrett is operating 

his own business, Sherwood 

Business Forms, in Woodbury, 



Louis P. Masucci has retired 

from LPM Enterprises, Inc., in 

Illinois, and currently resides in 



William J. Bork has been named 
president and chief operating 
officer of Penn National Gaming 
Inc.. the Wyomissing (Pa.)-based 
owner of Penn National Race 
Course and several off-track 
wagering facilities, including one 
in Exeter Township. 


Peter A. Martosella, Jr. is 

president of the Palmieri 
Company in Philadelphia, one of 
the nation's most prominent 
"crisis management" firms. 
Christopher W. Silvotti retired 
from the U.S. Navy Aviation 
Supply Office in Philadelphia 
after more than 34 years of 
service, and is now a lighting 
representative for Duro-Test 
Lighting Corporation. Hans H. 
Walter has retired as director of 
manufacturing from Amatex 
Corporation, in Norristown, Pa., 
and is now working part-time as 
an export manager for Germany 
and Eastern Europe at Amatex. 


William F. Kummerle was 

elected chairman of the Board of 
Trustees for the Everett, Wash- 
ington Elks Lodge. 


Joseph L. Fudala received the 
Defense Logistics Agency's 
Distinguished Career Service 
Award at a special ceremony at 
the Defense Industrial Supply 
Center in Northeast Philadelphia 
on the occasion of his retirement 
from the center after 31 years of 


Rev. Michael P. Hegarty was 

ordained to the priesthood for 
service in the Diocese of 
Camden, N.J. He has been 
assigned as associate pastor at 

Saint John's Church, 

, 6? Hegarty 

Edward Kelly was promoted to 
the rank of Colonel, U.S. Air 
Force Reserves, at McGuire Air 
Force Base in New Jersey. 


Nick Pileggi is the new Monroe 

Township (N.J.) administrator. 


Bernard Grossman, M.D., has 

been elected vice president of 
the Mercer (N.J.) Medical Center 
for the 1995-96 term. 


James F. Connor was promoted 
to manager of financial analysis- 
steel plants at U.S. Steel corp- 
orate offices in Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Charles T. Taylor graduated 
from the University of Colorado 
in Denver with a dual degree, 
MBA/MS in finance. 


Robert J. Moy was named chief 
financial officer of Bucks 
County (Pa.) Association for 
Retarded Citizens. 


William D. Fox, Jr. is the 

Business Department chairper- 
son at Philadelphia's Father 
Judge High School and just 
completed his 20th year as 
varsity basketball coach. 
Gerard A. Vogt was promoted to 
Philadelphia Division Manager of 
Kingsbury, Inc., manufacturer of 
the Kingsbury Liquid Film Thrust 
and Journal Bearing. William 
Weber has been promoted to 
corporate vice president sales 
and brokerage from director 
sales and brokerage at Colburn- 
Bertholon-Rowland Insurance 
Services, in Media, Pa. 


David P. Carberry was ap- 
pointed vice president of finance 
and a member of the manage- 
ment board of Johnson and 
Johnson Healthcare Systems, 
Inc. in Piscataway, N.J. John J. 
Foff, Jr., vice president and 
treasurer of Willow Grove Bank, 
Maple Glen, Pa., has been 
elected chairman of the Financial 
Managers Society, a national 
professional association 
headquartered in Chicago. 


Karl Kreiser was promoted to 
director of sales and marketing 
in the Department Store Division 
at Kayser-Roth, Inc., in Greens- 
boro, N.C. Mary Masturzo- 
Kreiser took a posi-tion as 
eastern sales manager for 
Panama Jack, a suncare product 
company. She is responsible for 
all sales/marketing for eastern 
U.S. accounts. 


Rev. Charles F. Knappenberger, 

pastor of Holy Word Lutheran 
Church, in Prospectville, Pa., and 
his wife, Mary, celebrated their 
30th wedding anniversary. 
BIRTHS: to Catherine L. 
Malone and her husband, 
Michael Home, 78, their second 
child, a son, Jeffrey Michael. 


Dian Taylor-Pringle joined 
Hahnemann University Hospital, 
in Philadelphia, as a human 
resources and employer/labor 
relations representative. 
BIRTH: Michael Home and his 
wife. Catherine L. Malone, 
77, their second child, a son, 
Jeffrey Michael. 


Gregory J. Farrell is a regional 

sales manager for Yazoo, 

Inc., a distributor of small garden 

tools. Edward J. Zajac 

was named the James F. Bere 

Professor of organization 

behavior at the J. L. Kellogg 

Graduate School of Management 

at Northwestern University, in 

Evanston, III. 

BIRTHS: to Gregory J. Farrell 

and his wife, Sheila, their 5th 

son, Shamus; to Edward J. 

Zajac and his wife, Linda, their 

first child, Derek. 


BIRTHS: to Patricia Pendergast 
Finlay and her husband, Kevin 
G. Finlay, their second son, 
Patrick James; to Daniel F. 
O'Brien, CPA and his wife, Kelly, 
their second child, Marissa Ann. 


Cathleen Fraser Foley received 
a master's of science degree in 
taxation from Bentley College in 
Waltham, Ma. Susan 
Johannesen-Costenbader has 
joined Bethesda, Md. -based 

American Personal Communica- 
tions, as manager of indirect 
distribution. Scott Schieck is co- 
anchor on WHTM NewsCenter- 
Midday Edition, airing weekdays 
at noon on WHTM-TV 27 (ABC 
affiliate), in Harrisburg, Pa. 

• 86 Gillen 

Michael A. Gillen, CPA, has 

been re-appointed a committee 
chairman for the Greater 
Philadelphia Chapter of the 
Pennsylvania Institute of Certified 
Public Accountants (PICPA), the 
statewide CPA association with 
over 19,000 members. 


BIRTH: to John D. Rilling and 
his wife, Maureen Ryan 
Rilling (88 BA, '92 MA), a 

daughter, Margaret Mary. 


Ken Bullock has been selected 
to receive the fiscal year 1994 
"Department of the Navy Pro- 
curement Competition Award" 
and has also been selected by 
the Federal Executive Board to 
receive an "Economy in Govern- 
ment Operations Award" at the 
1995 Excellence in Government 
Awards Program. These awards 
are in recognition of work as a 
contract negotiator for the U.S. 
Navy. Patrick T. Hoare was 
promoted to regional manager, 
business markets underwriting, 
for the Washington, DC/Virginia 
region of Liberty Mutual Insur- 
ance Group. 
BIRTH: to Dominic J. 
Catrambone and his wife, 
Jennifer Delio Catrambone, 
('90 BA), a son, Chadd Christian. 


John P. Braunsar is employed 
by Ketema, Inc., Schutte and 
Koerting Division, in Bensalem, 
Pa. Peter H. Keares, president 
of Keares Restaurants, Inc., has 
opened a third full service 
restaurant concept. Located in 
Lancaster, Pa, the name of the 
restaurant is Doc Holliday's 
Steakhouse & Saloon. Honora 
Browne McGinn has been 
awarded the Associate in Claims 
(AIC) designation and diploma by 
the Insurance Institute of Ame- 
rica. William E.Welch has been 
promoted to national account 
manager for Oracle Corporation. 


alumni notes 

MARRIAGE: Gregory Whelan 

to Wanda Cromleigh. 
BIRTH: to John Schwab and 
his wife, Andrea Schwind 
Schwab, a son, John Robert. 


Browne to Joseph Burke, ('90 
BA); Matthew Killinger to Diane 
Lynch; Ann Marie McGarvey to 
Harry J. Mooney. 


Patrick P. Sheridan is head 
coach of the wrestling team at 
St. Joseph's Prep, in Philadel- 
phia, where his first team in 
1994-95 had a winning season. 


Michael A. Boedewig received 
the Pennsylvania Institute of 
CPA's 1995 Elizabeth C. and 
John L. Ricketts graduate 
scholarship. Robert L. 
Hunsinger is working as a staff 
accountant for Advanta Corpora- 
tion, in Horsham, Pa. Robert I. 
Kozloski, II, was named the 
Norristown (Pa.) territory 
"Salesman of the Month" by ATI 
Communications, an installer of 
business telephone systems and 
provider of Bell Atlantic Network 


David C. Mongeluzi is project 

manager at the University of 


MARRIAGE: Thomas W. 

Schwind to Mary C. Conway. 


Michael S. Doser is a daily local 
news reporter for the Rochester 
Free Press, in New York. James 
E. Dowling was appointed 
lieutenant in the Cheltenham 
(Pa.) Hook & Ladder Fire 
Company. Scot M. Jaeger has 
become a registered representa- 
tive for Janney Montgomery 
Scott, Inc., and works in their 
Wilkes-Barre (Pa.) office. 



John J. McHale and his wife, 
Catherine, celebrated their 
50th wedding anniversary with 
their 13 children, 25 grand- 
children, relatives, and friends. 


Joseph A. Browne retired as 
publisher of the Burlington 
County Times, a daily and Sun- 
day newspaper in New Jersey. 


Gerard J. Nolan retired after 34 
years with the U.S. Government. 
He subsequently received a 

master's degree in American 
History from Villanova University. 
Presently he is serving as the 
chair of the Long Distance 
Running committee of the Mid- 
Atlantic Association of the USA 
Track & Field Organization. 


Walter J. Hynek was appointed 
a member of the Board of 
Directors of The New Hope 
Foundation, in Marlboro, N.J., 
and also serves as treasurer and 
member of the Board of The 
Long Branch Free Public Library. 


William Brown directs an 
independent living program for 
teens in foster homes in Stark 
County, Ohio. 


Armand J. Lupo, DO, is 

currently working as a psychia- 
trist in a psychiatric clinic for 
AIDS patients in the Hispanic 
community of Philadelphia. 


John P. Roarty has retired, after 
34 years, as an analytical 
specialist for Monsanto Com- 
pany, in Bridgeport, N.J. 



Michael Kerlin, Ph.D., contrib- 
uted a review of Against 
Ethics: Contributions to a Poetic 
of Obligation with Constant 
Reference to Deconstruction, by 
J. D. Caputo, to Theological 
Studies (Fall, 1994). 

59 Blumenthal 

Bernhardt Blumenthal, Ph.D., 

continues to publish his poetry 
in German and English, most 
recently, "Jeder fur sich allein" 
("Everyone for himself") and 
"Kultursteine" ("Culture-Stones") 
in the journal Translit. 


Robert C. Baker retired from the 
federal government and is now 
enjoying a second public service 
career as newly-promoted 

director of home safety at the 
Jefferson Area Board for Aging, 
in Charlottesville, Va. William 
Kefer is administrator of Catholic 
Social Services of Chester 
County, in Pennsylvania, where 
he was recently praised in the 
media as being dedicated to 
making positive things happen in 
the lives of the county's poor and 
troubled who turn to the agency 
for help. 

John F. Carabello, D.M.D., has 

been elected to La Salle College 
High School's Board of Trustees, 
in Wyndmoor, Pa. Philip C. 
McGuire is chairperson of the 
Department of English at 
Michigan State University. His 
book, Shakespeare, The Jaco- 
bean Plays, was recently 
published in both the United 
Kingdom and the United States. 
Thomas C. Rosica, C.S.W., has 
become a psychoanalyst, grad- 
uating from the National Psycho- 
logical Association for Psycho- 
analysis, in New York City. His 
article, "AIDS and Boundaries: A 
Conflict Between Instinct and 
Empathy," was published in 
Focus: A Guide to AIDS 
Research and Counseling. He 
practices and lives in New York 


Michael W. Park has been 
appointed mortgage account 
solicitor of Fidelity Savings and 
Loan Association of Bucks 
County, in Pennsylvania. 



John W. Becher, Jr., D.O., was 

elected vice president of the 
Pennsylvania Osteopathic 
Medical Association. He is also 
president and chairman of the 
Pennsylvania Trauma Systems 
Foundation. David Sejda served 
as the acting Dean of Profes- 
sional Studies and Education at 
Jersey State College, in Jersey 
City, N.J. , for the 1994-1995 
academic year. 



Michael F. Heron, national vice 
president of public affairs for the 
American Cancer Society, Inc., 
has been elected chairman of the 
Board of Directors of The 
International Association of 
Business Communicators. 


Frank J. Batavick received the 
1995 EDPRESS Distinguished 
Achievement Award for Excellence 
in Educational Publishing for a 
piece written for Technos Journal. 


Michael E. Connaughton has 

been elected chairman of the 
Minnesota Humanities Commis- 
sion, the state agency of the 
National Endowment for the 
Humanities. James P. Harper is 
an environmental engineer 
working for the EPA in 


William Sullivan, Ph.D., has just 
published his new book, Work 
and Integrity: The Crisis and the 
Promise of Professionalism in 
America, with Harper Collins. 




William B. Fynes, Jr., has been 
named vice president of 
marketing and sales at Garrison 
Printing Company, in Phila- 


page 49 

alumni notes 


Good Things Don't 
Always Come in Pairs 




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family are enjoying each issue 
of LA SALLE Magazine. But if 
you receive two or more copies 
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Alumni Office 

La Salle University 

Philadelphia, PA 19141 


delphia. Francis Ryan, Ed.D., 

was appointed as a Visiting 
Scholar in the Graduate School 
of Education at the University of 
Pennsylvania for the Spring 
term, 1995. 


Ronald W. Matecki was 

recently elected to the North- 
east Philadelphia YMCA's 
Board of Managers, and was 
also elected to the Board of 
Directors of The Torresdale 
Lions Club. 


Brother Michael McGinniss, 
F.S.C., Ph.D., has been 
inaugurated as president of the 
Christian Brothers University in 
Memphis, Tenn. 


Stephen H. Ford is employed 

as a history teacher by the 

Willmgboro (N.J.) Board of 


MARRIAGE: Stephen H. Ford 

to Sonie Kolako. 


John M. Motto has accepted a 
position as proposal manager 
for Green Spring Health 
Services, in Columbia, Md. 


Dr. Roger Barth, a member of 
the Chemistry Department at 
West Chester University, wrote 
a grant proposal to NSF under 
the Academic Research 
Infrastructure Program: 
"Material Science Center 
Renovations." It was funded for 


BIRTH: to Gary R. Dal Corso 

and his wife. Ilene, their first 
child, a daughter. Jennifer 


Gerald V. Burke, M.D., is 

president of the New Jersey 
Obstetrics and Gynecology 
Society. Dominic D. Salvatori 
is a member of the law firm of 
Lewis, Stockey & Bua, in 
Pittsburgh, Pa., practicing in the 
areas of personal injury and 
workers' compensation 
litigation. John A. Skorupa, 
senior probation officer in 

Trenton, N.J., received a 
certificate of appreciation from 
the U. S. Attorney's office for 
his role in preparing the pre- 
sentence report in U.S. vs. 
Yarnell, which involved the 
continued sex abuse of a 
minor, resulting in an 11 year 
sentence. BIRTH: to Regina 
A. Boothman and her hus- 
band. James Anthony, their 
third child, a daughter, Irene. 


James G. Lauckner took a 
sabbatical this summer to work 
with children teaching them 
soccer, and then toured 
Europe. Emil A. Ricci re- 
ceived a master of arts degree 
in educational administration 
from Villanova University, 
completing a thesis entitled 
"Statutory Authority To Regu- 
late Public Education Teacher 
Strikes and The Collective 
Bargaining Process: A Public 
Policy Analysis of Pennsylvania 
Act 88." He is also included in 
Who's Who in the East for 


Barbara J. O'Hara has been 
elected secretary of the 
Lackawanna (Pa.) Bar Associa- 
tion. Theresa Plecyk Umlauft 
appeared in the 1994 edition of 
Who's Who Among American 

BIRTH: to Dominic Giorioso, 
D.O., and his wife, Barbara, 
their second child, a daughter. 
Emily Frances. 


Richard Carbonaro, manager 
of the Chestnut Hill (Pa.) 
branch of PNC Bank, is the 
new co-chair of the Chestnut 
Hill Community Association's 
Business Finder's Committee. 
Matthew R. Hooper recently 
accepted a position with Abbott 
Laboratories as a senior patent 
attorney, in Chicago. Susan C. 
Lowery, M.D., is practicing 
family medicine in Amherst, 
Mass U.S. Army Major Julie 
Trego Manta, former com- 
mander of the 10th Personnel 
Service Battalion, in Fort Drum, 
N.Y. is now chief. Command 
Strength Branch, Total Army 
Personnel Command, in 
Alexandria, Va. BIRTH: to 
Susan C. Lowery, M.D., and 
her husband, David, a daugh- 
ter, Marta. 


Barbara Guthrie Trovato is 

advisor to the sorority of Alpha 
Theta Alpha and also to the 
Organization of Latino Ameri- 

can students at La Salle 


Joseph K. Izes, M.D. is a 

clinical assistant professor of 
urology at Temple University 
Hospital, in Philadelphia, and 
in practice at Abington Mem- 
orial Hospital, Holy Redeemer 
Hospital, and Doylestown 


Kelly Leonard received the 
New Jersey Casino Control 
Commission's Sandra Donahue 
Employee Recognition Award. 
The award is given to the 
employee who consistently 
demonstrates outstanding job 
performance. He recently 
celebrated his tenth anniversary 
as a state gaming inspector with 
the agency in Atlantic City. 
Judith Polowczuk Magner 
received a master's degree in 
quality assurance/regulatory 
affairs from Temple University. 
Eileen Matthews Sitarski is a 
freelance TV producer/reporter 
for New Jersey Network. She 
also owns her own video 
production company named 
Segue Video Productions. 
BIRTHS: to Joseph K. Izes, 
M.D., and his wife. Betsy Stein 
Izes, M.D. '83, a daughter. 
Kathryn Hope: to Eileen 
Matthews Sitarski and her 
husband, Dan, a son, Thomas. 


BIRTH: to Daniel J. O'Dea and 

his wife, Betty, a daughter, 
Mary Rose. 


Michael D. Donnelly is a 

manager with the management 
consulting group of Deloitte & 
Touche, in Connecticut. 
Thomas P. Forkin was pro- 
moted to vice president of the 
Philadelphia Industrial Develop- 
ment Corporation. Betsy Stein 
Izes, M.D. is an assistant 
professor of radiology at 
Philadelphia's Medical College 
Hospitals main campus. 
BIRTHS: to Betsy Stein Izes, 
M.D., and her husband, Joseph 
K. Izes, M.D. '81, a daughter, 
Kathryn Hope: to Patricia A. 
Serratore and her husband, 
Ken Gross, a son, Jake. 


alumni notes 

- 84 Hogan 

Edward C. Hogan has joined the 
law firm of Gawthrop, Greenwood 
& Halsted, P. C., located in West 
Chester, Pa., as an associate. 
His practice concentrates in the 
areas of corporate, commercial, 
banking law and securities 
transactions. Michael M. Mullin 
was named manager, information 
system support, at Memorial 
Hospital of Burlington County, in 
Mount Holly, N.J. Joseph J. 
Randzo was appointed chairman 
of the Theology Department at 
Philadelphia's Roman Catholic 
High School where he also 
serves as the school registrar. 
BIRTH: to Michael M. Mullin 
and his wife, Carol, a daughter, 
Emily Ann. 


Richard Duszak. Jr., M.D., 
completed a fellowship in 
Interventional Radiology at the 
University of Pennsylvania 
and is now on staff at The 
Reading (Pa.) Hospital and 
Medical Center, practicing both 
interventional and diagnostic 
radiology. Colleen McNally, a 
second grade teacher in Gallo- 
way Township, N.J., was a 1995 
recipient of the Governor's 
Teacher Recognition Awards. 


Richard Mshomba, Ph.D., an 

assistant professor of economics 
at La Salle University, was 
featured in an interview in 
Mzalendo, Tanzania's leading 
newspaper, on aspects of the 
economic transformation in 
Tanzania. He has also recently 
published two essays: "The 
Magnitude of Coffee Arabica 
Smuggled from Northern 
Tanzania into Kenya," in Eastern 
Africa Economic Review and 
"The Uncertainty of the Interna- 
tional Coffee Agreement," in Pew 
Case Studies in International 
Affairs. Josephine Rizzo Rahill 
was promoted to director, 
information technology, at Astra 

Merck, Inc., in Wayne, Pa. 
BIRTHS: to Richard Duszak, 
Jr., M.D., and his wife, Deborah, 
their second daughter, Katherine 
Anne; to Mary Geyer 
McLaughlin and her husband, 
Brendan, a son, Conor James; 
to Josephine Rizzo Rahill and 
her husband, Gerald, their 
second son, Christopher. 


Caroline Kamper Davis, M.D., 

is currently working at Bryn 
Mawr Hospital as an anesthesi- 


Jill Saltzman Kvalsvik received 
her master's of science degree 
in accountancy from San Jose 
State and is employed as an 
accountant at Frank, Rimerman 
& Company, CPAs, in Menlo 
Park Calif 

MARRIAGE: Michael J. Henry 
to Rebecca Lynne Duncan Sterr; 
Susan Hutt to Charles Raffin. 
BIRTH: to Robert T. Brill, 
Ph.D., and his wife, Joyce, a 
daughter, Erin Elizabeth; to Jill 
Saltzman Kvalsvik and her 
husband, Jan, their second son, 
Erik; to Paul Winter and his 
wife, Marialena, their first child, a 
son, Matthew Anthony. 


MARRIAGE: Christopher G. 

Morris to Kimberly Joan Segal. 


Dr. Pamela Atkinson graduated 
from Jefferson Medical College 
and is presently a resident of 
anesthesiology at Thomas 
Jefferson University Hospital, in 
Philadelphia. Dr. Richard 
V. Lolla, Jr., a chiropractor in 
Absecon, N.J. is opening a 
second office in Northfield, N.J. 
BIRTH: to Fred Pollack and his 
wife, Tiffany Colombi Pollack 
'90, a daughter, Alexandra. 


Edmund P. Butler has been in 
charge of all business with 
Mexico for Sumitomo Corpora- 
tion, in Houston, Texas. 
MARRIAGES: Joseph Burke to 
Diane Browne ('90 BBA); Brian 
Grady to Elizabeth Fletcher. 
BIRTHS: to Jennifer Delio 
Catrambone and her husband, 
Dominic Catrambone ('88 
BBA), a son, Chadd Christian; to 
Tiffany Colombi Pollack, and 
her husband, Fred Pollack '89, 
a daughter, Alexandra. 


Thomas T. Booth received a 
juris doctor (J.D.) degree from 
Rutgers University School of 

Law, in Camden, N.J. Sean P. 
Conroy graduated from Phila- 
delphia College of Osteopathic 
Medicine. He will be doing a 
traditional internship at Suburban 
General Hospital, in Norristown, 

MARRIAGE: Patrick J. McDaid 
to Margaret A. Beveridge. 


Allison Auld completed her third 
year of teaching fourth grade at 
Saint Mary's Inter-parochial 
School in center city Philadel- 
phia. Kelly G. Butler is an 
account executive with Oxford 
Container Company, in New 
Oxford, Pa. Beth Castelli 
has written "The Lifting of the 
Trade Embargo Between the 
United States and Vietnam: The 
Loss of a Potential Bargaining 
Tool or a Means of Fostering 
Cooperation?" which was pub- 
lished in the winter 1995 issue of 
the Dickinson Journal of Interna- 
tional Law. Michele L. Klein is 
director of public relations & 
publicity for NFL Films, in Mount 
Laurel, N.J. She recently pro- 
duced a documentary called 
"NFL Films: The Stylists & The 
Storytellers" which premiered at 
the Philadelphia Festival of 

World Cinema. She also 
received two awards for 
excellence in programming by 
the Foundation of American 
Women in Radio & Television. 
Timothy J. Phelan has recently 
taken a position with The Sports 
Network in Huntingdon Valley, 
Pa. as a sports writer. Joseph 
L. Simmers is working for 
Automatic Data Processing in 
Mount Laurel, N.J. He is 
traveling around the United 
States training stockbrokers on 
new computer quote information 
systems. Wendy A. 
Zakrzewski is working at 
Johnson & Johnson customer 
support center, in New 
Brunswick, N.J. in the Human 
Resources Department. 
MARRIAGES: Heather Collins 
Johnson to John Joseph 
Mullisky; Bridget Anne 
Hoffman to Daniel W. Hansen. 
BIRTH: to Michael Charlton 
and his wife, Jennifer Fleming 
Charlton, their second child, a 
daughter, Jessica Hannah. 


Michele A. Frisko taught sixth 
grade for the 1994-95 school 
year on the Pine Ridge Indian 
Reservation in Porcupine, 



If your mailing address will change in the next 2 - 3 months, 
or if the issue is addressed to your son or daughter who no 
longer maintains a permanent address at your home, please 
help us keep our mailing addresses up-to-date by: 

1 PRINT your full name, class year and new address on 
this form. 

2 Attach the label from the back cover of this issue and mail 
to the Alumni Office, La Salle University, Philadelphia, 
PA 19141. 



Class Year 



State Zip Code 


L_ h 

Phone Number (include area code) 


FALL 1995 

page 51 

alumni notes 

South Dakota. Jill Hershey has 

been promoted to legislative 
correspondent for U.S. Repre- 
sentative Bill dinger (R-Pa). 



Kathleen M. Bradley, R.N. was 

awarded FELLOW status of the 
American Association of Cardio- 
vascular and Pulmonary 
Rehabilitation which was 
presented at the group's national 
convention in Portland, Oregon. 


Anne McNulty has successfully 
completed the certification 
examination for certified regis- 
tered nurse anesthetists. She is 
employed as a nurse anesthetist 
at the Shock Trauma Center of 
the University of Maryland, 


Ellen M. Lynch was inducted 
into the Archbishop Prendergast 
High School "Hall of Fame," in 
Drexel Hill, Pa., for alumnae in 
the category of medicine/service. 



Theresa M. Korolishin ('84 
BSN) is director of cardiac rehab 
at Nazareth Hospital, in Philadel- 
phia. She received the Sigma 
Theta Tau clinical practice award, 
and authored a book published 
by Delmar Publishing, Instant 
Cardiovascular Assessment. 



Robert Beutler is relocating to 
Florida and will establish 
his private practice there. 


Mary Korcz is president of Inter- 
4-Gen, a company serving 
the needs of the multigenera- 
tional family. Services include 
elder-service, home health care, 
and family health counseling. 



Brother Philip Whitman, F.S.C., 

announces his retirement to the 
new La Salle Hall Christian 
Brothers' Retirement 
Community, in Beltsville, Md. 


Mary Ellen Winkler is serving as 

Minister of Christian Formation 
and Pastoral Minister at St. 
Andrew's Catholic Church, in 
Roanoke, Va. 


BIRTH: to Maureen Ryan 
Rilling ('88 BA) and her 
husband, John D. Rilling, ('87 
BS), a daughter, Margaret Mary. 


Maryanne T. Welte is director of 
religious education at St. Pius X 
Parish, in Cherry Hill, N.J. 



Robert E. Donaghy ('65 BS) 

has been appointed marketing/ 
sales manager at Princo 
Instruments, Inc., in 
Southampton, Pa. 


BIRTH: to Kenneth C. Heys 

('81 BS) and his wife, Patricia, 

their second child, Stephanie 



MARRIAGE: Paul Cinoa to 

Grace Reynolds. 


Howard E. Gerstenfeld runs 

and operates, Ply-Gems, with his 

father, in the Mayfair section of 


MARRIAGE: Howard E. 

Gerstenfeld to Hope 



Gilbert A. Ford is a member of 
the Board of Directors & 
treasurer for the U.S. Postal 
Service Federal Credit Union. 
He received a volunteer achieve- 
ment award for service on the 
Board of Directors. He is also 
the treasurer of the 
Washington, D.C. chapter of 
Concerned Black Men, Inc. 


Joseph K. Grugan ('82 BBA) 

was promoted to director of sales 
support & services for Lenox 
Brands, in Lawrenceville, N.J. 


Vincent Ricchiuti is an adjunct 
professor at Philadelphia 
College of Textiles & Science, 
teaching organizational theory 
and design and diversity 

MARRIAGES: Mary Denise 
McGreevey to William M. 
Zsembik, Jr.; Edward J. 
Sheedy, Jr. to Penny M. Miller. 

t£ '^\:^r.^^, < 


iF-m'- i!, i&**«r* -^ 

: i 



* *> 




Rev. Messrs. Paul A. Castellani, '81 (left), 
Joseph L. Coffey, '83 (center), and James 
M. Iannarella, '90, were ordained to the 
deaconite on May 6 by Auxiliary Bishop 
John Graham, at St. Charles Borromeo 
Seminary, in Wynnewood, where they 
are studying for the priesthood for the 
Archdiocese of Philadelphia. 


Eugene Lashchyk 

Professor, Philosophy, 1966-95 


John F. O'Connell 



Alfred A. Zdunski 

Alan E. Goorland 



Rev. John H. Mulhern 

Francis A. McConnell 



Philip J. Quinn 

Harold E. Jones 



Br. Gerald C. Ronan, F.S.C. 

Robert F. Polek 


Lecturer, Chemistry, 1968-95 

Brother Edward Zaleski, F.S.C. 



William J. Harding 

Robert J. Sweeney 


William Blakney 

James J. Gayton 


Delores Coley 

James L. Carroll, Sr. 


Jim Murray To Receive Signum 
Fidei Medal at Alumni Awards 
Dinner on November 1 7 

Former Philadelphia Eagles general 
manager Jim Murray, who founded the 
first Ronald McDonald House in Phila- 
delphia and helped to turn the concept 
into a world-wide success, has been 
named recipient of the 54th Signum 
Fidei Medal, the highest award of 
La Salle's Alumni Association. 

Murray will be honored at the Alumni 
Association's annual Awards Dinner in 
the La Salle Union Ballroom on Friday, 
Nov. 17 with cocktails beginning at 6:30 
P.M. and dinner following at 7: IS P.M. 
Members of the university's senior class 
will be inducted into the Alpha Epsilon 
Alumni Honor Society at the same event. 

During his 14 years with the Eagles. 
Murray assumed leadership roles in a 
number of community projects. He 
helped start the very successful Eagles 
Fly for Leukemia campaign. As founder 
of the first Ronald McDonald House in 
Philadelphia in 1974, he helped per- 
suade many of his peers in the NFL to 
become involved in the unique concept. 

The McDonald Houses provide tempo- 
rary homes at little or no cost, for the 
families of children undergoing treatment 
for various illnesses at nearby hospitals. 
There are now 160 such houses through- 
out the world. 

Murray is president of Jim Murray Ltd., a 
sports promotion and marketing firm. 

The Signum Fidei Medal derives its name 
from the motto of the Brothers of the 
Christian Schools— "Sign of Faith.'' It is 
given to the individual who has made 
"most noteworthy contributions to the 
advancement of humanitarian principles 
in keeping with the Christian tradition." 

Previous recipients include Bishop 
Fulton J. Sheen, R. Sargent Shriver, 
Senator Eugene McCarthy, and last year's 
awardee, Molly Scanlon Kelly, a promi- 
nent pro-life activist and advocate of 
teenage chastity. 

New Board Members Elected 

The following members of the Class of 
1995 have been elected to serve on the 
Alumni Board of Directors: Joanne 
Brown, Coreen Ballisty, Tony Diaz, 
and Ann Marie Ferro. 

chapter/club notes 

Some of the 51 La Salle alumni and friends who 
sailed on the maiden voyage of the Alumni 
Association's Explorations travel program gathered 
for a group photograph on Noiwegian Cruise Line's 
SS Norway. 

EXPLORATIONS Travel Program Sets Sail Successfully 

The Alumni Association's new travel program, EXPLORATIONS. 
embarked on a highly successful maiden voyage on July 15 when some 
51 alumni members and their friends set sail from Miami on Norwegian 
Cruise Line's SS Norway, the largest passenger ship in operation today. 

Carmella Evans, '88, the tour leader and EXPLORATIONS chairper- 
son, said that the travel committee is thrilled not only with this trip but 
with the positive overall interest and enthusiasm for alumni group 

Travelers enjoyed four ports of call during the week-long trip: the 
islands of St. Martin, St. John, St. Thomas, and NCL's private island in 
the Bahamas, Paradise Island. They were also treated to a visit by Tom 
Gola, '55, the former La Salle basketball All America who was on board 
along with other former National Basketball Association players. 

"Traveling with other alumni really made this trip a special, experience. " 
said Evans. "The variety among the group— representing classes ranging 
from 1949 to 1988-made for an interesting and entertaining trip." 

If you or someone you know would like to be on our mailing list and 
receive information on future trips, please complete and return the 
coupon below. Comments and suggestions from all alumni are wel- 
come. Contact Tim McNamara, assistant alumni director, at (2151 
951-1535 and look for further information in future issues of LA SALLE. 


Return to: La Salle University Alumni Office, 
1900 W. Olney Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19141 

Please add me to the mailing list for EXPLORATIONS 


(Name and Class) 


I (City, State, Zip) 

(Travel Interests) 


FALL 1995 

page 53 

George Dotsey, Retired Army Officer 

and Former Arms Control Negotiator, 

Named Alumni Director 

George J. (Bud) Dotsey. '69. 
has been appointed 
La Salle's director of 
alumni, succeeding James J. 
McDonald. '58, who retired on 
June 30 after 33 years of service 
coordinating the activities of the 
university's 39,000 graduates. 

Dotsey. who officially began his 
duties on Aug. 14, majored in 
English at La Salle and later 
earned a master's degree in 
education at Georgia State Univer- 
sity. He was recommended for the 
position by a nine person selec- 
tion committee comprised of 
alumni, faculty, and administra- 
tors. He will report to Dr. Fred J. 
Foley, Jr., the university's vice 
president for development. 

Dotsey recently retired as a Lieuten- 
ant Colonel in the U.S. Army after a 
26-year military career that included 
serving as an arms control negotiator 
dealing with the Soviet Union, an 
assignment that he considers "prob- 
ably the most meaningful job I ever 

Joining the negotiations shortly 
before the treaty was actually con- 
cluded with the Soviets, Dotsey 
spent three years with several U.S. 
Arms Control delegations convening 
in Geneva, Moscow, and Washington 
helping to insure that the weapons 
systems were properly dismantled 
and destroyed. 

"That treaty to this clay, I believe, is 
the only treaty that has removed 
from the face of the earth an entire 
class of weapons systems." said 
Dotsey. "Therefore, I think that it can 
be argued that we have contributed 
directly to world peace." 

Dotsey spent the final six years of his 
Army career as director of the Officer 
Education Program at Princeton 
University where he achieved the 
distinction of commanding the *1 
unit of its size in the nation. He 
served concurrently as dean of the 
Department of Military Science at 
Rider University and professor of 
military science at Trenton State 

Previously, he had commanded 
Army field artillery units in Germany, 
Vietnam, and Fort Campbell, Ky. He 
also served as an international plans 
and operations staff officer for the 
North Atlantic Treaty Organization 
(NATO) in Belgium. He worked as a 
long-range planner and executive 
officer to the Deputy Chief of Staff 
for Plans and Operations at the 
Pentagon before joining the Joint 
Chiefs of Staff in Washington as a 
strategic policy planner/arms control 

Dotsey said that his education at 
La Salle contributed significantly 
to his successful military career. 
"My undergraduate days con- 
tinue to be poignantly meaning- 
ful to me," he explained. "They 
provided the bridge from youth 
to adulthood for me. There are 
so many other memories— Tap- 
Off Rallies, basketball at the 
Palestra. We had an awesome 
team that year (22-1, second in 
the AP Poil. but NCAA probation 
kept the Explorers out of the 
national championship tournament). 
And, of course, being in the ROTC at 
a time when ROTC was not necessar- 
ily the most popular activity. We had 
a 2,000 man brigade, one of the 
largest in the country, and would 
march down Broad street to Holy 
Child Church for the annual St. 
Barbara's Day Mass. 

"Being an English major taught me to 
communicate effectively, both orally 
and in writing. I think back to my 
undergraduate days and the profes- 
sors I had and wish that I could 
thank them today for what they did. 
The Christian Brothers' ethic is at its 
best on the La Salle campus." 

During Dotsey's Army career he 
crossed paths a number of times 
with General Stephen A. Silvasy, Jr., 
the son of the late Colonel Stephen 
A. Silvasy, who was commanding 
officer of La Salle's ROTC detach- 
ment during Dotsey's undergraduate 
days. "General Silvasy always smiles 

page 54 


when he talks of his dad's time at La Salle. He has very fond 
memories of those days," recalls Dotsey. 

The new alumni director said that his top priority at the 
university will be the revitalization and sustainment of 
alumni interest, primarily by encouraging networking, 
developing geographic chapters, and coordinating the 
interaction of La Salle's alumni, faculty, students, and on- 
campus constituencies. 

"This is sort of analogous to weaving a tapestry," explained 
Dotsey. "All of the threads touch all of the other threads that 
are involved in the final picture." 

One of La Salle's strongest points, said Dotsey, is its won- 
derful faculty. 

"Qualitatively, there isn't a school in the nation that we can't 
stand up to as far as our educational product. When we 
have activities on campus, I would like to see alumni, 
faculty, and students interacting with each other. It's all part 
of networking, but it also reminds them that they belong to 
an institution that has a lot going for it and, as a result, they 
feel good about themselves. And that's a message that they 
can take back out to their respective lives whether they are 
an undergraduate, a business person, or a faculty member." 

Dotsey also hopes to encourage more networking between 
students interested in a particular field and alumni working 
successfully in that profession. And he would like to see 
more alumni helping the Admissions Office by personally 
contacting prospective students— especially those who live 
far from campus—and offering to talk to them personally 
about La Salle. 

Although a majority of La Salle's alumni live within an 80 
mile radius of campus, Dotsey sees more and more gradu- 
ates following the national geographic trend and relocating 
to places like New York, New England, Miami, Chicago, 
Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and the Pacific North- 
west. Therefore, he said, strengthening alumni chapters in 
these areas will be instaimental in the revitalization of 
alumni interest and support of the university. 

"So again, the networking, the linkage, the threads of the 
tapestry all hook together," Dotsey added. 

Dotsey and his wife, Denise, live in Yardley. Pa. They have 
two daughters. Andrea, '93, a dual French-economics major, 
plans to pursue a career in international business and is 
now managing a K-Mart store in Connecticut. Danielle is a 
freshman at George Mason University, in Fairfax. Va. 


Maria Tucker Cusick, '83 (center), 
immediate past president of the Alumni 
Association, 'was honored "for outstand- 
ing service and leadership" by the 
Alumni Board of Directors on May 10. 
Making the presentation were the 
officers who served with her (from left): 
James M. Boligitz, '83, treasurer; Eliza- 
beth R. Lochner, '87, secretary; Nicholas 
J, Lisi, Esq., '62, vice president, and 
Joseph H. Cloran, '61, executive vice 


Attention Alumni 

from the classes of 

'4 1,-46, '51, '56, '61, '66, 

, 71, , 76, '81, '86, '°1 

Your reunion will be held on 

May 1 7- 1 8, 1 996 

Mark Your Calendars Now! 

The "Reunion Weekend '96" 

brochure will be mailed to all 

Alumni who are members of 

reunion classes. Should you have 

any further questions, please 

contact the Alumni Office at 


FALL 1995 

page 55 

La Salle 
and the 

Atlantic 10: 

good things 
to come. 

1 3 Home Games 

8 - ^Atlantic 10 Games 
2 - *Big 5 City Series Games 

Mount St. Mary's 

Marquette (Atlantic City) 





^Pennsylvania (CoreStates Spectrum) 

*St. Bonaventure 
*Rhode Island 

^Villanova (CoreStates Spectrum) 

*George Washington 

*Virginia Tech 

* Dayton 

Call 215/951-1999 

to reserve 
your season tickets. 

Schedule and venue subject to change. 




i iage 56 


oin us 

in the 1995-96 Campaign 


■ o those who made the past year such a success - 

Thank You! 

To make sure that your name appears in next year's 
Honor Roll, please use the enclosed envelope and 
make your gift today. 


La Salle University 
Annual Fund Office 
Philadelphia, PA 19141-1199 
Phone: (215) 951-1539 
FAX: (215)951-1542 

1 995-96 Goals 

Alumni $2,000,000 8,000 Donors 
Parents $100, 000 1, 000 Donors 


5,443 $ 1,050,819 

5,279 $ 945,312 

LA SALLE Magazine 
La Salle University 
Philadelphia, PA 19141 


-3 r J o septi G ra be n s 


i_ 3 S 

a lie U-'v-rsity 

it )lr / 
P h 11 Lp h 1 a P; 


econd class postage paid at Philadelphia, PA 

La Salle University Librai 

3 5006 00425 3080 

ffll To Bs Taken Enwn This Room